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Total Woman Industries 05


The jet landed with a mild thump. Jeffery looked out at the dust devils and heat mirages on the land next to the runway. The United Arab Emirates was a hot dusty place and the financial capital of the Arab Peninsula, flush with oil revenues and skimmed war money. Aiesha, his host country national guide and interpreter, was seated across the aisle, wearing much more conservative dress than the little to nothing she had worn during most of the flight. Her inflight duties included stress relief which she performed admirably to Jeffery's gratification, several times.

Total Woman Industries was happily rolling along. The technical and business aspects were running smooth, just like the machine they manufactured. Their expansion required capital. Banks and brokerage houses demanded details, reports and assurances before committing funds. Issuing stock to outsiders involved the SEC. All well and good but it was time consuming and risky. Trade secret details of the operation could leak out to competitors. Jeffery wanted confidentially and trust. He had come to these wealthy private venture investors who were less intrusive. He was scheduled to meet the Emir this afternoon to solicit his financial support.

In the meeting room of the Emir's Grand Palace, Aiesha was seated slightly behind and to the left of Jeffery interpreting the Emir's questions. The Emir was attended by his closest advisors, namely his younger brother and his three sons. The five listened to Jeffery, now a better pitchman since Francine had coached him in Cannes.

"The TWI Electric Car will outperform, outlast and cost less to run than any car on the market. The rare earth alloy electromagnets in the wheel motors perform better. It will outlast our competitor's car because we have fewer moving parts. It costs less to run because rare earth alloys in the batteries recharge faster and discharge slower. The car is manufactured to the highest standard of fit and finish eliminating potential corrosion spots and airfoils. The whole car weighs less due to carbon fiber and other lightweight materials. The aerodynamics alone will add mileage by reducing air friction. The car is superbly balanced with the power plant located in the trunk. All the moving parts are permanently lubricated. She's always ready to go."

The Emir liked what he heard and his advisors were nodding their heads as well. Jeffery felt good about the prospects. They discussed terms and conditions. The Emir was not interested in too many collateral guarantees. He had contempt for international courts and their fruitless deliberations. The Emir's special collection branch within his security forces was much quicker and more efficient in collecting bad debts. Regular payments would be timely and complete.

Jeffery agreed to the transaction and the Emir directed his advisors to draw up the details for his and Jeffery's review and signature. The documents would be ready the next day. The Emir clapped his hands once and gossamer clad serving girls brought refreshments: bitter cardamom tea mellowed by bites of sweet dates and cakes. The discussion turned to domestic issues.

Was Sheldon married? Yes, happily to a special Total Woman graduate that he loved dearly and who provided for his total wellbeing at home and even when he travelled. The Emir volunteered that he had four wives, as allowed by the Koran, Allah's truths given to the Prophet Mohammed, Blessed Be His Name. Each wife had given him a strong son, the three older ones here and the fourth away at school. The Emir also kept a Harem, not official wives but concubines. Man cannot live by four women alone. Jeffery said he understood.

The Emir asked about Jeffery's accommodations for the night. Jeffery was booked at the Intercontinental Hotel. The Emir guffawed; a tawdry place for such an important guest. That would not do; Jeffery would be the Emir's guest that night. Aiesha would remain with him as his guide and interpreter. It was settled. The Emir dismissed his advisors and the serving girls, all except for one who lingered as he touched her hand. Jeffery departed the room with Aiesha, a backward glance showing the serving girl standing alone with the Emir's hand rummaging between her legs.

Outside they were met by a eunuch. Aiesha and he spoke and then he led the pair to their room. It was sumptuous: silk pillows, a huge bed and attached bath with precious metal fixtures. Jeffery's luggage soon arrived and Aiesha settled them in. They walked the sculptured adjacent garden. Attractive females in light translucent clothes sat on benches, read books, chatted or moved through poses of yoga, tai chi or something. Jeffery became aware that he was the only male about. Aiesha asked the eunuch Jeffery's question.

"The eunuch says this is the garden of the Harem. Your room is reserved for special guests. The Emir has commanded it."

Jeffery finished his stroll. The Emir's housekeepers had been busy during their stroll, fluffing the comforters and pillows. Jeffery found a silky waistcloth laid out. Aiesha showed him how to wrap and fasten it about his waist. He settled into the bed with his briefcase open, reviewing documents and reports. There was a knock on the door. Aiesha answered and spoke with the eunuch. Turning to Jeffery, she said "Your guests are here."

"What guests?"

"It's a delegation from the Harem, sent to pay their respects. There are four here who represent the other 26. I must let them in; the Emir has commanded it."

Jeffery thought 'The Emir always gets what he commands, so let's get this over with.' Four women entered his chamber. They were similar but different. Their similar dresses were gossamer Harem outfits: billowy translucent silk pants, no panties, loose translucent blouses. They all wore similar slippers. The Emir's tastes went to buxom; their nipples strained the flimsy fabric. But the Emir also liked variety: a redhead, a blonde, a brunette and a black haired woman. They arranged themselves around Jeffery's bed. Aiesha stood at the foot of the bed.

The raven haired beauty spoke. Aiesha translated for Jeffery. "Welcome, Sayyid Jeffery. They bid you greetings and hope that your sojourn here is peaceful and pleasant, Ishallah. The Emir has commanded it."

Jeffery listened to Aiesha translate. He wanted to observe protocol so thanked them and bid them peace as well. They were free to leave. He picked up his paperwork as Aiesha translated, expecting them to depart. The blonde spoke and Aiesha translated.

"They cannot leave. They must stay and assure that your night is peaceful and pleasant. The Emir has commanded it."

The redhead climbed on the bed, gathered Jeffery's scattered papers and placed them in the briefcase. She handed it to the brunette who placed it on the stand next to the bed. The others climbed into the bed and knee stood two to a side. They waited expectantly for Jeffery's direction. Jeffery was ignorant of their customs and didn't know what to do. The blond reached a hand and stroked the inside of Jeffery's thigh as they all watched his face. The brunette did the same with the other leg. The redhead was closer to Jeffery's head, so she smoothed caresses across his upper body. The black haired woman bent down and cradled Jeffery's head as she plumped his pillow, raising his head enough to look down his nearly naked body. Her soft covered breasts brushed his arm and chest as she adjusted him.

The action paused as the women held a short organizational meeting. Aiesha let Jeffery know that they had divided up roles and had come up with a rough program of events. Jeffery looked troubled; Aiesha shrugged as she said "Just let it happen, boss. You're in good hands."

Aiesha spoke and nodded to the redhead. She went back to rubbing Jeffery's chest. The blond and brunette caressed his legs. The black haired woman pulled the ties of his waistcloth. All the women stopped their caresses to pay attention as Jeffery's groin was exposed. They ooh'ed when his cock came into view. It wasn't hard yet but it was large and showing true signs of life.

The redhead reached for the side table and retrieved a bottle of liquid. She poured some in her hands and rubbed Jeffery's chest with it. It was soothing to the touch. The blond and brunette gathered some and applied it to Jeffery's inner legs, making longer strokes that grazed his scrotum with their fingers. The redhead quit all pretenses and wrapped a hand around his shaft. The residual balm gave Jeffery a calamine tingle. His cock grew in her grasp. The blond and redhead swept their strokes higher.

The black haired woman put a leg across Jeffery and straddled his midsection. The blonde took Jeffery's erection from the redhead and held it up as the black haired woman descended on his prick. The warmth, the tingle and the manipulation had Jeffery in a state of arousal that wasn't going to last. The woman stroked steadily but not to Jeffery's completion. She was replaced by the redhead who also gave a good performance. She was further replaced by the blond. Finally, the brunette got her turn. Jeffery arrived at his limit and spewed inside the brunette. The women clapped and congratulated their colleague. Aiesha translated their question. Who and/or what did he like best? Jeffery didn't answer. He lay back overcome with a peaceful and pleasant feeling.

Jeffery awoke from his doze. The room was dark. Aiesha was resting at the foot of the giant bed. Jeffery's four companions were ranged around him. He lay quiet but the redhead sensed his stirring and reached out to touch his shoulder. Jeffery looked at her. She motioned him over. He rolled on his side and she attached her hand to his cock, drawing him closer. When he was bare chest to bare chest with her, she hugged him lightly and rolled on her back, thighs spread, Jeffery lying on top. She placed his tip at her entrance and hauled on his ass with her hands. Verbal translation was unnecessary; Jeffery got the message.

Jeffery dove into the redhead's vagina, reveling in its rippled texture and moisture. She was silent as he pumped away. Before long, he let go inside and painted her walls with his essence. He rolled back to his starting point and closed his eyes.

He awoke later with wet warmth on his cock. Looking down, he saw a bundle of black hair bobbing on his dick. He was a man of action but the action tonight was getting intense. He lay back, and as Aiesha had advised, just let it happen. It took a long time this time to happen. But happen it eventually did and Jeffery provided his mate with an allotment of sperm.

Dawn broke. He opened his eyes to stare into the eyes of the blond hovering over him staring back. Each of the others had received his ejaculate somewhere. She wanted a turn. Her hand grasped his cock. Jeffery slowly shook his head 'No'. The blond pouted. Jeffery felt sympathy for her situation but wasn't going to be able to help in that way. He took her hand and led her to the bathroom. Stripping her down, though there wasn't much to strip away; he pushed her into the shower stall and got in with her.

Jeffery lazily soaped and rinsed her body. He spent tons of time brushing and kneading her tits and ass. As he worked, he used his hand to caress her vaginal lips, palming her ass and cunt with a finger up her pussy strumming her G spot. He got the response he sought. She hugged his neck as she peaked and slid over the edge of an orgasm on his hand. Jeffery held her as she vibrated before she slumped in his arms. He helped her out of the shower to a seat in the tiled bathroom. Her companions came in and took her away to care for her. They were excitedly chattering, asking questions. Aiesha stood in the doorway, naked, translation unnecessary.

Jeffery asked how long the Emir had commanded the delegation to assure his peace and happiness. Aiesha said the quartet were leaving at that very moment. The eunuch had come to take them back to their room. Jeffery slumped into the seat recently occupied by the drained out blond. He was exhausted as well. Aiesha took her shower and then helped Jeffery to dress, pack and prepare to leave the Palace. The signed contracts had arrived earlier with the eunuch and were stowed in Jeffery's briefcase.

The flight home was a repeat of the flight in with Aiesha fully attentive to Jeffery's needs but Jeffery was in less need of stress relief. They had the raw materials, the customers, the equipment and the CAD programming. The car was in production and the financing secure. What could possibly stress him now?

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