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Total Woman Academy 15


Karl beheld Olivia across the dining room at the sophomore facility. It was Topless Tuesday and the students had reverted to the freshman dress code for the day: shoes with bikini or thong panties only. It was lunch time and he was scheduled for an afternoon coaching tune-up with her.

Olivia had the most fantastic tits Karl could imagine. Nosecone boobs with perfect puffs of nipples begging kisses and foundling. She was sitting with friends and her laughter jiggled the mounds of bounteous beauty. Karl approached Olivia's table with an obvious erection bulging his gym shorts. Karl spoke sharply to her. "I will be in the coaching suite at 1 PM. Please be on time! I have a second appointment after yours." He walked off to prepare the room and await her attendance.

Karl was sitting in a chair in the middle of the room when Olivia knocked softly and entered the coaching tune-up suite. Her breasts moved on her chest with each step, something between a bounce and a ripple as her high heels altered her natural step. She stood silently; looking expectantly at Karl's face for an indication of how to proceed. Karl let her wait while he surveyed her luscious curves. Olivia finally flinched, giving Karl an excuse to speak harshly to her.

Karl asked "Why have you asked for a coaching tune-up?"

Olivia confirmed what Karl had been told: "I need more training in hands and knees position."

Karl thought a while about how to proceed. Finally he hoisted himself out of the chair. "Follow me."

Karl moved to the yoga mat covered exercise area of the spacious coaching-tuneup suite.

"Over here." He commanded. "Let's test your flexibility and hip action first."

Olivia strode forward and bent down to remove her heels. Her bounteous boobs dangled beneath her chest and Karl's cock twitched inside his shorts. Olivia stood tall and stepped delicately onto the matted surface.

After going through a standard routine of stretches and poses, Karl placed Olivia in a down dog position. As she formed an inverted V, he stood behind her. His groin was higher than hers.

"Keep your hands on the mat but bring them back towards your feet as far as you can."

Olivia hand walked backward and her hips rose higher but still did not attain the height of Karl's crotch.

"Hold that pose a moment." Karl retrieved some assist blocks. "Step on these." With the 4-inch blocks under her feet, Olivia's cunt was now equal height to Karl's cock.

"In the future, you must take note of your partner's height and plan ahead for any utilities you might need in this position." Olivia nodded her understanding.

With his hands on her hips, Karl guided Olivia away from the blocks and dropped himself to a kneeling upright position behind her. Olivia bent her knees enough to place her hips at the proper elevation for coitus. Karl knelt back further to rest his ass on his heels. Olivia moved with him, maintaining the groin to groin contact throughout the move while keeping her feet on the floor and her knees bent. They watched their re-positions in the mirrored walls of the yoga space.

Karl shoved her off his lap and returned to kneeling upright at the assist blocks. Olivia returned to classic hands and knees pose, using the blocks to elevate her ass to his groin.

"Well, you seem able to position yourself appropriately. Let's try it with hip thrusts and rolls."

Olivia held her pose as he stood. Karl yanked apart her thong's side ties, whipped the skimpy garment off and threw it aside off the mats. The tugging actions quivered Olivia's chest and Karl admired again her jittering boobs reflected in the mirrors. He waited impatiently until she recognized his expectant look in the mirror. Suddenly, she understood and scampered to turn around. She carefully removed Karl's shorts and folded them before placing them off the mats. She returned to her spot.

Karl remained standing and Olivia re-positioned her assist blocks. She backed up and rubbed her bare pussy in small moves along his flaccid dick. Karl let her work his shaft along her cunt lips until he began to harden from the warmth and slickness. He dropped to upright kneeling. Olivia watched in the mirrors as she bent and shifted her cunt to this new spot. She had more freedom of movement here and rubbed up and down, around and around his prick while it continued to grow. As he stiffened further, Olivia gently bumped his groin to exhibit in and out skills. Karl reached out and held Olivia's hips in his hands adjusting the timing. He stopped her and held her tight against him. Karl slowly folded to his knees, taking her along. She kept her knees off the floor during the move and balanced on three points: hands, feet and groin.

Dress rehearsals completed, Karl was ready for a real run-through with Olivia. He pushed her back into down dog with her feet on the assist blocks. Using her mirrored reflection to guide her actions, Olivia reached back between her legs and lowered Karl's hard cock from upright to horizontal. She fixed her moist folds athwart Karl's tip and rolled her hips up and down.

Karl decided to assist. He held her hips and poked with back and forth thrusts until he was fully seated. After that, they set a graceful rhythm that dragged Karl's sensitive crown along Olivia's crenelated vaginal walls. Karl was fascinated with Olivia's uneven inner texture. It seemed to be pleasantly rippled and added much to the experience.

Halfheartedly, Karl unpegged himself and lowered his knees to the mat. Olivia dropped her hips, realigned and reamed onto his slick stiffness. More pleasurable thrusting followed with shorter strokes matching the reduced freedom of movement. Karl held her fast against his groin as he lowered his ass to heels. Olivia stayed locked on. Now she combined hip rolls, hip rocks, strokes and vaginal clamping in random actions that scraped Karl's shaft and knob over her G-spot and every other spot in her rippled spongy passage. Karl watched her boobs oscillate in tempo.

Karl placed his hands on her shoulders and pulled her upright. Olivia reached back and interlocked her hands behind Karl's neck, anchoring her back to his chest. He reached around and palmed her warm, pliable breasts, lifting them even higher than her arched back had done. He stopped trying to move his hips and prick, letting Olivia supply the motions. He gripped hard on the boob masses. His thumbs brushed her nipples and he watched her face in the mirrors.

Olivia's eyes were closed and a dreamy expression covered her face. The room had a wistful silence, except for their light breathing and squishing of their interlocked groins. Ned kneaded her boobs as he continually brushed her nipples. Her nubs became solid little cylinders and he couldn't resist an occasional pinch and roll. Olivia's breathing got increasingly amplified, moaning low on the outbreaths. Karl felt his own finish approaching as well.

Olivia turned her head; eyes closed, she found Karl's open mouth and panted into it, lashing her tongue around his. Olivia's back arched even farther and she cried out her pleasure, hearing Karl's growl as he decorated her palpitating passageway with semen. The pair hugged each other through the crest of heat and relaxed slowly in the embrace.

Karl recovered first to find Olivia's bowed body held by his prick and hands. He gently squeezed her boobs as a sign for her to return from her stupor. Her eyes fluttered and she unclasped his neck, placing her hands over his on her boobs. They gazed at each other in the mirror. Olivia stirred further and rising, helped Karl get up and led him to the shower, where they cleaned away the 'coaching' residue under the warm pulsing jets.

Olivia and Karl felt refreshed after toweling each other down. They retrieved their shorts, panties and shoes. Olivia gave Karl a final hug, rubbing her nipples side to side on his chest. She turned and her body wiggled and jiggled as she left the suite.

Karl collapsed into the upholstered arm chair. He hoped to be Olivia's coach again soon. He admired her attitude and fantastic hard work. He could also hope to be Olivia's evaluator when she was eligible to be promoted to Junior. That would give him a full day and night to rediscover her charms, enhanced even more by the intervening training.

Karl heard a knock; it was his 2 o'clock appointment. "You may enter" he called. His next coaching tune-up appointment, topless, toned and pensive, glided meekly through the door.

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