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Total Woman Academy 08


Mrs. Smith was telling Ned about her analyses of the dual evaluation assessments Ned had been helped execute. "I expected scores to be randomly higher or lower on similar tests by different evaluators. But your opposite consistently scored the tests lower. We believe he isn't qualified to be an evaluator. Recruiting his replacement will take time. Your short-term workload will increase. What do you think about using a chauffeured limousine for your promotee transports? You can use your travel time to perform interview and physical evaluations and complete them at the destination facility if time runs out."

Ned agreed this better process would let him focus his energies on the evaluations rather than the rigors of driving.

Ned would leave immediately for the junior facility to collect a junior to senior promote. Mrs. Smith said a guest lecturer had finished her advanced classes at the senior facility and was moving to the junior facility to give intermediate classes. She would ride along. Mrs. Smith threw Ned a knowing glance as she said "Holly is not subject to student or staff discretion rules. Be careful of her traps. Holly is a lecturing expert on using clothes, hair and makeup to broadcast subtle attraction signals. Save your energies for the return evaluation."

The opaque privacy panel between the forward and rear compartments allowed passengers to see the driver compartment and the road ahead of the speeding limousine. Holly in the rear seat facing front watched the road ahead past Ned who was riding in the front seat facing rear. Ned watched Holly over his laptop screen while he readied the file for his return-journey promotee's evaluation assessment file.

Holly stretched her arms. Her business suit coat unwrapped enough to expose her silky blouse stretched across her breasts. Bulbous dark disks declared their presence through the translucent material. Dropping her arms, the coat remained opened past the sides of her boobs. Sipping her drink, she jostled at an imaginary road bump that Ned certainly hadn't felt. Grabbing a napkin, she daubed her cleavage and worked the napkin under the unbuttoned blouse edges. Relaxing back, she re-crossed her legs flashing an uncovered triangle of crenelated skin beneath a short wool suit skirt. She leaned forward to unclasp her heel straps and Ned saw generous cleavage in the opened top. She relaxed back. Another flick of her legs dropped off the shoes and flashed her groin again.

Holly's hands felt deep under her blouse. "I hope that spill hasn't spoiled my makeup." Ned glanced at her face and remarked that it looked okay. Holly gave a girlish-giggle. "Oh, Ned, silly boy, that isn't the only place that gets color enhancement. Look at this." She unbuttoned the blouse panels and pulled them aside. Ned saw gloss enlarged nipples. Leaving the blouse panels hanging, she reached up and tossed her hair causing the exposed breasts to ripple. She spread her legs wide and fanned her hands under her skirt. She mumbled "It's getting warm in here"

Ned looked at the limousine's steady temperature readout. "No, it's the same as before." Ned closed down his computer. He looked at Holly. "Mrs. Smith warned me to save my energies for my increased load of evaluation assessments. We can't have sex. But please explain to me the high points of your lectures."

Holly smiled and removed her skirt and broadly opened her tops. "It's the opposite of camouflage. Face makeup is necessary but common. Bold cleavage is obvious and ordinary. A Total Woman needs to go further. I teach students how to subtly tickle a man's fancy. Fitted contemporary fashions, skimpy or omitted undergarments, full rich hair, rouged nipples in translucent blouses and similar devices will keep men sneaking peeks awaiting an accidental flash. Motions like flipping hair or rubbing a supposed sore neck attract his time-wasting stares. Walking or standing close to competing colleagues in business situations while wearing pheromone based scents will addle them at opportune times.

Holly continued "During their Academy years, students strive for a superior education with a high GPA. Master the business and technical knowledge. Then they exploit the befuddlement of their male colleagues in business situations: meetings, conferences, presentations. A rising star junior executive is the goal. Once her poise attaches him, she employs her Academy enhanced poise including intimate sensual skills. He can't imagine the existence of a better lover and won't stray away from her, ever. She is on the fast track to prosperity."

The limousine bounced as did Holly's boobs. Ned was about to abandon his aloofness and sample Holly's sensual skills. She saw his stares. "I am an Academy alumnus. Let me prove it." She doffed her remaining clothes, knelt on the cushioned center saddle, opened Ned's pants and practiced what she preached on his erection until Ned came. Afterwards, Ned dozed in her arms with his head cradled by her breasts all the way to the junior facility.

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