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Total Woman Security 03


Leona lounged in the Commissioner's inner office. She had been waiting since before dawn. Her meeting was set for 9 AM but she had been sneaked in early before watchful eyes and keen ears knew she was there. There was a bustle in the outer office. Two uniformed men entered.

One was older, still visibly fit but filling his uniform with the chubby baggage caused by years of politics: moderate alcohol, fine food and deskbound forbearance of popularly elected fools. He wore the epaulette stars of the Commissioner for Game Parks and Zoological Resources.

The second man drew Leona's instant respect. Ramrod tall and lithe, even his shapeless standard uniform couldn't hide the muscular power sleekly covering his angular frame. His magenta ebony complexion, high cheek-bones and long limbs said Maasai warrior. His easy smile and manner said 'professional elite'. One shoulder patch held the flag of Kenya: three bands of color emblazoned with crossed spears and indigenous shield. The other shoulder patch showed crossed elephant tusks arching a deadly lion paw with extended claws; it was underwritten with 'KAR APU'.

The Kenyan Africa Rifles were formed a century ago by the British colonials. From the start, they were recruited and trained to shield their friends and chastise their enemies. Deep mutual respect between the KAR and colonial administrations kept the KAR loyal and well provisioned. At independence, the new government demanded the loyalty of all citizens and officials. It prudently requested the KAR for theirs. In exchange for pledges of autonomy to recruit and train only the best, the officers and men of the KAR swore an oath to defend the new nation. Mutual fear and respect kept the pact secure.

When ivory and rhino horn poaching became incredibly lucrative, it inevitably corrupted the politicians and emboldened the well-armed poaching gangs. The only possible counter-force was the KAR. Thus was established the KAR's response, elite striker teams within its Anti-Poaching Unit, the APU.

Captain Sankale brightly greeted Leona and shook her hand. At the touch, Leona's heart skipped a beat; the missing beat reflected in her clitoris. Her exhaustive carnal training under the tutelage of TWS Chiefs usually kept a tight grasp on her passions. She knew her job. But her deportment faltered in the presence of this remarkable alpha male. Leona stared starry-eyed without speaking.

The Commissioner coughed, breaking the spell. Sankale smirked and offered a gentleman's hand guiding Leona to her chair. The three sat in the office's casual side-setting. Chai tea was served from a vacuum canister. The Commissioner reviewed the mission parameters and objectives.

Poaching was decimating the elephant and rhino herds in Kenya. Raw ivory and rhino horn was in huge demand in eastern and southeastern Asia, home to a third of the world's human population. The decorative uses of ivory and the purported sexual potency of powdered rhino horn garnered profits rivaling those of illegal drugs. But where drugs were manufactured at many places around the world, East and Southern Africa were near monopolies on the supply of elephant ivory and rhino horn.

"You need to understand that we cannot simply arrest or assassinate the ring leader of the whole poaching network. Not only is he surrounded by armed body guards but he has bought powerful friends within the government. We don't want a gunfight with collateral damage or a political scandal.

"We want to 'detain' Maina Gathau surreptitiously and extract useful information on his network of poachers and politicians. We will deal quietly with those bad actors in our own good time and in our own unique ways. Poaching will diminish as the players melt away, one by one.

"The 'Elephant', that's Maina's nickname, is a Safari Rally booster and fan. Your opportunity is this weekend. Get him isolated from his bodyguards and Captain Sankale and his team will take care of things. Can you do that?"

Leona confidently affirmed her ability to complete the mission. Hands were shaken all around. Leona's clit buzzed again when she touched Captain Sankale.


Leona stretched her long chocolate legs out in front of her. She was lazed back in an entry lounge sofa of the Utali Hotel. She perused the crowd. Nairobi was always crowded but now during the East African Safari Rally, the place was literally packed. Rally drivers, team owners, mechanics, support personal of all types, tourists, rally enthusiasts and news reporters were everywhere. Money flooded every hotel and bar. The cash registers sopped it up. Then, of course, there was the informal economy: the curio dealers and prostitutes. They provided the cover for Leona and Kagema, her TWS Field Operative team mate. Leona could both blend in and stand out. Her natural beauty outclassed every other woman in the room. She could easily snare any male in the city. But her particular quarry was the 'Elephant', Maina Gathau.

A commotion on the sidewalk spilled inside. A huge man, fat and laughing, sloshed into the lobby. He was submerged in a sea of flashbulbs, reporters and prostitutes. Maina Gathau had made his customary gaudy entrance.

"Gathau, how do you think your team will fare in the rally leg tomorrow?"

"They will win that one, just as they won today!"

"The competition is very tough and they won't go down easily."

"Fuck the competition! We are the BEST!"

The tittering mass stumbled towards the bar. As the 'herd' stumbled past Leona, Gathau's face lost some of its joviality as he caught her eye...and her glowing face ringed by a perfect coiffure, the generous cleavage exposed atop the fashionable strapless dress, the tight waist flaring to luxurious hips and the long smooth legs terminating at her polished stiletto heels. The crowd carried him forward but his head swiveled as he moved, staring at this priceless image of cock stiffening grandeur. He seated himself where he could look past his sycophants and scan her lust-building splendor at will.

Leona noted the Elephant's attention and prepared to execute stage two. Her teammate, Kagema, dressed as a hotel waiter, brought her another drink, and 'accidently' spilled it on her lap. Leona jumped up screeching.

"You bloody oaf! You've ruined my dress!"

Everyone looked at the scene, including Gathau, who came to her 'rescue'. Gathau had not become who he was without knowing when to pounce for the kill after stalking the prey.

Gathau shoved Kagema out of the way. Kagema melded into the gathering throng of bystanders as Gathau peered sympathetically at Leona.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm okay...NO...not really. My dress is stained. It's very costly and I can't afford to just throw it away. I need to clean it up quickly."

"Please, let me help. You can clean it in my suite upstairs."

"Well, I don't know..."

"It will be fine. Bring a friend to accompany you for your own piece of mind."

Leona gave in. She had reinforced her cover by chatting up a prostitute. Leona motioned her to join them. They followed Gathau to the elevator. The trio rode it high into the upper stories; then exited into a plush hallway. Gathau carded a door lock which opened for them. He ushered Leona inside and, behind her back, barred the 'friend' from entering. Gathau handed the 'friend' a night's worth of trick money and motioned her back to the elevator as he closed and locked the door.

The suite was luxurious with a main room and separate bed and bath. Leona repaired to the bath where she doffed and rinsed the dress. She emerged in a terry bathrobe. Leona joined Gathau on the sofa looking out the expansive windows at the lights of Nairobi twinkling below.

Gathau offered her wine, which she declined. She sat sideways on folded legs and looked him in the face. Gathau thought that was very bold of Leona...and very alluring. His blood warmed even more. He wanted to discover Leona's story...and the rst of her.

"Do you come to Nairobi often?"

"I live in America. I came here to go on safari to the game parks but apparently arrived in the middle of this silly rally. You boys and your toys! All the tours are booked and I will probably return to America without seeing any wild animals."

"That is not right. A pretty lady like you deserves to get nice things. I happen to be combining watching the rally with some business south of Lake Magadi in the lower Rift Valley. Why don't you ride along? We will probably see many wild animals."

Leona hugged Gathau's neck and pecked his cheek.

"Really? You would do that for me? Oh, aren't you my knight in shining armor!"

Gathau turned into her face and captured her lips with his. Leona returned the sentiment and rested her hand on his groin. He burrowed under the robe's flaps and handled her glorious breasts. Leona smiled; the night was proceeding as planned. She took Gathau's other hand, rose and led him to the bedroom.

Gathau stood by the bed. Leona took her time removing his clothes. He was a very fat man and the skin was craggy and ribbed where his clothing's belts and elastic straps constricted it. When he was nude, she laid him out face up in bed. There was no way she was allowing this crushing mound of blubber to mount her from the top during their coupling.

Leona dropped her robe. She was topless and the panties promptly disappeared also. She crawled on the mattress and kneeled up between Gathau's spread legs. His cock was proportional to the rest of his bulky body. Leona held it with both hands. She stroked along its length and it grew even bigger. This was going to be a challenge but TWS Operatives were the best in the world and conquering challenges was their approach to life.

Leona held the blubbery rod vertical and leaned in to kiss the knob. She opened her jaws and tested its size between her teeth. It would pass okay and she could suck to add pressure but there was no spare room for tongue rubs. Deep throating would be just possible if she really focused.

Preliminary plans complete, Leona set to work. She bobbed slowly along its length, getting two-thirds in before the tip bumped her tonsils. Several minutes passed but Gathau was not showing signs of attaining his peak. In fact, he was making little hip jogs, signaling her to take it all in. Leona thought 'Well, here we go...'

Leona took a deep breath and slid down, felt the tip at her tonsils and kept going. The knob pushed past and into her throat. Her lips surrounded the base of the Elephant's massive dick. She pulled it out and set an intermittent rhythm that would gain Gathau his orgasm and allow Leona her oxygen.

Three full mouth strokes, an elongated throat plunge with swallowing ripples, then back up for breath and repeat. Leona counted five repetitions and heard Gathau's breathing get heavy. She cycled another round and Gathau was grunting out the breaths. One more cycle and Gathau blustered his breaths and moaning loudly. On the next throat plunge, he bellowed and Leona felt a gush of liquid splash into her throat. She pulled up and the next ropes filled her mouth. She swallowed and her vacated oral space was replenished with more man juice. The following blasts were less voluminous. Leona had been able to control the stream and naught had spilled from her mouth.

Leona let his meat shrink in her mouth and then laid the flaccid organ 'pointing north' on his belly. She climbed up and rested atop him, straddling his abdomen with her legs. Her bodacious body draped his chest with her bounteous breasts. She laid her head under his chin. They both dozed off.

During the night, Leona awoke to an aroused Gathau. Knowing that another blowjob would not satisfy his lust, she straddled his thighs and played with his cock until it was time to go further. She elevated her hips, shuffled forward and let him slide into her cunt. Gathau was fully awake and clasped her nipples for some rolls and pulls.

Leona had two-thirds of Gathau embedded when his tip hit her cervix. Her training included lessons on what to do next but she had very limited practice in its execution. She took a deep cleansing breath to relax as much as possible and bore down. Gathau's knob squeezed through her cervix and entered her deeper womb chamber. Gathau groaned loud and long. The Elephant was accustomed to this oft-needed technique but every time was a fresh delight.

Leona drew her hips up until the knob rim was just above her womb ring. She fluttered there, using her cervical band to massage the sensitive shaft area just below the crown. Gathau grunted again, repeatedly, and with louder and quicker bursts.

Leona knew the drill and continued the stimulations as Gathau's ardor rose higher. Finally, he shuddered; his muscles clenched and quaked, sloshing his portly gut. His spunk pulsed into her deepness as Leona lessened the motions and rode out his orgasm.

Gathau lay quiescent and Leona waited until his shaft and knob deflated to a reasonable size that she was able to slide it out without risking injury. Gathau's essences trickled from Leona with the retraction of his cock. She lay next to him as they claimed more sleep before dawn.

Gathau was eating his breakfast when Leona emerged from the bath, dressed in khaki safari jacket, pants and boots. Today, Leona would travel south with Gathau, pursuing the wild game that was promised.

"Thank you for the outfit, it fits perfectly."

Gathau also thought it fit perfectly. With Leona's help, he had called the in-hotel store with her sizes. While she preened in the bath, he had recalled the concierge to have the order altered to one size smaller. Leona's perfect tits and ass were perfectly revealed by the stressed fabrics. Gathau was already feeling his own pants stressed by his half-erection. He considered her display good foreplay for an expected repeat fuck later today.

Outside the hotel, Gathau's Range Rover waited. When the pair climbed in, a curios street vendor ran to Leona's window and thrust in a carved ebony elephant.

"Do you like this elephant, ma'am?"

"Maybe. What is the price?"

"Almost free, ma'am. 15,000 shillings."

"Almost free, huh? Will you take 5,000?"

"Please, madam, I have children to feed. Won't you offer more?"

Leona held out 10,000 shillings. The vendor dropped the elephant in her lap and snatched the money, scurrying away into the crowd. Leona placed the carved wooden elephant, complete with the hidden GPS tracker, onto the backseat. Kagema had been the archetypical street vendor and the planting the device had gone smoothly. Kagema could now track Leona and Gathau's route and execute a clean snatch when they were isolated out in the bush.

The beautiful country-side glided past as Leona was escorted by Gathau into the southern ranges of the Rift Valley. Despite the prerequisites of the mission, Leona was truly captivated by the variety of wild game and domestic animals. Giraffes, gazelle, wildebeests, warthogs, hyenas and even a few remaining elephants and rhinos grazed and cavorted, interspersed with cattle herds and their vigilant Maasai caretakers. It was just as the brochures and magazines had portrayed it.

They passed groups of spectators listening for the approaching growl of the Safari Rally racecars that would dash and splash their way along today's leg of the contest. Gathau turned onto a road that led to a higher hillock where they could scan the vast countryside in all directions. Gathau stopped the car. The second car carrying his body guards stopped behind him.

The Elephant's lust had been percolating all morning. He watched the bumps in the uneven road roll Leona's ass in the bucket seat and jostle her tits in the form-hugging jacket. This seclusion was a good place to pick up where last night had ended. He gripped her hair at the back of her head and drew her in for a kiss. Leona rubbed his groin.

"Gathau, I want you too, baby, but let's find a less exposed place. Drive over behind that little knoll where we will find our whole new world of exhilaration. Tell your bodyguards to wait here. We won't be long...or we might be." She giggled and gave his cock another rub.

Gathau radioed his chase car to stay put while he took care of some personal business. This was the usual routine whenever the Elephant travelled with a feminine mate. Sometimes he simply fucked the woman in the backseat as one of the guards drove his car. But the bodyguards had seen Leona's extraordinary beauty arouse Gathau's consuming desire. They understood he craved her uninhibited absorption of his lust.

Gathau started the engine and gunned down the side track. As he rounded the blind corner, the Elelphant gave a mouse like squeak of surprise. The car skidded to a stop before ramming into a herd of Maasai cattle meandering in the path. He tooted the horn for the attending Maasai to clear the path. The dozen young Maasai men calmly rapped the cattle's backs with their 8-foot long spears to move them off the road. On signal, the four young men closest Gathau's car dropped their spears and raised concealed automatic weapons all aimed at Gathau's head.

"Out of the car, Gathau. This is the end of the road for you. We are taking you into custody. We have comrades waiting to show you a 'whole new world of exhilaration'."

The Maasai leader watched his team hustle Gaithau into a waiting cargo van. It drove off. The tall Maasai leader turned to Leona. It was Captain Sankale, KAR APU.

"Ma'am, we are deeply in your debt. The public won't know of your exceptional assistance these past few days but they will someday see an increase in their prosperity from the tourism generated by bigger game herds."

The handsome captain saluted Leona and followed his covert team off the hill, another battle-site in this contemporary commercial conflict. Leona watched him leave. She experienced uncommon regret. He was just a beautiful man she had met twice and would probably never see again. Yet her stomach was filled with butterflies. Her teammate Kagema opened the door and slid into the driver seat.

"Leona, are you okay? How do you feel?"

"I feel dirty, inside and out. The Elephant was really gross! I need a break, a little 'me-time' to purge the last few days from my memory and my soul."

"There's a remote safari camp a few hours from here, very posh. Think you can hold it together 'til then?"

"Sounds great. Let's go." The TWS team exited the battle-site.

The Maasai herders brushed away the departed strike teams' tire tracks and moved their cattle away from the site of the snatch.

The bodyguards were impatient. The Elephant had been out-of-sight too long. They followed his tire tracks beyond the hill. The tracks ended at the path of a cattle crossing. No car, no tracks, no Elephant. They searched around on foot but found nothing.

A quick conference ensued. Mutual consensus determined that prudence was the better part of valor. They would simply melt back into their homes and forget they were ever involved with the Elephant.

Far away from the bodyguards' cowardly desertion, Kagema steered the purloined Range Rover along their escape route and the TWS team mates trekked to their night lodgings.

The Taita Hills Safari Camp was everything advertised. Kagema and Leona soaked off the dust and sweat of the day in the hot tub. Fruited cocktails in big glasses took the edge off their nerves under umbrella shaded lounges at the pool. Hot and cold running waiters attended them. The camp sported 8 cabins and the facilities were not crowded or overused.

The gourmet dinner was divine. Kagema wore linen shirt, cotton slacks with loafers. Leona dressed in a strapless colorful wrap dress that left her shoulders, arms and legs exposed to a delighted Kagema. They relaxed inside the mosquito netted pavilion as the African dusk wrought another night with its howls, growls and chirps, foretelling the approaching night cycle of hunter and hunted.

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