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Total Woman Academy 18


Rosiya was happier than she had been since leaving home in Central Europe. Her parents were not wealthy but were keen on her education. They had pooled their little money and launched Rosiya towards her future in an American college. Now she relayed the news that she was transferring to a school where she had been offered a full scholarship with room and board. She would continue her studies in Biology, with an eye on medical school.

Mrs. Franks met Rosiya exiting the facility's limousine in front of the Total Woman Academy portico. Her new charge was excited and fairly bounced out of the car. "Good morning, Rosiya. Welcome to Total Woman Academy. We are happy to have you here. Please follow me to my office and we will get you settled in."

Mrs. Franks reviewed Rosiya's records and confirmed with her that Rosiya understood the nature and extent of Total Woman Academy curriculum and goals. Rosiya answered her questions straightforward and did not show shyness or hesitation when she recapped the sexual portions of the training as she understood them. Mrs. Franks alerted her assistant and said "Let's get you started." Three young ladies entered the room wearing only heels and different colored bikini bottoms.

"Rosiya, these three are your new roommates. As you can see, they are wearing the freshman class standard daily uniform. From now on, please conform to this rule." Unabashed, Rosiya stood and removed her sundress and undergarments. She donned the heels and colored panties handed to her by her new roommates and followed them to her new lodgings.

Throughout the day, Rosiya followed her roommates as they toured the facility. Pool, sundeck, yoga studio, massage room, computerized classrooms, dining room, housing and kitchen. They ended before a door labeled COACHING TUNE-UP. The small bank of enunciator lights was mounted over the door. Green meant the room was unoccupied. A yellow light indicated Knock before Entering and a red light meant Do Not Disturb. The light was green, they were allowed to enter.

Her roommates reviewed the fixtures in the room with Rosiya: the bathroom, moveable wing massage table with warmed towel supply beneath, the large bed and the sitting/eating area and private balcony. As they were leaving, a man and student entered the room. They acknowledged their presence before Rosiya and her roommates left the room. The light above the door turned yellow. One roommate commented "Only a coaching tune-up today. If it was an evaluation assessment, the door light would be red."

Rosiya's studies went well that year. She was acing her online Biology classes. She really enjoyed the massage, exercise and makeup training. The topless nudity became so commonplace she didn't even notice it anymore. The poise classes were fun. She learned sensual anatomy and played the touch game with her classmates. She practiced male massage and masturbation on male anatomy mockups, some with biofeedback. The end of the year approached and Mrs. Franks told her she would be given a coaching tune-up session to get some live practice.

Rosiya stood before the Coaching Tune-up suite door with its yellow light glowing. She knocked and a voice within granted her entry. She proceeded inside and closed the door, standing with courtesy wearing only her black heels and string tied thong. A nude man stood in the middle of the yoga area. "Please come over here. My name is Karl and I will be your coach today." Rosiya moved to the yoga area, removed her heels and walked onto the matted floor. For the next hour, Karl put the topless Rosiya through a yoga routine designed to test her strength and flexibility. He helped her into some of the more difficult positions and hand checked her underlying musculature for firmness and tone. Her breasts and tight smooth butt cheeks received lots of attention. Rosiya next played the touch game with a closed eyes Karl sitting on a stool. On the massage table, she kneaded Karl's front and back muscles.

During the sensuous massage, Rosiya caressed all of Karl's outlying regions before resting astraddle his upper thighs. Karl began to coach her on proper male masturbation.

"Use lotion or oil to lubricate your hands and my cock during this part of the session and reapply as necessary. Move your palm gently beneath the shaft and curl your fingers around the top. Use the pad of your thumb to touch the area below the V of the crown. Use your circled thumb and index finger to rub the rim of the knob. Ooh, yes, that's it....Now put your index finger tips on the knob's slit and wriggle it as if you want to push inside, but be gentle. Okay, now use your other hand's fingers to cradle the balls and mildly flutter the ends of your fingers to ripple the ball sack....Good....Press your fingers slightly on the prostate region between the ball sack and asshole. If you use that touch at the moment of ejaculation, it will constrict the urethra just enough to increase the male's effort to spurt and increase the intensity of his orgasm."

Rosiya learned all of these techniques and repeated the cycles just short of ejaculation several times. Finally, Karl's face became flush, his breathing deepened; he closed his eyes and stopped speaking. As Karl's breathe quickened, he unexpectedly boosted his hips and Rosiya rode high, pressing her fingers into the area below his balls. She felt a pulse stream beneath her fingertips, first in the tube exiting his prostate and then through the cock shaft. White milky fluid spurted high in the air and landing on Karl's chest and abdomen. Karl growled and howled as three more spurts of decreasing intensity surged into the light of day. His hips curved down to rest again on the table. Rosiya curiously regarded and touched the divided puddles of sperm. This was her first introduction to human semen.

Karl's breathing resumed a normal pace and he was able to speak again. "That was quite good. You have learned well. Get some towels from the shelf underneath the table and wipe off the excess puddles of semen. We will go to the bathtub to finish the cleansing."

They moved to the bathroom and Rosiya demonstrated her knowledge of preparing a bath. Karl settled into the warm water, Rosiya knelt outside the tub and washed Karl's body with luxurious sweeps while he lounged, eyes closed, on the tub's built-in backrest . A few errant swipes brushed his groin and Karl became more interested in the process. He directed Rosiya to remove her panties, get into the tub and coached her on nipple caresses of his chest and cunt lip caressing of his freshly risen cock. She tented his shaft with her slick labia until another climax occurred. Rosiya returned to kneeling outside the tub and finalized Karl's cleanup. Toweling him dry, she retrieved her panties and, helping lay Karl in bed to rest from his labors, thanked him for his help and gave him a full hard kiss. Rosiya left the room feeling much more poised than when she entered.

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