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Total Woman Industries 06


The captain's voice came over the cabin annunciators of the TWI Gulfstream G4. "Sir, the tower just informed us that the air hostess's car has passed security and she will arrive shortly. However, we're late and have missed our takeoff slot. We are at ground stop for at least an hour. We will try to make up the time inflight but no guarantees."


Sheldon was angry. Krista had arranged Svetlana, his host national guide and interpreter, to accompany him on this trip to Sweden. He needed to inspect the fabrication facility. Things were running smoothly at the plant but Sheldon was a stickler for precise results. There was always room for procedural improvement and production efficiency. He was a hard man to please and this delay was intolerable.

A white limousine pulled beside the plane and before it stopped, a rear door flew open and a tall buxom blonde in high heels and a tight abbreviated air hostess suit piled out. She grabbed her valise and loped towards the plane's folding gangway. The pale blue fabric struggled to restrain the exaggerated bounce of her breasts. She clamored up the steps and stooped her statuesque body through the hatch. She dropped the valise and closed the hatch. All secured, she transited the aisle toward the rear of the plane, trying hard to look nonchalant. Sheldon was seated at the executive workstation glaring at her.

Seeing Sheldon's stern look, she stuttered out "Sorry, sir, there was traffic and the driver went to the wrong gate and ....." She tapered off as Sheldon's face took on a sneer.

"I don't like excuses. We're at ground stop because of your unpunctuality. Get your things stowed away and bring me something to snack on."

Svetlana hurried to the galley and returned quickly with some fruit juice and a cheese and cracker platter. Sheldon sipped his juice and fumed. He picked at the cheese but it was unappealing to him. He was so worked up he was starting to get a tension headache. It was bad enough that they were stuck on the apron but he would not get much done at the workstation in this tense mood. Relief was required.

Svetlana waited at his side for any further requirements. Sheldon had requirements. He stood and faced her. He silently reached out and began unbuttoning Svetlana's uniform jacket. Three buttons later, he pushed the jacket over her shoulders and yanked the sleeves off her arms, throwing the jacket towards the back of the cabin. He picked at the top two blouse buttons but they gave him difficulty. Frustrated, he grabbed the labels and ripped out and down, tearing the thin fabric as it swept down her arms. He yanked it off her wrists and threw it towards the jacket. The bra was front closure. This clasp he popped open easily. He spun her by the shoulders facing away and took hold of the shoulder straps in his fists. He felt Svetlana tense up and quiver.

Sheldon took a deep breath and paused. He realized he was losing control of his temper and that was not his way. Gently, he lifted the bra straps and glided them off her arms. Dropping the fabric to the floor, Sheldon reached around and palmed Svetlana's globes, crossing over her chest to hold her right tit in his left hand and vice versa. He drew her back against him and bit gently on her trapezia muscle. He squeezed her boobs and thumbed her nipples.

Svetlana physically relaxed and Sheldon appreciated her recognition of his change in behavior. She knew her stuff. She rested her straight blond head back against his shoulder and rubbed his cheek with hers. She twisted her face to his and he kissed her, not deeply, just a sideways smooch. He released his tight hold on her body and turned her by her shoulders to face him. His first sight of her chest was awe inspiring. Cheese and crackers? Hell no. Here was an appealing snack he could feast on.

Sheldon leaned in and tongue lashed one nipple, then the other. Svetlana cradled his head to her bosom, thankful his ostensible anger had passed. She fingered the hairs on the back of his head. Her nipples were sensitive and the nubs responded to his attention. Sheldon bit the morsels lightly and used this hold to move her breasts back and forth, testing their resiliency. Svetlana's tits were a perfect combination of plumpness and liquidity.

Svetlana waited for his next move. Sheldon freed the nubs and leaned back. Svetlana took the opportunity to kneel. She worked at his buckle and zipper, dropping his pants and briefs in one swoop. Krista had briefed Svetlana about Sheldon's size and Krista had told the truth. Half hard, it was still larger than the many others she was acquainted with.

Svetlana stroked the tumescent meat. Sheldon looked at the top of her head, the straight blond hair falling in cascades down her back. He liked the way it flickered in waves and rolls when she moved. Svetlana leaned in and kissed his tip and rubbed faster. Sheldon was becoming impatient. His anger was not abated, just controlled. It was time to get on with the show.

Sheldon pushed her back. Svetlana looked up. Sheldon pushed her harder and she fell back on the carpet. He dropped between her thighs and pulled at her skirt. It was bound between the carpet and her butt, tight on her ass. She was a tall woman and well proportioned. She lifted her ass and he pushed her skirt to her waist. Her thong covered crotch came into view. Sheldon didn't know if he should have expected her to being wearing panties or not. He hooked a finger under the crotch and pulled it aside. Laying over her, he positioned himself and pushed for entry. He made it half way in the first stroke, drew back and pushed all the way in.

Svetlana let out an exclamation and then stifled it. Sheldon paused to let her accommodate his size and then impatiently pounded away. He knew he ought to be gentle but he was really worked up. He stroked hard, wanting to cum and get the tension out. As he pumped, his chest lay on hers, rolling her generous boobs between them. Finally, Sheldon got what Sheldon wanted. He blew sperm up her tube, letting his tension out. He lay still, breathing deeply, gaining back his senses. Sheldon rose, sitting back. He looked at Svetlana still lying on her back, thighs spread open, cunt exposed.

"After we're airborne, I want a massage. I hear you're good at that. Thanks for being so obliging now. I am having a hard day."

Svetlana rose and helped Sheldon up. She put his cock away in his pants for now. Later, before the massage, she would get him into more comfortable lounge wear. And maybe get more of his tension out; she was good at that.

Later, Svetlana heard Sheldon bawling someone out over the SATphone. She retreated to the galley area to retrieve her massage paraphernalia and lounging clothes for Sheldon. She stripped down and donned a towel wrap tucked over her boobs and extending to her thighs. Sheldon was off the SATphone now and noted the approaching Svetlana's casual attire. He remembered his earlier request for a massage and loved her timing. She helped him undress and put his clothes away in a locker. Sheldon lay face down naked on a special massage table built into the aircraft cabin especially for these occasions.

Svetlana poured coconut oil in her hands and started by kneading Sheldon's toes, bending and cracking the joints. She mashed hard on the soles of his feet. His calf muscles succumbed to her hands next. The backs of his thighs and lower butt, the largest muscles on the body, took some time to loosen up. But under Svetlana's expertise, loosen they did. Sheldon admired her capabilities; Krista always chose wisely.

Svetlana stroked his back, discovering and banishing some pesky knots in his shoulders. The triceps were relatively easy after that. She gripped and squeezed his neck muscles. Her fingers rolled his scalp around which she knew reflected a nerve response in the groin. That got her first moan from Sheldon.

Svetlana asked Sheldon to roll over. She placed a warm, moist folded cloth over his eyes. She was a little disappointed to see that he wasn't a bit hard in the target area, not a bit. His cock just lay there relaxed. Svetlana rerolled his scalp and watched. Sheldon twitched. So his nerve reflexes worked as they should. She just needed to work as she should. She rubbed his trapezia muscles. She rubbed his chest, fingering his nipples. She played a little with his navel, poking a finger and wiggling it. Sheldon twitched again, another reflected nerve response. He was coming around, the semi-hardness pointing northerly and growing stronger.

She briefly wiped a single hand stroke across it, letting Sheldon know she knew it was there, but he would have to wait a little longer. The thighs front thighs were almost as large as the rear muscles and she lingered there, working the tissue. The front calves are mostly bone, nothing much to do there. She gave his toes another flexible run. Well, at least the nerve reflection was working; he finally stood long and firm.

Svetlana climbed onto the table, straddling Sheldon's knees and dropping her towel on the floor. She leaned over and rubbed her breasts liberally on his groin. Her straight blond hair swept his torso. She lined up and pressed her boobs together around Sheldon's shaft. Svetlana stroked fore and aft, the sweat sheen from her prior manipulation of Sheldon's body supplying the lubrication. Sheldon grunted. She sat up and retrieved the coconut oil. Her oiled hands grasped Sheldon's cock and stroked.

Sheldon was making little moans now. Svetlana varied the rhythm, length and grip pressure, responding to Jeffry's varied noises as selections of which method he liked. After inventorying his tastes, she applied the top three vote getters in succession, rotating back to the beginning in turn. Sheldon was breathing easy but deeper and deeper as time passed. Svetlana continued, gauging his excitement by the vitality of his exhales. He was approaching his peak. She held him with one hand and used the other to remove his scented eye shield. Svetlana fixed her blue eyes on his brown ones, Sheldon returning the gaze. Finally, he had to close his eyes to howl as he spurted white essence on his belly and dribbled the last bits on her stroking hand.

Sheldon dozed after Svetlana cleaned him up. She laid a towel over his resting body and sat in a seat facing him, waiting for him to wake. She was glad to see him sleep. She was concerned with his health, all the stress. She liked these little interludes between her commercial flights. The money was good and the accommodations better than the packed pens the commercial airlines flew.

Sheldon stirred. Svetlana stood by his side as he woke. His terrycloth inflight loungewear waited. Sheldon returned to his onboard executive work station. Hours later, when the captain announced they were less than an hour from touchdown, Sheldon realized he had completed all the work he had for this flight. Despite the delay and timeouts, Svetlana had gotten him in a proper state of mind and he was working efficiently again. He must convey that to Krista. She should be pleased with her selection of guide and interpreter for this trip.

The jet taxied to the VIP terminal in Stockholm. Customs and immigration was no problem. The TWI limousine whisked them to the TWI fabrication facility. Sheldon spent the rest of the day walking the factory floor. He avoided conference rooms, where subordinates droned descriptions of Powerpoint presentations. He didn't pay them to prepare Powerpoints; he paid them to monitor and care for the precious robots that built his fine quality cars.

The factory was sited in Sweden because that was the world's nexus of resources, brains and climate best suited for manufacturing. There were unending mines and forests, hydroelectricity and ports. The long winters meant people had to find gainful indoor employment, the perfect motive to perfect first-rate fabrication and manufacturing technologies. They got very good at it. Their talents were enhanced, not replaced, by the advanced robot and CAD processes. Sheldon found some areas of the line that could be improved. He was the planet's premiere expert on this system. He expected to find ways to fine tune the line but otherwise he was very contented with what he found.

At the end of the day, he retired to his hotel. Svetlana unpacked their cases and arranged the luxury room. The dining room served them a superb meal. Afterwards, Svetlana and Sheldon returned to their luxury room with its private sauna. In Scandinavian winters, a regular sauna was expected and welcome. Sheldon found the heat invigorating and his sauna mate inspiring. Svetlana had taken care of Sheldon's needs all during the flight without regard for her own. Now that the trip was turning positive, she hoped for some consideration.

The sauna timer dinged, the heat beginning to recede. Svetlana crawled over to lay sideways to Sheldon, sprawled on a wide bench. She laid her head on his chest. He laid his hand on her chest, or rather on the mounds of soft breast mounted there. He lazily dabbled with her nipples and the erect nubs. Svetlana reached back and ran a finger pad along Sheldon's cock vein. Neither spoke, just letting the internal heat build as the external heat dissipated. Sheldon became hard. Svetlana got up and straddled his cock. She tented her cunt lips over his rigidity and rubbed his length with her gash, treating them both to smooth, moist friction.

Svetlana closed her eyes and concentrated on the sensations. Sheldon lay still and let her use him, though it was a consensual use. Her lower lips swelled and got very wet. She coated Sheldon with her musk. Svetlana was ready. She cruised up his shaft until the bow bobbed against her port. She docked it with her lips, hands free. Pushing down, her hyper lubricated channel took him in. Svetlana pulled up and pushed down, Sheldon stayed still, letting Svetlana set the course. She was taking care of them both and Sheldon was happy to ride her rolling waves. On the flight Svetlana had found Sheldon's favorite methods and she tried to mix in a few along with the ones she liked.

Apparently, Svetlana had a good memory because her methods were working. Svetlana felt her core beginning to clench in that familiar and desired way. Sheldon's face was flush and his ears rosy. Svetlana turned her concentration inward and moved to her own spirit. Sheldon was along for the ride: if he wanted to cum, so be it but this was her turn. As her turn finally arrived, Svetlana breathed a moan, then a gasp, a cry and, last but not least, threw her head back and wailed. Sheldon felt her tube tighten on him and joined her in noisy celebration, spouting his sperm deep in her womb. Svetlana collapsed forward, laying her weight on Sheldon's body. She wiggled dreamily, giving Sheldon a wonderful squishy chest massage with her tits, a chance for him to take an inspection tour of her body. He was contented with what he found.

The next day's flight home was relatively uneventful. Svetlana kept Jeffery unstressed with a blowjob, a hand job and fucked him twice, once missionary and once cowgirl with Sheldon pinching her nipples unduly hard but it helped her come hard. It was a successful journey for everyone. The future for Total Woman Industries was looking up.

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