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Total Woman Academy 11


Krista looked up from her computer. Her office atop the high-rise headquarters of her business had a great downtown view. She paused to scan the skyline. She was knee deep in things to do: hedging the commodities market to control a key rare earth metal, reviewing and rejecting another buyout offer, re-arranging her schedule to attend an emergency Total Woman Academy board meeting. Her office door opened without a knock and she turned to confront the intruder. She heard "Got time for a quickie?" and her heart skipped a beat.

Sheldon, the love of her life, stood there grinning. She rose and approached him saying "I'm sorry, not now, too many snags today." As she drew near, Sheldon couldn't decide which view was better, the skyline or Krista's cleavage. He settled for Krista's bountiful cleavage. In addition to those assets, Krista owned a piece of his company and all of his heart. Krista's finger stroked his cheek as she kissed him. Sheldon's groin tingled as Krista hugged her softness to him. She trapped his earlobe lightly in her teeth and her lips whispered "tonight" in his ear.

Five years ago Krista hardly noticed his presence in a room but Sheldon thanked all the gods for that day this Total Woman had stepped into his life. He turned to leave her to her corporate responsibilities and called over his shoulder "I meant a quick lunch but I like your idea better."

Krista was a golden woman, an indefinite blend of European, Asian and African heritage. Her bronze skin, black hair and almond eyes exuded exotic radiance. She had graduated from Total Woman Academy with a degree in Chemical Engineering. She followed that with an MBA and then law school after which she passed the bar exam first time. Krista was a brilliant Total Woman. She interned at a law firm, and then was a junior associate, then an associate within a few years. A partnership should be hers shortly.

She met Sheldon in his role as a prime intellectual asset for a high tech company. Her employer represented the counter-party. They were negotiating a patent dispute, her specialty. Krista would have been a key player by her own credentials. But she used her superior intellect and her Academy trained skills to subtly, but absolutely, dominate the meeting, resulting in a resolution favorable to her client. The counter-party's young scientist/engineer approached her after the meeting. Sheldon had discovered a break-through battery technology that would revolutionize the electric vehicle industry and wanted Krista to file the patent.

That was when the trouble started. Sheldon's employer sued him, relying on their standard employment agreement wherein all patents became the property of the employer. Krista scrutinized the pre-employment agreement and found a change had been incorporated and initialed. It read "(remove-initialed: AA SB) all patents for work performed ^entirely^ (add-initialed: AA SB) at the company facilities". Sheldon had documentation showing that he had done substantial work at his home, i.e., not 'entirely at the company facilities'. Krista handled the negotiations, employing her acquired distractive charms and ended with a favorable settlement agreement. The company formed a subsidiary and shared ownership with Sheldon. Sheldon was ecstatic at the news. He had other technical ideas to patent. Sheldon retained Krista as his permanent personal attorney. Krista handled Sheldon's part of the inevitable IPO and his green-mail stock raid afterwards that surreptitiously purchased control of the entire new company. Sheldon gave Krista 20% ownership in the company as compensation for her brilliant legal work.

After that, Sheldon and Krista had dinner and drinks occasionally with the usual flirtations but Sheldon was no Casanova. Sheldon was neither an athlete nor a nerd. He was a technical genius in love with science. However, by now, Krista had selected Sheldon as her lifelong mate and began Operation Captive Heart.

By and by Sheldon invited Krista to accompany him to the islands for an industry conference he was attending. This was Krista's opportunity to move her plan forward. They checked into a two bedroom suite at a luxury beach front resort. Settling in to the rooms, Krista claimed weariness and asked Sheldon if a room service evening meal was okay. Sheldon, absorbed in some technical reading, agreed since that would give him free time to review the conference agenda and technical submittals.

Sheldon was still reading when Krista called to him to dinner. Room service had delivered a candle-lit dinner onto their private balcony. Sheldon lurched to a halt. Krista stood in a silvery mid thigh strapless cocktail dress which was struggling mightily to encase her magnificent form. Sheldon forgot the technical submittals. Seated opposite Krista, Sheldon ate the food and drank the view across the table. Krista glided around the table and handed him a champagne flute. Sheldon gazed up at her as she clinked his glass and said "Congratulations on your successes and your generosity to me. I haven't thanked you properly for all the good you have brought into my life."

Sheldon choked out a "Me neither". She leaned over and kissed his trembling lips. Krista took Sheldon's hand and led him inside to her side of the suite.

Her moonlit bedroom was the perfect stage. Krista pretended trouble with the dress's zipper and Sheldon was surprisingly smooth when he reached around her and helped. Her unrestrained breasts fell into his view. His unrestrained hands rose to caress the nipples. She loosed his shirt and pants, pleased to discover that Sheldon's brain was not his only plus-sized organ. She fondled it gently as she finalized her disrobement of the scientist. Kneeling in heels and panties, Krista kissed, sucked and swallowed the cockhead, tonguing the area beneath the crown. Sheldon's knees gave way and he fell back onto the bed lightheaded. She stayed with him, locked in lust, not releasing his tool from her mouth and continuing the stimulation. Krista heard his breathing quicken and slowly backed him out of her opening. "We have all night, let's try something different." She climbed up and over his legs and boosted him onto the middle of the bed.

She lay next to him and began kissing him in special places. He was hard as a rock. Sliding up and over him, this time from the side, she sat on his pelvis, raised her own and placed him. A few progressive strokes and she had him lodged to the root. Krista felt his tip thump her cervix, he was that long. Sheldon rolled her sideways, still joined at the groin. He lay over her, took control and pumped like an engine. Her hips rocked and rolled, her muscles clamped down and her slick tube stroked his rod as she gave Sheldon her all. Sheldon responded with his all, flowing into her as she clutched his chest to her boobs.

Krista now lay next to Sheldon who stared at the ceiling as she stirred his sweaty chest with an index finger. She finger walked down his abdomen to laze figure 8's on his prick. Sheldon tensed and grunted, more like a sharp moan. He was hard and Krista slid her soft fingers around and around until he peaked and softened again. Krista took him by the hand to the bathroom and the ready garden tub. Sheldon lay back as Krista rubbed away his worries with soap slickened breasts. She rinsed away his cares with gentle sponges. Sheldon stared at her nude beauty the entire time. He had never found any woman that made him feel this content and relaxed. And this was the same woman who had helped to make him rich. Sheldon knew there was no one else for him. The weekend saw room service delivering every meal to their room. Other than twice making love in the morning standing on the balcony, they never felt direct sunlight.

On the final morning before the flight, Sheldon realized he had missed every conference session. Just as well. He would have spent most of the time heckling and arguing with the presenters, whose papers he found scientifically laughable. Why correct their errors and increase his company's competition? Why crush them intellectually in public when he could crush them commercially in the marketplace? And he wanted this Total Woman by his side for the rest of his life.


The Meeting was called to order by the Chairwoman. Formal Reading of last meeting's minutes which had been distributed to the board members was waved and approved unanimously.


Safety & Security

No security incidents. Senior Move was successful and uneventful. The old senior facility location was compromised by its use for the Senior Banquet. Donations to appropriate officials squelched any repercussions.

Scholarship & Education

Mrs. Smith, as senior housemother, reported that several coaching tune-ups had taken place with satisfactory results. One involved temporary easing of the discretion rules but produced indications that seniors, and some juniors, were aided by live male contact as part of their poise development. The committee would investigate its practicality and report back to the Board.

Building & Grounds

Recent events suggested that residence housing and coaching suites at the three lower class level facilities would be beneficial. New facility designs would be produced incorporating these features for the next round of facility moves.

Finances, Alumni Fund & Pledge Contributions

An off-facility soiree by an advanced junior had garnered a substantial pledge contribution but skirted the moral edge of prostitution. Soiree guidelines needed to be reviewed and updated to address these situations in consultation with the Safety & Security and Scholarship & Education committees.

The Alumni Fund was flush with cash as more and more alumni were giving back in gratitude for the life changing Total Woman education they had received. A recent endowment included 5% ownership of an innovative automotive parts manufacturer that had recently gone IPO. Funds were available for the newly planned lower level facilities.


Replacement/addition of two Evaluation Assessors: The search continues with TWA Security performing background checks on several candidates.

Disposal of old senior facility by auction or private sale: Auctioneers engaged and advertising commenced. Auction scheduled for next month.


Investigation of a Master/Graduate level academy:

Mrs. Smith suggested the Scholarship & Education and Buildings & Grounds committees investigate the potential for a graduate level facility for recent graduates and transfers from outside college campuses.

There being no more business, the meeting was adjourned.

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