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Total Woman Academy 13 Redux


Minutes of the Total Woman Academy Board of Directors Quarterly Meeting

1. Krista, the Chairwoman, called the meeting of the Total Woman Academy Board of Directors to order.

2. Attendance was taken and recorded showing that all four house-mothers, Krista and three other alumni were present.

3. All attendees confirmed the accuracy of the previous quarter's meeting minutes which were approved.

4. The treasurer's report was again superb with alumni legacy funds, fantasy request subscriptions, catalog sales, pledge contributor ward scholarships and graduate internship matching grants all exceeding revenue projections.

5. Discussion:

a. Upgrades to the senior facility incorporating guest coach tutor suites and alumni guest lecturers classrooms have been completed. Recent events suggested that residence housing and coaching suites at the three lower class level facilities would be beneficial. Housemothers will seek cost estimates for the upgraded facility design and construction.

b. Ms. Smith, as senior housemother, reported that several advanced coaching tune-ups had taken place with satisfactory results. One involved temporary easing of the discretion rules but produced indications that seniors, and some juniors, would be aided in poise polishing through increased live male contact. Two additional full time Evaluation Assessors will be recruited with TWA Security performing background checks on the candidates.

c. The board considered a proposal to increase senior student familiarity with divergent male egos and anatomy beyond the constancy of the resident coach tutors. Ms. Smith is authorized to create a limited attendance event for selected Pledge Contributors called Freewill Weekend. The students and male guests would be allowed spontaneous in-house trysts as their whims decreed. One weekend per quarter is authorized.

d. A well-connected pledge contributor has requested that his Executive Assistant Graduate Internship program be moved from probationary to permanent program status. Most of the Board members are familiar with the elder gentleman from their business circles. They noted his long-time mentorship of many successful pledge contributors. He was also notable for his kind and generous nature. His request was approved.

6. Krista thanked all attendees for their valuable contributions to the Total Woman Academy and its Board of Directors.

7. The meeting was adjourned until next quarter.


Misty was soaring in the throes of a smashing orgasm. Her delicate Asian eyes were clenched shut in an ecstatic grimace. Her teeth bit down on a captured index knuckle, her free hand seized hard on a crinkled nipple beneath the layers of her haute culture business suit. One of Willy's hands was cupping her pussy beneath the short rucked-up skirt; his long finger thrust inside her cunt, the coarse pad rubbing tenaciously on Misty's G-spot. His other powerful arm enfolded her petite shoulders, holding her quivering body safe and secure against his torso in the backseat of his limousine.

Willy watched her emotions blaze. He had cherished this little woman ever since he had met her over a year ago. Misty had been the lead off candidate in the senior interviews for his firm's Executive Assistant Graduate Internship. He was smitten by her intelligence, beauty and poise. She had struggled to take even half his prick in her eager mouth but her pliable cunt fit snug and cozy over the full length of his rampant cock. The following two candidates never had a chance for consideration.

Misty had accepted his offer of a yearlong graduate internship. He had entrusted her with a portion of his investment portfolio to shepherd and enlarge. His other three Executive Assistant Graduate Interns were churning out impressive gains from their similar allocations. Misty was inspired by their achievements to follow suit. Willy enjoyed sex and money in abundance.

Willy had an instinct for nurturing talent. His early investment career had taken off quickly. Willy saw the potential in clever young entrepreneurs like Krista and her husband Sheldon. Willy never took more than a minority stake or preferred shares in any startup venture, leaving plenty of incentive for the owners to make it work and make all the owners rich. Krista had been a masterful business negotiator next to the brilliant engineer she had married. Willy rode along as the pair used his money to grow their wealth. He was satisfied with his fair share. With moderate investments spread across scores of similar successes, Willy was well set for a comfortable living.

His love life was another matter. His first and only marriage ended soon after college and had left the workaholic Willy sour on the institution. Commitment-phobia troubled his subsequent casual flings and the women always drifted away to more certain relationships.

Krista was again his sage lifesaver. She used her connections at TWA to arrange special care for her bachelor friend and benefactor. She helped Willy launch a different kind of start-up: the Executive Assistant Graduate Internship program. It was a wild win-win for all involved. The selected TWA graduates got an unprecedented launch into the business world. Willy got the carnal care he deserved and the Academy got Willy's financial appreciation.

Willy was generous with his graduate interns. In exchange for a year of their professional and personal fidelity, the special employees received liberal salaries, luxurious paid housing and a lavish clothing allowance. Willy expected them to be dressed Executive Assistant classy at all times, day or night. Misty had a closet full of swanky shoes to complement her chic business suits, risqué evening wear and spicy lingerie. The beautiful bevy of interns performed their duties 24/7. Willy rotated them through a four day schedule with no holiday or weekend breaks. He studied their detailed financial accounts during the day, listened to their innovative investment strategies during the evening and fucked their vivacious bodies at will.

Misty had stopped trembling and slumped against his side. Willy looked upon the passing scenery outside the towncar. Sadly, the road trip was nearing its end. Sadder still, Misty's 12-month tenure was also ending. But there was a profitable rosy glow on the horizon for Misty and Willy.

Through work, she had built rapport with an up-and-coming young factory manager in China. Smitten from just their Skype conversations, he had arrived in America unannounced. Misty had been true to her fidelity internship pledge with Willy. She kept the unexpected social interchange platonic, arousing the forlorn fella's ardor even higher. Misty promised her budding paramour that she would visit Asia soon and Willy had encouraged the connection. Misty and the lust-torn man could well be his next pot of gold, much like Krista and Sheldon and his other speculations.

Misty felt the hum of the car tires on the road and the warmth of Willy's arms hugging her comfortably. She uncurled her toes, clenched within one pair of her fabulous collection of high heels. She gave a cleansing sigh of contentment. She looked up at Willy's mature face: the bald palate, smug smile and symmetric wrinkle lines that gave him the doting grandfather resemblance. Willy was aged in years but not in vigor. His distinguished looks belied the robust loads of sperm he shot into her mouth or womb every time they copulated.

Willy's finger still filled her cunt. She felt it wiggle. Willy's smile cocked mischievously. He knew she was ready and they had time to crank out one more for her. Willy achieved another manual wind up and again Misty rode out her wild gyrations safe in Willy's arms. Her loud ecstatic howl resonated inside the compartment as they rode through the gates of the Total Woman Academy.


The chauffeur opened the rear door for Willy. A flirty sundress clad Brooke was waiting with a helping hand as he uncurled from the leather backseat. Brooke spied the attractive girl lolling inside: languid, splay-legged, tousled hair and sporting a telltale blush. Brooke recognized her look of exhausted satisfaction. Over her junior and senior semesters, several coach tutors had manhandled Brooke into a similar series of satisfying stupors.

Willy heaved himself out but poked his grinning head back inside the car for parting instructions to his travel-mate.

"Thank you for coming, Misty. I hope you enjoyed the ride. Pick me up in three days and I will accompany you to the airport for our final farewell. I want one last crack at the tempest of life and love you intend to shower on that lust-besotted rookie tycoon in China." Misty's head nodded its reverent concurrence. Willy stepped back.

Turning towards his hostess, Willy's arm was encircled by Brooke's boob-filled hug. She planted a welcoming kiss on his cheek and wriggled her body against his in 'hello'. Willy beamed brighter as Brooke guided him towards the front entrance. She was pulling him away from past and future concerns and towards his current affairs. Willy could see that Brooke exhibited the instincts of an effective Executive Assistant and he made a mental note to follow up. Then his contemplations turned towards the hallowed halls before him.

Lacking children of his own, Willy was still fascinated when his pledge contributor peers related ribald tales of licentious sex with their daughters' friends and classmates at the Academy. They participated in the random pairing rosters with the full knowledge that, at times, their unintended sex-mates were their actual daughters and even granddaughters. The gentlemen were much too much of a gentleman to deny the hand of fate.

Brooke's breasts squishing his arm reminded him of her Breast Cancer Awareness contributions. Willy had begun that rowdy fundraiser by placing the initial high bid which preceded his semi-public disrobing of Brooke. He looked forward to similar playful activity over the next days with Brooke's friends and school chums. Alas, the interviews would not include a return excursion into Brooke's ultimate intimacies.

Brooke entered the pool deck with her weekend trustee in hand. Small groups of topless students clustered around the few guest coach tutors attending Free Will Weekend. Brooke steered Willy to the only man-free trio. The waiting ladies courteously rose for a formal greeting and introduction.

"Ladies... this is Willy. Willy, this is Michaela... Moori... Maureen."

Willy took his time greeting each in turn. Michaela, the long wavy haired brunette, was the tallest; her lithe figure was well displayed in only a thong bikini bottom. She giggled as Willy extended his hand; pulling and planting it on her butt cheek instead. She moved close and buzzed his cheeks with bijou kisses. She lingered on the second side kiss, whispering.

"I am very pleased to meet you, sir. I look forward to my interview and hope you like my responses."

Michaela giggled again as she pulled back into an attentive stance.

Moori stepped to the front. This time, Willy left his hands at his sides. Moori was Afro-American with dark brown tones and shoulder sweeping jerry curls. Willy mentally pronounced her 'full-bodied'. That did not mean stout; it meant athletic. Every curve and hillock on her statuesque figure was refined with smooth gleaming skin stretched over toned cheekbones, abs, thighs and biceps. Willy stared at her full breasts. There were grand round orbs and capped with large bumpy nipples. Moori noted his point of focus; it was the same with all the men who had seen her boobs naked. She took his hands and cupped them under her tits.

"It's okay to touch, squeeze and play as much as you want. I'm used to it; actually I like it very much. We are going to play lots of sexy games and have enormous fun."

Willy gave each fun-bag a quick cuddle. There would be plenty of time later for comprehensive exploration and detailing. It would be unseemly to proceed so far into the interview while others were waiting.

Finally, there was Maureen. She was a rose tinted masterpiece of shoulder length waves of red hair, bright red lips, big brown eyes and endearing freckles. The spotty tinctures varied in color and quantity from nose to toes. Her man-trapping facets: face, ass and tits were paler and headlined the remaining arrangement. Her mouthwatering perfect breasts confirmed her nubile wholesomeness.

Willy held out both hands and clasped Maureen's in a platonic greeting. It didn't last. She shuffled their bodies together and tilted her head, tickling his nose with her wavy red locks. She kissed his exposed neck beneath his ear and Willy felt a tingle in his penile tip.

'Damn', Willy thought, 'she is really good at this and we have only just met.'

Maureen pulled back enough to express her verbal greeting and confirmed in Willy's dazzled eyes that her first move at been fruitful. Brooke interrupted the eye-locked rapture.

"Okay, girls, that's enough for an introduction; now let's get down to business. Loser of the first round of rock-paper-scissors gets last interview. Second round determines first and second. Ready, go..."

Michaela and Moori threw 'paper'; Maureen threw 'rock'. She stepped aside, accepting her fate to become Willy's last interview of the weekend.

Michaela and Moori both threw 'scissors' next, then they both threw 'rock'. On the third try, Michaela let out a whoop as her 'scissors' finally cut the tie past Moori's 'paper'. Michaela snatched at Willy's hand, intending to tow him immediately to the waiting suite and begin the interview process forthwith. Brooke had to restrain her enthusiasm.

"Michaela, calm down, sweetie... go on ahead and prepare yourself and the interview suite. I will bring Willy by directly after we three arrange the follow-up schedule."

Michaela stood undecided, processing Brooke's instructions. The laughing Brooke flapped the back of her hand in dismissal.

"Shoo, you little sex-bomb, Willy will be there soon enough. Go get ready."

Michaela perked up and bounced off towards the main building and the interview suite. Brooke got the rest seated for a strategy session.

"Willy, you asked for full day interviews. Do you want the whole 24 hours and plunge right into the next interview? Or fewer hours and some rest and recuperation time in between?"

Willy chose 24-hour sessions with the stipulation that the girls would facilitate his refractions as needed before, during and after interview phases.

"Do you want us to rotate into the same interview suite or prepare separate rooms for the second and third interviews?"

"Different rooms, please. But I want Brooke to be my escort between the sessions."

Brooke agreed. There was a discussion of room service menus and tidying up activities before Brooke adjourned the semi-formal meeting and stood. Willy took her hand and she led him towards the waiting Michaela and his first interview.


Brooke escorted Willy into his first interview. The room was a standard guest suite. Some of the smaller furniture had been rearranged aside to make room for the baby grand piano set in the center. The large bed and recliner were the only other fixtures that dominated the space. Wall mirrors magnified the light; their reflections giving the room a larger feel.

Willy was still dressed in street clothes. Brooke leisurely disrobed him, substituting a silk-lined loose robe with waist tie. Willy impeded the change-of-clothes process as his hands actively sought out her boobs. He poked into the loose arm openings of her sundress to fluff her tits. He fiddled with the front buttons, trying to reveal more cleavage and an errant nipple, if chance was with him. Brooke took it all in stride. In good humor, she finally unfastened her top and let it hang inverted from her belt. Willy reprised his role at the soiree and lovingly played with her tits as Brooke continued his change of wardrobe.

Brooke playfully pushed Willy back into the recliner. She replaced her top and noted Willy's mischievous pout of disappointment.

"There, there, old man... Michaela will be along shortly to give you her own show." Brooke leaned in one more time and gave Willy a deep affectionate kiss before taking her leave. Willy waited in comfort for Michaela. He didn't have to wait long.

The door opened and Michaela entered Willy's interview space. Her appearance was magnificent. She was dressed in concert soloist splendor, the blue taffeta gown perfect for any concert hall. Below the waist, the floor-length gown was a sophisticated canopy of billowing fabric. Above the waist, her body shone with beauty. The gown was backless with dual strategic front drapes from the neck clasp to the waist band. When she walked, the translucent fabric loosely covered her breasts, flapping gently against the firm nubile cones peaked with darker pointier pips. Willy sat up taller in the lounger.

She acknowledged Willy's presence with a furtive smile that radiated through her distinct stage makeup. Her plush lips were fire engine red. The eye makeup was dark and elongated, mimicking a raccoon mask. Her brown hair was pulled into a severely tight top bun, completely baring her neck and temple. Thin silver hoops traversed the distance below her earlobes, tapping her collar bone in stride. A black velvet chocker banded her throat.

At the piano, she seated herself with care, guarding the splay of her billowing skirt. Adjusting her position to the foot pedals and keyboard, she perched her fingers at the ivory tableau before giving Willy an even brighter inquisitive smile. He nodded for her to proceed.

Michaela played. First was a light tune, a gaily fingered air conjuring up thoughts of budding spring flowers with flittering butterflies. One could imagine toddler children dashing among the new verdant life on a quest of discover in the world of their own backyards. Michaela finished with a flourish of sharp notes high on the keyboard.

The next piece was complicated. It combined light notes with mid-range chords. The song was like the changing summer weather with sunny tunes and intermittent stormy overtones. It was a sequence of glee and glum repeated over and over again.

Michaela followed that with a sobering melody. It began with a lively tempo, suggesting the hurried pace of a seasonal harvest, quick stepping first through high notes before gradually descending the scale. The midrange keys were a slower beat echoing shorter days and tiresome labors. The final chords were basal, descending to a faded energy.

Michaela paused to observe Willy's reaction to her piano recital. Willy was staring hungrily at her. He was sitting still but obviously aroused. Despite his calm exterior, his juices were bubbling inside. Willy's cock was tumescent and lolled through the gap between flaps of his lounge garment. He was stiff but not fully rigid.

Michaela had not spoken, flourished her body or touched him physically. Her main communication had been the music. She had used one instrument to manipulate his emotions.

Michaela had lightened his mood with the springy introduction. She had simmered his curiosity with the cyclical summery piece. He had fallen into a fever for her during the third sonata. Now she paused and Willy was anxious for her to show him more. Michaela was about to remedy that situation.

Willy expected her to doff the top covering her tits before her concluding piano presentation. She did not. She leaned left on the keyboard and began playing a dirge-like sorrowful song, resonant of winter's gloomy grip. The chords were heavy. Willy felt his blood in his cock vein beating to the tempo of the slow thick notes. The weighty knob rose off his leg and was presently a vertical pillar of thick flesh. Willy gripped the chair arms, fearing that touching his erection would set off his ejaculation. He knew there was more to Michaela's plan and he wanted to see her run its course. Michaela wound the song down to its dead conclusion and rested her hands in her lap. A cleansing breath preceded her next move.

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