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Totally Recalled


"Big tits, Big dicks and fantasy fucking"

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"I'm sorry sir, but we at Total Rekall have withdrawn the Mars Adventure line of memory implants from the market while we retool them. There have been some unfortunate results lately and we have to remember that our customers safety is always paramount!"

"That's disappointing," Clint said. "Can you recommend anything else? Maybe something a little, um, racy?"

"Well, many of our male customers have reported high enjoyment from this new, expanding line of products." The attractive, slim agent handed him a brochure with a picture of a very attractive woman gazing up at a man as they shared an embrace. Both were seminude with her large breasts just barely visible in profile, pushed against his chest. His groin was pressed against her thigh with an impressive bulge running almost to his knee. The tag line on the flyer read "Have a really big adventure!"

"Take a look at the options available. I'm sure you will find something you like." Was her look slightly lascivious? She handed him an electronic tablet.

"All you have to do is check the options that you are interested in and the program will configure itself, there is no need to share with me or anyone else what options you have chosen."

"And how long does this process last," he asked.

"To you it will seem as if days will have passed. But in reality, you will be leaving here late this afternoon or early this evening. It's completely safe, non-invasive. And completely private. Your fantasies can come true in the privacy of your own mind," she continued.

Running his eyes down the list of options he saw that almost every possible sexual fantasy could be chosen and combined with as many others as he could imagine.

"Well, I have to admit there are some very attractive, I mean interesting concepts here," he told her. His embarrassment eased as she made no comment but continued to wait as he gazed at the list.

"I just check the options I'm interested and the program constructs a series of events as if they were real?"

"You won't be able to tell the difference. Until we shut down the program it will be as if you are living the events in real life. The machine is able to seamlessly integrate it's work into what appears to be your real life if you wish. Or it can set up a completely new set of events. If you wish to experience a true harem experience or the Spanish Inquisition, from either point of view, that can be done!"

"Well, my tastes don't run in that direction... Still, I do see some interesting options here." Quickly he checked a half dozen or so boxes, signed and dated the form and after it had cleared he handed it back to the agent.

"This will take a few minutes for the machines to begin the construction. In the mean time would you like a complimentary beverage? Oh, and of course I'll need your financial information."

As prompted he allowed his left forearm to be scanned and the implanted microchip authorized payment.

"There is a very mild sedative in this, it helps to ease the transition and allows the mind to be more receptive to the memory implant." She handed him a bedewed glass half filled with a fruity, refreshing liquid.

As he drank he thought of a question. "Will I be able to remember every thing I experience?"

"Yes. Of course! What would be the benefit of implanting a memory and then not be able to recall it? It does happen in extremely rare instances, but we offer a complete money back guarantee. We have only had to issue a refund twice in the past ten years!" Her voice was filled with a reassuring certainty.

"Alright, we are ready to proceed." She indicated that he should precede her into the prepared Immersion Room. As he rolled onto the comfortable couch the attendant attached a few electrodes. As the lights dimmed he heard the agent wish him pleasant dreams.

As she and the attendant left the room he asked her, "What did he want?"

"Oh," she chuckled, "you know. Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking. The usual." Both were grinning at the pedestrian requests as he drifted off.

Some time later he struggled awake. As he oriented himself he found he was staring into the very sizable, plush cleavage of the agent. Quickly he raised his eyes to meet her questioning gaze.

"Are you feeling alright, Mr. Smith?" She asked.

"Yes, I suppose. But," he stopped as he searched his memory. There were glimpses of women, a room that he thought might be a bedroom. Twinges of excitement came and went. "I don't remember anything beyond a few fleeting images. Not at all what I expected."

"Ahh," she sighed. "I was afraid of this. As you know, we monitor your "Dreams" that the implants construct. Our technicians detected quite a few anomalies in your experiences. I'm terribly afraid that your's is one of the very few minds that does not allow our technologies to work properly. You were asleep for only a very few minutes. We will of course, offer a full refund. Again, our apologies."

Twenty minutes later he was back on the avenue. He had planned to spend the better part of the day at Rekall enjoying a week long "vacation" but now he had time to spare. Well, he did have some errands to run, he thought.

Stepping into his local pharmacy he went to the back to pick up his prescriptions. On impulse he purchased a box of condoms as well as he stepped to the pharmacy check out.

"You know, we offer a fitting service."

"Excuse me?" he responded, looking up.

The dark brown eyes gazing back at him were direct and warm. He didn't recognize the woman waiting on him. He glanced at her name tag and learned he was speaking with Alyson, the Head Pharmacist.

"I said, 'We offer a fitting service'. We find that it increases customer satisfaction and assures the customer that he has ;made the correct purchase. Please, step this way." As she spoke she swung open the half door separating the sales floor from the Pharmacy itself.

Guiding him into the office she shut the door behind them. As he looked about she doffed her white coat and folded it over a nearby chair.

Getting his first good look at her he was struck by several things. First of all, she was remarkably good looking. Her raven dark hair held behind her ears by a plastic hair band. Her somewhat Mediterranean appearance was enhanced by her dark skin and sparkling white teeth revealed when she smiled broadly at him. Having removed her lab coat it was now clear that Alyson had a magnificent figure. Slim and trim legs led to svelte hips, a tight waist and a pair of large, thrusting breasts that were testing the strength of the threads of her buttons.

"Now you just stand there while I take care of this fitting." She sank gracefully into the office chair and spun to face him. "I like this part of the job," she acknowledged as she slowly ran her hands up both his thighs. As her hands met over his crotch he heard her sigh lightly.

"MMMmmmhhhmmm, some great potential here," she murmured. Slowly she caressed his crotch, gently squeezing and kneading his dick as she explored. His pants front began to bulge as she continued. Stopping every now and then she would frame his increasingly large protuberance between her hands.

"Nice," she proclaimed, looking up at him. "Very nice. Have you had a condom fitting before?" Her eyes were sparkling, waiting for his reply.

"Um, no. I've never heard of such a thing," he replied.

"Well, we want to be sure that everything is correct. If the fit is too loose, there is a chance that it may slide off during intercourse. If it is too tight, it may cause you discomfort or even rupture! That would be a very bad thing!" she exclaimed.

"Well," she continued, "lets see how we are doing." Deftly she pulled down his zipper, undid his belt and lowered his pants. Outlined in his underwear was a thick bulge that almost reached his hip. As she stroked her hand over him it twitched even larger. As she watched a small moisture stain appeared at the tip of the bulge.

"Oh, you're weeping already! How exciting!"

Alyson reached up and gently pulled down his elastic to release his still expanding rod.

"Just step out of those, will you?" she asked. As he did so she prodded him to spread his legs which allowed her access to his free hanging ball sack.

"Nice, big! " she complimented. "Your dick is still growing too!"

Indeed, as he looked down at her smiling face his cock swung lazily back and forth between them, still gaining heft, still growing heavier, still becoming thicker and longer.

Her attention shifted to his ball sack. As he watched she gently cupped both hands underneath him and lifted him to her pursed lips. She kissed and licked all over the large pair of seeds. Returning her attention to his now massive dong her lips softly ran up and down the shaft before she gently caressed the head. Smiling up at him she scraped his dick head against her teeth and then kissed the cleft on the bottom.

Holding it with both hands she gazed at his dong. "What a big dick!" she exclaimed. "We may have trouble fitting you with the standard sizes. Luckily, we carry an extensive selection of larger sizes."

"But I don't think you are at your largest yet, do you?"

"Um, maybe not" he ventured as he watch her continue to caress his rod. Her fingers did not meet when she tried to circle the root of his dick, and his dickhead throbbed and pulsed as she worked. Her touch lightened and tightened, providing a series of different feelings.

Again she brought him to her lips. Smiling up at him, eyes sparkling, she gently caressed her cheeks with his dick, rubbing his head across her forehead, over her eyes and nose. A thin sheen of his pre-cum was left behind as she worked. Pursing her lips, she bestowed a small, tender kiss to the very tip of his glans before rubbing it harder against her lips and gently taking the tip between her teeth. Ever so gently she nibbled his very tip and then, slowly, even more slowly began to open her mouth and pushed him into her mouth.

As his dick pulsed and throbbed deeper into her mouth her tongue fluttered against the bottom of his glans and he mouth opened wider and wider.

Pulling back briefly she looked in admiration at the results of her oral skills.

"Wow! This has to be one of the biggest dicks I ever seen," she marveled. "No," she amended. "THis IS the biggest dick I've ever seen!"

Glancing to one side she picked up a cloth tape measure and quickly, professionally measured his now massively hard cock.

Looking up at him with new respect she announced the results. "Magnificent! Just over 14 inches! What a record breaker. I'm not sure that we have anything that will truly fit your immensity."

"Ive got to try this on for size." As she spoke she quickly removed her blouse to expose a very, very large bra, decorated with a scalloped lace edging which emphasized her remarkable cleavage.

"Let me just..." She arched her back while reaching behind her to unclasp the multiple hooks and wires that held it together. "And now..."

She snuggled closer and used both hands to ensnare his member between her melons. As she began flexing up and down, smothering his dick she looked up at him.

"It's times like these I'm glad I'm a Triple D," she crowed with pride. She opened her mouth to ingest his cock head as it surged upward from between her boobs. "Ive always wanted to find a dick I can tit fuck and suck at the same time! This is so much fun!"

She kept up the movement for several long minutes. Her sputum coursed down his cock shaft and provided lubrication between her full breasts and his pulsating rod. As she continued working her nipples became erect, throbbing in anticipation.

Finally she reluctantly removed his dick and smiled up at his as she kept him primed using both hands.

"THere is no way you'd ever fit into that tiny cock sock," she declared, gesturing at the box of condoms on the desk. "No way in Hell! I'm not sure we even carry anything large enough to contain this beast!" She didn't seem too displeased at the thought.

"We might as well start with the biggest we stock, just to see if it'll fit!"

Reaching out she picked up a box on the the table. "Double Magnum Over Sized," she announced. "If this doesn't fit, I don't know what will!"

Quickly she tore the packet in half and extricated the rubber puck. She began to roll it onto his steel hard shaft, pushing hand over hand, working to push it farther and farther toward his base.

At last she had rolled out the full length of the condom. It reached just past the half way point if his dong, the ribbing stretched flat while the rolled opening cut into the shaft. The rest of his dick bulged behind the condom, looking ready to burst free.

The shaft bobbed heavily as she took her hands away to allow her to better admire her handiwork. "Now THAT'S what I call a cock!" she exclaimed.

Her hands returned, stroking lightly, as she continued to admire his staggering vastness. "The real test of course is to see how it stands up to use, real use. This should be interesting. Very interesting." Her voice was dark with lust.

"Come on, get over here! I want to see what this will feel like!"

Shuffling out of his pants, he positioned himself between her legs as she reclined on the desk, propped up on an elbow. Her other hand idly toyed with her pussy, the lips wet with her excitement.

She was almost glaring at him as he stood over her. His dick head brushed her neatly trimmed bush as he lined himself up with her now dripping cunt mouth. The comparison between his puffed up glans and her pussy was akin to pushing a softball into a garden hose!

Perhaps to the surprise of both his head slipped in easily - at least at first. After about half his dick head had sunk into her progress slowed dramatically.

"Oh, God," she moaned, "that is..." Words failed her. With another moan she reached down and grasped his shaft. As she kept moaning, she jiggled his immensity against her, moving her hips as she did so. "Push, push hard you big dicked son of a bitch" she snarled.

"Remember you asked for it," he replied. His hips flexed as he began to drive into her.

Her moan rose in pitch and broke into a series of gasps as she was forced to absorb more and more of him. Her pussy lips were forced into her as he went until they suddenly snapped back causing her to let out a deep cry of lust. He was less than one third into her, moving quickly, shuttling back and forth as her voice grew louder and more excited.

Her firm breasts surged up and down, slapping together, framing her chin on the upswing, settling to the top of her stomach on the down stroke. The gentle clapping, the mesmerizing movement, excited him to faster and harder strokes.

Cramming her free hand into her mouth she stifled a shriek of delight as she was overwhelmed by a strong orgasm.

Minutes later he had reached the half way point in his journey. Less than an inch of the largest condom available in the pharmacy still peeked out with his deepest penetration. Then there was none! As he stopped momentarily, over half of his fifteen inch dick was buried in her snatch. As he paused he felt her cunt ripple up and down. Her stomach muscles contracted and pulsed as she again convulsed in orgasm. This time there was no sound. Her mouth was open, her eyes closed as she shivered.

"Oh, fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck," she breathed as she tried to regain herself. "I've never been fucked like this! God, you are so FUCKING big! I don't think I can take much more of this. But don't stop! Don't stop now!"

Her hips began to rise and fall as she encouraged him to get back to work.

And sure enough, a few minutes later he was bottoming out, deep inside her, having reached depths never before plumbed. He was gasping for breath now, panting with lust and trying hard to get enough oxygen into his lungs to be able to keep up his efforts.

One more climax slammed through her, there was sweat streaking her body, her boobs bouncing and trembling. "Take it out, honey! Pull out! Let me just..." she reached down and grabbed his shaft as he backed out.

Stroking strongly with both hands she beat him off with frantic, quick movements. Both of them watched as his orgasm began. The first bolt of cum seemed to fill the reservoir tip, the second did fill it. Each ejaculation after that caused the condom to stretch thinner and thinner. Working as fast as she could she began to slide the condom off him. As she finished removing it she slipped his head into her mouth and greedily slurped up his last feeble spurts.

Grinning up at him, licking up the last traces of his cum, she announced, "Well, that went well! The condom didn't tear, and it never even slipped a little. Wonderful!

"Do you always cum so much?" she wondered as she examined the half filled condom. "And you are so tasty! I love it!"

As if to prove it she raised the condom above her head and, like an experienced bota bag user, tipped the contents into her mouth without touching it.

"Um, I love semen, she moaned. She ran the almost empty condom between two fingers, squeezing the last dregs into her mouth.

"Well, what do you think of our fitting service?"

"Impressive", he responded. "I'll take two boxes!

Moments later they were both dressed and back on the sales floor. Paying for his purchases he turned and headed for the door. As he exited he heard her speak to the next customer in line.

"You know, we offer a fitting service."

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