tagFirst TimeTouch Class Ch. 01

Touch Class Ch. 01


It was getting dark. I'd driven a long way today, walked a lot this week, and needed to sit in the Jacuzzi in my condo complex. As I walked up to it, a woman wearing a towel converged with me. "Are you headed to the same place as I am?" she asked and I said, "If you are going to the Jacuzzi, then yes." "Yes, that's where I'm headed," she replied.

We removed the Jacuzzi cover together and I turned on the jet controls. A girl then walked up and the woman let her into the gated pool area. We all got into the Jacuzzi.

"I'm Jimmy," I offered and she said, "I'm Shiri."

"Is this your daughter?"

"Yes, this is Christine."

Shiri was a comely woman, and now that she was down to her bikini, it was clear she was quite well endowed. Christine was a cute young woman who must have been about 18 or 19, with pretty green eyes.

We struck up conversation about this and that. As the warm frothy water worked its soothing wonder on us, Shiri moved over near where I was sitting. It was easier to speak this way without having to be as loud, so we wouldn't disturb the tenants living nearby the pool area. Christine was content to sit quietly across from us.

At one point Shiri explained that she was divorced and not involved with anyone at the moment. I said that I was not involved either. She smiled. She leaned a little closer and as she turned towards me I couldn't help but admire her cleavage. Her breasts were large and firm-looking, pushing out her top. I was daydreaming about getting my hands on them when Shiri surprised me by putting her hand on my thigh, under the water. I was excited by this turn of events, but wondered where Christine fit in this scenario. Shiri just smiled, and so did Christine, so I decided to go with the flow and see where it took us.

By now Shiri was positioned up against me, our bodies touching along our legs and sides. Her hand was moving now, stroking my thigh. I slowly reached over with my own hand and placed it on her thigh. She let out a little coo. We kept up the pretense of conversation, but our minds were now increasingly focused on the landscapes being tentatively explored by our hands. As her hand roamed a little higher up my thigh and towards the center of my body, my hand played across her smooth skin and towards the edge of her bikini bottoms. She leaned back with a small sigh as I slipped a finger under the edge and inside a short way. She also grew bolder and put her hand on my crotch, squeezing my cock and brushing my scrotum through my trunks.

I now had my hand inside her bottoms and snaked it up until I felt her shaven mound. She quivered and I glanced over at Christine. Christine seemed aware of what was going on, and didn't appear at all upset. If anything, she looked as if she were very interested in the proceedings. Was that even a look of longing in her eyes?

Shiri then said in a hushed voice, "Jimmy, would it be alright if we went back to your place after this?"

I said, "That would be great."

Shiri then asked "I hope you don't think this is too much to ask, but is it OK if Christine comes with us? She won't be in the way. In fact, she needs exposure to adult ways. You seem like such a nice guy that I think this will be a good opportunity for her. What do you think?"

"By all means, Christine is welcome to join us." Christine smiled shyly when she heard this, and I smiled back.

I gave Shiri's clean-shaven pussy a preliminary fingering, reaching in backhand with my right hand. She was wet and warm inside. She inserted her left hand under the top of my trunks and grinned as I had no underwear on and she was greeted by my burgeoning cock. She squeezed it firmly and began stroking it along its whole length. At that point the Jacuzzi jets suddenly shut off. We both chuckled. It was time to adjourn to my place.

We quickly got out, replaced the cover, toweled off, wrapped ourselves in our towels, and the ladies followed me to my door. I opened it, switched on the light, and followed them in. As soon as the door was closed again, Shiri dropped her towel and stepped into me. I dropped mine and we embraced and kissed. "Christine, come here," her mother beckoned. Christine moved over to us and I hugged her with my left arm while holding Shiri with my right. Shiri had her right arm around Christine. "Jimmy, go ahead, it's OK. Feel free to interact with Christine as you see fit."

I hadn't really taken the opportunity until now to check out Christine physically. She was developing into a fine young woman. Her bikini revealed a budding body any guy would appreciate. I leaned toward her and she responded in kind and our lips met. Her lips were sweet and full. I pulled back a short distance --- her green eyes were brimming with curiosity and desire. We kissed again, this time deeply. She leaned her hot young body into me. Meanwhile Shiri was smiling, stroking my bare back and chest with a gentle, loving touch.

I reached over with my right hand and ran it over Shiri's magnificent front. Her breasts were indeed quite firm, but not artificial feeling. As I continued to run my hand over her, I started slipping it under her top, feeling her incredible breasts and touching her nipples as they hardened. She laughed as she said "Why don't I make it easier for you?" and undid her top and let it fall to the floor. Wow, they were beautiful tits, very big but not too big, not sagging but jutting straight out, and tapered in a sexy beautiful shape. And her nipples were amazing, her areolas hugely puffy and the tips large in diameter and length, and rock hard. I could hardly concentrate on kissing Christine as Shiri showed off her wondrous assets. "Do you like what you see?" Shiri inquired.

"Oh yeah!" I responded with a grin.

I was a little hesitant to touch Christine any more intimately but Christine helped get us past that when she took my left hand and placed it on her bikini top. Mmmm, her chest was very nice to the touch as well. I quickly got into the spirit of feeling and fondling Christine's breasts. Mom was now busy rubbing my ass through my trunks. Christine's top just needed to come off, so her beautiful young breasts were revealed. They were not as large as Shiri's, but sizable, firm, upturned, and with hot hard nipples atop greatly puffy bases. I started sucking her right nipple and she moaned. Shiri had her hand down the back of my trunks and slipped it under, between my legs, up past my balls and around to my cock. Oh! "We need to get these bathing suits off!" she declared.

Rather than let go of each other, we each used our free hand to help pull down the bottom of the person to our right. So I helped pull Shiri's bottoms down, she helped pull Christine's down, and Christine helped pull down my trunks. As bottoms became lowered enough we wriggled until they fell the rest of the way to the floor and stepped out of them. Christine's pussy was clean-shaven, too. Her eyes were glued to my genital region, as she had never seen a man naked before in person.

Shiri got down on her knees, took my cock in her hand, and started sucking it. "Christine, please join me down here. Watch what I do, then see if you can do the same." Oh my God. This was heaven. Shiri had a perfect technique, taking in the whole length, letting it out slowly while grabbing it tightly with her throat and mouth. She did this for a while, then said "OK, now it's your turn." Christine gamely took my dick in her hand and eagerly put it in her mouth. "Mmmm" came the muffled sound of her delight. Now she got into the spirit of it and started sucking me like a veteran, taking the whole length in and licking the head and tip with her tongue.

Shiri had been squeezing her own nipple tips and started fingering her clit watching us. I sat slowly down without dislodging Christine's connection with my dick. I inserted a finger in Shiri's now sopping cunt and she moaned deeply. She reached over to Christine and started stroking her back, then worked her hand around to Christine's gorgeous breasts. Christine shivered, loving it. My other hand found its way to Christine's pussy. I rubbed her clit awhile and she came on the spot, biting my cock but not hurting me. Shiri came soon thereafter, frigging her clit while my finger was inside her and found her G-spot. I moved my fingers down from Christine's clit to her slit and very slowly and gently began working one finger into her juicy opening. She came again.

Shiri suggested that Christine lie back on the carpet. She did so, only reluctantly giving up her oral hold on my penis. I lay down beside Christine and Shiri did the same on her other side. I started fingering Christine again. While I was working one finger inside a little, Shiri stroked Christine's left breast, then leaned over and started sucking it. Christine went wild, my finger sliding all the way in. Christine reached over and grabbed my cock, jerking me off. Shiri had two fingers inside herself and was shaking her amazing tits from side to side. She changed position so her tits were over Christine's face while still sucking Christine's tit and finger-fucking herself. The dangling tits were too much for Christine to resist and she returned the favor, taking first one then the other huge nipple into her hungry mouth, sucking like she had when a baby.

I was now able to work two fingers into Christine. Shiri shifted again, now presenting her pussy to Christine and getting to where she could lick Christine's pussy. The two of them munched each other for minutes, moaning and quivering, Shiri on top in this mother-daughter 69. I disengaged from Christine's hand, seeing Shiri's naked hot ass asking for attention, and got behind her. I stuck my thumb in her cunt first, then the tip of my dick. Christine's darting tongue was right there and she licked the dick/pussy junction with renewed gusto. I started plunging further into Shiri's tight pussy tunnel. She came, Christine drinking the squirting secretion.

Christine came up for air long enough to say "Jimmy, I want you in me like that. Mom, is it OK?"

Shiri said, "Oh Honey, of course, I want you to feel this gift of pleasure. Jimmy, please proceed when ready."

Enough said. Shiri climbed off Christine and I moved so that I was now lying on Christine. She had the instinct to take my dick and bring it to her entrance. I gently pushed and she gave a little shriek. "It's OK, Dear, it will hurt a little at first, but then you will discover intense pleasure."

"OK, Mom, I can see how much you were loving it. Here goes! Jimmy, make a woman out of me!"

Christine was very wet, so it was relatively easy to continue pushing my way inside a little further each time. I was breaking through her hymen now and Shiri helped out by sucking Christine's tits again while fingering Christine's clit. Soon I was inside a couple of inches, then 3, 4, 5. Now thrusting in and out. Christine was getting into the rhythm of it. Her young cunt felt so good. I reached out and found Shiri's pussy and inserted fingers there. Pretty soon I couldn't hold back any longer, and announced, "I'm coming!" and shot my built-up load of jism deep inside Christine.

I slowly pulled out and we all collapsed in a happy heap of sweaty, aroused bodies. Shiri leaned her face toward my groin and licked and sucked my cum and Christine's pungent pussy oil off my cock. "Shall we all hop in the shower?" she suggested. "After all, we've still got chlorine on us from the Jacuzzi, not to mention all our yummy secretions."

"Good idea," I replied.

We all stumbled upstairs, touching each other's bodies as we went, arriving at the bathroom. I started the shower and we stepped in. We soaped each other, pussies being fingered by all, and my dick being pulled and stroked by the ladies. Their tits were also liberally felt, stroked, and sucked while the washing was taking place. At one point Christine bent down and started blowing me to erection. Seeing Christine's ass poking up, Shiri soaped it up and then frigged her fingers along the length of Christine's crotch, inserting fingers into her daughter's snatch as she also frigged hew own clit.

We finally finished in the bathroom and went into the bedroom to towel off. Shiri asked, "Jimmy, do you have any erotica we can look at together?"

I said, "As a matter of fact, I do. Let's get comfy in front of my computer and enjoy some. I hope you don't mind if it's only still images."

"Not at all --- I can't wait!" Shiri replied. I set up three seats there and put in a disc of hot images I'd saved, putting it on automatic slideshow. I also took some Cialis and got out some lubricating jelly. We all settled back in our seats, Christine on my left and Shiri on my right, our bodies completely naked, our legs splayed and touching.

The images started displaying, each for several seconds. I squirted a big glob of jelly on my hand and slathered some on Shiri's pussy, then Christine's, and then my own dick. The gals rubbed their now slippery crotches and both moaned as it felt so good. Both also reached for my dick and giggled as they shared its now fully extended length and thickened width. "Ooooo, Jimmy, you're even bigger than before!" Shiri exclaimed with delight.

We watched picture after picture of hot gorgeous women, nude and sexy, posing or touching themselves. There were tons of awesome lesbian scenes and guys with huge dicks getting blown or fucking the hot chicks. There were scenes of women getting fucked up the ass. Shiri and Christine were both clearly getting turned on by everything they were seeing. Shiri frigged herself to orgasm as I played with her tits. Soon it was Christine's turn, and I was playing with her tits with my other hand. Shiri then suggested that she should sit on my raging hard-on. She lifted herself up, straddled my crotch, and impaled herself slowly on my flagpole boner. As she ground her hips and squirmed around with my cock filling her, some really different images came on, featuring cartoons of amazing young women with great bodies, but also having dicks. Both my lovers couldn't take their eyes from these images, breathing heavily now. "Wow, whatever they are, they are really making me hot!" said Christine. "Mom, can Jimmy fuck me for awhile soon?"

"Sure, Sweetie, just a sec." Shiri unselfishly got off and Christine climbed on and replaced her. Christine's tight young cunt felt so good, very closely sheathing my straining ramrod as she slowly lifted up and down.

I couldn't hold back any longer and once again exploded inside Christine. After a bit Christine got off and we all moved into the bedroom. We lay down on the bed together. I had brought the jelly and slathered up the girls again. This time I started moving my probing fingers down their slits toward their behinds and back, then back to their asses and touching their anuses, then rubbing around the heavily lubed asshole, finally penetrating slowly but surely into their tight asses. Both were clearly enjoying this new direction of stimulation and began wriggling their bottoms to engulf even more of my finger, clenching with their sphincters. "Oh, Jimmy, that feels so good! I've never experienced this before, but whatever you do, don't stop!" Shiri said as she moaned.

I said, "Hold that thought," got up briefly and grabbed my dildos, and got back on the bed between them. "Get on your knees and stick your asses up in the air," I told them. They happily complied, two juicy hot pussy/anus combinations staring at me. I slathered yet more goo on both crotches and began the finger entry into their asses again. Now I put a dildo up to Shiri's clenching tushy hole and she gasped. Very slowly I started working the head in and out, and in a minute the head was completely inside. She gave a throaty moan and then continued with an ongoing series of grunts of lusty pleasure as I started working the dildo further and further inside, deeper and deeper up the unexplored canyon of her ass. I pulled it part of the way back out, then pushed it back in, getting into a thrusting rhythm. Meanwhile Christine managed to reach back, wipe some goo from her squishy pussy, and lube my member, pulling my length back into erection, backhand.

"Jimmy, stick something big and thick in my asshole, please!" she pleaded.

"OK, Christine, coming right up." Still maintaining my hold on the dildo pistoning Shiri's ass, I maneuvered so I could get behind Christine's butt with my cock. She reached back again, this time guiding my dick to the entrance to her anus and helping me get it started into her.

After some initial resistance by her tightness, I broke through so that my head was inside. I worked just the head in and back out for a while. "Jimmy, let me take over fucking my ass for awhile so you can concentrate better on Christine," Shiri offered. So I let her dildo her own ass while I got squared behind Christine and reached around and felt her perfect tits. My meat was now sliding all the way inside her ass and filling it snugly. Christine came loudly, which set off Shiri, too.

While continuing to employ her dildo with her right hand, her huge hot tits jiggling below her, Shiri used her left hand to adroitly get out some goo from the tube and slathered my ass with it. She then started reciprocating the anal attention, working her finger into my ass. Oh, that felt good! We were all now moaning and wriggling as all our butts were being penetrated. Shiri said "Jimmy, I see you have a long double-ended dildo. Why don't you use that on Christine and me at the same time?"

"OK, good idea." I pulled out of Christine and started plugging one end into each of my gals' asses. They both squealed with ecstasy.

"Come over here, Dear, where I can suck your glorious cock," Shiri requested. I obliged, Shiri completely engulfing my dick with her mouth and throat, keeping herself free to grip the dildo with her right hand while frigging her clit and pussy with her left. Christine took note and echoed that configuration in mirror image, and also bent her face down to lick my balls. Christine now took her turn sucking me and showed how quickly she had learned how to give me pleasure, clenching tightly with her mouth, working the whole length of my cock slowly, from the base to the tip, and licking the head, flicking her tongue around it.

The girls were moaning louder and more frantically, jerking the dildo in and out of the depths of their greasy asses faster and faster, coming again every few seconds now, until I couldn't keep my cum in any longer and shot my wad into Christine's thirsty throat. We all collapsed again into a spread of spent flesh, the dildos still in their asses. Shiri murmured "Well, Jimmy, I think that was a pretty good first class for Christine in adult touching, don't you think?" and we kissed for a long moment.

"Me, too!" said an exhausted Christine, so I kissed her luscious teen lips and we sucked each other's tongues before lying back with contented smiles to fall asleep...

An eternity later I came slowly out of a fog of slumber as I felt something going on down in my genital area. Shiri was tenderly sucking my as yet also sleepy dick. The sight of her being in my bed, lying there totally naked, with her amazing body, brought back full realization of what had happened the night before. What an amazing turn of events. But where was Christine? I looked over my shoulder and there she was, rubbing her already wet pussy as she watched us. She smiled and her green eyes looked pretty.

"Jimmy, it's time for us to return the favor," Shiri said mischievously and mysteriously. By now I was rock hard. Shiri lubed my ass with goo and inserted a finger as she continued going down on me. "Honey, come over and sit on Jimmy's beautiful dick." Christine did as she was asked, skewering her gorgeous bottom on me. She had taken to being anus-fucked quickly. Shiri now took the two-headed dildo and started working one end into me. Once she had it going deeply in smoothly, she lubed her own ass and got the other end in herself. Oh fuck! This was incredible!

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