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Total Woman Academy 19


Simone sat in the beauty salon chair at the junior facility. Other students were helping her style her hair and apply makeup for a promotional photo-shoot to be used in campus recruitment posters for the Total Woman Academy. She had been selected for her magnificent beauty without regard for her poise or intelligence scores.

The flyers were a way of identifying potential candidates for freshman transfer scholarships. If a candidate showed interest, a recruiter would initiate discrete contact and the application process would begin. A short meeting would be followed by TWA Security performing an increasing extensive background check. Any information that indicated past indiscretions or faults would end an applicant's chances of further consideration without notice.

Simone was preening and prepping in the nude and several of her aides were topless, nude or dressed so skimpily as to be almost nude. The photo shoot would take place at the facility pool deck. The cameramen were preparing the temporary studio with lights and shades. One cameraman was videotaping cameos of the students getting ready.

As the stage was set, the group of students escorted Simone to her labors. Naked, she sat, stood, moved, tilted, bunched her hair, laughed, pouted, looked bold then stern or demur. All the while, the cameras clicked rapidly, capturing high resolution images that would need trifling touch-ups before publication. Her friends chattered encouragement as she moved and posed. "Go, Simi, move it. Wow, what a body. Bend over and shake 'em....."

In the corner of the deck was the tripod video camera continuing its video documentary of the photo shoot. Simone split her time and energy alternately posing for the still photos and camming for the video documentary. The shoot went on for an hour. Afterwards, Simone and the student group jumped in the pool au naturel and spent more time splashing, playing and dunking each other. The cameramen broke down the temporary studio slowly but one distracted cameraman continued video documenting the water show.

As dusk approached, the games ended and the students headed off to dinner, studies and exercise. Afterwards, Simone hurried to the coaching suite. Ned had promised to critique her posing performance and offer tips for future photo shoots.

The coaching tune-up room status enunciator was green so she entered quickly and spent time in the bathroom re-fixing her hair and makeup. When she emerged, Ned had arrived and was loading the afternoon's video onto the TV. Removing his shirt and pants, he crawled into the turned down bed. Simone got in beside him and rested her head on his shoulder. Ned wrapped his arm around her shoulders and idly fingered her nipple. Simone held his flaccid cock.

The behind the scenes documentary video started with a view of the preparation salon filled with beauty. Simone sat lazed back in the nude, knees dropped sideways, as she was preened by her semi-dressed friends. The cameraman had orbited Simone, filming from all angles and perspectives, getting photo proof of her near perfect body shape and skin tone. Ned's flaccid cock became less flaccid.

The view switched to the steady tripod mount on the pooldeck with Simone providing the motion. She twisted, bent and swayed her body offering ripples, jiggles and wiggles of her butt and boobs. She would stand and pose with back arched to emphasize her chest size. She posed down dog and this added to Ned's conviction regarding gravity and position and breast shape.

Ned offered suggestions on stance and motion, especially admiring her ability to modestly shake her boobs without looking tart. Ned's cock was now hard and Simone noted the fact and stroked him lightly.

The cameraman had filmed the pool play. In between the splashing and dunking, the game seemed to be "tag" using quick grabs of boobs and crotches. Wet butts and boobs breeched, porpoised and swayed as students jumped and dove to avoid being "tagged".

Ned's pupils began to dilate and his face flushed. Simone began a determined stroke and watched his face. At the ultimate moment, she dove on his knob with her mouth just as the semen pumped out. She took all his essence onto her tongue. As Ned finished shooting his last rope, Simone gave his cock a solid tongue squeeze, sucked hard to remove any latent cum in the tube and swallowed.

She lay back at Ned's side. "It's easier for cleanup when your cum is in MY stomach instead of all over YOURS." In addition to her intelligence, beauty and poise, Ned admired Simone just as much for her efficiency.

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