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Total Woman Excursions 15


Santa Clauses rang their bells at the entrances. Green and red dominated the décor within the atrium of the two story shopping mall. Holiday 'musak' competed with the buzzing babble of the shoppers. It was the holiday rush to meet self-imposed expectations of happiness which could only be satisfied by conspicuous consumption.

Fallston strolled the storefronts with Debra, his Total Woman Excursions host guide and personal shopper. Debra had helped many guests with this annual burden and understood the mental and emotional stress involved. She was well connected with the mall merchants' managers and sales staff. Debra knew where the very best goods and services could be found. She also knew where the very best in very personal services could be found. That was her particular specialty.

The shopping partners had found many of the presents Fallston needed for his co-workers and family, even some gag gifts for his buddies. Their chauffeur had hauled a few arm loads back to the parked limousine. As they passed a department store cosmetics counter, Fallston noticed the group of makeup saleswomen mingling with the passing customers, extolling their products and offering samples of scents and colors. Three of the saleswomen excitedly waved at them.

"Hi, Debra! How's it going? We haven't seen you around lately. Have you been keeping yourself busy?"

Debra gave the trio bijou cheek kisses. "I've been fine. Haven't seen you helping at the resort socials lately either. How's your sales volume this year? Have you got any new products that I should be aware of?"

"Oh, yes. We have a new line of lipsticks that have natural ingredients guaranteed to please your special man's special place." They giggled and glanced at Debra's guest.

"Ladies, this is Fallston. He's my guest this week. New products, huh; how about a demonstration? He might be an interested buyer."

"Okay, but not out here. Let's move to the office in the back."

They grabbed a couple of sample cases and led Debra and Fallston past the dressing rooms to the office area. They entered the room marked 'Store Manager'.

"He's off sick today. We can settle in here. We won't be disturbed."

The three saleswomen opened the sample cases and helped each other apply fresh makeup. They selected three widely different colors of lipstick and took time thickly coating their lips. There was Fire Engine Red on the redhead, Sultry Pink on the brunette and Gothic Black on the saleswoman with short spiky black hair.

They settled Fallston in the boss's desk chair, Debra at his side, her hand on his shoulder. Fire Engine Red was first. She leaned in and softly kissed Fallston. He tasted cherry with a slight tingle of camphor. Red backed up, unzipped his fly and extracted his soft cock. She kneeled in front and placed her lips over half the knob. Fallston felt the camphor prickle the delicate skin. Red used her tongue to swab the entire crown surface. She spread the natural ingredients all over his knob. Fallston gave a start when the tip of her tongue picked at the slit on the end. Debra's reassuring hand squeezed his shoulder and he resettled in his seat. Red held his knob in her mouth as she looked up into his eyes. Fallston nodded approval. Red released him and he saw the smudge ring of red just below the rim of his crown.

Sultry Pink followed Red. She passionately kissed Fallston; letting him taste the watermelon flavored gloss on her lips. Fallston again felt the tang of camphor. Then Pink knelt to take Red's place to continue the demonstration. Pink angled his erection up, opened wide, descended and closed her lips only at midshaft. Her tongue washed around the top and sides. Pink puckered her lips, squeezing the meat tube in her mouth. She let Fallston feel her tongue tip paint his sensitive underside skin. Tilting her head but not letting any of him out of her mouth, she smiled around a mouth full of cock. Fallston also gave her his nod of approval. She opened wide and backed off, leaving her pink smudge ring at half-staff.

Fallston waited. Debra inquired "You okay, sweetie? Need a break? No? Okay, now just relax as Black brings it home. She's legendary around the Goth Clubs. You'll see what I mean in a minute."

Just before Black kissed Fallston, he saw the pockmarks on ears and eyebrows where her temporarily missing body piercings had been. Her lips tasted of anise but the natural stimulation ingredient was peppery and intense, almost a burn. When she backed off, she smiled a mischievous smile.

Black held his erection in her whole hand, tilting it left and right, examining it closely. Satisfied at what she found, she opened up and plunged down, bumping his tip against the entrance to her throat. She paused and pushed more, swallowed and let the knob pass by her tonsils. Her lips circled the very base of Fallston cock. Her bristly black bangs tickled his navel. Fallston felt the pepper sting the skin of his scrotum as her tainted saliva trickled over it. He jumped to get up and, this time, no reassuring hand was going to hold him back. He levered his hips up with his hands braced on the chair arms and his heels braced hard on the floor. Black didn't budge from her complete embedment of his erection. She slipped her arms under his elevated ass to hug his groin tighter to her face. Fallston watched and anxiously waited for Black to take a breath. She outlasted him. Fallston cried out, not from ecstasy or pleasure but from fear and discomfort. That was her signal and she opened and extracted herself, sitting back and smiling her mischievous smile.

Before Debra tucked Fallston's cock into his pants, she pointed to the black ring at the base. She said "Black won. At the clubs, she always wins. She's a legend." Fallston had experienced the 'legend'. He would happily forgo any sequels.

Fallston followed Debra along the second floor walkway. He gazed over the railing at the cleavage displayed by the female shoppers strolling below. Debra entered a famous international lingerie shop. The saleswomen mingled with the ordinary customers, endorsing the piles of colorful panties, lacy pushup bras and scented lotions. The saleswomen wore racy red and green bedroom costumes, acting as their own living mannequins displaying the goods. They recommended the comfortable styles to shy husbands as a romantic alternative to the store's other, more fetish-styled fashions. Debra took Fallston to the showroom area where those more fetish-styled fashions were on display. She signaled to a saleswoman for assistance.

The fetish fashion knockout brunette was attired, from bottom to top, in spiked black heels, holdup dark stockings, lacy thong, supple black leather bustier and a velvet collar with a silver ring sewn into the front at her throat. Her makeup was perfect: cherry red lips and smoky eyelid shadows over her star blue eyes. Her full wavy hair fell over her shoulders in cascades that reached her mid back. She was the definition of voluptuous: large pushed up cleavage, fine rounded hips and lithe arms ending in manicured nails. Fallston recognized her as the celebrity model on all the lingerie store's advertisements.

Fallston stared until Debra coughed an 'ahem' that got Fallston and the model's attention.

"Debra! How are you? You look great! Where have you been for so long? Are you here on business or personal shopping? Personal I hope. You look fantastic in this stuff."

"You look marvelous, too. I'm here this time on business. This is Fallston and I am his personal shopper today. He needs something for his special lady in the real world. What have you got?"

"Everything a woman needs and a man desires. Tell me Fallston, what your favorite fantasy?"

Fallston shrugged.

"Don't know? Well, let's model a few to see what you like. I'm too 'rigged out' right now to change easily. Let's get someone to help us."

The model trailed two fingers across Fallston abdomen as she looked up in passing. She returned with a scantily clad blonde saleswoman from the 'plain vanilla' side in tow. She positioned her in front of Fallston.

"This is our normal package: colored thong panties and pushup foam bra with lace edging. Either piece comes as mix and match, colors and sizes. This is the full cup but there is also the half cup and a no-cup frame only style." She whispered to the blond who disappeared into the dressing rooms. They made small talk until she returned.

"Now she's wearing our haute culture variation. The half cup barely covers the center of her nipples. See how the upper areolas peek over the top? Check the thong. It shows a snug cameltoe. Go ahead, feel it."

The model moved Fallston hand to the blonde's cunt and his fingers found moisture where the panty crotch was split.

"This little outfit is ideal for those times when you can't wait or don't want to wait. You can fuck without undressing. It comes highly recommended for underneath wedding gowns, great for the limo ride to the reception."

The model whispered again to the blonde who disappeared for a time and then returned in a very short hip rider plaid skirt and a midriff tied white sleeveless blouse. She had rearranged her hair in two side ponytails. She wore no bra, her dark disks plainly visible through the stretched translucent white cotton.

Fallston felt his blood pressure rise and his face go flush. He had just gotten three uncompleted blowjobs and this fetish lingerie show. Without a pause, he grabbed the blonde's hand and skipped with her quickly to the dressing rooms, pulled her inside one and locked the door. Neither said nor needed to say a word. The blonde placed one foot on the bench seat, parting her thighs in invitation. Fallston flipped up the front of the short plaid skirt and almost swore when he saw the thong panty guarding her cunt. This was one of those times when he couldn't wait and didn't want to wait.

Fallston fingered the narrow strap and found that luck favored him. The blonde still wore the split crotch thong and he felt lots of slippery moisture on his fingers. Fallston unzipped and pulled his full erection through his fly. He slithered his erection through the thong gap and into her fleshy tunnel. The blonde circled her arms around his neck as he crushed her cotton covered boobs to his chest. She caught his lips with hers and probed her tongue deep into his mouth, exploring its depth and sides, brushing his gums and teeth.

Fallston popped his hips, burying the shaft as far as possible, stopped by his pubic bone banging into hers. He banged that bone again and again, getting an 'oh..oh..oh..' from the blonde each time he mashed it. He released her tongue and bit her earlobe, smelling the lingering merchandise scents in her hair. But his cum refused to linger. He roared out his orgasm, splashing his sperm inside her. She hugged him tight as she peaked with him, almost breaking his neck with her frantic hug.

They leaned on each other. Finally, Fallston pulled his half stiff cock out of her warm, wet cunt. She assisted him by tucking his sticky cock to his pants. They smoothed down their clothes. Unlocking the door they nonchalantly walked back to the showroom floor, lightly holding hands. Debra and the model were chatting but stopped when the pair appeared.

Fallston said "I'll take it. Please gift wrap it to go."

"No problem, but, of course, you mean the clothing. The saleswoman has to stay and finish her shift."

The model motioned the blonde back to the contemporary sales floor. The blonde slid her hand off his, brushing her finger tips across his palm. As she sashayed between the clothes racks, she looked back over her shoulder, eyes half lidded, and blew a pucker kiss. She trailed a new scent of musk which should induce gullible husbands to make unintentional purchases in the 'plain vanilla' sales area.

Debra said to the model "Okay, well, bye, sweetie. See you again soon?"

"It's never soon enough. Okay, bye for now."

Debra led Fallston to the limousine, now loaded with his Xmas gifts. They returned to the Total Woman Excursions resort.

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