Touch Ch. 02


"No! Please Jay; just make me cum so we can move on." I titled my head at that and gave a growl of frustration.

"Kerry you don't understand, I have to see your breasts again. It's like a drug, I need my fix or it WILL kill me." I used a deadly serious tone and thankfully she didn't laugh. She did however look at me like I had spontaneously grown a toe from my ear.

"My breasts are like a drug to you?" She sounded incredulous, which I was forced to concede was appropriate.

"Yes, they're so beautiful. You should never wear a bra or a shirt again, just let me see them all the time." She looked like she might be about to laugh but I kept my face serious. After a moment she seemed to sober.

"You don't think they're too small?" My arms were getting tired and I was starting to get frustrated with her so I lowered her back down to the bed and let her put her feet on the bed. To my surprise, she placed her feet on my thighs as I sat back on my heels. The feel of the hot skin on the soles of her feet on my thighs was new and powerful.

"Kerry I've told you before that you're perfect and you refuse to believe me. I don't know how else to say it so I'm just gonna say it over and over again until you accept it. You're perfect. You're perfect. You're perfect." I changed my tone a bit each time and started to have fun with it by coming up with funny voices as I went on and on. "You're perfect. You're perfect. You're perfect."

"Alright! Stop Jay, I get it!" She finally cut me off in exasperation. I waited for her to go on but she didn't.

"What are you Kerry?"


"You're perfect. You're perfect. You're perfect." I kept going, modulating my voice ridiculously and getting a wide grin from her. The smile faded as I kept going, refusing to let up until she acknowledge the truth of my words.

"Ok, ok I get it Jay. You can stop now." Once again I waited for her but she refused to say it so I prompted her again.

"What are you Kerry?"

"I'm not perfect, I have flaws like..." I cut her off, unwilling to listen to such blasphemy.

"You're perfect. You're perfect. You're perfect."

"Goddamn it Jay stop it! I'm not perfect and I'm scared to show you my breasts! Isn't that proof enough that I am very flawed?"

"I didn't saw you didn't have flaws."

"Isn't that what the word perfect means?" She had me there but I had a great comeback saved up for just such an occasion.

"Usually yes. But in your case the term perfect, as I like to apply it, means that though you have flaws they are a part of a whole that does not need to be changed. Yes I'd like for you to loosen up a bit, to trust me to see you naked and in pleasure and all the rest of it. But I know eventually you'll relax around me so that's at best a temporary flaw. Other than that, there is nothing I want to change about you." I said it almost like I was giving a report to a class and kept my voice at a near monotone with only minor fluctuations to emphasize a point.

"Really? Nothing?" She sounded like she didn't believe me. Still! What's a guy got to do to convince a girl she's perfect?

"Yes really. Why would I say it if it wasn't true?"

"I don't know, so you could see my breasts."

"And why would I want to see them if they were too small?" She didn't have an answer for that and I knew I was on the way to convincing her to give up her hang ups about her body.

"Let me put it to you this way. I think my penis is too small. Should I hide it from you because I'm not happy with it? Would you like that?" She squirmed on the bed a little as she tried to come up with a way to defend her irrational insecurity.

"No, you shouldn't hide it. It's not too small and you know it."

"Do I? Did you know that when I was in basic training I was made fun of for having a small penis? Don't you think that would give me the motivation to try to hide it whenever I can?"

"I...I didn't know that." As if there was any way she could. "That must have been very painful for you."

"It pretty much sucked but I got over it."

"Are you sure? Because you keep bringing it up." She was too smart to be so easily bedazzled by my charm but I pressed on.

"Maybe not completely, but then that just shows how much I trust you doesn't it?" Again she looked contemplative as she tried to find a way out of admitting she didn't trust me enough.

"Yeah. It does. I'm sorry I don't trust you as much as I should."

"Don't apologize just do me a favor. Ask yourself this and answer out loud: do I love Jay enough to trust him with everything I have?" I waited as she took in my words and then mulled them over. To her credit she didn't just answer yes right away in order to appease me, she really thought about it.

"Yes, I trust you with everything I have." She slid her arms from her chest and once again the English language was a mystery to me. I just stared at those faultless formations of honey dipped flesh and drooled.

"Are they really that beautiful?" She asked in awe as she stared at me and took in my reaction.

"Kerry, I've seen a lot of breasts and none of them have looked half as delicious as those."

"I thought you said you'd only been with twelve girls?"

"I've seen the breasts of more than just those twelve Kerry. Ever hear of porn?" She blushed in embarrassment but I could only tell because it reached down to the top of her chest.

"Jay, could you look at my face now. I kinda wanna tell you something." It took great effort for me to drag my eyes from that feast but I did it anyway. "I love you Jay. I wish there was a stronger word than that but since there isn't I'm just gonna say it again. I love you, I love you, I LOVE you."

I couldn't help laughing as she imitated me by changing her voice each time she said 'I love you.' She dissolved into giggles too and we were suddenly pressed tight against each other with our humor spilling out onto each others lips. We laughed together for a short while, our hands going everywhere we could reach as we enjoyed each other completely.

"Woah!" I said when she took hold of my hard on and held me against her thigh. This was as close to penetration as we'd ever come and the humor died immediately.

"I want to Jay, let's do it. Make love to me, please." This was dangerous and my instinct said I was about to screw up if I gave in to her. She had told me all day how she wasn't ready and now all of a sudden she changes her mind? I lost a good amount of guy points just then.

"I can't, you aren't ready and we both know it." She bit her lower lip and nodded just a little.

"I'm so..."

"Do not apologize to me AGAIN!" I said firmly into her lips and she fell silent. "I love you too Kerry, more than that worthless word can ever express. When you're ready, and not just horny and frustrated, we'll make love. Until then, you're just gonna have to cum on my face every few minutes."

"But won't you get tired from eating me at some point?" She said in her little girl voice.

"Yeah, I guess I am only human. I guess you can suck me off when I need to recover my strength."

"Oh goody!" God she sounded like such a little kid! "I love to suck my Big Brother!"

"Good, I'm glad to hear it. Now be a good little girl and lay back so I can make you cum two or five times." I said and she giggled again.

"Two or five times! I don't know if my poor little pussy can handle five cums in a row!" I had thought that Kerry was sexy before, but when she started to affect that little girl charm she busted the charts.

"Well then, why don't you let Big Brother find out for you?"

"Oh, well I guess I can do that." She said with a cute little frown that melted into a wide grin. "But Big Brother has to promise that he'll cum in my mouth too."

"Oh, don't worry about that."

"Promise!" she said with such conviction I had to look at her to be sure she wasn't turning in to a little girl right before me.

"I promise. I'll cum in my Little Sister's mouth anytime she wants."

"Oh you just messed up big time," she dropped the little girl act and wiggled beneath me. "I'm gonna hold you to that promise Jay. You're not gonna be able to go from one room to the next without giving me a mouthful."

"Sounds like a truly hellish fate," I said dryly and she giggled. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a pair of flawless breasts to worship and a Little Sister to get off."

I started to move down but she grabbed my face and pressed her lips to mine for a passionate kiss. We pushed against each other, still dangerously close to penetration, as the kiss lasted far past previous records. We were both breathless when we finally parted, panting into each others mouths as we pulled at the air around us.

I caught my breath before she did and decided to go for those tits before she tried to stop me with more of her evil kissing. Usually I'd start with just my hands, but considering the fact that I wanted my mouth to be busy so she didn't suck the life out of me again I simply started to give little butterfly kisses all over her silky swells. Of course there was also the fact that her breasts looked so damn delicious I wanted to eat them.

I let my hand cup her left breast gently and kissed her right. Her skin was salty and sweet and felt better against my lips than against my fingers. I stopped kissing and dragged my lips across her skin with as light a touch as I could muster, staying away from her nipple. I mimicked the actions of my lips with my hand on her other breast, sweeping gently over her skin and not touching the nipple. She cooed in pleasure as I brought my face lower to get my lips against the underside of her breast. My fingers found their place there as well and again she sighed happily.

I dragged back and forth across the gentle sweep that formed the underside of her breast, enjoying the natural curve that was so seductive. The sensation of her skin against my lips was a new high for me and I just couldn't get enough. I probably spent too much time at but it was too good not to overindulge.

I dragged my lips back and forth, back and forth just feeling her skin. I was suddenly aware of her pulse as it throbbed against my lips, getting stronger and more distinct with each pass over her curves. I was suffused in the smell of her, not her soap but her smell. Her skin was dry but she had been sweating before and I could smell that too. It wasn't the sharp nastiness of body odor but a clean watery smell that I had never noticed before. I drank it in and tried to memorize every jagged peak of that scent.

I had been at it for quite a while and she had been mostly silent throughout. I was starting to think I had chosen the wrong technique when she suddenly burst out.

"God, you're so evil you know that?" I looked up at her face and tried to ask her to elaborate with my eyes so my lips didn't have to. "This is like, the best torture ever!"

I kept my pendulum like motion going, exploring a bit higher on the sides of her breasts even as she gave in and started to moan. I didn't want to, but I knew I'd have to move on to her nipples soon. They were harder than before, looking painfully screwed up into tight knots. They looked delicious and in desperate need of relief.

"Oh Jesus!" She called out as I wrapped my tongue around her nipple and dragged across it to leave a trail of wetness behind. I pressed a bit harder and she reacted with less enthusiasm so on my third try I backed off until I was barely touching her.

"Holy shit! Oh my God! Jay, I think I'm about to cum! Jay! Jay!" I was surprised to hear that and determined to find that outcome so I swept over her nipple with my tongue again while my fingers tapped hair fine touches across the very tip of the other one. "Fuck! Don't stop, please don't stop!"

I'd heard about the fabled breast only orgasm, but it seemed like a myth to me. It didn't seem likely that a woman's nipples, which are at least similar to a man's, would have so many nerve endings in them that they'd be essentially tiny cocks that when treated right could produce the big O. I guess I was wrong.

"Oh! OHH! AGH!" She was incoherent as I sucked her nipple with so little pressure it could barely be called sucking. It was more like I was using my lips to surround the little nub and ever so gently massage it with faint touches. The tip of my tongue barely touched the tip of her nipple and she arched up into me. I was forced to rise up with her so I didn't apply too much pressure and ruin it.

Kerry made a sound like a groan and a grunt and something else high pitched mashed together. She stayed arched high enough to look like her back was in danger of breaking for a few seconds and then shuddered hard before falling back to earth with me.

"Oh Jay, that was AMAZING!" She said as I drew back from her chest to look her in the eye. She looked energized and ready for much, much more. "I never knew that was even possible!"

"Do you love your breasts now?" I asked feeling my face hurt as I smiled too wide yet again.

"Do I really have a choice?" She laughed and I shook my head at her. She just wouldn't give in and admit her breasts are perfect just the way they are.

"So Little Sister, now that the titty torture is done with, are you ready to cum for real." I asked as I drew my fingers over her breasts again, letting my skin addiction have free reign to guide my hands wherever it wanted.

"I don't know. Did that count as one of my five?"

"Of course not!"

"What? Why not? That was definitely an orgasm." She didn't sound offended or angry, just confused.

"Because I don't want it to. Besides, I didn't say I'd stop at five so if you want it to count I'll just go to six." She shook her head at me this time and I laughed. She scrunched up her nose and I laughed so hard it hurt my sides.

"Jay. Jay! JAY!"

"What?" I forced out as I guffawed, still thoroughly overcome with her amazing cuteness.

"Stop laughing so I can tell you something. I'm serious. Come on stop laughing!" I fought down my mirth and slowly stopped laughing, wiping at my eyes and coming away with tears.


"Alright, alright I'm done." I held it in as best I could and after a few seconds I'd regained control. The humor faded as she looked at me and waited. "Go ahead, you can tell me your deep dark secret now."

"Well, it's not really a secret but I'd like to make sure you know anyway." I expected her to go on but she didn't.

"Ok, so tell me you're non-secret then."

"I'm yours Jay." She said simply and I rolled my eyes at her. "I mean it, I'm yours. Completely. You own me, you can do whatever you want to me and I'll only enjoy it. I think we've pretty much proven that by now."

"Well, that's quite a revelation Kerry. You should know that I'm against slavery though so I can't really own you." I smiled at her and she just kept the same intense look on her face.

"I'm serious Jay. I'll do anything you ask of me from now on. You've changed me a lot in the past few hours and I can only say that it's been for the better. Hell, I even feel proud of my breasts and I hated them before!" She was serious and I found it hard to believe. It's not everyday you have a girl, a woman you truly love and admire, tell you she not only loves you too but is so devoted to you she'd do anything you asked of her. I took a moment to soak it in before deciding on a response.

"Well Kerry, I'm overwhelmed. I don't know what to say. I guess I should be honest and tell you there really isn't anything you could ask of me that I'd say no to either. So I guess you own me too."

"You turned me down when I asked to make love." She rather unnecessarily pointed out.

"Yeah but that was the right thing to do. It was what you wanted me to do." She smiled finally and I knew I had answered her well.

"You're right. You're always right. How do you do that?" Again she shook her head and scrunched up her nose in that immensely cute way.

"I just say what I mean and hope for the best." I answered honestly and she giggled at me.


"Yeah. I don't have any deep insight into anything. I'm not that special."

"You have deep insight into me." She replied and I shook my head. "You do! You knew just what to say, just what to do to convince me to get over that stupid shit in my head that kept telling me I was dirty and wrong and disgusting."

"Well I don't know what to say. I guess I just figured you out." I grinned at her and added a bit of a sarcastic tone to my voice.

"I guess you did. I love you so much Jay."

"I know." My smile widened as she got a cute mock outrage look on her face. She couldn't maintain it though and soon broke into that stunning smile of hers.

"I love you too." I finally said and so cooed softly before leaning in to kiss me.

Our tongues danced together for a few moments and then we parted again. My hands had been feeling her creamy breasts the whole time and now they had started to trace feather touches over her nipples. She tensed visibly as the sensation got to her, arching up slightly into my touch.

"Jay not again. Please, not my breasts again." She pleaded. I wanted to tell her that I would convince her that her breasts were amazing no matter how many times I had to make her cum with them but I couldn't do it.

"I love your tits Kerry, but if you want to move on then you have to do something for me."


"When I get off you I want you to scoot back on the bed and roll over on your knees."

"'K," she didn't hesitate to respond.

I slid back off her, both of us sighing as our skin rubbed together belly to belly, arm to arm, and leg to leg. I drew back away and let my hands trail down her arms, over her hips, and down the length of her thighs before falling away at the knee. I wanted desperately to reach out and keep touching her but I fought down the urge and watched as she used her arms and legs to push and pull herself toward me.

"Is this far enough?" She asked as we were nearly pressed together again.

"Yeah," I breathed out as my hands found her thighs again. We sighed together again as I gorged myself on the addictive silken feel of her skin. I just could never get enough of that feeling, of the sexual electricity that arced between us every time we touched.

"Go ahead and roll over," I whispered as I forced my hands away from her legs.

She hesitated, looking like she wanted to feel my touch again before rolling to her left and lying flat on her belly. I didn't have to tell her to get her knees up under her as she slowly drew them back and raised that otherworldly ass up in front of me. I was once again struck mute as her cheeks pulled apart enough to expose her plump lips to me. I was delighted when she kept her upper body flat on the bed and looked back at me with her cheek on the bed by her shoulder.

"You can never understand what you do to me Kerry." I said in an awe filled groan as she beamed love and lust at me with big brown eyes.

"If it's anything like what you do to me then I can sympathize." She whimpered back as my hands found the curves of her ass and screamed at me to never let them leave that place again.

She hissed softly as my hands explored her from the sexy curve of her lower back to just above her knees. I did my best to memorize every smooth contour as I went over each millimeter repeatedly. Her smell filled my nose and drove me into a frenzy as I realized I could easily mount her from this position and we could finally make love. I don't know how I didn't do it.

My hands zeroed in on her swollen labia, drawing back through them with my fingers held softly between them feeling like I had dipped them in molten lava. I collected her secretions and painted her supple velveteen lips with them as I stroked over and over. I didn't try to find her clit. I just felt her sex and listened as she whimpered along to each touch.

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