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Total Woman Excursions 05


Spence wacked the ball hard using his best overhand shot. It flew to the corner of the tennis court but too far.

"Out" called Ariel.

"You sure?" he called back. There wasn't much to argue. There was no judge seated at midcourt in this friendly match at the Total Woman Excursions sports complex, a part of the larger resort compound.

"Of course, I'm sure" she laughed.

"Okay, 40 Love. Your serve."

Spence squatted at the center back tee, bouncing back and forth. Ariel tossed the ball high and pounded it towards Spence's left. He got there and lobbed it back. She ran in and struck it solidly towards the opposite side. Spence hardly tried; the ball bounced inside the backline and pinged off the chainlink fence.

Ariel called out "Match point. Ready?"

'Hardly' thought Spence. He waited for his inevitable defeat. Ariel was the resort's tennis pro. He thought he was better than this but Ariel was trouncing his game. Maybe he was a little distracted by her outfit. Lots of female tennis players wore short skirts and tight tops but Ariel filled hers out a lot better than most.

Ariel struck the ball across the net straight at Spence. He sidestepped to line up the shot. The ball and his racket met solidly. The ball flew straight and true and ....out.

"Game... Set... Match" said Ariel.

She jogged around the net to Spence's side, boobs and strawberry red ponytail bouncing. Spence wondered how she could play so well braless with such unwieldy chest weights. They should throw her balance off but he figured she had become accustomed to the altered center of gravity. She bent to retrieve her water bottle and Spence got a good view down her top. Magnificent pendulums of flesh swayed as she rose.

Ariel saw Spence staring and knew why. She was used to being stared at. Sometimes that helped her win matches in the semi-pro circuit. Most, but not all, leagues required a modicum of modesty. Those that didn't were beneficial to Ariel. All is fair in love, war and gamesmanship. If her assets distracted the competition, she wasn't going to volunteer to miss an advantage.

Spence was tired from the exercise. Ariel guided him to the mini-set of bleachers outside the court fence. No one else was using the dual courts. They sat and sipped their liquids, cooling down. The air was balmy in April, especially this late in the afternoon. The equinox was barely passed; it was officially Spring but still not really warm. Spence felt a chill as he wiped sweat from his forehead.

"You did pretty well today. I saw some improvement in your return strokes. Maybe tomorrow we can work on your serves. If you work on control over speed you will see improvement there as well....Hey, are you feeling a chill. You shivered."

"Yeah, I'm kind of wet and the temps are dipping like the afternoon sun."

"Here, wrap this around you." Ariel produced a wool sports blanket from her gym bag.


"You're right, it is a little chilly. Can we share that blanket?"

Spence opened the front like wings with both flaps wrapped around his arms. Ariel snuggled in. The blanket was just big enough for them to cover themselves if they sat close. Her teeshirt covered breasts mashed against his arm. Spence liked that. It actually began to get steamy under the covers. He maneuvered his arm around her shoulder.

Ariel asked Spence about his career. He said he was an inventor and investor who liked the sea and sailing. She was a free spirit, a little of this and a little of that. Weary, neither was interested in deep conversation. The sunset glowed reddish. Spence remembered the old adage: red at night, sailors delight; red in morning, sailors take mooring. It should be a rainless evening. His eyes drooped and he felt the tiredness take hold.

Spence startled awake. The post dusk darkness was settling in. There were stars out in the cloudless sky; the new moon pale on the horizon. He was leaning into Ariel who seemed to have fallen asleep as well. Her head rested on his shoulder and her hand rested on his leg, fingers dangling inside his thigh near his crotch. She stirred and the fingers tapped and scratched against his skin. That delighted the sailor.

He let his far hand dangle and it brushed her breasts. She didn't seem to notice. He reached down and brushed a finger around her nipple; still no acknowledgement. He squeezed the globe lightly. Ariel's hand raised the hem of her teeshirt over her boob, grabbed his hand and placed his palm square over her nipple. She pressed his hand into a grip.

"Don't be so shy." she said.

Spence stopped being shy and so did Ariel. Her hand moved north and under the material of his shorts' leg. She wormed higher, finding the jockstrap covered scrotum. Higher still, the stretchy support covered his cock.

Ariel sat upright, Spence's hand still coupled to her boob. She used both hands to undo his buckle and zipper. Her hand dove in under the tight waist band of the supporter. It became obvious that the athlete's cock pocket had to go; it was an encumbrance.

The pretense ended. She lifted off the blanket and doffed her teeshirt. The night air stiffened her nipples even more than Spence's stimulation had done. Her shorts were next. She grabbed at Spence's shirt and removed it. She slid his jock and shorts off in one long sweep. Laying Spence back down on the blanket covered bleacher seat, Ariel lay atop him, breast to chest and groin to groin. Spence's shaft lay between them, growing rapidly. She pulled the other half over them. The blanket resumed warming them.

They kissed. Spence stroked her back and butt cheeks. Ariel reached between them and positioned his erection for insertion. Insertion proceeded smoothly. She had Spence tied up, 40 Love, by both sets of lips. They volleyed back and forth, lobs and slams, varying the returns. Her rounded globes rolled on his chest, rubbing everywhere. His plump shaft danced in her vagina, rubbing everywhere. Neither hurried the pace.

But even with the indolent pace, the clock was ticking down. The players were into their end-game. Both felt the pins and needles imminent in limps, body and core. Ariel's breathing and moaning amplified. Spence's grunts matched her volume and timing. They panted in sync and then howled together. Ariel's cunt clamped down in orgasm on Spence's cock. His prostate gave the extra effort needed to shoot his cum up the confined tube and deep into Ariel. It was a massive orgasm for him. He had felt exhausted before, now he felt further drained of energy and hydration.

Calm returned slowly. Humid air escaping the blanket misted in the night air. Ariel lifted her face to his and kissed him. Spence rubbed her back. He had only begun to deflate, still reveling in the afterglow. They were just as unhurried now as before. But the chill was penetrating the wool cover and they needed to seek shelter before continuing.

Ariel asked "Your place or mine?"

He replied. "Mine."

They unraveled their bodies and the blanket and retrieved their sportswear, carrying everything, walking naked but for sneakers. The pale moon and twinkling stars lit their way as they journeyed to a roof over their heads and another match of mating.

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