tagNovels and NovellasTotal Woman Excursions 03

Total Woman Excursions 03


The fire crackled in the cabin's stone hearth. The logs whistled as the moisture steamed. The seasoned firewood stack had been covered with a late season snow. The fire now transformed the clinging ice to vapor as it consumed the wood.

Wynn and Marcy had cross country skied to the Total Woman Excursions' timberland cabin arriving late in the afternoon. Earlier, the staff had stocked them a hearty dinner and departed; corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, crispy bread. It was a fine tradition for St Patrick's Day. They reheated and ate the feast upon arrival, then settled in for a long winter's night. The cabin would be their secluded refuge from dusk 'til dawn.

After feasting on supper and securing the cabin, Marcy and Wynn lounged on the sofa in front of the red and yellow flames. They sipped Merlot which helped chase away the cold nips. As they chatted, Wynn asked Marcy about her education at the Total Woman Academy.

Marcy described the curriculum which prepared Academy graduates to focus their whole being on garnering a successful life using intelligence, beauty and poise. Since graduation with a cumma sum laude in Electrical Engineering, she had followed her dreams, earning a management position in the electronics industry, as well as working as a Special Therapist at the Total Woman Clinic. She hoped to return to the Academy for post-graduate training and then become a visiting adjunct trainer to the undergraduates.

She volunteered several times throughout the year at Total Woman Excursions. She liked the variety of activities available to a host guide at the resort. She met a lot of interesting men and made discrete contacts with powerful players in her career field.

Her glowing face held a smile. It may have glowed from the all day outdoor briskness, the fire's warmth, the fine wine and the presence of this attractive man. Marcy fingered the cuff of Wynn's sweater. "And sometimes I make indiscrete contacts as well."

Wynn dropped his head back and drained the last dregs from his goblet. Putting the glass next to Marcy's on the table, he stood. He held the hand that had fingered his arm and helped Marcy to rise. He gripped both her hands behind her back as he planted a full kiss on her lips. They spent some time exploring each other's mouth, skirting aside tongues to probe deeper. Wynn broke the kiss to lean back a little.

"So, host guide, what's there to see and do here in a backwoods cabin?" he asked.

"Well, let's see. There's a Jacuzzi tub on the deck under the sunroom. There's this nice rug in front of the fireplace. And the bedroom is over there. What's your choice?"

Wynn looked around at the door leading to the back deck Jacuzzi, then the fireplace, then the bedroom door. "All of the above" he said.

Marcy liked that answer. She reached back and held his hands in hers. She pulled them out between them and walked backward, leading Wynn towards the Jacuzzi sunroom. In the sunroom, Marcy began by unzipping the front of her spandex one piece ski suit. Her cleavage came into view as the sides drew apart under the pressure of her breasts vying to escape their confines. Her belly button bulls eyed a phenomenal flat tummy.

Wynn grasped the collars and slowly peeled the ski garment back and down, satiating her breasts' desire to be emancipated from their confinement. The nipples were large, dark and prominent on the white fleshy mounds mounted high and firm on her chest.

Bending one knee, Wynn re-grasped the garment at waist level and continued the peel down. He was faced with a cute shaved cunt. The pink lining peeked out in a centerline disappearing through the crack between her legs. Her hips were slim and firm, elevated by toned legs,

Wynn looked up at Marcy looking down. She stepped one leg up and then the other as Wynn completed her disrobement. He stood up. Marcy took his sweater up and over his head, baring his chest. She put the sweater aside and ran her hands over his torso, tweaking his nipples. Sliding her hands behind his back, she rose on tiptoes and reconnected the deep kiss they had enjoyed before. Her breasts pressed his chest.

Without breaking the tongue play, she felt for his belt and loosed it. The pants zipper was next and even before the pants fell away, she was holding his cock inside the boxers. The other hand pulled the waists of both pants and boxers out, over and down while the first hand guarded his cock from any errant scrapes.

Kneeling, she correspondingly completed Wynn's disrobement. Looking straight ahead, she regarded the object of her desire. Marcy pecked a quick kiss on the tumescent tip before standing. Taking his hand, she stepped into the Jacuzzi, followed by Wynn. Wynn seated himself and Marcy sat on his lap sidesaddle, putting her arms around his neck.

Marcy squirmed in Wynn's lap. Wynn's erection was under her hip and the water movement was tap, tap, tapping it against her skin. "It seems eager to start, doesn't it?"

Wynn gripped the far boob submerged nipple deep in the foaming water. His fingers cradled the mass and his thumb stroked the nipple nub. He leaned in and held the near tit's nub in his teeth, pressing in until his nose was encased in boob. He shook his head 'Yes'.

Marcy turned into Wynn who was still suckling her breast. She straddled his lap and placed his ready erection at her cunt. Short prods worked to bury his firm flesh inside her spongy flesh. Longer thrusts pushed it fully in. At full depth, Wynn extracted her tit from his mouth's grip and sat upright. They hugged, clinging together, cheek to cheek, crushing her boobs between them as they breathed moans into each other's ears.

Despite the strenuous all-day exercise, their energies did not flag but this first time wasn't going to last long. Both partners felt the rush come on and clenched tighter to each other as the orgasmic waves crashed across them. The peak held for longer than Wynn could ever remember happening before.

As his cognizance returned, he felt Marcy smoothing caresses across his upper back. Wynn leaned back in the seat and Marcy pushed up and off to sit beside him. They lazed about with hands under water exploring digitally where they had been recently joined genitally.

Recovered now and at risk of becoming wrinkled from the extended immersion, Wynn climbed out then helped Marcy out. They found big fluffy towels in a cabinet and swathed themselves dry. Inside, a large down comforter lay on the sofa. They wrapped up together on the rug in front of the fireplace and spooned watching the fire. Wynn cupped a boob; his semi-soft cock lay in Marcy's ass crack and his bicep pillowed her head. Marcy's free hand covered Wynn's hand where it caressed her breast and she half steered its movement to her fancy. Above them, the fire choreographed colored light dances on the ceiling and walls.

Time passed. Marcy felt Wynn's cock get less semi-erect and more full erect. She wiggled her ass against his groin. Wynn clutched hard at her tit and bucked his hips to get more friction on his shaft. The message had been sent and received. The messengers synchronized their stations for complete communication. Wynn backed his hips and Marcy rolled onto her back and opened her thighs. Wynn propped up and angled his groin into her saddle. Both reached down and together positioned him for entry.

Wynn drove hard in one long stroke, finding Marcy wet and receptive. She gasped but pulled him in closer with her hands on his butt. She rolled her hips a few times, brushing her clitoris hard against his hairy pubic bone. Wynn stayed still and deep but could not halt forever. He slowly reared back, drawing his knob along her walls, rubbing her G-spot in the process and eliciting a surprised chirp from Marcy. He paused and shuttled his knob back and forth across the nerve bundle. Suddenly, Marcy cried out, her vagina clamping tight around his cock.

Wynn hugged Marcy through her climax and when she relaxed enough, he repeated the movement. She went rigid again, a crying moan reverberating off the cabin walls. Once more he waited for her to calm, then started again. Marcy was bathed in sweat, her breasts squeaking like wet neoprene against Wynn's chest.

Wynn was ready. It was his turn now. He abandoned the G-spot exercise and took long slow strokes. Marcy rolled her hips to assist. Wynn pushed as deep as he could, pressing her clitoris as she had done for herself before. The strokes got sorter and quicker. Wynn's breathing got shorter and quicker. Finally, he took one deep breath, bellowed out and pulsed out, filling Marcy's ears and womb with his virility.

Wynn recovered swaddled in Marcy's soft limbs and laying on her warm body. The fire was a heap of glowing red embers. Marcy stirred and Wynn extricated himself from his comfy cradle.

Wearily, the paramours dragged to the bedroom and climbed under the bed covers. They lay side by side, arms extended around necks and hands behind each other's heads. Sleep captured them almost immediately.

Wynn woke as dawn's light filled the room. Marcy opened her eyes as well. Wynn rolled and settled his back again the sheeted mattress. He put his hands behind his head and stared at the ceiling. He remembered saying 'All of the above'. He waited to see if Marcy remembered as well. She did.

Marcy rose and moved her head under the covers to Wynn's midsection. Wynn felt a tongue lap his shaft; then another. A hand positioned and held it. Lips descended over the top and closed below the crown. A tongue tip probed the slit. The tongue wiped around the knob. The lips moved lower and the mouth suckled. Teeth teased the underside of the crown. His cock got harder and increased its diameter. Marcy took it all in and the tip bumped her throat entrance.

Wynn felt the full embedment and the bump against his tip. Marcy's mouth was making long strokes along his length. His eyes squinted at the white waves of sunlight bouncing on the ceiling. He thought about muscles clamping hard on his prostate. He imagined his semen rushing up the urethra. He dreamed of the white fountain jetting into Marcy's mouth.

Suddenly, Wynn's dreams came true. His muscles clamped, his semen rushed and his fountain jetted. Wynn called out his ecstasy and gripped the sheets, arching his back. He vibrated in a bridged pose. Marcy dutifully swallowed as fast as she could and was successful in avoiding any messy spill out. When the climax passed and Wynn dropped his hips to the mattress, Marcy snuggled up to his side and caressed his chest with her hand.

A quick nap and shower was all they needed before skiing back to the lodge for brunch and farewells.

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