tagGroup SexTouch Class Ch. 13

Touch Class Ch. 13


I had met Gretchen at an art fair. She loved each and every one of my works. We exchanged contact information. She bought a small piece, and wanted to buy more but couldn't afford to at the time. So I wasn't that surprised when she called one afternoon. And I had felt some chemistry with her.

"Jimmy, hi, it's Gretchen. I don't know if you remember me, but I bought one of your pieces at the recent art fair?"

"Hi Gretchen. Yes, I remember you. Nice to hear from you. What brings you to call?"

"Well, I just love your work so much. I'd love to see it again, and maybe pick up some more. Would that be possible?"

"That's great! Yes, that would be fine. As I recall, you don't live too far from me. Would you like to come here to see the art?"

"Yes, I would enjoy that. Just email me your address and I'll figure out the directions. Evenings are best. What would be a good day?"

"I'll send the information. Tonight or tomorrow night are open."

"Let's make it tonight, then. Is 7 OK?"

"7 tonight it is. Looking forward to it."

"Me, too. See you soon. Bye."

7 PM rolled around and Gretchen knocked on my door. I welcomed her in, noticing her bluegreen eyes. She had had sunglasses on the whole time we had spoken when we met, so I hadn't really seen her eyes, only hints through the tinted glasses. She was cute, with chin-length brunette hair. She must be around 5'4 and from what I could see through her baggy shorts and button-down blouse, had a cute figure as well.

"Hi, Jimmy. It's really nice of you to let me come to your home. I'm excited about seeing your art again. I keep staring at the piece I got from you, getting lost in it."

"Gretchen, it's my pleasure. It's nice to see you again, and I'm flattered you are so interested in my work. Would you like a tour before we get started?"

"Yes, I'd like that."

I showed her the dining room and kitchen, then we went upstairs. In the bedroom Gretchen remarked "Oh that's such a nice big bed! Mine is smaller."

Then in my office she was shocked at the size of my record collection. Seeing my computer, she said, "So this is where you do your creation. You must have a ball!"

"Yes, I love working on my art."

"I'd love to watch you do it. Do you think I could sometime?"

"Sure, that would be fun."

I was definitely feeling the chemistry again with her, and was wondering if she was feeling it, too. We had come close to touching a few times on the tour. I wanted to be touching. We had also looked in each other's eyes as we spoke, and there seemed to be a connection, where it was hard to break the eye contact.

We went back downstairs. I asked Gretchen if she wanted anything and she requested water, which I got her. We then stood at the dining room table, where I placed my bin of matted prints. Gretchen started leafing through them slowly. With each one she oo'ed or ah'ed, often turning to me with a smile. I was standing very close to her on her left, and as we progressed through the collection our hips touched. She leaned into me a little, maybe unconsciously, but maybe intentionally. We were now touching along our sides and not breaking the contact. She turned suddenly and her left breast bumped into me. It felt very feminine and sexy. She looked up into my eyes, smiling sweetly, and said "Oh Jimmy, these are so beautiful! I love all of them!" Her breast was still pushing into me.

"Gretchen, I'm so glad you feel that way." I boldly put my right arm around her waist, and she didn't resist. In fact she let out a small sigh. She turned back to the prints and resumed leafing. But the dynamic had shifted subtly. She leaned into me more directly.

We came to the end and Gretchen turned to me again and said, "Wow! I want them all!" and she grinned. She leaned into me more frontally now, and I put my other arm around her waist as well. We hugged. We held the hug, Gretchen feeling great against my body. She turned her face up to look in my eyes and her lips were close and inviting. I touched mine to hers. She didn't flinch --- rather she touched mine back. We took our time, but soon we were kissing. Our tongues probed each other's mouth. Our hands started moving on each other's back, as Gretchen had put her arms around me as well. She broke off the kiss for a moment to look in my eyes again, then resumed passionately.

I was aching to get more familiar with her body with my hands, and didn't have to wait long to feel OK about it, as she moved her hands to my butt. I felt hers --- firm and round and perky. My hands strayed fairly far down her backside and a bit under towards her crotch, but not too intimately just yet. I brought them up to her arms, rubbing them. I gradually worked the rubbing so that my palms "accidentally" brushed the edges of her breasts. She shivered slightly at the contact. She had free rein of my ass and was also working her rubbing closer and closer to my front, touching the tops of my thighs with her fingers.

I brought my hands more and more directly into contact with her breasts, soon running them unabashedly over them. They were somewhat larger than I had first thought, which was just fine with me. I rubbed her nipples through her blouse, a finger on each, working in circles, and her nipples hardened noticeably. Gretchen couldn't keep her hands from my crotch any longer, and ran them over my zipper and down to where my balls were confined. I undid her blouse, button by button, revealing her luscious cleavage, and stuck my face in there, kissing and licking the sides of her breasts where they protruded from her bra.

Gretchen was unzipping me now. She pulled my shorts down to my knees, then my boxers joined them. She fondled my cock through my jock strap, rubbing me along my increasing length. Meanwhile I had her blouse completely unbuttoned, slipping it off her shoulders, and reached around and unfastened her bra. I pulled her bra down, revealing her breasts to me for the first time. They were medium-sized, nicely tapered, filled out, and had red areolas swollen with her excitement. The nipple tips were hard and I bent down and started licking and sucking them as I manipulated her tits with my hands. She had my jock pulled to the side now, and got down on her knees and took my bobbing cock in her mouth.

Mmmm, Gretchen's blowjob was terrific, making it difficult for me to stand. "Why don't we move upstairs where it's more comfortable," I suggested.

"Good idea."

We shucked off our partially-removed clothes and brought them with us as we went up to the bedroom. Gretchen plopped down on the bed she'd been eyeing earlier. I finished undressing and joined her. She had her hand on my cock as I rubbed her groin through her shorts. She was naked from the waist up, and I undid her shorts, sliding my hand under the top of her panties. She moaned as my fingers finally found her moist crease. Together we slid her shorts down and then her panties. Gretchen's pussy was clean-shaven and I needed to eat her out. I got my face in there and proceeded to lick her slit up and down. Then I used my hands to pry her labia apart, licking her on the inside and up to her clit. Then I unsheathed her clit and licked and nibbled it. She cried out and orgasmed, secreting some yummy fluid. She had been playing with my cock and now started sucking it.

I fucked Gretchen's mouth as I blew her clit. I started fingering her vagina. I found her G-spot and soon she came again. More cum dribbled out and I drank it up. I moved so I could kiss her and shared some of her juices with her. I didn't know how wild Gretchen was yet, so was hesitant, but she sucked my mouth enthusiastically. I was now in a good position to mount her, too, so I moved on top of her. She opened her legs as she reached down, found my dick, and brought it to the door to her cunt. "I want you, Jimmy. I want you inside me. Fill me with your manhood. Fuck me good!"

The head of my cock slipped inside her entrance. Then I pushed on in, further and further up Gretchen's canal, until I was all the way in. We worked into a rhythm. It felt so good to be fucking Gretchen. She had her arms around me and then wrapped her legs around me, too, making sure I was in her as far as possible. I tweaked her nipples as we rocked, and she came. A little tit-juice leaked out of both breasts as well. I licked it up and this caused Gretchen to convulse with pleasure, moaning and coming even more tit and pussy juice. I bent one of her tits to her face and she could just reach the tip with her mouth. She sucked it with a blissful expression.

I continued fucking Gretchen relentlessly until she was wiped out, a puddle of her cum drenching our conjoined loins. I pulled out, smeared this grease down her crotch and over her anus, then into her butthole. She wriggled her hips and bottom, not seeming to mind this development at all. I lifted her ass up a bit and put my dick to her now lubed ass-opening. The tip met some resistance from her sphincter, but I just got harder from that and shoved on through and into her tight ass. She gasped but was looking at me lustily, so I continued plunging further and further up her chute.

Gretchen entered a new level of delirium. She was again sucking her own tits, first one, then the other. She offered me one and I bent down and took it in my mouth. Her secretions were still leaking out and I suckled the salty liquid. I was ready to come, and shot my load up her ass.

We lay there, Gretchen in my arms. "Jimmy, this has been a wonderful evening!" she breathed.

"I agree, Gretchen."

"I'd still like to get some more of your pictures, when we get a chance. And if you want to, I'd like to see you again."

"Gretchen, I'm glad you want more of my art. And yes, I'd like to get together again."

"Good! Should I find my way home now, or is it OK if I spend the night?"

"Please stay."

"Twist my arm," she said playfully.

"How about if I twist something else?" I replied mischievously, and fondled one of her still sensitive tits.

"That does it! I'm definitely staying!" she grinned. She grabbed my flaccid pecker and kneaded it back to tumescence.

"OK, Woman, you asked for it!" I mounted her, plunged right in and up to the hilt, and we were soon humping furiously. Gretchen came loudly, squeezing my dick with her cunt muscles.

"Jimmy, fuck my ass again, please."

"You got it. Turn over and stick your ass up in the air." She did and I used pussy juice to lube her rear entry a bit more. This time it was easier to penetrate and in no time I was balls-deep into her tushy. She wiggled her butt to feel my cock all around inside her, and I started thrusting in and out. She reached under herself with one hand and frigged herself rapidly. Soon Gretchen squirted pussy nectar in a fierce stream. I orgasmed up her butt again, and we collapsed in a happy heap. We fell asleep like that and slept through the night.

In the early morning we woke up and greeted each other, kissing. Gretchen yawned and stretched, her tits looking beautiful. I stuck two fingers up her cunt and got her lathered up, as she gripped my dick and pulled it base-to-tip. I mounted her, stuck my cock up her pussy, and fucked her royally for several minutes. She got her hand under my belly and tweaked and rubbed her clit. We both came explosively.

We showered and Gretchen got dressed, as she had to get to work. I saw her to the door, where she kissed me and said, "To be continued."


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