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Total Woman Academy 20


Tiffany was a Mathematics major and enjoyed games of chance or precision where her mental calculation skills gave her an advantage. Tiffany liked poker and blackjack where she could mentally master odds and probabilities. Dice games such as craps offered the same challenge. Another favorite was pool or billiards where the physical laws of angles, impact and momentum combined to create a sporting challenge. She was engaged in a game of pool with PC-1, a pledge contributor guest for the weekend.

After a warmup round, the inevitable challenge of "Let's make it interesting" arose. The game would be strip pool with each called shot successfully made requiring the other player to remove an article of clothing. Tiffany began by breaking the triangle and then sinking her next shot. PC-1 removed his sandal.

Tiffany lined up the next shot, peeked to see if PC-1 was watching closely, and when he looked away, she purposely misaligned the cue. The shot missed and Tiffany pouted prettily as she moved away from the table. The balls had rolled into easy shot positions for PC-1 who made two shots in a row before missing the third. Tiffany removed both heels. This dropped her height and made her next shots more difficult. Now Tiffany would need to use the table as a brace to elevate herself. She made another shot before grinning as she missed the next. PC-1 removed his other sandal.

PC-1 made two shots so Tiffany removed her shorts exposing a red thong panty. She turned to face PC-1 and, grabbing the hem of her tight tee-shirt, whipped it over her head jostling her full blond hair. Her bra held the generous breasts but they still bounced and settled as the tee shirt set them partially free. PC-1 managed to gain enough focus to try his next shot but missed.

Tiffany made her next two, then missed the third. PC-1 reached for the buttons of his shirt but Tiffany placed her hands on his to stop him. She rubbed his crotch and unbuckled his belt. She removed PC-1's belt and shorts. PC-1 stood in his briefs and shirt. Tiffany reached into the briefs and found a semi-tumescent rod awaiting release from its confines.

PC-1 was so distracted that he completely botched his next shot as did Tiffany. She needed to catchup on the clothes shedding contest. However, her shot did leave a direct line shot that PC-1 managed to sink before missing the next.

Tiffany turned to face PC-1, reached between her boobs to the front catch and snapped it open. The space opened but the bra did not fall away from her breasts. She looked down, looked at PC-1, pouted prettily and shimmied her shoulders. The errant fabric slid aside off the oscillating mounds and then, she leaned over backward, and with her arms hanging downward, the bra fell down past her hands to the floor. As she stood back tall, PC-1 got his first full view of the beauties mounted on Tiffany's torso. The nipples were large and makeup highlighted. She turned back to the game on the table but her gaze lingering for a moment on PC-1's still clothed groin.

Tiffany surveyed the table and dismissed trying any easy shots. Despite her eagerness to remove PC-1's briefs, she was still a competitive gal. She selected another shot requiring a long reach across the table. She leaned over the table dragging her nipples across the velvet. Still out of reach due to her lack of heels, she lifted and braced one leg bent upon the table edge. Tiffany pretended to line up the shot but paused and peered back smiling, a trite invitation to PC-1 who stood behind her staring at her ass and her cameltoed cunt. Tiffany sank the shot and forgetting that she could take another, turned slowly to PC-1 and dropped to her knees in front of him.

Tiffany placed her hands on the waistband of the briefs. and pulling forward to clear the swollen obstruction, lowered the briefs down PC-1's thighs. PC-1's cock was exposed to the free air and Tiffany's searching hands. She lifted one hand to finger the knob and, with the other, hooped the forefinger and thumb, sliding it down the shaft to the base. Propping it up, she gently kissed the tip. Pulling her head and body back, Tiffany smoothed the briefs down and off PC-1's legs and bare feet.

Tiffany stood, returned to the table and selected her next shot, again one that required a long reach across the table. She leaned over the table as before dragging her nipples across the velvet. PC-1 needed no more invitations. He used a finger to slide the panties aside and tactilely appraised her oily slick labia. Finding adequate moisture, he moved to line up his meat cue for a different kind of shot. PC-1 grasped her hips, braced and shoved his cock inside in one stroke. Tiffany jolted, recovered and set her cue stick aside. She placed both palms and both nipples flat on the velvet to hold her position.

The joined partners helped each other. PC-1 held Tiffany firmly against the table side and she rolled her hips in time with the rhythm. PC-1 was so aroused he didn't know how long he could last. Before long, the frictions and vibrations accomplished their assigned tasks. PC-1 shot his ivory colored homage into Tiffany's warmly receptive pocket.

Serenity restored, the paramours stood and exchanged a smooch before Tiffany picked up her winnings in the form of PC-1's discarded clothes and PC-1 gathered his own souvenirs from Tiffany's discards. They left to seek other games somewhere else on the facility grounds.

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