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Total Woman Academy 07


Ned entered his residence suite to the sound of running water in the bathroom. Inside the steamy room, he saw that someone was using his shower. Her hands vigorously scrubbed around a head and hair covered in shampoo suds. With her eyes closed against the soapsuds and the drumming water masking outside sounds, she made no sign of noticing Ned's presence. Turning her wet body around to face the shower spray, Ned saw tattooed words across the top of her vaginal area. He was unable to read them under the cascade of water. Finishing her hair, she looked at Ned standing in the room and reached to shutoff the water.

Standing naked and unembarrassed, the shower occupant said "Hi, my name is Gillian. Sorry, but this new onsite guest residence still has some glitches to work out. The shower in my suite doesn't work. I hope you don't mind me borrowing yours." Gillian breasts jostled as she reached out for a wet handshake. Ned clasped her hand as he peered at the words above Gillian's snatch: PRIVATE PUSSY NO TRASSPASSING.

Gillian followed his gaze and laughed. "I just arrived and it's getting late. I'm starved. How about having dinner with me on the pooldeck and I will explain that." Ned thought that sounded good and agreed. Gillian grabbed a fluffy big towel and ambled semi-shrouded to her suite.

As they ate dinner that evening, Gillian explained that she was an Academy alumnus visiting as a guest coach and lecturer. Her topic was Turning Academy Preparation into a Prosperous Life. Upon graduation, Gillian had found the world to be fickle and facetious. Gillian could explain complex technical concepts to her managers, hold an audience's attention with good speech and good looks and lead a cantankerous work team in achieving superior results. New friends and acquaintances were initially awed by her sophisticated intelligence, beauty and poise. Later, her associates resented her employment of those qualities to garner career advancements. Gillian understood how blessed she was by the Academy education and held no grudges. She focused on her career and finding a life partner with a balance of power and affection she desired in a spouse. Gillian was very selective of her social and intimate partners. She knew that once intimate, her smitten admirer could not find a better lover and would not stray. She found what she was seeking. She married the rising young executive of an international business who was being groomed to one day be the CEO. They had married, produced an offspring and moved in tandem up the corporate ladder.

Gillian paused and looked away. She composed herself and went on. The glamour life had ended suddenly with a corporate jet crash. She mourned the love of her life. Gillian would carry on but never find another. Arranging the finances afterward, she found the stock options and insurance left her independently wealthy and she found outlets for her grief and energies. She became Chairman of the Total Woman Academy Alumni Fund. Elsewhere, she took majority control of a private protection and security company. In due course, the security firm was engaged to protect the Academy. Private guards provided physical security and private detectives continuously screened candidates, employees and pledge contributors to unearth past or ongoing problems or indiscretions. Discretion was the key to protecting the students and the Academy.

Ned had a thoughtful look on his face. Gillian smiled as she said. "Yes, Ned, we watch you carefully and follow your movements. To date, your activities have been in harmony with Academy standards of safety and discretion. And my daughter sings your praises as a coach and honest evaluator."

Ned thought: Daughter?

"Oh, Ned, I would not enroll my daughter anywhere else. You have definitely made her acquaintance. Her name is Brooke."

Ned froze in his chair then relaxed. Of course, a successful Total Woman would want the same advantages for her daughter. With early preparation by her mother, it's no wonder that Brooke was advancing through the curriculum so quickly and eagerly. And the security firm controlled by her mother screened all of Brooke's contacts whether student, pledge contributor or even Ned himself.

Gillian said "You saw my tattoo. Though wildly in love, my husband and I were astute enough to sign a pre-nuptial agreement with severe penalties for infidelity. After the wedding, we thought it a witty secret sign of our commitment. My husband's tattoo read: PRIVATE PENIS NO TRESSPASSING.

Gillian stood and picked up Ned's hand. "You only need to follow Academy discretion rules regarding the students. I am not a student. Come with me and show me some indiscretion. I have something I want you to read." Ned followed Gillian to her suite and read this powerful woman's inscription, up close and personal, over and over again as they mollified each other through the night.

Ned awoke to the sound of the shower running. Inside, Ned watched Gillian's hands shampooing her hair. Gillian saw Ned regarding her but turned her wet body around to face the shower spray presenting her ass to him with a little wriggle. Ned did not need any further invitation and joined her in the shower. Ned pushed his chest against her back and his prick against her butt. He helped her rinse the suds from her tresses and then reached around to palm her wet boobs. Gillian breasts jostled as she reached out to shut off the water. As she bent forward, Ned placed his erection against her cunt and pushed. Gillian braced on the faucet handles and Ned drove home. The cascade of water may have ended but a cascade of stimulation had begun. The partners moved in sync and plunged over a sexual waterfall that left both clutching to each other.

After drying and dressing, Gillian said, "I'm starved; let's see if breakfast is being served." Ned thought that sounded like a good idea. They walked hand in hand to the dining room.

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