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Total Woman Academy 25


Mrs. Smith had Karl sitting in her office. "A senior student presented an unusual but reasonable coaching tune-up request. She is curious about bondage and control. Would you be willing to run her through a demonstration?"

Karl thought about how he would go about it. "Yes. I will start here at the senior facility, use the Master facility fantasy suites and return here. When will this session take place?"

Mrs. Smith consulted her calendar and made some calls to arrange the facilities. "How about early next week?" Karl agreed and asked for some items to be delivered so he could test them and prepare for the project. Mrs Smith said "Remember, Karl, this is only a demonstration and training. You must not cause real pain, only temporary discomfort or humiliation."

Mid-morning, Karl waited in the coaching tune-up room at the Senior facility for the student to appear. The yellow status indicator door light meant knock before entering. The knock was soft but Karl granted entry. In stepped Yvette, a pony-tailed blonde wearing sneakers, light shorts and a sleeveless cotton blouse. Karl motioned her to come to him and she complied, standing attentively. "Yvette, for the next two days, I will give you a demonstration of bondage and control as you have requested. If anything bothers you, say 'plum pudding' and we will stop and discuss it. Otherwise, please comply with all my instructions." Yvette acknowledged the rules and repeated the safe word.

Karl picked up a set of red high heel shoes with leather angle straps. "These are the type of heels that you will wear for the rest of the next two days. Let's put them on." Yvette reached down and removed her sneakers. Karl helped her don the heels and tighten the straps. He had her walk around the room to see if the shoes were the right size and reasonably comfortable. They were. As Yvette stood in front of Karl, he kneeled down and placed a little padlock through a hasp on the ankle strap of each shoe. Karl stood and said "That will keep them on until I want them off." Karl produced a set of leather buckle straps. He took one of Yvette's wrists and encircled it, buckling it. He did the other wrist and then attached two small padlocks similar to the ones on the heels. He placed a short clip chain between the cuffs and showed Yvette how the cuffs secured her hands in front. He unclipped them, walked around Yvette, pulled her wrists behind her and re-clipped them. He returned to her front.

"Before we look at neck collars, let's get you stripped for action." Yvette glanced backward at her arms and looked back at Karl as if to remind him that she couldn't remove her clothes with her wristed cuffed behind her. Karl picked up a pair of fabric shears, pulled down on her shirt tails, and cut the fabric up the front. The sides hung open off her shoulders. He cut along the top of the sleeveless shoulders and the shirt fell to the floor. Karl put the shears aside and picked up a pocket knife. He cut the shoulder straps of her bra and then placed the knife beneath the bra front closure and cut it as well. The bra popped aside her full, high set breasts but did not fall, held lightly by the roundness of her mounds. Yvette watched the cutting then and then returned her gaze to straight ahead. Karl flicked the cups sideways off her boobs with the back off his hands. Yvette's breasts bounced out and recentered, jiggling to a stop.

Karl placed a wide leather collar around Yvette's neck, buckled and padlocked it. "These are the basic restraints that are used in most bondage situations. Let's finish the stripping." Karl used the shears to cut the outside seam of Yvette's shorts. These were heaped with the other cutup articles. Karl used the knife to cut the side ties of the thong panties. They fell away but were hung up at her groin. Karl pulled them away and touched a finger to Yvette's moist cunt lips. Karl unclasped the cuffs and showed Yvette a makeup vanity table.

For the next hour, they chose colors and glosses to match her tone and texture. Eyelids and lashes were lined and darkened. Blush for the cheeks and bright red lipstick. Finger and toe nails painted. An umber color was applied to her nipples with a darker highlight for the nubs. Her inner cunt lips were glossed to a sheen that peeked out between the protective skin folds.

Karl led Yvette to stand before a full mirror and they both inspected the makeup lines and colors. Satisfied, Karl clasped Yvette's cuffs behind her and announced "Well, let's go." He led Yvette to the door but she stopped short, pulling back slightly on the hand guiding her arm. Karl looked at her face and waited for her to say the safe word. Instead, Yvette let her shoulders relax and nodded. Karl put his hand tightly around her upper arm and pushed her through the door into the hallway.

Several students were strolling to the dining room and stared as Karl quick stepped the high heeled naked Yvette down the hallway and out the front door. Karl ducked Yvette's head and pushed her on the ass into the waiting limousine. She crawled up to sit on the forward facing seat and Karl got in beside her. He buckled her lap belt. The door closed and the limousine accelerated out the drive. Yvette didn't know where they were going but she knew she was safe with Karl although his behavior was becoming more aggressive.

Karl unzipped his fly, grabbed Yvette by the ponytailed hair close to the scalp and dragged her face to his crotch. He held her face an inch above his soft cock. "Use your tongue and lips to pull out my cock and suck it." Her tongue protruded and tried to scoop under the shaft. Unsuccessful, she tried another tactic. Pushing her face down, she used her lips to find the knob and gently carried it into the light of day. Now outside the shorts, she descended its length and sucked on it. Karl let go of her ponytail and used both hands to doff his shorts. Despite being secured at the waist and bending sideways, Yvette showed remarkable ability to raise and lower her head even with her hands still cuffed behind her.

Karl was impressed with this little show of athleticism and was encouraged that she could perform some of his more difficult planned activities. Meanwhile, he lay back and let her work, sometimes rolling or pinching an available nipple nub or kneading the boob full handed from underneath. Hanging on to a boob, he closed his eyes and began to feel the rising climax. His hand squeezed harder and then his cock shot bursts of cum into Yvette's mouth. She kept her lips closed around his shaft as she sucked and swallowed all she could.

Karl opened his eyes and saw the blonde head still covering his groin and suckling him gently. He took hold of the ponytail and righted Yvette back into her seat. She tilted her head back and swallowed the remnants of Karl still in her mouth. Yvette looked over at Karl but he used his hand on her chin to face her head to front. Using a wide satin band, he wrapped her head in a blindfold and waited for the safe word. It didn't come. Karl fed little nibbles of fruit and cheese and sips of water to Yvette during the rest of the ride. The limousine sped on and as the afternoon dwindled, it finally pulled into a gated estate driveway and stopped at the portico. "We're here" said Karl. The limousine door opened automatically and a naked Karl and Yvette emerged at the Master facility front door.

Karl pulled Yvette along who was quick stepping in her heels, now more unstable with the blindfold in place. They arrived in front of the Fantasy Suites. Karl opened a door and pushed Yvette inside. She stumbled but recovered without falling. The room smelled of candle wax, leather soap and musk. Karl untied the blindfold and Yvette saw her surroundings. The room was dim, lighted by a few small bulbs. In one half of the room was a table with leg stirrups and an elevated head rest. A large bed occupied the other side. A doorway led to a bathroom. Karl let Yvette look around for a while and then unfastened the cuff clips so her hands were free. Karl removed the collar as it was superfluous inside the room. He invited her to freshen up her makeup in the bathroom while he prepared the room.

When Yvette returned freshened, she saw that the bed had the covers removed and just the sheets remained. Karl stood by the table and beckoned her over. He placed her back against the bottom end of the table and boosted her ass onto it. Taking each foot, he fastened the heels into the stirrup's locking mechanisms. He rudely smacked her back down on the table and clipped each cuff over her head to the opposite end of the table. He elevated the head rest so she could see down her body. Then he stood between her legs and adjusted the stirrups wider to fully open her pussy to his manipulations.

Karl poked a finger in her hole and found it was just mildly lubricated. He opened a drawer under the table and removed a bullet head vibrator. He buzzed her nipples until the nubs expanded hard then moved to her cunt. He worked the vibratory over her vulva, occasionally poking it inside but not too deep. Yvette began a low moan. Karl said "Try not to come too quickly; we have a long night ahead of us. And please be silent." On second thought, the silent part wouldn't work with what he had in store for Yvette. He found a strapped ball gag and fit it over her mouth and fastened in behind her head.

Karl returned to work on Yvette's cunt. He ran the vibrator liberally over her groin and slipped it inside more often. Yvette moaned more and more and finally raised her hips off the table and screamed into the gag. Karl held the buzzing vibrator halfway inside Yvette through the climax. As she came down physically and emotionally, he drew out the probe and switched it off.

Yvette opened her eyes and watched as Karl lined up his erection with her soaked cunt and drove it in. Long slow strokes became long faster strokes then short fast strokes. Karl threw his head back and howled as he blew his seed inside Yvette who simply watched it happen without emotion.

Karl and Yvette lay on the sheeted bed spooning. Karl had helped her off the table and placed her on her side on the bed. He fastened her cuff chains to a hook in the headboard and her heels to chains attached to the foot board. She lay peacefully with Karl's groin low against her ass and the tip of his cock just inside her vulva. She was making contractions on his knob. He was stroking her flank with the timing he wanted in the compressions of her cunt muscles. Yvette concentrated on the rhythm.

Karl liked the feeling but knew it would not make him cum. He withdrew and pulled back from her ass. He unclipped her wrist chains and refastened them so she lay on her stomach at an angle across the bed. He moved one leg under her head and the other over her shoulder so that she was face down on his erection. She drew him in and suckled. Karl lay back and prepared to go to sleep with his cock warmly nestled in Yvette's mouth.

Karl woke in the morning with Yvette still facing his groin. He bumped her head with a hand to wake her. She was already half awake, understood where she was and suckled Karl's soft cock which began to respond. Karl let her work awhile and then pulled her head off his cock.

Karl placed Yvette back onto the table. He locked her down. He lowered the head rest so that her head lay hanging down behind her. Her ponytail touched the floor. Karl opened her mouth and plunged in. His cock now pushed against the back of her mouth and top of her throat. He held there as he twitched her nipple nubs. Then Karl slowly stroked his cock in and out of Yvette's mouth. He used the bullet vibrator to draw lazy circles on her nipples and upper breasts. He reached down and fingered her clit. Yvette surrounded Karl's cock with her mouth and Karl surrounded her with various caresses over her available body.

Karl pulled out of Yvette's mouth, climbed on the table and straddled Yvette's chest. He pressed Yvette's boobs together forming a channel for his prick. He stroked his saliva moistened shaft through the tunnel. Yvette could not see it as her head was still bent backward on the dropped headrest. But she could hear Karl's breath quickened and his roar as the first stream of seed arced past her face, then the next few dropped onto her face, neck and upper chest.

Karl released Yvette to freshen-up. After she emerged from the bathroom, Karl moved her to the center of the room and examined her makeup for any flaws. All seemed correct: hair, eyes, lips, cheeks, nails, nipples and vulva, painted and colored to enhance and display. Karl pulled her arms behind her back and clipped them together with the cuff chains. He placed the leather collar around her neck and fastened it with the padlock. Karl clipped a chain leash to the collar. "Let's take you home." he said.

Karl led Yvette by the leash out of the room. This would be a slower walk as he led her through the building, past many of the staff and guests, around the pool and deck area. He stopped several times to chat with people he knew, never introducing his bonded companion who stood by patiently, eyes downward, too embarrassed to make eye contact with anyone. Karl led his naked captive through the front door and out to the waiting limousine. He ducked her head and pushed her in with a slap on a bare ass cheek.

The return limousine ride was mostly spent with Yvette's gagged head bent face down onto the front seat as Karl seated behind her used various dildos and vibrators on and in her cunt. Several times she approached her orgasm but Karl backed off before it arrived. Finally, he pressed a bullet vibrator against her clit as he probed her vagina with a large dildo. Yvette came with a crashing screech that was loud despite the gag. Karl was ready himself, kneeled up on the floorboards behind her and drove his engorged prick into Yvette's cunt again and again until he planted his seed deep inside.

Later, Yvette was kneeling facing Karl with his erect cock in her mouth. As the limousine pulled up to the senior facility, Karl loosed another volley of cum into Yvette's mouth. He unfastened the leash from a hook where it had been symbolically attached. He donned a pair of tight black shorts.

The car door swung open and Karl emerged with naked Yvette in tow. He walked slowly inside, around the various downstairs rooms and the pool deck, displaying the bond Yvette for all to see. They ascended the stairs and went to the shower room. Yvette sat on a bench as Karl unlocked her heels, collar and cuffs.

Karl got into a shower stall with her and scrubbed her down, using fine scented soaps and shampoos to cleanse away the spoiled makeup and musky smell of fucking. Somewhat refreshed but exhausted by her ordeal, she let Karl lead her by the hand to her dorm room where he knocked. A scantily clad student opened the door. Karl steered Yvette into the care of her roommate and left for his own quarters in the residential guest suites to rest after two hard days of work.

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