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Total Woman Academy 23


Ned was lounging in his residence. A knocking on his veranda door caught his attention. He pulled back the curtains to find Willow motioning for him to open it. "Come out to the pool with us." she shouted through cupped hands against the glass. Ned opened the door and emerged to stand next to the buxom Willow. She wore just bikini bottoms and flip-flops. Several months prior, Ned had helped Willow with a general coaching tune-up and he recalled the way her breasts had moved, bounced and jiggled as they went through the various sensual routines. He decided to reacquaint himself with them.

The too-narrow path to the pool forced Ned to follow behind the platinum blonde and he watched her perfect butt cheeks sashay to the pool. Several other students were sunbathing or wading in the pool. Everyone was topless. Ned followed Willow as she walked down the steps into the water. Two other students came to surround Ned and they alternately splashed him and ducked away as he reached to play with them. As the sun marched towards the end of the day, the action moved to the hot tub. The students sat opposite and beside Ned and they chatted about their days and studies. Occasionally, a furtive hand would rub Ned's cock in his swim trunks under the bubbly water.

In time, the Ned pulled himself up to sit above the water on the edge of the spa. Willow got out and came behind Ned. She pulled on his shoulders until he was upright on his knees on the deck. She pressed her boobs into his back and reached around to rub his cock. She undid the tie, unzipped the zip and cautiously pulled the trucks aside and down, careful not to scrape his erection with zipper or fabric. Still pressing her boobs into his back, she used both palms and all the fingers to encircle his erection and pump.

Ned looked at the two other students in the tub regarding the action. The seemed mesmerized by the horizontal shaft being lovingly stroked by soft hands. Ned let himself go and arched his ejaculate across the water. Willow's aim was true and he alternately squirted the exposed pair of boobs. Each student smiled and rubbed the offered essence around their chests.

More relaxed now, Ned stood, took Willow by the hand and led her back to his room through the glass veranda door. A room service dinner was followed by a night of slow, intimate sex play, exhausting both partners. Dawn broke with both sleeping in the rumple sheeted bed.

Willow woke first, slowly and seeing that Ned was still dozing, decided to wake him in style. Her head ducked beneath the sheets. Ned felt warmth at his groin as the fog of sleep lifted. He raised his head to look toward his feet. His cock was engorging and the sheets were rising and falling atop Willow's head. Willow's tongue slid up the shaft, over the knob and pecked at the tip slit. Her mouth applied soft and hard suction and her moans added vibrations. Ned lay back and let the scene unfold however it would.

Ned closed his eyes and awaited the finale which came forth with his roar of orgasmic pleasure. Willow stopped bobbing and accepted his creamy, salty gift. As calm returned she swallowed and licked his groin clean of any overflow. Somewhat satisfied with the cleanup but knowing she could do better, she got out of bed and entered the bathroom, stooping to start the bath water in the tub.

She stood in the doorway, shimmying her boobs as an invitation. Ned slid and wobbled to the bathroom, where Willow guided him into the tepid water. She performed the ordinary routine from a kneeling position outside the tub. Ned gave her a head bob to let her know he wanted her in the tub. She climbed in and tented her cunt lips over his prick. Her boobs mashed into his chest and they kissed. As the kiss prolonged, Willow began sliding her tenting lips along Ned's shaft. After many polishes of the shaft, she pulled higher on his body, caught the knob on her separated lips and impaled her cunt on his cock. The swashing of the water gave evidence of the rhythm employed. Another summit was climbed and the lovers fell over the other side, maintaining a lip-locked kiss throughout the joint climax.

Ned nearly passed out. He regained his senses to find himself in bed, naked, with a topless bikini bottomed Willow standing at the side awaiting his mind's arrival before her body's departure. Now assured that Ned was okay, she brushed his hair back, pecked his forehead and left through the veranda doors. Ned felt confident that Willow would pass all his Evaluation Assessment tests when it came time for her promotion candidacy to the senior class. He hoped to be the Evaluation Assessor.

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