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Total Woman Academy 21


Ushia exited the taxi in front of a major company headquarters. Her heels clicked on the sidewalk as she approached the entrance. Her short skirt revealed her long legs, trim and toned, encased in hose. The doorman wore sunglasses and she couldn't see his eyes. But Ushia knew his eyes were following her as her breasts jiggled beneath her woman's business suit. She had worn her most supportive Wonderbra and it was displaying mounds of flesh between the lapels. Her shoulder satchel's strap bisected her cleavage adding to the effect.

The doorman didn't move as she closed on the doorway. Ushia feigned dropping the envelop she held in her hand and stooped next to the doorman to retrieve it, offering him a view of flesh down the opened lapels and a hint of almost exposed nipple atop the underwire bra. She peered upward with a shy smile and picked up the envelope. The doorman no longer had a free view of her cleavage, so decided to perform his duty and opened the door for Ushia. He had not asked her for any ID.

Having gained entry, Ushia proceeded to the elevators and selected the one that took her to the top floor on express. While riding up, she positioned herself beneath the security camera in order to offer the monitoring guard the same visual that the doorman had been offered. At the floor designated for the research division, the elevator stopped and Ushia alighted into the outer office.

The layout of the lobby looked exactly as the task dozier said it would. The TWA Security covert affairs department had obtained building plans from the city building department. They had sent a team after hours to verify that no unpermitted renovations had occurred. But the building was not this task's target; the Director of Research was. Dr Azid was a renowned expert in Middle Eastern art and antiquities and had been helping collectors across the world verify the authenticity of objects appearing on the under the table market from those war torn regions. He was also reported to be the brother of one the Middle East's most brutal terrorists, Diza. That terrorist seemed to defy capture but a recent air drone missile attack was thought to have killed him. A body had been recovered but the physical evidence was scant due to the damage caused by the blast and subsequent fire. A DNA match to covertly verify the remains was needed by intelligence agencies that could then redirect resources or misinform enemies as applicable. Ushia was executing that task requested of TWA Security by the covert agency. As an exceptionally talented Chemical Engineer, Ushia's cover was demonstrating a new paint and pigment chemical analysis device used in art verification.

Ushia said to the receptionist "I have an appointment with Dr. Azid. Is he ready to see me?" The receptionist buzzed Azid who said he could meet with Ushia immediately. The receptionist ushered Ushia into a grand corner office where a dark complexioned man sat behind the desk.

Azid rose and walked to meet Ushia. She noticed his vision never rose above her neck. "Welcome. Please have a seat here on the couch." Ushia sat on a cushion so soft it nearly swallowed her as she sat very low. Azid sat across from her on a divan. His view extended under her skirt.

"So, you have a device that can date the organics and isotopes within a piece of art and tell its age within a few years? That is a remarkable accomplishment." Azid showed only excitement at the news but inwardly he was distraught. His brother's organization had been remanufacturing plausible art pieces from the broken remains of authentic pieces and using the sales proceeds to finance their terrorist actions. This new device must be examined. A way must be found around its capability to undo his past imitation art sales. He must gain this woman's trust and use it against her. As for Ushia, she was amused inwardly that this supposed expert who had been verifying false objects as real for his brother's art clients was dumb enough to believe such technology even existed. So the subterfuge began in earnest for both parties.

"Of course, it is in its early test trials but we feel it has potential. We need a few pilot tests where it can perform in the real world to verify its accuracy. We wanted to test it against some works that you had already verified. We can trust that an expert like you knows the object's true age." Ushia had leaned forward to show enthusiasm for her request but also, by showing some cleavage, to get some enthusiasm going in Azid as well.

"When would the device be available for a demonstration?" Ushia pretended to think and said the device could be delivered to Azid's Research Facility tomorrow. Meanwhile, she would be staying overnight at the hotel renowned as the best in the city.

"I am here alone on this trip and wondered if you knew of a good restaurant" Azid replied that the hotel restaurant where she was staying was one of the best.

"I eat there often myself."

"Well, then. I guess it's dinner alone and a good book in bed tonight."

Ushia returned to her room and freshened up, put on a dynamite cocktail dress and headed for the hotel dining room. Passing through the lobby, she was not surprised to see Azid sitting there. "Aah, Ushia, so nice to see you. Are you going into dinner? I was about to go there myself. Could we sit together? I hate eating alone."

Ushia looked delighted and agreed. Each thought their plan was proceeding smoothly. They spent several hours in conversation, Azid telling of his struggles as a poor boy, getting a chance at college and working his way up the career ladder. Ushia feigned admiration since, in reality, she knew that Azid was the spoiled son of rich parents in the Middle East. His brother had taken the dangerous low road to civil unrest as Azid took the easy high road to affluent life in the West.

"When did you say the device would be delivered?" Azid asked.

"I am not exactly sure. I need to call my office to confirm. Their number is programmed into my cellphone which I left in my room. If you follow me up, I will call to confirm and tell you then."

The elevator lifted them to Ushia's floor. She went into her suite as Azid following her inside. She called to confirm the delivery time and while on hold, opened a bottle of wine from the room service bar. Pouring a glass for Azid and herself, she held the phone waiting for the delivery schedule as she watched Azid take a sip. Azid found the flavor to his liking. Ushia knew he would, his taste in wines was also in his dozier. Azid took a larger swallow. Strangely, wine had never hit him with a buzz this fast. He needed to sit down and he sat on the edge of the bed. Ushia watch as the drugged wine put Azid into a twilight suggestive stupor.

Discarding the phone, Ushia stood in front of Azid's woozy eyes and drew her cocktail dress zipper down her back. It fell off her and revealed her braless breasts to his gaze. She stooped and removed his shoes and pants, followed by the rest of his clothes until he lay face-up naked in bed. He had tried to help her efforts but the drug made his muscle control difficult. Ushia removed her panties but left her heels on. She climbed onto Azid and straddled his upper legs. She grabbed his flaccid penis and set her mind to the amount of work before her. His cock would become hard and he would eventually ejaculate despite the drug but it would take her best efforts to achieve it. The covert agency wanted his sperm for the comparison DNA sample.

Azid felt the touch on his privates and thought maybe he had died unknowingly and Ushia's ghostly outline was the first of the promised 29 virgins. Whether she was or not, he was willing to cooperate as best he could. He lay silently as Ushia began. She stroked him between the thighs, cradled his balls, pressed his perineum and thumbed his knob and slit. He was almost rigid as she pulled long strokes with her hand.

Pausing, she opened a condom, placed it on her lips and used her mouth to roll it down his length. At the bottom, she used swallowing caresses to finish getting him as hard as he was going to be tonight. Rising, she adjusted her hips to target her cunt over his upright cock, and slid down until she touched bottom.

From here on, Ushia used every technique she had learned at the Total Woman Academy to put sensations into Azid's shaft and crown. She performed hip rolls, clenching, side slides and twists. Azid remained with a dazed look on his face. Ushia began to worry that she might reach a climax before Azid. Any pause in her rhythm as she recovered her senses could mean starting over. Expedited measures were needed.

Ushia took Azid's hands and placed them over her boobs where amazingly he found enough muscle control to grip and hold on. Ushia helped him by placing her own hands over his and rotated his fingers over her boobs to increase the dulled sense of nipple play that Azid needed.

Azid's breathing finally deepened and both partners felt the rising climax approaching. It crashed over them. When Azid spurted, Ushia clamped down, squeezing the condom in place to hold its valuable contents. As Azid relaxed, Ushia carefully dismounted and placed the precious full condom in the special transport container. She gave Azid a small injection to put him to sleep for the rest of the night. After dressing, she left the room and carried the collected DNA sample to her employer.

Tomorrow, an anonymous tip to a national newspaper would set off a storm of investigative reporting regarding fake art work being sold as real on the open market and the dishonest path would lead to straight back to Azid. A few weeks later, a low key official announcement would confirm the death of Diza and the crumbling of his suddenly impoverished and leaderless network.

Ushia would receive a promotion to Department Head of an international chemicals conglomerate as a reward solely for her professional career work in effectively making it the most profitable specialty paint and pigment division of any company worldwide.

No one at the conglomerate would ever guess of her other effective work as an anti-terrorist patriot.

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