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Total Woman Vignettes 03



The Board of Directors meeting was going well and winding down. The financial reports and Old Business items had been reviewed. Revenues had been increasing, along with modest cost aggregation, but profits were exploding. The last item for New Business was a proposal to develop other offshore venues for exotic, as well as erotic, excursions. There were three potential venues: a Mountain Ski Lodge, a Desert Dude Ranch and a Tropical Island get-away.

A motion was made to commission Total Woman Security to send investigative teams to survey available venues and report back on viable options for development. There was a second and unanimous 'ayes'. The meeting was adjourned.


Present Day

The scarab was anchored in the aqua blue bay. Joan and Mack were prepping the Zodiac for its run to shore. The beach of this secluded Caribbean cove was ringed with coral white sand. This was their third and final investigation. The previous sites had proven to be either too cold or too hot during their useable seasons or unable to handle year-round outdoor activities due to the weather vagaries.

The tropical island theme would appear to meet the year round climate flexibility demanded by the wealthy, business-laden patrons that Total Woman Excursions catered to. Joan and Mack would study the island's attractions and its beneficial advantages of security and seclusion.

Securing the yacht, they tooled across the clear expanse of water to shore. They could see the owner of the plantation-house-turned-resort standing on the beach. Three young ladies stood nearby. The investigative team ran the boat up on the sand as the three women dashed in the water and helped haul the craft higher on the shore.

Mack and Joan alighted and shook hands with their presumed host, a Hispanic man in white pants, sandals, Panama hat and floral tropical shirt. They introduced themselves and inquired if he was Paulo, their contact on the island.

"Yes, I am Paulo and these are my nieces: Solei, Luna and Estela. They provide the ambiance for the few visitors we still get. They are very good at warm welcomes."

Mack eyed the three Hispanic beauties. Either Paulo's family had incredible genes or Paulo had an incredible eye for picking 'nieces'. Mack looked forward to getting warm welcomes from any or all of them. He kept his eyes on the females as he addressed Paulo in an aside voice.

"I hope we can report favorably on your property. I like what I see so far."

The bikini clad milk chocolate trio was checking Mack right back. They smiled brightly, wondering which of them Mack would choose first when the time came for warm welcomes. More likely, Uncle Paulo would decide for them.

Paulo followed Mack's obvious stare. This was the partnership he needed. The family oriented themes of other nearby resorts were a losing proposition with air travel encumbered by terror activity and economic recession. Paulo wanted to rebrand this island resort to cater to wealthier lifestyles. He winked at his hotel staff.

"From the discussions I have had with your investment sponsors, this resort should be just what you're looking for. The jungle is alive with exotic flora and fauna, the weather and sea are refreshing. We have real seclusion from neighbors which provides security and privacy for discriminating guests.

Mack continued his relaxed ogling of the island women, his inattention to Paulo prompting the facility owner's continued sales pitch.

"My nieces and I intend to give you an extensive tour of our all-inclusive vacation packages. We want you to forward a good report to your bosses. No requests or requirements are too much to ask. We will gratify your every need."

Mack liked the sound of that. Joan wondered if she would get as much accommodation. Mack was her work partner and security colleague but he was also her assignment mission sex mate. It would be a long week for her if Mack was constantly tapped out by this bevy of beauties.

The girls hoisted the valises and carried them to the residential lodges while Paulo escorted Mack and Joan to his office. Along the way he pointed out portions of the facilities as they passed. The grounds were modestly landscaped with tropical flora and the structures were sound but showed the nattiness and wear of delayed maintenance.

In Paulo's office, they chit-chatted about this and that, getting more acquainted. Finally Paulo brought the subject around to a tour of the facilities and grounds.

"I highly recommend that you take separate tours. Two people see things differently and you can compare and combine notes for your report."

Mack and Joan concurred. Paulo paged one of his nieces. Joan and Paulo would look over the books and discuss finances while Mack got the first round of inspection tours.


Solei preceded Mack through the rear doors onto the landscaped and sculpted pool area. Mack was entranced by the combination of bobbing bikini ass cheeks that were swished by the tips of ass length wavy brown hair.

Solei chattered the standard lines in her island accented Spanglish. She pointed out the lounges and umbrella tables surrounding a clear Olympic sized swimming pool. Cleverly arranged hedges and floral draped screens gave the large area a cozier feel by creating alcoves and little divided nooks. A cascade of decorative waterfalls curtained the far corner of the pool. The falling water gave the air a fresh, moist flavor and a soothing background white noise.

Mack followed Solei's mesmerizing backside wherever she led. She led him to the waterfalls. There were steps built into the pool that disappeared under the waterfall. Solei turned to give Mack a 'come hither' look, kicked off her sandals and then descended the steps, passing through the cascading sheet and out of sight.

Mack waited for her to emerge but waited in vain. Finally, he went down through the water curtain after her. Solei stood soaking wet, facing him from the middle of a huge artificial grotto. She was tilted sideways, wringing the water from her drenched hair. She looked up and laughed.

"So.., you finally follow me into grotto. We very like this place" she shouted in Spanglish.

Mack looked around. The walls glowed with an internal luster. The grotto was built with small caves and caverns along the walls, another nod to a sense of discretion and privacy for multiple parties of occupants. The water fall provided a sound deadening reverberation that kept sounds from mixing between the private areas.

Mack smoothed a hand over the rock wall and discovered it was covered with thick translucent foam, providing a water-resistant cushion and illumination diffuser all in one material. The glow came from pastel toned LED light spilling through from underneath. He was walking barefoot on a floor of the same texture. The fluid sound, soft light and moist atmosphere made it feel like a glowing maternal womb. He only felt this peace decades ago as a trusting toddler in his mother's arms before bravely breaking away into a scary world.

Mack moved along the exterior walls. The alcoves were randomly formed, each offering a different configuration. There were hollows shaped as arm chairs, pedestals and stools, broad benches and platforms. Every surface was coated with the soft, gently-lit foam.

Mack sat on a long bench in one space and Solei came to join him. He closed his eyes and, for a moment, the warm moist air with the white sound cleared his mind of worries. He entered a twilight sleep and day dreamed.

Someone was removing his tee-shirt and shorts. Mack perceived himself laid along the bench, comfortably resting with his hands behind his head and feet propped up. His penis was moving about gently, a rough texture making swipes along the length. There was a growing pressure. Something heavy but soft laid over him and his cock was surrounded by wetness. He dreamed that a masseuse was rubbing his chest with warm cushiony sponge balls. The air took on a minty scent. Suddenly his thighs and abdomen cramped and relaxed.

Mack made a dream note to tell the TWS Mission Surgeon about those cramps just in case it was a sign of overwork or some other stress related influence. The masseuse started in again. He hoped she would work those cramps in his retightening thighs. She seemed to be rubbing his hips and stomach instead. Then the sharp tension rolled and passed away again.

Mack felt drops of water wet his cheeks. He came out of the dream state and opened his eyes. There was a blurred image of a woman, Solei he remembered, staring down at him. Sweat covered her face and dripped onto his. His clearing vision told him she was smiling. She dipped down, kissed his lips and braced up on her hands.

"Feel good, mi amante?" Solei asked.

Mack looked towards his waist. Solei's lovely uncovered breasts were damp with perspiration. Her groin was hard against his groin and he recognized that his cock was buried in her snatch.

Solei was smiling still as she said "Tu es un forte hombre, mi amante. Uno. Dos. Puedes Tres?"

Mack took that to mean his dreamland cramps had been orgasmic spasms. Could he go for three? Solei was ready to work a third shot from his drained balls if he wanted her to. Mack need only lie still as she did all the work. But he shook his head 'No'. Solei pouted but complied. She rose from him and let his semi-deflated erection fall out with a gush of white spunk.

They abandoned their clothes where they lay and exited the grotto through the waterfall. The rest of the afternoon was spent in pool play. Luna and Estela joined them late in the afternoon until dusk. Mack asked about Joan. She would be back soon. Paulo was taking her on a tour of the jungle trails and the highlands overlook. A beach side bonfire roast would be dinner and served when they returned from their hike.

Luna took over the Mack escort duties and led him naked to his suite to refresh. He showered, dressed for the evening and followed Luna out onto the beach to watch the sunset. The red orb slid beneath the Caribbean Sea as the bonfire flared up to light the circle. Joan and Paulo strolled hand in hand to join the small crowd. Everyone sat around the fire waiting for the food to cook. There were jokes and laughter, each taking impatient turns at poking the fire and testing the food. The mood was satiated and relaxed. A pleasant evening was passing into a pleasant night. Joan reminisced on her spectacular day so far...


After Mack had departed with Solei, Joan and Paulo reviewed the financial statements and ledgers for the resort. Paulo was open to running the resort as a partial investor or selling outright and leaving. Joan would need guidance from Total Woman Excursions either way; Paulo and his nieces must pass Total Woman Security background checks in order to stay or be removed completely from the future direction of the resort.

The resort grounds were huge, hundreds of hectares of lush jungle with running and hiking trails, covering a major quadrant of the island. The resort main buildings, centered on the old plantation house, occupied a small portion near the beach and cove. The cove sported a small dock and there might be enough room for a small seaplane to taxi ashore. There was a clearing nearby for helicopters to land. Joan mused aloud if she should hire a helicopter to survey the entire landscape from above.

"Oh, Joan, my dear...not at all. The island has an interior highland from which you can view the entire estate. Please, let me show you; it is a gentle climb to the summit and you will truly enjoy the vista."

Paulo led Joan along the jungle trail away from the main facility. They climbed the knoll centered on the extensive main grounds and topped out at the low summit. There was a rustic porch-railed viewing pavilion with benches facing outward for the vistas below.

Joan slowly circled the pavilion, gazing outward toward the horizon. The 360 view included the ocean bay with the scarab anchored in the center, the beachside hotel complex with its pool and sports courts. The other side of the island showed extensive jungle with the gash of the double chain-link fence and cleared patrol area securing the landward side of the resort from uninvited visitors. Predator birds wheeled above the jungle while song birds played their natural symphony.

Joan leaned on a railing and dreamily surveyed the green expanse stretching down to the resort area. This would be perfect for another Total Woman Excursions venue. Paulo came up behind her and laid a hand on her shoulder.

"Didn't I tell you it was a magical place? At night, you can see dots of light from far off islands and ships at sea."

Joan sighed, lost in the spectacular view. She mused dreamily. "I'll bet it's very romantic at night up here. Do you have quarters nearby for remote overnights for the guests?"

"Not yet, but it is something that can easily be added. What would someone do up here by themself?"

Joan reached back to stroke Paulo's groin. She had observed his pants covered package at the hotel and now knew that her instincts for size were about right.

"Our guests are never by themselves. Our trained host guides are always chaperoning and very attentive."

Paulo stood still as Joan fondled his cock and balls. He was a man of the macho Latin world and accustomed to having women serve his needs. He pulled Joan closer, letting his fingers touch the side of her dangling boobs inside the stretch cotton teeshirt. Joan turned her head and gazed into his eyes, furtively glancing at his lips as she tested his acceptance of her facial approach. Paulo tested his own approach and they ended in a smooth kiss.

Joan pushed to stand but Paulo resisted. He pulled her back against his chest and pushed her hands back down to lean on the rail. His hands found her waistband and lowered her shorts. He lowered his own shorts and rubbed his erection between her legs, against her vulva, creating a pleasant friction for both of them. Joan spread her stance, leaning on elbows now in a more relaxed posture, pushing her butt back into Paulo's groin.

Paulo knew the signal. He reared back until his rigid rod was poking at Joan's spongy pod. Then he sank into her pulpy receptacle. Joan felt him enter and let her mind go, gazing unfocused into the beautiful distance. Paulo gripped Joan's marvelous hips and set an easy pace.

As much as Paulo coveted fucking this exquisite creature, he also wanted Joan to enjoy the coupling, a special part of the total vacation package experience that the resort could offer. He loved making love in this special place. The sun, sea breeze, wildlife sights and sounds all combined to enthrall its visitors. He wanted Joan to find its enchanted value for the romance and the ecstasy that he had enjoyed here so often.

Joan was warming to the natural ambiance. It was a great view and Paulo was an amazing cock-man. Two dolphins were travelling across the mouth of the distant cove inlet. Paulo sensed Joan's interest. He used long slow strokes, matching the beat of the journey as the mammals breached and dove, stitching a path through the azure waters. Joan watched and felt the dual orchestrated beats of nature. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as a small orgasm washed her abdomen and groin. Paulo paused with his erection deep, waiting for her to emerge from the wave of sensation.

When Joan opened her eyes, the distance was unfocused. Closer in, she saw a hummingbird flitting from flower to flower, its rapid wing beats individually indiscernible. The neon colored bird dipped his beak repeatedly, performing the natural tasks of birds and bees. Paulo drew his knob shallow and quivered his corona on Joan's entrance lips, dipping occasionally to gather moisture. Joan watched and felt those coordinated vibrations. She connected the sight of the bird's vibrating wings and the brisk strumming of her clitoris. Joan clenched her eyes this time and emitted a long moan as a stronger orgasm rang her bells from toes to scalp to fingertips. Paulo pushed all in and waited for her as she experienced the moment. Joan gave a shudder and rolled her neck to clear the emotional brownout.

Joan opened her eyes to see the edge of the jungle. A small female iguana waddled into the clearing and squatted down. A much larger and brightly colored male iguana walked heavily forward and crawled up her back. He laid his full weight on his mating conquest, pressing her into the ground, pinning her with his weight. His hips shook with his coital thrusts into his captive female.

Paulo wrapped his arms around Joan, holding her tightly, her boobs captured beneath his forearms. He reared back and rammed Joan with big dynamic cock thrusts. His groin bumped hard against her butt, his erection pounding into her cunt. Joan's arms went limp. Paulo used his weight to counterbalance and held her upright against his chest, continuing his conquest of her vagina. He could hear Joan panting and felt his own rising ardor that would soon peak.

Joan went rigid in his arms, a hurricane of hormones coursing her veins. She cried out wind gusts of ecstasy and felt Paulo's surge of warm nectar fill her womb. Paulo bellowed in her ear. The iguanas and hummingbirds scurried away.

Joan came to awareness seated on a pavilion bench, cuddled by Paulo's embrace. He noted her alertness and rubbed her arms and back as he pulled her tighter, watching the afternoon sun drop towards its daily rendezvous with the horizon. He kissed her forehead and whispered "Didn't I tell you it was a magical place?"


The sumptuous meal was baked tubers and fish, eaten island style, with fingers, feeding your neighbor's appetite with tidbits from your plate. The wine flowed liberally. The revelers' moods turned tipsy. Paulo volunteered to help Joan back to her suite. She readily agreed and they staggered off arm in arm. The stars were out and there was a sliver of moon, just enough to light their path.

Solei and Estela got the cleanup duties. Luna was assigned the responsibility of getting Mack into his bed. She got him standing and found he was completely sober. Mack was on a mission for his employer and never drank on the job. Before retiring for the night, he wanted to check on the boats.

Luna walked beside Mack as they skirted the waves dancing on the sands. She led him along the strand that circled the cove. The scarab was at anchor, its marker lights automatically coming on at dusk. In the future, they would need to build a bigger and deeper berthing dock. The Zodiac was beached well above the tide mark. Mack and Luna continued walking until they reached the cove inlet. There was a rise of onshore wind.

Luna edged in front of Mack and leaned her shoulders back against his chest. She wrapped Mack's arms around her and pulled herself into his hug. Luna pulled tighter and moved Mack's hands to her breasts, closing her own hands over his hands inside her unbuttoned top. His palms were warm on her breeze chilled erect nipples. Her long hair was trapped between them. Mack could see the twinkles of the distance islands or possibly ships on the horizon. He gently kneaded the accessible handfuls of tit-flesh.

This was a very romantic setting. Luna seized the moment and twisted her face up to his. They shared a kiss. A longer kiss followed. She rotated in his arms, sadly loath to lose his caress on her boobs. The kiss was even longer this time. Their faces parted and Mack looked into Luna's expressionless eyes. He took her hand and this time it was him leading her back to his suite in silence.

Inside they caressed the clothes off each other, not hurriedly. Time was spent kissing, touching, and exploring each new area uncovered. Luna's skin and intimate areas were assorted elements of pink, cream and beige, her softness and firmness fluctuating in all the right places. Mack was muscular and toned everywhere but gentle with his hands, lips and voice. A special firmness was growing at his midsection, much to Luna's joy.

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