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Total Woman Academy 16


Ned made his way from his residential suite to the coaching tune-up suite at the junior facility. His assignment was Portia to whom he would give an Evaluation Assessment. Grueling as the long junior assessments were, Ned still liked to see a student's full range of skills accumulated over three terms at the Academy.

As he waited in the suite, Portia was being prepared and preened by her friends. They helped her shave her private parts, legs and underarms. Her skin was lightly lotioned to a mild sheen. Her straight hair smoothed to a bow shape that framed her makeup enlightened face. All the while, her friends were giving her tips and recommendations. She should use her whole body when testing to make maximum use of her size and weight. For Portia was one of the most petite students at the Total Woman Academy. Lightly scented, wrapped in a translucent belted nightgown and wearing heels, Portia marched to her appointment with Ned at the coaching tune-up suite.

A small knock alerted Ned to Portia's arrival and he granted entry. He was charmed by the little woman standing before him. His first reaction was a concern that the "Destiny problem" might interfere with an unrestricted full Evaluation Assessment. He would need to work quickly through the freshman touch, massage and masturbation portion and get on top of the sophomore vaginal and junior oral curriculums.

Ned invited Portia to join him at the massage table. He lay on his stomach as she began to manipulate his back, legs and arms with her hands. Ned was not impressed with her strength but understood her size prevented a firm kneading. He was unprepared but impressed with her ingenuity when Portia climbed up and walked his back and legs, using her total weight to press her toes and soles into his flesh. She stepped aside on the table and Ned rolled over on his back. Portia rolled his legs with one sole while balancing the other on the edge of the table. She decided her efforts must be effective when she saw Ned's cock lengthen and thicken. She sat high on his thighs and gave his cock a first class gleaming until Ned erupted intensely onto his stomach and chest. She held his manhood while it shrank. Portia retrieved warm towels to clean him and afterward maintained his glow by lying her body prone on his groin and chest. They dozed.

Ned awoke in a dreamland of Portia's majestic scent. He stirred her awake and led her to the bathroom. She was still wearing the belted nightrobe and panties. Ned tugged the belt and unraveled it from her compact form. He drew on one lapel and the robe glided off her body, out of his hands and onto the tiled floor. Portia pirouetted slowly to assist in her disrobement. The remaining panties were soon discarded to join the robe. Ned sat on the edge of the tub, feet outside, as Portia approached her thighs to his knees. He reached out to check her moisture and found her cunt lips to be warm and wet. Portia bow-walked over his legs and placed the tip of his erection along her supple pink gash.

Suddenly, she plunged downward and speared half of Ned into herself. Ned's tip bumped a barrier and for a moment he thought she might be a virgin. She retreated to quarter-length and plunged again. Ned's knob popped through her cervix and he was fully embedded. Portia rolled her hips rubbing his tip against the walls of her womb. She kissed and suckled his erect nipples. The sensations and the notion of this new mode of arousal took away Ned's control and he sprayed his seed deep in her core.

Portia remained on his dwindling rod as she reached over and started the bathwater. They waited for the bath to fill meanwhile kissing deeply and passionately. Ned was star struck and couldn't dream of letting her out of his arms.

Ned stood up with her held to his chest and stepped into the tub. He lowered them both into the sudsy bath. Portia receded off Ned and sat across from him, her feet stirring around his prick. In time, it showed renewed life. She reached out and retrieved a bolster cushion which she placed under Ned's butt as he lay in the tub's built-in backrest. Bending double, she opened wide and took the nexus of his elevated cock halfway into her mouth. Ned felt the flesh at her throat bump his tip. Breathing deep and then holding it, Portia shoved the full length in with the tip entering her throat. A few deep strokes later, Ned's control strayed again and he fed her his semen.

Toweling off Ned, Portia redressed in her almost transparent ensemble. She kissed Ned who had collapsed into bed. Confident that her skills were acceptable, Portia left the suite to pack for her journey to the senior facility. Despite superficial shortcomings, Portia had passed her Evaluation Assessment in the most uncommon manner Ned had ever experienced.

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