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Total Woman Vignettes 02



Syd waltzed across the Total Woman Clinic lobby that he had struggled into a short week ago. Fergie, the receptionist, gave him a broad smile. Syd remarked "We missed you yesterday at the sauna."

Fergie nodded and said "I missed you too but I am only an intern therapist and not allowed in Group Therapies. Anyway, I won't forget you after Friday night together. It was wonderful."

Syd nodded and turned to leave. Fergie came around the counter and pecked his cheek goodbye. Syd walked through the door onto the sidewalk. At that moment, a white limousine pulled up to the curb. The driver and a nurse got out and opened the rear door. They helped an elderly gentleman into a wheelchair and pushed him towards the Total Woman Clinic. As the door opened, he heard Fergie's chipper voice call "Oh, Mr. Smith, welcome to the Total Woman Clinic. We have been expecting you." Then all sound from inside was muted as the door closed.

Syd almost laughed and thought 'Well, buddy, they are either going to cure you or kill you. If it's the latter, you are going to die a very happy man.'


Present Day

Willy Smith, born in Bohemia as Wilfred Schmidt, raised his eyes and smiled at the pretty receptionist as his chauffer/bodyguard and his fulltime nurse wheeled him inside the lobby. The youthful receptionist rounded the counter and bent to clasp his frail hands in hers.

"Oh, Mr. Smith, welcome to the Total Woman Clinic. We have been expecting you."

"Please, my dear, my friends call me Willy. And, so my pretty little fraulein, you are called...?"

"I'm Fergie. I'm the receptionist. May I help you with anything?"

"No... no... Gunther and Marge have me well in hand. But the car ride was long and I would like to see my room. Could we go there now?"

"Of course, Mr. Smith..." Wilfred, aka Willy, cocked an eyebrow. He still held her hand warmly.

"... I mean, Willy..." corrected Fergie with a smile and giggle. Willy joined her smile.

Gunther wheeled Willy behind the ushering Fergie. Her pert bubbly ass led them to the elevator. When all were inside the cabin, Fergie pushed 'P' for Penthouse and the elevator moved smoothly to the top floor.

The doors opened onto a large full floor suite with glass surrounding the area on all four sides. The building was not tall but still higher than the surrounding rooftops. A few blocks distant, the ocean waves sloshed against a sandy beach. A small children's playground occupied an adjacent lot below. A surface electric tram rolled by on a distant street, playing a kind of peekaboo between the lines of tall buildings.

There were TWC staff members waiting to welcome Mr. Smith, er... Willy. Fergie made the introductions.

"Folks, this is Willy. That's what he likes to be called. Willy, this is your clinical staff for your week of tests and therapies. Here we have Juanita, for muscle strength... Wanda, for flexibility... Sati, for meditative relaxation."

Willy took time to hold each young woman's hand as he endeavored to fix their names with the faces.

Juanita was a buxom short Hispanic woman with definition and tone to her compact muscular body. Her function was to help Willy get some meat back on his bones and get the bones denser as well.

Wanda was a gorgeous chocolate vision, a mélange of ethnicities and cultures, dark almond eyes, wavy black hair, a lithe body shaped by hours of competitive swimming.

Sati was the purist definition of a classic Hindu woman. Long thick black hair, bare light brown shoulders, hips and breasts that were full figured, all draped in pastel filmy saris. When she extended her hand, it looked as if she was executing a fluid dance routine. That was her unconscious way of gracefully moving, learned as a child through long practice in the Hindi performance arts.

Willy was enchanted by them all. But as attractive as each was, they could never reach the beauty of his beloved Louisa. Willy's face went stoic as he looked out the window down on the small children's playground.

Willy's mind clouded...

Willy was 20 years old as he stood by his ice cream cart, small children clamoring to buy frozen treats. One youngster got a little pushy. Willy had to stop the action to realign the excited customers into an orderly cue.

"Max! Stop it!" A young blonde woman gave the unruly boy a shake. Willy's heart gave a little shake when he looked at her face. She apologized to Willy for her little brother's behavior. Blonde ringlets, sparkling blue eyes, clear complexion all hovering above a fit and shapely frame. She wore a pale yellow sleeveless dress, hem close to her knees, and black sensible shoes. Willy caught himself staring too long; the young lady caught him staring too long. Then she extended her hand in greeting.

"Hi, I'm Louisa. Sorry about Max, he's just that way." When Willy touched her hand, static tingles swept his arm and lit his skin from head to toe. He stammered.

"Hi... ugh... I'm Wilfred... Willy, to my friends. Pleased to meet you, Louisa. Don't worry about Max, it happens all the time. Please have an ice cream from me for helping out."

"Why, thank you... Willy."

What followed were daily encounters as Louisa found excuses to be at the playground when Willy sold his ice creams. That led to coffees in the afternoons, dinners with her parents, later evenings alone in low-lit, snuggly places and a grand wedding ceremony before the gilded alter in the Lutheran cathedral.

Times were hard in the Weimar Republic but Willy and Louisa found a way to survive and their love for each other blossomed into full bloom when the baby was born. Then one night, brown shirts knocked on their door, questioning the Aryan purity of Louisa's parentage. They wanted her to expound on her ancestry. Willy managed to talk them out of the apartment without endangering his wife and child. Willy promised to find the misplaced papers and bring them to the registry tomorrow.

It was time to leave Germany. That night, they packed what they could carry and fled to Switzerland, eventually to America.

Willy found work with an ice cream maker. He was good with customers and sales. He rose within the company. During the war, the company developed a better process for powdered milk. It was a huge market, feeding the soldiers, the refugees and finally the remaining survivors of the great destruction. When the company owner retired in the 50's, Willy bought him out, financing the enterprise with growing profits and luck.

Louisa, Willy, their son Rolf, and the little daughter, Eva, prospered. The grown Rolf went on to found a company of his own and presented Louisa and Willy with grandchildren and they, in turn, gave them great grandchildren. But money and progeny were unsuccessful in softening the blow of Louisa's passing. Willy comforted Louisa as she fought for life. But eventually, it was just her time to leave.

Willy retired from his company to care for Louisa through her consuming illness. His heart cracked daily. When the end came, his spirit was crushed and his own health declined. Doctors could treat the symptoms but not the underlying cause, a broken heart. In desperation, they recommended a round of special treatments at the unusual Total Woman Clinic...

Willy's mind returned to the room at the top of TWC. He looked around and found everyone patiently watching him. His nurse, Marge, was talking softly to the TWC staff.

"You see... sometimes he just loses consciousness. It's not neurological; he's been tested for that. But we still think he should be EEG monitored and stimulated to find the cause."

Sati, with her Eastern culture wisdom, took on a knowing expression and said they would see to Willy's needs: physical and spiritual. She assured them that Willy wouldn't leave the clinic until he was ready.

Juanita started Willy's therapy that afternoon. She worked Willy on the table, raising his legs and making him press against her restraining weight. He tried and succeeded somewhat. Juanita was more pleased with his resolve than his physical results. It was good for Willy's spirit to gain lots of little successes.

"That was pretty good, Willy. How do you feel?"

"A bit tired. Maybe I could rest a while?"

"Yes, of course. Anyway, Wanda is already here. She will let you rest until you feel ready to continue with her flexibility therapy session. I have another therapy appointment waiting for me down at the gym."

Wanda seated Willy to face out the window. The sunlight shimmered off the sea. A few beach walkers strolled the sands. Willy watched them meander in and out of the tireless surf.

Willy's mind clouded...

It was mid-week, late spring and the beach was mostly deserted. Rolf and his classmates were still in school and Willy and Louisa were spending a solitary day at the shore. Their umbrella fluttered with the gentle breeze. They lay on the blanket, reading, snacking, resting and relaxing. Willy would occasionally peek over his sunglasses at the reclining Louisa, just watching her read or close her eyes for a quick doze. She worked so hard taking care of the house and the children. Willy was always working and these occasional getaways left him some serenity to cherish his love for his beautiful wife.

Willy's career was going well. Willy would own the business when his boss retired soon. Everything in his life since leaving Germany had gone his way, slowly but steadily, and he felt very fortunate to have his health, his beautiful wife, children and prosperity.

At this moment, he was especially pondering his wife. She wore a red bikini, not too risqué but brief enough to display her beauty. Willy was feeling himself thicken. He finger walked up her thighs, across her stomach and finger pad circled her areola beneath the silky bikini top. Louisa opened her eyes and smiled; they kissed. Willy moved his hand to her groin and circled the cover to her grotto that he so much loved. Louisa didn't protest and they kissed some more. She found his stiffening prick and rubbed it slowly and lovingly. Willy reached back and flipped the blanket edge over and around them. Clothes were skittered away inside the wool cocoon and the lovers became one.

Resting afterwards inside the blanket, they pillow talked, sharing ideas and dreams for the coming year: vacation trips, the children's schooling and family get-togethers for the holidays.

The afternoon sun foretold the time to depart for home.

"Should be go home now?" Louisa asked. Willy smoothed a hand over Louisa's hip and pecked her lips. He felt another rise thicken his groin. Louisa felt it, too. She giggled the reply to her own question.

"Let's stay a while longer. It's not time to leave yet."

That was the first of many more mischievous starts to summer and they eagerly anticipated their annual surreptitious observances...

Willy's mind returned to the room at the top of TWC. He looked around and found Wanda watching him. He smirked at her look of concern.

"It's okay, my dear. I'm fine. Shall we begin?"


Juanita met her client in the gym. He was wearing the standard TWA outfit of sneakers, shorts and teeshirt, just the same as Juanita. He was seated, a pained look on his face. Juanita rigged him out with some light ankle and wrist weights, preparing him to walk and run through some standing exercises meant to build muscle strength. The client was 'ouching' and 'ohhing' with every slow step. Juanita's verbal encouragement was ineffective in motivating her client to a quicker gait. More incentive was necessary.

Juanita moved behind him, found the Velcro tabs and ripped off her client's shorts. As he yelped in protest, Juanita stood in front of him and quickly doffed her teeshirt, exposing well rounded chocolate tipped brown boobs. She leaned forward, swaying the dangling beauties as she doffed her shorts as well.

"You can touch them if you can catch them" she said.

The client reached out as Juanita half stepped back. The client stepped forward as Juanita stepped back again. The game was on.

For the next hour they played 'chase me – chase me' all around the gym floor. Juanita would occasionally slow enough for the client to get a furtive boob crushing hug, a grasp of her ass or a handful of tit. Wiggling from his clutch, she would shake away with him in hot pursuit. His stiffening cock waggled in front of him like a semaphore. Juanita and the client both worked up a sweat and as the hour drew to a close, Juanita was not heartless enough to leave her client in his aroused condition without suitable relief.

Juanita faced him as he charged forward. She stood her ground as he tackled her to the floor and saddled up in missionary position. He thrust in and shook both their bodies with mighty strokes. In spite of her clinical responsibilities to her client, she took care of her own needs as well and cried her own delight, joining him in a mutual shattering orgasm.

The client laid quiet, breathing heavy, muscles and testicles drained. Juanita smoothed his neck, shoulders and back while he recovered. Juanita cooed as she set their next appointment.

"Same time next week?" she asked.

"Absolutely" murmured her client.


Wanda stood in front of Willy, watching him reach behind his head, down past his shoulder. Then leaning forward to touch his toes but not getting very close. He pointed at them and strained. Wanda stopped him. She sat him upright and they smiled at his apparent improvement. Wanda was rather concerned with his breathing, which was deep.

"How do you feel, Willy?"

"I'm a little dizzy" he replied.

"Okay, let's stop and rest a while. Sati is here for your next therapy and I have a private water therapy appointment at the pool. Sati, can you watch Willy for a while until he's ready?"

"I would be absolutely delighted to spend time with Willy. You go ahead. How are you feeling, Willy?"

Willy watched Wanda depart for her pool appointment and replied to Sati's concerned inquiry.

"I think I would like to just sit here for a while."

Sati gave Willy's arm a gentle touch.

"That sounds like a good idea."

Willy saw the skyline beyond the large panoramic windows. Birds were wheeling and diving about the building roofs.

Willy's mind clouded...

Willy sat near the huge glass panels. Evening had fallen and the lights of the city twinkled like a jeweled carpet lying out from the penthouse restaurant dining room. The soft lighting inside complemented the candles lighting each table, adding to the scene of elegance. Waist-coated waiters floated about, attending the assembled guests. It was the Wednesday banquet of the Dairy Products Association's Annual Convention. On Friday, Willy would be honored as a founding past president. The next year's officers would be introduced and inducted.

The convention was going well. The hot topic was strontium 90. Nuclear testing fallout was descending on the world's grazing pastures and thereby entering the dairy stream. It was affecting sales in general and there was agreement to lobby Congress for funded studies to discount the trivial risk that it would impose on public health.

Louisa was unable to attend this year. Rolf was sick with measles. Willy missed her companionship for this trip. So he was glad that Sally, the sales director of a rival firm and past acquaintance from previous conventions, was seated at his banquet table. She was a familiar face among the new acquaintances and members.

Sally was a lively conversationalist, spanning many topics effortlessly, always attentive to wherever Willy led the discussion.

The other diners at their table joined the chit chat and lingered over coffee and dessert before mosying off to a bar before bed, or straight to a bed, depending on their particular connubial context. With spouses in attendance, it was a marital context. With spouses absent, it presented different likelihoods.

Willy was not a heavy social drinker, and with Louisa absent, not really anxious to return to an empty hotel room. Sally and he remained conversing at the table as the dining room continued to empty.

With the room nigh empty and themselves the sole people left at their table, Sally scooted around to sit next to Willy.

"So, Willy, how is Louisa these days?'

"Still gorgeous" chuckled Willy.

"You two are lucky to have found each other."

"More than you could ever know, Sally. More than anyone could ever know."

"Probably; but I've known love before."

Yes, Sally had known love before; before the executive she had married after a hot office romance had found a different hot office romance soon after.

Sally's hand stole beneath the tablecloth and rested on Willy's knee. Sally rested her other elbow on the table, propping her head as she gazed thoroughly into Willy's face. He tried to act nonchalant but this was new for him. He took his last sip of coffee, using the time to think through this burgeoning prospect. It was midweek and he had been away from Louisa for several days. He was still a spirited man. The convention was the usual speeches and meetings and drudgery. A little adventure would break up the monotony.

Willy looked more closely at Sally. She was a mix of European ancestry: Greek olive skin, Asiatic cheek bones beneath Nordic almond shaped blue eyes and exquisitely rounded breasts surmounting her Italian fashion model physique. Willy felt his groin twitch, prompting his response. He laid his hand over hers and clasped it warmly. Sally smiled back, encouraging his advance. Her hand moved up to rub Willy's inner thigh.

"Would you walk me to my room?" she asked.

"I think I can do that" said Willy.

Sally gathered her purse and walked towards the exit, Willy trailing behind. The glass enclosed elevator descended to Sally's floor and disgorged them into the hotel hallway. Sally walked ahead, her trim hips sashayed invitingly over long toned legs and stilettos. Her elegant body-hugging cocktail dress was doing its intended job of attracting masculine attention. She peeked back over her shoulder as she arrived at her door. Sally fumbled with carding the door, shaking her rear in Willy's direction. The door finally clunked and swung open. She turned to face Willy.

"Do you want to come in for a while, a night-cap or something?"

Willy could feel his pulse beating faster. He paused before replying.

"I don't think that's a good idea" he said.

Sally had heard that hesitant line before and knew what was required. She stepped backward into the open entranceway far enough to shield her from unexpected onlookers. She reached back and drew the dress zipper down her back. The elegant navy blue fabric dropped to her feet.

Sally was poised in heels, panties and jewelry. Her lovely unfettered breasts were full and round, topped with large rose covered disks. Her red satin thong shaped a puffy cameltoe at her Venus mound. She stood patient and inviting, letting Willy get a full appreciation for what awaited him. Willy's gaze lingered long, inspecting her up and down. Sally finally broke the silence.

"Doesn't this help change your mind?" she asked, cocking an eyebrow.

Willy unfroze his gawk and took a step into the doorway. His hand reached forward and he grasped the doorknob.

"Thank you for the stirring conversation this evening, Sally. It was a pleasure chatting with you. Have a good night." Wally pulled the door closed and walked down the hallway, back to his own room.

Behind the closed door, Sally shrugged her shoulders and retrieved her dress, hanging it in the closet. In a bathrobe, she dialed the phone.

"Sorry, boss. No dice. I couldn't get Willy where I needed him. Without damaging photos, we can't blackmail him. We'll just have to get their trade secrets from someone else. Damn! He's a better man than I took him for."

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