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Total Woman Requests 07


Mrs. Rush reviewed the TWR Final Request Voucher. It looked to be in order: the Pledge Contributor's Requested Scenario, TWA Security's Clearances for Scenario Participants, Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization and the Confirmed Venue Schedule.

All Total Woman Academy Pledge Contributors (PC's) had discretionary use of the Total Woman Academy Graduate Network. TWA graduates donated their time and talents to events that contributed their earnings to the TWA Alumni Fund. The graduates volunteered for assignments at exclusive TWA Health Clinics and Resorts. Total Woman Requests offered the graduates additional volunteer assignments in unusual places and settings. All assignments offered abundant opportunities for graduates to refine their unique talents.

This Pledge Contributor had requested a fantasy for his unsuspecting executive employee, the Chief Human Resources Officer of his wholly-owned corporate conglomerate. The man served him well but his recent divorce had him off his game emotionally. The PC wanted to get his valuable executive 'back in the saddle'. He requested a staged corporate HR audit of some prospective subsidiaries. The request included several exotic venues and numerous exotic women.

Mrs. Rush scrawled her approval on the Voucher form and handed it to her secretary. The fantasy was underway.....


Gavin arrived at work already stressed. The long commute from his ex-burb house wearied him. His wife and children were gone and the house was too big but he was too busy to find different accommodations right now. Someday he might find a small efficiency apartment nearer to the downtown office tower.

Gavin took the elevator to his office high above the lobby. He made his way past his subordinates' orderly desks to his own corner office. Someday, they needed to repaint this area. It felt dingy and dark, the lighting marginal at best. His mature secretary was suitably polite and professional, wishing him a 'good morning' before returning to her busy-work. Her busy work seemed to consist of cycling ongoing detailed reports between Gavin and his staff.

Gavin found his desktop piled with paper and his in-box already cluttered. Gavin was very capable as the Chief Human Resources Officer for this international conglomerate. Each division's culture was unique and required different approaches to their administrations. His record of tailoring the solution to the subsidiary but maintaining standardization of the overall conglomerate's policies was masterful. He knew, and his boss readily acknowledged, that Gavin was the best in the business.

Gavin's staff had learned of his penchant for perfection and preferred to get his pre-review and markup before the finalized documents were prepared. Those pre-reviews took up a lot of Gavin's time, most of each morning. But that time was not available today. He was scheduled to be in his boss's office at 10 AM for an unanticipated urgent meeting.


Gavin sat before the man who had been his boss for the past thirty years. As company owner, he had near unbridled power to make things move and shake. He was always direct with his praise and criticism. He launched right into the subject at hand.

"Thanks for coming on such short notice".

Gavin thought '...as if I had a choice...'

"We are in the final stages of acquiring three more subsidiaries. The deals are almost done but I want you to get an intimate view of their operations before we close the deals. If we buy them, you will be in a better position to meld their personnel policies with ours. You leave in a few days and will be gone three weeks."

"Three weeks! I can't leave the office for three weeks! My desk is crammed with reports to review and there are the quarterly summaries to prepare. Not to mention that chauffeur's sexual harassment suit that we will have to settle out of court. I just can't leave so soon for so long."

Gavin's boss leaned back in his chair. Then he leaned in, poked a finger down on his blotter and delivered one of his trademark direct responses.

"Gavin, in a few days, either you're going to be on the plane to the assignment or your resignation is going to be right here in the middle of my desk. I am making this assignment mandatory and a condition for your continued employment. You have taught me well what I can and can't do personnel-wise . I can and will do this."

Gavin's boss kept is face stoic but his heart raced. There! He had 'gone for broke'! It was a 'tough-love' moment for the sake of this true friend and a truly valuable employee. Gavin had been even more valuable before his ex-wife fucked her tennis coach and their marriage and then estranged their grown children from him. For the past year, Gavin's boss had watched Gavin's spirit flame out and a 'shock to the system' was needed to set it ablaze again.

Gavin understood that his boss had the power to follow through with the threat. Gavin's life was already in turmoil and he dreaded any more disruptive changes. The few weeks would pass and then he could return to the unchanging routine that had become the remaining security in his life.


Gavin's flight landed in Milan, Italy on a Thursday. Milan's fashion industry hosted some sort of promotional show every weekend. This weekend was no exception. An international lingerie company was introducing its newest and most daring products. Most were only sold online because mainstream shopping malls considered the products and their displays indecent. The designer label was the acquisition target for Gavin's company.

Gavin exited the VIP section of Immigration and Customs. He found Antonio, the sale promotion manager waiting. Antonio sported a fine Italian suit with two bits of sensational ebony eye-candy draped on his sleeves. The models were lithe, graceful and barely dressed in short skirts, heels and sleeveless tops. Their African heritage was evident in their dark skin tones and dreadlock hair-dos.

"Welcome to Milan, Mr Gavin. How was your flight? Long, I'll bet." Antonio clicked his fingers toward a uniformed porter and pointed to Gavin's luggage. One of the affectionate eye-candies transferred her clutch from Antonio's arm to Gavin's and the party made their way to the waiting limousine.

Champagne was distributed and Antonio started Gavin's orientation. Gavin's arm candy turned out to be Attyka, his translator/hostess/guide for the weekend. Antonio would be busy with the fashion show but Attyka would be at his disposal 24/7.

Attyka smiled and stretched her long dark-chocolate toned legs into the center well space. Her abbreviated skirt rode up past her hose tops and flashed her panties. She smiled over the rim of her champagne flute and beneath her lustrous dreadlocks.

"Please ask me for help with anything anytime. Anything."

Gavin was trapped by her gaze but was freed by Antonio's voice.

"Attyka, and this other lovely creature Amarya, and a few others, are competing to be the spokes-models for our hottest emerging market. Sub-Saharan Africa's vast petroleum, minerals, gems, rare earths and virgin forests are generating enormous profits and creating pockets of affluence adjoining the resource exploitations. We want to join the new 'Rush for Africa' and distribute our luxury products to those exclusive clients, at very attractive prices.

"We have almost completed the designs for our products and their sales promotions. They must be perfect. We would greatly appreciate your help with our final inspections. Another set of eyes often finds things we overlook."

The other three compartment's occupants held their collective breath as they watched Gavin's reaction and hoped for his approval of the request.

"Sure, sure...whatever I can do to help."

The three let out an animated whoosh and smiled broadly at each other. The models' bright smiles lit their beautiful dark faces.

"Good...GOOD! That makes us very happy."

The limousine slowed and turned into entrance of a tall modern building.

"Well, here we are at the hotel. I must leave you now to organize details of the fashion show. It must be perfect! Please allow Attyka to help you get settled in your room. I commend you to her capable hands."

Attyka attended to the check-in details and they rode the elevator to Gavin's suite. Attyka made small talk. She told Gavin she was Rwandan. Gavin perceived the tall, lithe, well-developed build of a true Tutsi. Her makeup highlighted her smooth, dark, glossy skin.

Attyka helped Gavin unpack. As she stooped and bent to the tasks, her white panties often flashed from beneath her short skirt. The brilliant contrast sent the same titillating rush through Gavin that her smile had done in the limo. Gavin was feeling his erection get snug in his pants.

"There is a dress rehearsal starting downstairs soon. We should attend. You may want to freshen up and change."

Attyka stood expectantly as Gavin hesitated.

"May I help?" she asked.

Gavin was frozen, again, in her smile. Attyka took the initiative. She undid the buttons of his shirt and removed it. She unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants. His erection peeked through the fly of his briefs. Attyka smiled some more.

"Oh my, Gavin, what have we here? Did I cause that?"

Gavin started to stutter a reply but Attyka put a finger to his lips.

"Gavin, I am your translator/hostess/guide for the weekend. Antonio has assigned me to be at your disposal 24/7. I meant what I said about helping you with anything, anytime. Anything.

"We can't let you go to the show in this condition. The fashions are meant to be very stimulating. If you go to the show like this, you will be hard, aroused and fantasizing the whole time rather than critically inspecting and appraising the products."

As she spoke, her hand burrowed through his fly and held his dick for emphasis. She pushed hi m back into a chair and knelt before him.

"Gavin, it's my obligation to do what is best for the company. Please let me take care of this for you so you can help perfect our line of products. May I proceed?"

Gavin was choked for words and simply nodded. Attyka's dreadlocks moved forward and obscured the view as he felt Attyka's mouth descend on his cock. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Her warm, wet mouth slurped his knob and shaft.

Gavin had been in a rather dry spell since his divorce, the flight had been long, the welcome stimulating and now his dick was buried in Attyka's gullet. Gavin didn't last long and his sperm hosed out. His body spasmed and shook. He tried to civilly suppress his moans but failed.

Attyka stayed on him until his vibrations ceased. She swallowed and rose. She led Gavin to the shower and toweled dry him when he emerged. He dressed and they took the elevator to the lobby and strolled arm in arm to the rehearsal.

Gavin sat between Attyka and Amarya as the other models strutted the catwalk in daring, barely-there and nothing-there lingerie. All of the models were African. The skin-tones ranged from light Arabic mulatto to ebony princess. Every physically perfect model fit perfectly into her perfect lingerie. Antonio had been busy matching the features of the models to the features of the lingerie. White and neon covered as little as possible of the ebony skins. Pastels decorated the lighter browns. Modest breasts peek-a-boo's through strategic gaps and cup-less or shelving corsets displayed full views of the buxom ones. The high heels aided the bounce of breasts and butt. Trim muscles rippled beneath leg, arm and stomach skin.

Amarya leaned in and whispered to Gavin "See anything you like?"

"All of them" he replied.

"That's too many. You'll have to narrow it down. We can do some closer inspection."

Gavin contemplated the pool of models and costumes available. He recalled one model wearing a shelving corset with large nipples that jiggled. The corset was a pastel and her skin was lighter than Attyka's but still very dark. Her roundness was magnified by her shorter stature. She wore her straighten hair past her shoulders.

"I liked the shorter one in the topless blue green pastel corset."

"Oh, Gavin, you have a very good eye. She's Ebo from the coast of Nigeria, one of our most promising markets. I'll arrange a meeting with her later so you can get a real feel for our product line."

The rehearsal show wound down. The models did a group walk-through and Antonio went on stage. He recited his Thank You speech to 'all our wonderful guests, models and distributors'. The auditorium was actually empty except for Gavin and his two seat mates.

Antonio stood at the catwalk exit as each model stopped for his inspection. He checked clothing fit and finish, dispensed praise and critiques, palmed a boob or ass at will and received a 'please pick me' peck or smooch from each competitor. It was Antonio who determined which models got lucrative contracts to walk the catwalk and which ones got pink slips as they walked out the door. He relished the authority over them every day and, even better, every night.

Gavin followed Attyka and Amarya back to the elevators and ascended to his suite. Waiting inside was Akeisha, the round buxom Ebo beauty wearing her satin pastel shelving corset.

"Gavin, we think this product is going to be a best seller for us. The design is meant to offer the male easy access to all the essential female sensual zones. Her boobs and nipples are racked up for visual presentation and tactile access. The matching silk panties have a split crotch so the aroused male can breach her portal without the interruption associated with removal. The rear laced-up closure panels adjust the constriction from a loose, comfortable fit through an overly tight binding posture.

"The satin exterior is smooth and plush. The silk lining is slick and cool. The stitching and seams are layered between them, isolated from all dermal contact. We are meticulous about that. It would be terrible for both lovers if one was troubled by a scratch or itch at the height of a hammering wild fuck.

"Would you like to judge how great our product feels?"

Gavin smoothed a hand over Akeisha's side and abdomen. The girls all tittered. Gavin was confused by their reaction.

"I don't think your hand has the adequate sensitivity for a full evaluation. Let's get you ready for a full test run."

Attyka and Amarya started plucking at Gavin's buttons, buckles and elastic bands. Forthwith he was standing naked In the middle of the suite. Akeisha was short but when standing in her heels, her forehead met his chin. She closed her arms around his back and rubbed the satin against his lower midsection, pressing her nipples to his ribcage.

Akeisha pulled Gavin's head down for a kiss. He basked in her oral caress. Her torso continued moving on his midsection. Her nipples bumped his chest. Gavin was getting very stiff and his erection was tapping horizontally up against Akeisha's panty covered vulva. He loosed his hug but Akeisha did not.

"We don't need to stop. Keep it going. We can do it right here standing up."

Attyka and Amarya heard Akeisha's pleas and moved in to assist. Gavin and Akeisha needed help staying upright during their copulation and the women would brace them in place. They each hugged one of Gavin's arms.

Akeisha raised one leg, caressing it along Gavin's outer thigh and hip. She wiggled her hips around until Gavin's tip contacted the slot in her split panties. She called to the women for 'a little help' and Attyka used a free hand to spread the fabric and align Gavin for entry.

All the players were set and the game began. Gavin pressed up and Akeisha pressed down. Gavin was enclosed in pleasant, wet warmth. The primary players rubbed, jostled, bumped, hopped, bounced and generally moved at will, limited only by the pivot-point central connection and the need to not fall down.

Two things were evident.

One: The corset satin, Akeisha's nipples, thighs, arms, all of her skin, her hair, everything was a luxury of 'smooth'. Nothing itched, scratched, scraped or irritated them to interrupt their focus on the stimulation. Gavin got the same effect he would if he were fucking a billowy, sexual cloud.

Second: Nothing lasts forever. Gavin huffed, puffed, gusted, moaned, yelled, and then pulsed his spunk into Akeisha. It was a most satisfying feeling. He was encased deep in one woman and enfolded and buoyed by all three. He completely relaxed his body and didn't move an inch. Well, almost. As he shrank, his cock retreated inch by inch out of Akeisha and past her panty modesty panel. Gavin could not consider it a barrier.

Laughing, they shuffled over as a group and collapsed on the bed. The two assisting women untangled but let Gavin and Akeisha play post-coitus cuddling to revel in the diminishing rush of blood through their recently roused sensual zones.

Gavin eventually rolled on his back and dozed. He awoke alone with a note that Attyka would escort him later to dinner and the fashion show. She was true to her word and the evening was a big success. Antonio booked many orders before the products had even gone on the market. All expected that after product trials by the early technology adopters and the coveted word of mouth advertising, market share in Africa would grow exponentially and generate huge profits.

Attyka had tucked Gavin into bed. Later, Amarya had climbed into Gavin's bed and, through the night, had tucked Gavin into her body, twice. Her Namibian body was insatiable.

Morning came and Gavin woke alone. His flight was scheduled to depart late in the morning. Attyka accompanied an early room service breakfast, helped him pack and escorted him to the airport. During the ride, she queried him about his stay: was there anything he needed, anything he wanted, anything he missed. Gavin finally got the hint.

"You and I never fucked. It was a tremendous blowjob but we never fucked. I kind of regret that."

"Gavin, I won't let you leave Milan with regrets. It's still a half hour to the airport and I am still at your disposal 24/7."

Attyka unbuttoned her blouse, removed her panties and pulled Gavin's pants off. She flipped up her abbreviated skirt and straddled his lap. For the next half-hour, Attyka rode Gavin's cock as they rode in the limousine. Gavin sucked her nipples and relished the feelings on his stiff cock of Attyka's pussy jostled by the limousine's stiff suspension.

At the airport, the chauffeur announced their arrival through the onboard intercom. Gavin was too choked to respond so Attyka told the chauffeur to drive around awhile until they were through. Three circles of the airport entrance later, he heard Gavin and Attyka gust and call out each other's name. He pulled up to the departures gates portico and politely waited at the curb until Gavin and Attyka released the inner door lock and emerged clothed, flushed and smiling.

At the last stop before entering the security check point, Attyka squeezed one longer, deep kiss from Gavin. She hugged him close and whispered in his ear.

"Will you be coming back soon?"

"I don't know. I have two more inspection tours before returning to my corporate office. After that, I don't know what will happen."

"Remember me fondly, Gavin. I am your translator/hostess/guide, at your disposal for anything, anytime, 24/7. Don't forget about me."

Gavin whispered in her ear "I won't because I can't."

But he had to leave her there as he entered the security check point.


Gavin's flight landed at SeaTac Airport in the rain, go figure. Ashley, the statuesque redhead protocol hostess met him at the VIP arrival lounge and escorted him to the waiting limousine. Her fitted designer dress hugged her hour-glass curves and she was graceful as a gazette. The chauffeur handled his bags and Gavin entered the rear compartment with the hostess. The limo headed to the dock where they caught the high speed catamaran to the San Juan Islands Conference Center.

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