tagGroup SexTouch Class Ch. 08

Touch Class Ch. 08


It was getting later in the day by the time we stirred again. Shiri suggested we have pizza delivered, as she didn't feel like cooking. We heartily agreed to that plan, empathizing.

After a suitable period the doorbell rang, and Shiri slipped on a silk robe to cover her nudity. She answered the door, and the pizza delivery person turned out to be a beautiful young woman. Shiri engaged her in conversation. The girl's eyes couldn't help but wander to take in what she could see of Shiri's robe, which she complimented Shiri on. Shiri was flattered, and showed the girl the entire robe, turning abruptly enough to cause the robe to slip open somewhat. Her lack of any clothing under the robe became apparent to the girl, as significant nude cleavage and a bit of pubic mound became visible. The girl's breathing became a little heavier and she unconsciously licked her lips. She looked in Shiri's eyes as Shiri realized what was transpiring and smiled.

"You know, Dear, you are welcome to join us if you are ever interested in some intimate company. My daughter and a couple of our friends have been enjoying a wonderful day together. What's your name? I'm Shiri."

"It is really nice to meet you, Shiri. I'm Jennifer. Your invitation is quite enticing. I think it would be very nice to come visit with you. You know, I get off in an hour. Would it be alright to stop back then?"

"Oh Jennifer, we would be delighted to welcome you back so soon. Shall we save you something to eat?"

"Yes, if you don't mind saving me a piece of pizza, I look forward to returning in a little while."

"Well then, until you return."

"See you soon!"

We sat around the dining room table and enjoyed our pizza. Everyone seemed to be in a relaxed yet tingly place, and we all were excitedly anticipating Jennifer's return. So that we wouldn't put her off, we each got handy something to wrap ourselves in for when she rang the doorbell again. The time went quickly and soon enough the doorbell sounded. Shiri answered the door again in her robe. Jennifer came in with a smile and Shiri introduced her around. We had hastily donned our coverings at the sound of the bell, Christine another robe, and Karen and I big bath towels.

Once Jennifer had been introduced, we invited her to join us at the table. She ate her pizza, her eyes roaming from one to another of us. Shiri, in an effort to make Jennifer feel at ease, said "Jennifer, we hope you are OK with us all being so casually dressed."

"Oh yes, it's quite alright. If anything, I hope you are all OK with me being kind of overdressed, in my t-shirt and shorts. Would you mind if I took off my sneakers and socks?"

"By all means, Dear, get comfy," Shiri told her. In fact, you must be a bit perspired from your work --- if you'd like to freshen up, please feel free to use the shower."

"Shiri, thank you for such hospitality. A shower sounds wonderful right about now."

"You'll find bath towels in the closet next to the bathroom. Christine, would you direct Jennifer to the bathroom?"

"Sure thing, Mom. Follow me, Jennifer."

The two of them went off down the hall. Shiri, Karen, and I adjourned to the living room. Christine soon rejoined us. We put some music on in the background. A few minutes later Jennifer walked in, wearing a bath towel, drying her long chestnut hair with another towel.

"Oh Shiri, I feel much better. Thanks again for inviting me over, and for the welcome wash. I decided to blend in, attire-wise. I hope you don't think it's too presumptuous of me?"

"Far from it, Jennifer. I'm happy you've joined us, and wouldn't have it any other way as far as your attire," Shiri replied with a smile. "Come sit down with us here where it's comfortable," she continued, patting the couch next to her.

"Mmmm, it's nice to just sit down, after being on my feet all day," Jennifer averred. "And it's especially nice to be so comfortable. You are all making me feel so at home."

"Would you like your shoulders massaged?" Shiri enquired sweetly.

"Oh, that would be divine," Jennifer sighed.

"Alright, turn a little away from me. Why don't you put your legs and feet up across Karen's and Jimmy's laps. I'm sure they won't mind soothing them as well."

Jennifer gladly complied with Shiri's suggestions. Shiri started rubbing Jennifer's shoulders, also working her hands up to Jennifer's neck and gradually down her back, moving under and inside the towel, where it covered her back. Jennifer stretched out her legs across Karen and me. The towel rode up her thighs fairly far, revealing perfectly shaped legs. I started massaging her feet and lower legs, while Karen took on her thighs. Jennifer lay back into Shiri's grip and relaxed further as Karen and I worked on her. Shiri deftly kneaded Jennifer's neck, shoulder, and back muscles, and worked in circuits around to the top of Jennifer's chest, above the towel. Shiri gradually inched her fingers down around the sides of Jennifer's breasts and inside the top of towel in the front, as well as the back, and Jennifer didn't appear to object to that level of familiarity.

If anything, Jennifer seemed to be thoroughly enjoying this healing attention. She squirmed her bottom a bit above Karen's lap, little realizing the surprise waiting for her under Karen's own towel. My lap was beginning to reconfigure somewhat, with Jennifer's feet resting on it and moving to my ministrations.

Shiri now had been granted full access to Jennifer's breasts from the outside, and was working her hands in further and further under the front of the towel as well. Jennifer was sighing steadily and breathing heavily. Shiri leaned forward, put her face near Jennifer's neck, and breathed warm breath along that stretch and forward to her ear. Shiri then nuzzled Jennifer and began kissing and nibbling her neck and ear, as she moved the front of the towel down from Jennifer's breasts.

Jennifer turned her face around toward Shiri and presented her moist lips. They kissed gently, then more deeply, inserting their tongues into each other's mouth. Shiri's robe was coming undone, and she let it, allowing Jennifer access to move her eager hands across those magnificent breasts. Jennifer's own breasts were free now, and a sight to behold in their own right. Much like Christine and Karen, Jennifer had high, medium large, firm and tapered breasts, with puffy areolas and big thick hard tips. Shiri was feeling them now without restriction, returning the favor.

Karen meanwhile was working her hands further and further up inside the bottom of Jennifer's towel. Jennifer didn't seem to mind. I think Jennifer must have been aware of my own arousal, though she was occupied on other fronts, because her feet were rubbing my groin through my towel, clearly touching my growing erection and teasing it. Karen's hard-on was growing unmistakable, and her towel was falling away from her tits.

Christine, who had been sitting in a chair, watched everything with great interest. Her robe was open, her breasts out, and she had one hand caressing a breast, the other buried in her pussy area.

Karen now had her hand right up on Jennifer's pussy and started working it into the groove there. She found Jennifer's clit, and was surprised to discover that it was unusually large, both in height and in diameter. She pinched it between thumb and forefinger, pulling it like a small cock. Jennifer moaned. Shiri bent and started sucking one of Jennifer's distended nipples, adding to the urgency of the moaning. I opened my towel and brought Jennifer's feet into direct contact with my dick. I added some jelly from a tube nearby, and got my dick sandwiched between her feet, which I clasped together around my lubed dick and began fucking affectionately.

Karen's towel was now wide open, too. Her jumbo cock was poking straight up, and Karen positioned it between Jennifer's thighs. Jennifer gave a little gasp of surprise when she detected this structure with her silky smooth thighs. She was compelled to turn around from facing Shiri and gaze down toward this unexpected development. It took her a long moment to register Karen's unique physiology, seeing an apparent contradiction between a lovely girl with beautiful breasts above the waist, yet on the other hand a very well-developed and tumescent penis below the waist. "Oh my God," she breathily emitted.

As Karen by now had inserted a finger in Jennifer's increasingly turned on and juicy vagina, and Karen's huge dick was poking Jennifer just inches away, Jennifer decided "I'd love to feel your member get cozy with my opening, Karen."

Karen needed no further urging. Jennifer slid her bottom down a little towards Karen's cock, and Karen held her cock and turned a bit sideways. Karen got her dick up to Jennifer's pussy and rubbed the tip along there. Jennifer shivered. Karen then worked the tip inside and Jennifer reciprocated, gradually impaling herself sideways on Karen's thick stick.

Shiri said softly, "Go ahead, Honey, enjoy that pleasure." Jennifer closed her eyes and fell into a rhythm with Karen. Shiri stroked Jennifer's tits, tweaking the nipples. Christine came over and sat on my lap facing me, after gently shifting Jennifer's feet out of harm's way, and took my cock in her hand and guided it into her now familiar pussy. She leaned down so I could suck her gorgeous tits, which I did thirstily.

Our day of lust had taken on new and unexpected dimensions. Jennifer was now coming loudly. Shiri got up, Jennifer lay back on the couch, Karen aligned herself more properly on top of Jennifer, never letting her cock come out completely during the maneuver, and Shiri now sat on Jennifer's face, facing Karen. Jennifer hungrily munched Shiri's beaver while Karen fucked her royally and grabbed Shiri's heaving tits.

Christine lifted up briefly and reseated herself, this time with me in her throbbing ass. She bobbed up and down on me for a while. Then we decoupled, Christine lubed up Karen's ass, and guided my cock into docking with it, with me lying on Karen's back as she lay on Jennifer. Christine now went around behind her mother and lubed and fingered her ass, just above Jennifer's face. We weren't sure yet how Jennifer would feel about anal play, but we quickly learned that she was open to it, as she reached up a hand and put a finger in alongside Christine's. Christine took this cue to leave her mom's anus to Jennifer, and moved back by me. She lubed up Jennifer's bottom below where Karen was fucking her, and carefully worked a finger around and then into Jennifer's butthole.

Jennifer squirmed her bottom and got into the spirit of this latest stimulation. Soon Christine had a small dildo easing in there. She lay down on her belly as she hand-buttfucked Jennifer, stuck her own ass up provocatively and wiggled it my way. I promptly pulled out of Karen's rectum and inserted my boner to the hilt in Christine's tight anal cavity. Shiri now moved behind me, put on a strap-on, and entered my ass. Jennifer came again. She and Karen got up, she strapped on a dildo, Karen used her natural penis to penetrate Shiri's ass, and Jennifer got her dildo several inches into Karen. The five of us were now joined, with four asses being drilled in tandem.

We kept this multi-legged creature intact and pulsing for quite awhile, until one after another we came intensely. We sprawled on or near the couch. Shiri suggested we move to the bed, and we did. We fell asleep in each other's arms and slept til morning. What a day it had been!

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