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Total Woman Academy 10


Mrs. Jones called Mrs. Smith regarding Julie. "Julie has made spectacular progress and I think she is almost ready for her evaluation assessment for promotion to senior year."

Mrs. Smith asked why 'almost'.

"She is academically gifted, having completed her junior courses in Physics ahead of schedule. Julie's natural beauty and poise are superior to most but not all of her classmates. She is extremely competitive and her confidence will suffer if she doesn't get the highest scores. She will suspect the worst if we hold her here but it's equally dangerous to promote her too fast. Any ideas?"

Mrs. Smith was quiet for a while before relying. "If she was a senior, I would assign Ned to give her coaching tune-up sessions. That would take place part-time over a few months. I don't want to take her offsite for safety and security reasons or bring her here before her official senior evaluation assessment. It raises issues of favoritism. Ned might be able to do it all in one concentrated session. Can you prepare a coaching suite so Ned can work with her at the Junior facility?"

Mrs. Jones thought of the logistics required and decided a student of Julie's brilliance had earned the effort. "I'll make it happen. When can Ned start?"

"Ned will be available to you for seven days. Make the necessary arrangements for his arrival early next week."


Ned stepped out of the towncar and helped his naked co-passenger to alight the vehicle. They had just completed her evaluation assessment as the vehicle came to a stop In the driveway. They had started her evaluation assessment at the sophomore facility with tactile and massage examinations. The remaining tests covering vaginal skills had been performed en-route. She was still naked from the evaluation assessment of her vaginal clamping abilities.

The Junior candidate had been mounted chest to chest on Ned's lap encasing his erection. She hugged her boobs tight to his body and was not allowed to stroke along his shaft. She must stimulate Ned's cock to ejaculation by using only her inner muscles to rhythmically squeeze his erection. It had been hard work for her but she had been successful. Just before the end of the trip, Ned had screeched as he poured his final load deep in her womb. She was pretty sure that Ned would give her passing grades in all categories. She skipped ahead as Ned followed her to the front door.

Mrs. Jones greeted them and handed off her newest student to the care of others. Ned watched the student being welcomed by her student comrades, anxious to get her settled in. He admired the students' derrieres bouncing away down the hallway.

"How did she do?" asked Mrs Jones.

"Strong vaginal muscle clamping, regular, smooth rhythms and she knew a lot about sensuous touch points. Great hand job skills. Good attitude; she listens and learns. I think she will continue do well for you here. I'll bet she gets really good at oral skills this coming year. If she doesn't progress quickly enough, I can coach her oral techniques if you need me to." Mrs. Jones laughed it off as a joke but quietly kept that thought in mind for later discussion and possible action.

Mrs. Jones escorted Ned to the prepared second floor suite of rooms. They had been specially equipped with massage and exercise equipment, a padded floor Yoga area, a full bathroom with garden Jacuzzi tub and several sizes of beds, tables and platforms. There was an array of special mechanical probes and testing devices. This would be Ned's coaching tune-up suite for his whole next week with Julie.

Ned inventoried the fixtures and furnishings in the room. He knew that despite being isolated with Julie, it was going to be a challenge to complete the entire tune up in one week with just this minimal gear.

Ned needed Julie to stay focused and on track. He had asked Mrs Jones to have their meals delivered to them like room service so that he and Julie did not waste time outside the coaching suite. He ordered particular clothes to be stocked in the closet and requested some additional mechanical probes.

Finally, Ned was expected to be confined with only this one female for a whole week and still maintain his virility. He asked Mrs. Jones to think of ways to provide exotic stimuli during the week and help maintain his libido. Mrs. Jones looked thoughtful and said she would see to it. After Mrs. Jones departed, Ned took some time to fully explore the suite and rearranged a few items.

Ned dined that evening in the dining room with the students. He remembered many from the evaluation assessments he had conducted when he had transported them through sophomore and junior promotions. He hoped Mrs. Jones would employ great creativity regarding his request for exotic stimuli.

Ned's contemplations were interrupted by Mrs. Jones. "I called Mrs. Smith about the problem of your libido flagging with only one female available all week. The Board has concurred with Mrs. Smith's recommendation that the discretion rules be relaxed this one time only. Your meals will be delivered by students and you may engage them in consensual libido maintenance. Being secluded all year at the facility, the students are likewise ravenous for male interaction. We realize that you have fucked most of them already, albeit in a controlled manner, while transporting them here from the sophomore facility. They should remember those sessions fondly and be eager to engage in repeats. I will brief the students tonight about the special circumstances and their freedom to assist you as needed."

At breakfast, Mrs. Jones told Ned last night's meeting with the students went well. Every student had enthusiastically agreed to assist with meal delivery and libido maintenance. They had brainstormed all night about exotic meal delivery uniforms.

Ned meandered back to the coaching suite, resigned to his long quarantine with Julie. He found her waiting inside. She stood attentively, wearing a teal string bikini and heels which contrasted nicely with her long red hair and green eyes. Maybe, just maybe, he could make it through the week ensconced with this creature called Julie.

Ned walked past her without a word and removed his clothes in the closet. He donned a pair of baggy silk gym shorts. He reentered the room and told Julie to turn and face him.

"Good morning, Julie, nice to remake your acquaintance. Let's begin with a short tour." He showed her the features of the coaching suite.

"Let's review our routine for the week and establish some standing rules. We will use mornings for freshman level topics, afternoons for sophomore level topics and evenings for junior level topics. Only I will answer the door or telephone. You concentrate on your activities of that moment. You may observe and learn from any dealings I have with visitors. Sometimes you may be called upon to join in with us and learn some new techniques. Some activities are strenuous so please preen frequently and refresh your makeup as often as necessary. Always follow the freshman dress code unless I direct you otherwise. Any questions?"

Julie shook her head 'no'.

"Good. Pop that top off and let's get started with some Yoga."

Julie drew the bowties on her string bikini top and hung the skimpy piece in the closet. She stepped topless onto the padded floor area and for the next hour, she moved through a standard Yoga routine. Ned took the many opportunities to handle her body and twist her into deeper bends and stances. He was reintroduced to the notion that women's' breast shapes change with gravity and body position.

After that, Ned showered first, and then Julie showered and preened. She found Ned in the main room seated naked on a stool and they played blind man's sensual touch. The solitude and quiet in the coaching suite worked against Julie and she found all of Ned's sensual points but not stealthily enough. Ned caught her approach too often and she failed to achieve a passing score.

Ned lay on the massage table as Julie gave him a muscle massage. They were running late and the doorbell rang just as they finished the first phase. A naked Ned strode over and opened the door to a food service cart being pushed inside by a gossamer clad blond. Her satin choker displayed a No. 1 medallion. She stood courteously as Ned hefted her nosecone boobs through the material. He looked closely to where she had applied glossy rouge to the nipples. Ned flicked her nubs and her eyes squinted with a moan. She looked down in anticipation at his stirring manhood. Ned released No 1's boobs, thanked her and sent her on his way with a smack on her thinly veiled butt. He turned to find Julie gazing at his semi-slack cock.

Ned remounted the massage table and Julie went through the sensual massage routine, moving from head to toe and back to core, ending with Ned's cock erupting in her hand slick stroking fist. After Ned cooled down, they ate and Ned pushed the cart into the hallway.

Commencing the afternoon, Julie lay on the table working with a meter-connected vaginal probe. Ned needed her vaginal muscle baseline readings for comparison during the week. After getting a good set of data, Ned switched the machine to bio-feedback mode. Julie watched the screen and listened to the varying tones as she bore down to see where her perceived muscle clamping was really occurring within her cunt tube. She was getting better at controlling individual muscles while letting others remain slack. She would get better with practice.

Late in the afternoon, Julie became fatigued beyond continuance of her biofeedback exertions. While she preened in the bathroom, dinner arrived with No 2 wearing heels, a tight tee-shirt and baggy tap pants. Ned reached inside the pants, found her wet and ready, pulled a leg opening aside and speared her from behind as she leaned on the service cart. Ned thrust his hips and palmed her tee-shirt encased boobs. At the ultimate moment, No 2 reached back, drawing his face down to hers. She tongued his mouth and he watered her insides with his essence. After No 2 was dismissed, Ned found Julie in the bath. He joined her and she washed him lovingly, concerned that his manhood was not responding to her caresses. She resolved to toil extra hard that evening to show Ned her repertoire of oral skills. Later Ned lay spread on the sheets with the covers pulled back and naked Julie bowed to her oral task. Julie's performance was vigorous and drawn-out. Ned finally spouted into her mouth and they fell asleep.

The second day proceeded in the same steps as the first with a few additions. Breakfast was delivered along with clean bath and bed linens by a No 3 wearing a breast and groin baring French maid outfit. After No 3 exchanged the bed linens, Ned and Julie lay nude in bed idly rubbing each other's genitals and watched the exhibition as No 3 finished freshening up the rooms. Then Ned beckoned No 3 into their bed and the threesome spent an hour fingering and sucking. No 3 showed Julie some tricks and they were careful not to bring Ned to release. Julie learned and practiced new skills she could use in her eventual evaluation assessment later that week. Ned dismissed No 3 with a 'thank you' kiss.

The yoga session lasted longer. Then Ned gave Julie some pointers on the dual massage types. Julie was quicker and more efficient today and her oily hands and chest took care of Ned's bottled up need for relief before No 4 brought lunch. The afternoon session included hours of vaginal biofeedback using tabletop prone and Yoga lotus-pose positions. Julie practiced curling her toes as she clamped her vagina to help with the strength of the compressions. She preened in the bathroom while Ned pondered her evening attire.

Ned instructed Julie to don a dinner gown with appropriate accessories. Julie chose a light green draped chemise with subtle jewelry and smoky evening makeup. She wore her hair up with a few loose tendrils of her red hair occasionally sweeping her face. She looked classy. Ned barely noticed No 5 when dinner arrived. Ned and Julie dined on the balcony at a candlelit table. They discussed the coaching tune-up and how Julie thought she was doing.

Julie paused, then said "I like the morning routine. I like the massage sessions. The afternoons are strenuous but I can see progress in my muscle control. I want to try my milking moves on your cock to get your personal feedback instead of the machine. Before this coaching tune-up, all I had was the oral and vaginal probes' biofeedback. And you haven't given me any feedback on my oral skills."

Ned answered in order. "We will add power yoga to your morning routine. We will add steps to the massages. The power yoga will help with your endurance on vaginal clamping and I alone will decide my cock's availability for practices. Now I want examine your choice of evening wear."

Ned led Julie inside where he removed her clothing piece by piece. He admired her use of makeup and perfume in places other than her face and neck. Her nipples and clit were glossy and seductive. A nude Julie undressed Ned. He lay in bed while gently coaching Julie's oral techniques until midnight when his overdue pulsations ended the evening session.

No 6 repeated yesterday's food service and linen delivery wearing a harem outfit. Ned delayed her departure until she had kneeled before him and aroused his cock between her soft breasts. Julie watched and mentally noted the finer points of No 6's moves. Ned did not continue with No 6 through eruption but saved his energies for Julie's daily massage where she tried out some of No 6's moves. Ned obligingly spurted his cum between her oiled boobs with a howl. Julie was inwardly gratified by this success. She thought she might be improving. For lunch delivery a topless No 7 wore a thong and heels invoking the freshman dress code. Ned scrutinized her wonderful ass as she left. It looked trim, firm and strong; good qualities for vaginal clamping. He hoped he would be her evaluation assessor to the senior facility someday and confirm his opinion. Julie practiced muscle control all afternoon.

Dinner arrived with No 8 parading an unauthorized version of an air hostess uniform. The undersized uniform lacked closure devices. The buttons, zippers and clasps had been removed to allow random flashes of skin beneath. Ned ordered her to stay and serve the meal course by course. He took advantage of her presence to peek or slip a hand inside the uniform openings. No 7 played along by giggling and acting demur whenever he did. Ned found her skin to be warm, fresh and supple. He saved his energies for Julie but still delighted in the stimulation.

Ned spent the evening relaxing in the garden tub as Julie demonstrated amazing lung capacity while practicing her oral skills submerged. Ned finally succumbed to the prior stimulation and Julie's excellent efforts. During the night, he awoke re-aroused and couldn't fall back asleep. Julie eagerly used her talented mouth to bring him respite from his sleepless quandary and then snuggled him back to sleep.

Mrs. Jones called Ned the next morning. Transports were backing up. Was Julie showing enough progress to cut the week short so Ned could attend to his other responsibilities? Ned said he would check that out today and let her know tomorrow. No 9 arrived completely nude with breakfast and linens. Ned wondered how much brainstorming it had taken the students to design that outfit? No 9 worked efficiently but Ned did not find full nudity coy and enticing. Ned would feedback that viewpoint for incorporation in the Academy's poise curriculum. No 9 departed untouched by the pair and left Ned and Julie to their labors.

"Julie, today we will go through the entire routine without machines and I will give you the real -live feedback you requested." After browsing on the breakfast tray, they retired to the Yoga space.

A few stretches and poses, then mutual genital stimulus preceded the test pose. Ned was seated in lotus position with Julie in his lap, her ankles crossed behind his butt. Locked in this embrace, Ned's nose was buried in Julie's soft fragrant hair, Ned's solid cock was buried in Julie's snatch and Julie's stiff nipples were trying to bury themselves in Ned's chest.

As Julie curled her toes to increase the pressure, Ned felt a vaginal muscle clinch the base of his cock and then it relaxed. Another clinched him mid-shaft and then it relaxed. A third pulsed once just beneath the crown and a fourth exerted a downward expulsion impetus over the sloped tip. A moment passed before Ned felt the clinch at his base again followed by the pulse slowly walking up his length.

The time between pulse groups shortened and the pulse rhythm quickened. Ned could feel Julie breathing harder and her modest breasts stirred Julie's sweat between their chests. Ned gritted his teeth and held on wanting to see how long Julie could continue. She barely outlasted him as his cum rocketed out. His cries were joined by ecstatic moaning from a worked-out Julie.

Ned stroked Julie's back and she unclasped her arms and legs falling sideways exhausted to the mat. Ned helped her onto the massage table and after she had recovered some, he asked her to use her hands to identify the exterior pleasure points on her own body while he watched. She started on her head and proceeded down pointing out every spot she could remember. She lifted into a sit and completed the survey down her mid-section and legs. Ned lowered her onto her back and let her nap on the table.

A barely business suited No 10 brought lunch. She stooped and bent over while preparing the service, revealing a bare crotch under her very short wool pencil skirt. Her extraordinary boobs wobbled beneath the loose sheer blouse. Ned played boss and secretary with her while Julie napped. No 10 squatted between his legs, giving Ned a full view of her unfettered cleavage while lapping his hard cock with her cat like tongue. Julie awoke to find the scene being staged. Ned ordered her over and she helped No 10 boob-job Ned until he shot all over No 10's tits. No 10 departed after serving them the light lunch and removing the cart. Ned had made No 10 leave her blouse open and witnessed his cum dribble through her cleavage and down her torso. After lunch, Ned told Julie her massage and vaginal skills were fine and they could move 'oral' up the schedule.

They started blowjob practice with Ned standing and Julie kneeling, then with him sitting with her kneeling, then finally with Ned prone on the massage table where Julie spent ages heating his passions before relieving his pent-up sexual pressure into her mouth.

The coaching had been effective and was now complete. Ned was satisfied with Julie's capacities and discussed them with her.

"Julie, if you exert yourself hard at your evaluation assessment, I have no doubt you will get the highest scores this Academy has ever seen."

Julie nodded, understanding that the coaching tune-up was complete. She retrieved her top and bottom from the closet.

Gratefully, Julie stood in front of Ned wearing the same teal string bikini she wore when he had arrived earlier that week. She reached for his shoulders and drew his mouth to hers for an extended tongue lashed kiss. She pulled back, but not far and stared into Ned's eyes.

"I can't tell you what this means to me. I couldn't stand the thought of leaving the Total Woman Academy before being absolutely perfect. I want one card from each attending pledge contributor at my senior banquet. Thank you...Thank you...Thank you."

Julie did not move. Ned's face flushed. His fingers plucked loose her bikini ties and each half joined the other on the floor. He pulled back to reach down and verify the oiliness of her cunt. Then he pulled her back in as they executed another tongue filled kiss. He palmed her butt, lifted and walked her straddled body to the bed and hopped in with her beneath him. The bed bounced once and then many times again for an hour as Ned rode her saddle and pumped away. This was not training; it was Thank You and Goodbye. Julie rolled her hips and rhythmically clenched her pussy. Ned curled his toes, rolled back his eyes and cried out his pleasure one last time with Julie.

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