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Total Woman Academy 17


Mrs. Smith asked Ned to help her with a recruitment function. The Scholarship Committee had recruited a limited group of freshman college transferees and was staging an orientation event off facility. The private event was being held at a resort hotel and Gillian, a TWA Board member, would attend as the guest lecturer. She would initiate the new candidates to the Total Woman Academy philosophy, curriculum, standards and approaches to a total college education. In addition, Quinella, an advanced senior, would provide an informal but experienced student's view in a question and answer meet and greet session.

Ned would accompany Quinella by limousine and lend a helping hand to her efforts however he could. They departed in the afternoon and arrived at the resort in the evening. Ned and Quinella were ensconced in a suite with two bedrooms. After dinner, the two retired to their suite and after small talk, went to their separate bedrooms for the night.

Ned awoke in the early hours to soft light glowing from the main room. Quinella was standing in the doorway. She moved toward his bed and ambled, on hands and knees, over the covers and lay by Ned's side. "I can't sleep", she murmured and laid her head on the edge of his pillow. Quinella was naked.

Ned shrouded his nose in the fragrant hair atop her head and reached out to rub his thumb over her exposed nipple. For a blond, she had unusual dark umber areoles and the nubs were now prominent with her arousal. She turned her head upward and they pecked a kiss. Her hand found his organ. Quinella rolled on her back and Ned rolled on his side continuing to enjoy the mutual touching. Now both nipples were available and his hand alternated from one to the other and back again. Quinella continued her manipulation of Ned's tool. Some time passed. Neither partner was in a hurry.

Ned decided tasting was better than touching and moved his mouth over her nearest nipple. Kisses, tongue laps, lips pressing down to remold the elasticity, tender tooth grips extending the masses upward into perfect geometric cones brought forth murmurs and moans. The play extended until Ned felt too aroused to continue with simple petting. The nipple playing was going to turn into genital frolicking. He rose up and moved completely over Quinella. She invited him into the portal between her wide open thighs. He entered without knocking. Strokes deep, strokes shallow, strokes rapid and strokes abated set the rhythm.

The sex went on for a long time but eventually, the sensations of Ned's cock scrapping Quinella's spongy tunnel walls led both lovers to swoon simultaneously. Following crisp drawn-out cries, they collapsed motionless to the mattress. Quinella rubbed Ned's back and motioned his dismount. "I'm feeling sleepier now. Thanks." She closed her eyes and dozed off next to Ned. Ned also rejoined his slumbers.

Ned awoke with the unusual but pleasant sensation of a morning blowjob. Quinella's head was under the covers bouncing them like a fluttering sail. Seeing no need to interrupt or help, he lay back in the pillow and closed his eyes. Quinella's tongue wrapped one side of the shaft and then the other. She lapped it over the top whenever the tip approached the inside of her lips but never let it completely out of her mouth.

Occasionally, she would plunge down and take the knob in her throat, using swallowing waves to stroke the knob and the back of her tongue to press on the area just beneath. When she heard Ned start to breathe more deeply, Quinella began a low hum in her throat, adding gentle vibrations to the mix of sensations.

Ned raised his head and looked down. He reached out and ripped back the covers; Quinella made eye contact and actually smiled around the probe in her mouth. Ned reached his limit and sprayed his milky essence into the smile.

In the shower, Quinella and Ned cleansed each other. Ned watched as a naked Quinella applied her makeup everywhere. He was intrigued with the way nipple make-up made boobs appear larger. She asked him to inspect her work and he was pleased to comply. After a close and personal inspection, including visual, tactile and taste inspection, Ned pronounced the results adequate.

That day was all business for Quinella who answered all questions frankly and praised the intellectual, beauty and poise courses required to achieve Total Woman Academy alumni status. She inferred that the recreational prospects could be just as rewarding if a student took advantage of sporadic poise practice whenever available.

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