tagNovels and NovellasTotal Woman Journal 01

Total Woman Journal 01


The Problem with Men

The Total Woman Academy graduated only the finest of women, instilled with exceptional intelligence, beauty and poise. They had spent their college years basking in assertive manhandling by the resident coach tutors, perfecting their feminine personas. Special events like Father-Daughter Weekend and Free-Will Weekends provided bonus opportunities for exposure to real world workouts. Sometimes encounters with the events' guest coach tutors turned into unexpected incest when the Academy students were paired with sponsoring uncles or cousins. Family ties aside, each compulsory copulation was consummated with enthusiastic abandon.

Alas, for the typical post-graduate, her experiences with the outside world turn out to be dejecting. She was dispirited by the everyday world of corporate and social consortia who failed to ignite her feminine fires. Even the leaders among the pack dithered, striking up conversations and dilly-dallying with faux romance. It was too vanilla. A TWA graduate expected to provide spontaneous sensuality to her newest lascivious aficionado, inclined to accommodate his slightest sexual whim.

Thus, fearing they would become complacent among the languid masses and lose their honed TWA advantage, graduates attended month long retreats at selected TWA venues to keep their minds and bodies tuned to peak performance.

TWA sent Ned to be the current month's emeritus coach tutor at the Caribbean Island TWA Hostel. There, TWA graduates would attend his tune-up seminars to keep their alluring flairs at elite proficiency.

Ned took his responsibilities seriously. The attendees arrived in their finest man-baiting personas and he was charged with acting out spontaneously his first impulsive fantasies generated by their sexual mien. His role required him to promptly drive the graduate through the uninhibited behaviors she was obliged to render to an unfamiliar but authentic alpha male.

The corporate inbound flight was uneventful. The shapely stewardess was exceptionally attentive to her alluring VIP passenger. She hinted repeatedly about providing any service Ned might require. Halfway through the flight, frustrated at his lack of response to her sexual innuendos, the stewardess boldly offered to suck him or fuck him, or both if he preferred. He declined politely, explaining that he wanted to save his energies for the long month ahead. As he disembarked at the end of the flight, she wished him well, then turned to enter the cockpit. She would offer the pilot a special thank you for the smooth, safe flight. Hopefully, he would be more inclined to her bold offer and satisfy the tingling in her pussy.

A limousine gathered Ned at the airport and dropped him in front of the resort island TWA residence. He paused on the stoop for a moment to puff up his macho charisma and then pressed the doorbell. He heard steps in the foyer beyond; the lock clicked and the door inched open. Before him stood an exceptional young woman and Ned's cock gave a twitch. Within the first seconds of seeing her, his capricious mind flashed the plan for copulating with this prime feminine beauty. Ned stepped across the threshold, commencing his month long obligation as the resident guest coach tutor for the Total Woman Academy Caribbean Hostel.



Living Room – Jolie

The smiling young lady stepped back to give her visitor a normal personal space. She extended her welcoming handshake. Ned took her right hand firmly in his left and moved closer, a more intimate distance, immediately establishing his hegemony in her presence. He didn't smile and fixed her genial brown eyes with his somber stare. She let her full smile fade to a slightly open mouth, the bright white incisors peeking through the ring of cherry red glossed lips.

Ned cupped her chin with his right hand and circumnavigated her bee-stung lips with his thumb pad. The plush orifice was pliant and warm. Her upturned gaze stayed neutral as he held her face and tested her acquiescence to his audacious touch.

"What is your name, my dear?"

"Jolie" she said and then continued respectfully. "Ned, welcome to the tune-up retreat. I was thrilled to find out I would be with you again."

Keeping his attention on her face, Ned blindly kicked the entry door closed behind him and pressed her back a step, using her captive right hand, like a dancer leading his partner. She back stepped gingerly through the foyer into the living room, watching his face for any sign of recollection. She was only one of the many Academy students that he had coached to elite sexual prowess. And it had only been two overnight sessions in her sophomore and junior years. The secondary coach tutors had greedily monopolized her time, a compliment of sorts. But Ned was the emeritus coach tutor and any training sessions with the veteran instructor had been highly coveted by the coed students.

Ned raised her captive hand and looked her hour-glass body up and down, trying to remember where they may have met before. At the Academy, of course, but when and in which part of the facility. He turned her slowly in a dancer's pirouette, examining all the features of his impending first conquest, seeking a clue to her place in his past.

Ned's gaze started at the bottom where Jolie's painted toenails and the heavy gold anklet twinkled as she pivoted on one bejeweled strappy heel. Her smooth legs were exposed to a line above her knees where the hem of her fashionable yellow summer dress ended the bare-legged columnar vista. The tailored dress conformed to her moderate hips and narrower waist as it continued up to its sleeveless scooped collar.

She completed her exhibition rotation to face him again. Ned look intently at her face, trying to recall her. Her Afro-Asian bronzed complexion was clear, her almond eyes elongated by her high cheekbones. Large gold hoops pierced her earlobes, half hidden in the luxurious deep brunette hair that relaxed easily on her shoulders and fell to mid back.

She was extraordinarily beautiful, just like all the other students he had tutored and fucked. He tried hard but couldn't remember her. 'Oh, well' he mused, 'she's here now; let's get back to the matter in hand'.

Ned refocused on her lush red lips, the first visions that had twitched his cock and triggered his impetuous plans.

"Down" he commanded as he depressed her hand towards the floor. Jolie bent one knee and descended until her face was at his crotch level. She assumed a stable three point stance: her left heel firm to the floor, her right toe and knee planted on the carpet. Ned released her hand; she knew what to do.

Jolie's fingers opened his belt, button and zipper and let his pants fall. Ned may have felt his cock twitch on first meeting but he was performing professionally now. His cock had not swelled. The tubular meat arched downward, secreting the underside vee behind the knob poised close to Jolie's chin.

Jolie extended her tongue tip and curled it up against the hidden sensitive skin. She levered the limb member up and placed her mouth half over the crown, a suction kiss that pulled Ned's corona past her lips. She tasted his haunting manly musk.

She sucked harder, drawing in more length, feeling the start of firmness develop inside her mouth. She sucked harder still, hollowing her cheeks. That gained additional size. It was all a familiar process and she was good at it.

Ned felt bulky now and jogged his hips, signaling his desire for strokes. Jolie moved in slow motion, advancing his length past her teeth and tongue, the dental ridges and raspy lingual appendage glazing his nerve covered shaft. She was only taking him half in and he wanted to sink deeper. Her face was level, brown eyes closed. He placed his hands on her head, every impatient man's habitual reaction at this point in the oral foray. She almost hesitated at the customary contact, seeking guidance, but experienced Ned gave proactive signals and she smoothly complied with his desired depth and pace.

She sank his cock completely in her oral cavity, letting his glands glide past her tonsils. Ned held her head close, basking in the woman's pulsating gullet. He let her up for air. But not for long.

It had been a long trip to the island. The private flight stewardess had been eager to serve all of Ned's needs and desires. But he had held off, saving himself for these TWA responsibilities.

Now his responsibilities called to him in earnest. He pressed deep against Jolie's face and ejaculated his first jets down her throat. It was a relaxed spend, pumping easily after the day-long dry spell. It felt nice to reduce his over-supply of seminal fluids. With less urgent pressure, he could properly administer his abnormal training regime for the special seminar attendees.

Jolie swallowed around his knob until she was again out of air. She pulled half back and continued to massage Ned's ebbing meat with her tongue as she breathed through her nose. Fully deflated at last, Ned drew her off his rod and raised her to stand. Preludes concluded, Ned turned his mind to the next steps in the process.

"Show me my suite."

Jolie led Ned to the upstairs guest coach tutor master suite. It was well furnished with an oversized bed, bathing spa, walk-in closets, a cozy sitting area and a large carpeted space in the center for the anticipated creative endeavors.

Satisfied with the nature of his abode for the coming month, Ned positioned Jolie in the central open space and undressed her. With Jolie's willing assistance, the summer dress sank quickly to the floor. Her skimpy and minimal lingerie were similarly gone in short order. She stepped out of the heels.

Jolie followed Ned into the suite's rain shower bath cabinet and cleansed away the bothers of his inbound journey. He fingered her to a standing orgasm, her reward for releasing his travel stresses in the living room downstairs. Serendipitously, he found Jolie was blessed with full fleshiness at her pussy lips. That led to his all-night exploration for more of her delightful blessings.

Ned was an alpha male but even he had limits. He fucked her plump pussy twice during the night and cataloged her other bodily charms for anticipated later trysts. He already had plans for lusty use of her nice tits and ass. After that, they played and snoozed intermittently past dawn.

At mid-morning, Ned suspended his overnight cuddles with Jolie. He donned a housecoat and dismissed her to her own room. Further duties called. His second assignment was due to arrive today.

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