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Total Woman Academy 14


Nadia entered the office building atrium through the rotating doors. Her heels clicked on the marble floor as she strode to the reception desk. Her fitted business suit was an expensive charcoal grey pinstripe with knee length skirt. Her hair shone in the sunlight.

"I have an interview appointment with the vice president of corporate relations, Mr. Black." The security guard checked his list and asked Nadia for identification. She leaned over and fumbled in her shoulder sling portfolio. The guard got a grand view of mountains of creamy cleavage down the unbuttoned top of her silky blouse. She caught him peeking when she stood. Verifying her identity, the guard directed her to the bank of elevators.

On the ride up she checked her appearance in the mirrored elevator walls. She thought she looked appropriately business like as well as attractively distracting. That was good. Her education at the Total Woman Academy had primed her for this potential job. With a degree in Computer Engineering, she had worked for several software developers, as programmer and sales representative. A headhunter had contacted her about a highly lucrative position with a major specialty software firm. The position was titled Client Retention Professional. Unbeknownst to her, the headhunter was a subsidiary of TWA Security.

She exited the elevator and walked to the receptionist seated in the lobby. She said that Nadia was expected and that Mr. Black was ready to see her.

After the usual pleasantries, Mr. Black offered her a cushioned wooden visitor's seat in the casual area of the office. He sat directly across a low coffee table on a couch. Mr. Black had reviewed her credentials that had been presented by the headhunter and found her training and experience to be more than ample to the task. He now found her beauty to be more than ample to the position. He wanted to explore whether her poise was ample to the expected pressure. Placing her resume on the low table between them, Mr. Black began.

Black: "Why do you want this particular job?"

Nadia: "I think this job will develop my career and business assets. This firm gives me more opportunities for advancement to the top." And Nadia thought: From the look of advanced firmness in your pants, I think you want an opportunity to view my developed assets from a top position.

Black: "What special qualifications do you bring?"

Nadia: "I am summa cum laude in Computer Engineering with extensive experience handling special production software." And she thought: I am also an expert in special poise knowledge and have extensive experience handling special hard-ware and its productions.

Black: "Are you good in pressure situations?"

Nadia: "I can handle hard conditions that I encounter. My associates comment on how we finish with good outcomes. I bounce into action and relieve working pressure with poise." And she thought: My favorite chore is to handle hard conditions. My bouncy encounters finish with a release of pressure and an outcome of semen.

Black: "Can you suck up to a customer's ego as necessary? Even the wimps?"

Nadia: "I can be the perfect hostess or guest to anyone, even the wimps. I am willing to pull out the stops to please our software's users." And she thought: I can suck up, down, around and over any guest with confidence. I know how to pull, stroke and rub as they whimper "Don't Stop".

Black: "Are you able to travel on a moment's notice?"

Nadia: "My schedule can be is very flexible and accommodating." And thinking: After years of yoga, my body is more flexible and accommodating than you can imagine.

Black: "Where do you see yourself five years from now? How will you fit in?"

Nadia said: "I hope the company will recognize my talents and provide fitting promotions and compensations." And thinking: I see myself fitted over the cock of a talented rising-star executive at one of your company's clients or competitors.

During, the interview, Nadia frequently leaned forward to highlight points on her resume. Whenever she did, Mr. Black got a good view of her cleavage almost to the highlighted points. She would lean back and re-cross her legs, flashing him a shot all the way to her flesh colored thong. Mr. Black didn't want the interview to ever end but he had other appointments.

"Would you like to continue the interview process later?" The usual fumbled pass.

Nadia deflected it by saying that further talk was useless. "Let me show you what I can do." That perked Mr. Black's interest. "Give me your toughest client who is declining to renew their annual software maintenance contract with your company. If I retain the account, I keep that client in my portfolio and get all future sales commissions. Deal?" Mr. Black agreed and gave her a file for a robotic manufacturing firm which maked parts for aerospace vehicles.

Mr. Black escorted her to the elevator. He shook her hand and held its soft warmth uncomfortably long. "I hope you are successful. I look forward to more opportunities for you to show me what you can do." She smiled and turned into the elevator and the doors closed.

Fucking Toad! Total Woman Academy had ingrained in her the philosophy of NEVER fishing in the company pond. Even without those values, this pathetic looser named Black wasn't getting closer than arm's reach of her body.

Nadia entered the lobby of the factory and was escorted to the factory manager's office. Mr. Locke greeted her and now regretted his decision to slough off this meeting to his head of production. "I'm sorry but I must attend a corporate regional meeting. We are expanding and shuffling management personnel. It's just as well that you meet with Mr. Keyes who will soon be permanently assuming management of this facility and possibly the region. He is a brilliant Mechanical Engineer and has caught the CEO's notice with his attention to detail and quality control. But he is a very hard man to please." Nadia thought she recognized Jeffery Keyes name. Anyway, Nadia enjoyed a challenge. I know numerous ways to please a hard man she thought.

Mr. Keyes occupied an all glass office suspended over the manufacturing floor. It surveyed all areas of the manufacturing line. Below, Nadia saw numerous glass cubicles occupied not by men but by robotic arms welding and assembling complicated contraptions. A few white coated lab technicians monitored the many control panels outside of the cubicles.

Mr Keyes began the meeting roughly. "Your company has sold us damaged goods. Your software controlling the robotic arms is imprecise and can't meet the quality control standards of NASA specifications. You have had two chances to correct it and it still isn't working to spec. I am NOT sorry to say we are buying our software from someone else. Your software is costing us a lot of revenue."

Nadia flushed at his directness. The mood was tense. Nadia replied "I have reviewed the problem and I am pretty sure it is simply a matter of reloading a 64-bit interface to match your robots' accuracy. If you will give us just one more chance, I think I can firm up the situation to your satisfaction. I will give it my personal attention. "

Mr. Keyes looked disgusted and waved her away with the back of his hand. Dumb blonde thinks she can correct the problem with....wait a minute, THAT MIGHT WORK! Why hadn't he thought of that? Mr. Keyes stood up and ordered Nadia, "Follow me." They strode to the manufacturing floor and checked a few of the integrated control displays and talked about the procedure needed to replace the interfaces.

They returned to Mr. Keyes office. He asked her to call him Jeffery and Jeffery was in a more good-humored mood. The CEO had pestered him mercilessly about this problem which it appeared this pretty woman had solved. Nadia sat across his desk in the visitor chair and they discussed the next steps. Nadia leaned over and reached into her portfolio for the annual software maintenance contract and a business card. When she leaned up Jeffery's eyes flitted back to her face and he blushed. She slid the contract across the desk and Jeffery signed it with a flourish. As she retrieved the signed contract, she slid the business card across the desk. Jeffery idly picked it up and handed it back saying, "Nadia, this is one of MY old cards." Nadia smiled widely as she giggled "Yes, I was hoping it was."

Puzzled, Jeffery turned the card over and suddenly it felt like his chair, the office floor and his world had fallen out from under him. He stared at the TWA logo counter-stamped on the back. It was the card he had deposited years ago at some risqué college event he had attended. He looked up. Nadia was near bursting trying not to laugh. "If you don't remember ME maybe you remember winning the bid for my bra. I think it looked a lot like this one." She spread her lapels showing all the cleavage she could and still claim to be dressed. Jeffrey was mesmerized. She stood to go. "I have a suite at the Hilton. Dinner is at eight o'clock on my balcony. Be on time. I hear you are a hard man to please and I accept the challenge. That auctioned bra you won may find its twin."

Nadia was in her hotel suite at eight o'clock dressed to the 'nines': heels, perfume, dress, makeup, all perfect. The door chimed. She opened it to a very handsome Jeffery. He carried flowers and an apology for being bad-mannered when the first met, or rather, unknowingly, the second time they met. She oohed and aahed as she took his gift. Nadia walked arm in arm with Jeffery to the candlelit balcony table where they spend a couple hours sharing their careers and dreams. Jeffery was frustrated by the corporate inertia holding him back at the company. Nadia wanted more from her career but from her social life as well.

Finally, Nadia stood, took Jeffery's hand, and said, "Let have our dessert inside." She led him to her spacious bedroom. Beauty and poise classes had taught Nadia that, although men postured that scents and candle light were for a woman's sensual awakening, the right combination of scents counter-balancing her perfume, worked on men as well. They undressed each other slowly. She giggled when he put her bra aside to carry home to its mate. Returning to the matter at hand, he rubbed her back as they kissed for the first time. They lay on the bed and Nadia used her hands, mouth, legs, toes, hair, everything to light Jeffery's fire. Her own cries of ecstasy joined his as his cock extinguished their flames when he hosed his essence into her cunt. Nadia was sure she could find more ways to please him. She wanted to be this hard man's companion during his bright prosperous journey through life.

Jeffery wondered how soon he could return to work. He would program his robots to fabricate one perfect set of engagement and wedding rings, and then delete the program. He had a new goal in his search for perfection: a perfect lifelong bond with Nadia: the perfect businesswoman and the perfect love mate.

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