tagSci-Fi & FantasyTouch of Wolf Ch. 01

Touch of Wolf Ch. 01


Sandy sat in class, idly gnawing on the end of her pencil, the dull drone of her math teacher's voice becoming an annoying buzzing in the background. Doodles lined the margins of her notebook, doodles line her book bag, doodles covered her shoes, and occasionally doodles covered her skin. She tapped the toe of her shoe against the floor, and she stared at the clock on the wall. Just five more minutes before the bell rung and she could go home.

"Sandy, can you solve this equation?" Miss. Saunders' voice broke into her mind.

"Yes Ma'am," Sandy returned to earth and examined the problem quickly. "3x + 4y = z is the answer to the equation."

"Very good" Miss. Saunders returned to her instruction.

Moments later the bell clanged and the school day was over, Sandy shoved her books haphazardly into her bag and slung it over her shoulder, standing and bolting for the door. Stopping by the snack machines in the cafeteria Sandy grabbed a package of Kit-Kats and headed for the exit. Outside the school she began the walk home, about two miles if she cut across the park. She made a face and pulled a wedgie of panty hose and knit skirt out of her rear end.

"Nice ass Sandy!" Jeremy Felps screamed as he drove by.

"Why don't you kiss it Jeremy!" Sandy yelled back, flipping her middle finger at him as he passed.

Jeremy hooted and whistled, blowing his horn as he drove off. Sandy shook her head and hefted her book bag as she broke into her Kit-Kat and began to munch the chocolate candy as she started her walk. She was in high spirits, a spring in her step as she entered the park, beginning her normal route home cutting across the park through a hole in the ornamental fence to save time. She was humming softly as she walked and didn't notice the soft whining sound until she had nearly tripped over the heap in front of her.

"Oh my god." Sandy shrieked. Laying in front of her was the biggest dog she had ever seen, the animal was massive and he was hurt. "Oh you poor thing." She crooned softly at the dog.

Carefully Sandy inched toward the dog, keeping her voice calm and steady as she came closer hoping she wouldn't get bit. She laid her hands on the dog's hindquarters and worked her way up the animal's body to the deep wound in its shoulder. Sandy looked at the wound and frowned, slowly she reached into the bloody hole and pulled a shard of metal out, wincing as the dog yipped loudly in pain. Setting the sliver of metal aside she removed her book bag, taking out the wad of her gym clothes and beginning to tear them into strips to bandage the wound. Tying the strips together, Sandy bound the wound in the dog's shoulder, making the bandage tight to keep the dog from bleeding to death.

"There, that's the best I can do for you. But you need more help." She looked at the dog. "Your too big for me to carry home, I need you to try to walk for me fella."

Sandy held a piece of Kit-Kat out to the dog and coaxed him softly hoping he'd be able to get up. The dog looked up at her and hefted himself onto his feet, standing shakily and taking a few steps toward her.

"Good boy!" Sandy smiled and stood up, coaxing the dog toward her home.

The dog limped after Sandy the rest of the way to her house, whimpering occasionally and often stopping to regain his strength along the way. Sandy led the dog around back of her house and put him in the old playhouse in the backyard. The playhouse was a remnant of her childhood, a large one room mini house her father had built for her to play make believe in as a child. She piled some old blankets in the corner, stuffing some pillows under them so the dog would be comfortable. She coaxed the dog onto the pile of blankets and covers and then she left the playhouse and went into the main house to get a bowl of water and some food for the dog. Sandy returned with a large bowl of water and another bowl filled with cat food.

"I know its cat food," she explained to the dog quietly. "But I've never had a dog and my parents don't want me to have one so this is the best I have. I think its pretty much the same as dog food."

The dog whined softly and accepted some water and sniffed the cat food but did not eat any. He looked up at her, his eyes were yellow and strangely luminescent. His gray and white fur was a patchwork quilt and his large frame seemed Husky-like to Sandy.

"You are such a beautiful dog." She smiled and stroked his head. "I wish I could keep you."

The dog chuffed softly and laid his head down on his paws, slowly closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep. Sandy set the water and food down close to the dog and went back to the house to clean the blood off her hands. Her parents would be home shortly and she needed to make sure they didn't see the blood or the dog. Inside the house Sandy cleaned up the mess she'd made getting the cat food and washed her hands. She ruffled Boots fur upsetting the feline to no end as she whisked off to her room. Inside her room Sandy turned on some loud music and flopped herself down on her bed to do some homework.

Dinner and 'family time' went as usual, her father bitched about his job, her mother smiled and nodded while not paying any attention, and she blended into the wallpaper. The dishes were done, some television was watched, her parents went to bed to sleep and nothing more and Sandy sat alone in her room staring at the huge moon the filled the sky. She sighed and went into the bathroom, stripping her clothes and stepping into a warm spray of water in the shower. She just stood there for a long while, letting the heat of the water wash away the day, letting it soak her hair and body, feeling it sluice over every inch of her skin. Finally Sandy lathered herself and finished her shower, stepping out and toweling herself off before going back to her room. Once in her room she slipped into one of her nightgowns, a long t-shirt depicting a happy Hello Kitty with fairy wings. Sitting again by her window she stared at the moon.


Oh no! Sandy thought in horror. He's going to wake up my parents! Sandy dashed out of her room and down the stairs, flying out the back door and toward the playhouse. She pulled the door open and stepped inside. It was pitch black inside the small house.

"Shhhh doggie, please you'll wake my parents!" Sandy whispered into the dark unable to see the dog. "Please you can't do that again, they'll make me send you away."

Sandy heard no sound, her eyes were slowly adjusting to the gloom inside the playhouse. She could make out the outline of the pile of blankets in the corner, but she couldn't tell if the dog was there or not. Shuffling her feet she tried to make her way toward the pile of blankets. She was standing at the edge of the blankets when a strong arm wrapped around her abdomen and a hand closed over her mouth.

"Please don't scream." The masculine voice whispered against her neck.

Sandy screamed anyways, she kicked and thrashed and began to cry as her captors arms held strong. She could feel his body through the back of her nightgown, hard and strong and with what felt like just one of the rough blankets on.

"Please, I'm not going to hurt you, you must believe me." His voice was so calming. Sandy stopped thrashing and held still. "I'm going to take my hand off of your mouth now, please don't scream, I promise I will not harm you." Slowly his hand came off her mouth.

"Who are you?" Sandy gasped, holding completely still, still held tight against his body. "Why are you in my playhouse? And what did you do to my dog?" Her mind reeled, what if he'd hurt the dog? Was that why he'd howled?

"I am the dog." He whispered softly. "I thank you for helping me, I didn't mean for you to see me like this nor did I mean to frighten you. I'm going to let go of you and turn on the light."

Oh God he's crazy, Sandy thought. He's a lunatic and I'm stuck here with him. Why didn't I remember there was a light in the corner? How on earth can he see that?

His released her and walked across the floor to the corner, flicking on the lamp in the corner. Sandy turned and faced the man in her playhouse. She couldn't help but stare at him, he was.... massive! His shoulders were huge and wide, his chest was enormous, he was easily 6 foot 3 inches tall or more, every inch of him seemed to be exaggeratedly large. Secured around his hips was one of the old blankets she'd used to make the dog's bed, knotted at his waist and barely covering his knees. Sandy gasped when she noticed the gaping wound on his shoulder, the same wound the dog had had!

"Oh my god." She breathed quietly.

"Now do you believe me? Now that you've seen it with your own eyes?" He looked at her.

"Yes, and No." Sandy stepped a little closer. "How can you be that beautiful dog? How can you be a man and a dog?"

"A wolf actually." He smiled and Sandy noticed the same yellow eyes from the wolf in his face. "I suppose I'm what you'd call a werewolf, although it seems I've got it backwards. I spend my life as wolf, and become a man usually only around a full moon."

"How is that possible? What is your name?" Sandy asked as an afterthought.

"I do not know how it is possible I am both wolf and man." He smiled at her. "As for a name, I've had many, occasionally I've lived with people, always as a dog, a companion, those names were never fitting of the man in me, but I've always liked the name William."

"Well I will call you William since you like it." Sandy's heart was going a million miles a minute. "Can I ask what you are going to do to me?"

"I'm not going to do anything to you, you helped me, saved my life I'm sure." William looked at her. "If you will allow me, I will stay with you as a companion, a friend, or I will leave once I am stronger and recovered. I will do whatever you would prefer me to."

Sandy thought for a moment, sinking down into a nearby chair, unaware of how her Hello Kitty nightgown road up on her thighs and a brief glimpse of her panties became visible. She chewed her lower lip as she thought over what she would do.

"I would very much like to keep you around, as a dog of course." Sandy paused. "But my parents really don't want me to have a dog so it's a hard situation. I'd feel bad about feeding you dog food too, knowing you're a man as well as a wolf. But I'd really like to have you around, I've never seen such a gorgeous animal, or man for that matter."

William smiled at her. "Your compliment means a lot to me. As far as your parents go, just show me to them, there is a hypnotic quality to a wolf's eyes, I think they'd allow me to stay." He paused and chuckled. "As for the dog food, I assure you I've eaten worse, and as a wolf I am no better then most dogs, I eat anything that I can get a hold of."

"Well tomorrow I will show you to my parents when they get home, I hope they'll let me keep you." Sandy paused. "Although I feel weird talking about owning a man."

William laughed and laughed for a moment. "Don't worry, I don't mind in the least, in the end I belong to myself anyways."

Sandy stood again and headed to the door. "I'll be back, I'm going to get the first aid kit and patch up your wound some more." With that she stepped outside the door and went back to the house. Sandy collected the first aid kit from the cabinet and retrieved some leftovers and fruit from the pantry. She walked back to the playhouse and stepped inside, walking in and setting the supplies down on the table.

"I brought you some food and the medicine kit to dress your wound." Sandy smiled at him. "Please have a seat here and I'll take care of your wound."

William sat on the stool in front of Sandy and picked up a pear with his good hand, beginning to eat it as she looked at the wound.

"It looks much better already." Sandy commented.

"I heal quickly." William replied.

Sandy dabbed a cotton ball with alcohol and swabbed the wound clean, she carefully examined it making sure there was no more metal wedged in the flesh. Afterwards she swabbed the wound in Neosporin and covered it with a patch and some surgical tape.

"That should keep it clean and help it heal."

"Thank you." He smiled.

"I have to get back to bed, I've got to go to school in the morning. I'll introduce you to my parents tomorrow night." Sandy smiled and left him.

School dragged on forever the next day. Sandy impatiently stared at the clock all day long, counting the seconds until she would be free to return home and see if the man was wolf again and if the night before was just a dream. Her mind overflowed with thoughts of what would happen, whether her parents would allow her to keep the beautiful wolf or whether they would make her take him to the pound first thing. When the final bell rang, Sandy hit the floor at a dead run, not even pausing to make her usual snack food stop on her way out. She ran all the way home and dropped her book bag in the backyard as she leapt into the playhouse.

Laying on the mound of blankets the wolf slept quietly, the wound in his shoulder was covered in a small bandage and surgical tape, the food on the table had been eaten and carefully discarded into a bag on the floor, and the room had been rearranged slightly and cleaned up. Sandy smiled and walked over, sitting down next to the wolf and running her hand through his soft fur. The wolf lifted his big head and wagged his plume of a tail looking up at her happily.

"Hi William, how are you?" Sandy could barely believe herself, but this was the man and the wolf. "You ready to meet my parents? How about we go and meet them out front as they come home?"

The wolf wagged his tail and stood up. Sandy took it as a yes and lead him to the front door, sitting with him on the porch until her parents arrived home. There was a lot of talk when they arrived, a lot of tense moments, but somehow when they looked into the wolf's eyes they were unable to say no to her request to keep him and by dinner time, he was an accepted member of the family. He was to stay in the playhouse or the backyard in the summer, but in the winter her parents said he could come indoors.

That night Sandy got ready for bed as usual, she waited till her parents were long asleep and she was alone in her room again. She sighed, lonely and very bored. Finally she stood and made her way downstairs, quietly she slipped outside and into the playhouse.

"William?" Sandy called quietly.

"Yes?" He answered from the pile of blankets in the corner.

"I was just... lonely and I wondered if I could sit and talk with you for awhile?"

"Of course you may." He answered her. "Shall I get the light?"

"No its ok, maybe I'll get tired with it off." Sandy walked over and sat down on the blankets next to him.

"What shall we talk about?" He smiled at her in the dark.

"Tell me what its like, to be a wolf." She murmured softly.

"Well its hard to describe it, but since I've also been a man, its not impossible." He paused. "When you are a wolf your senses are much stronger, you smell the fear of small animals when you walk passed them, you can smell the signs of other wolves who have gone through the same area, dogs too. You can tell how old they are, what sex, when they passed, and how healthy they are. You know when the weather is going to change, you know where you are no matter where you go. The world has more layers and seems fuller, richer. Things taste better or worse depending on if it's a good taste or a bad taste to begin with. Emotions are stronger too, wolves mate for life and we form very strong attachments to our mates and our families, the loss of a family member is very painful for us, yet we also have shorter memories, at least normal wolves do."

"Do you have a life mate somewhere?" Sandy looked at him in the dark.

"No." He paused again. "I've only recently reached a mature age for a wolf to breed, but with my difference from other wolves I have held back as well." He stopped again for a few minutes. "Since I've lived among humans so long too, I've only been around dogs, not wolves, so I've not even had a chance to consider a mate."

"Why would you want to stay with me then? If you cannot find yourself a mate while living amongst humans." Sandy asked quietly.

"I have no way to return to the wolves. They are far away from here, and I would not fit in anymore, I've changed too much and they would smell it on me." He stopped for a minute as Sandy leaned against his shoulder. "Plus, I like people, really. I feel more at home around them even if I do lose some aspects of a normal life by living with them. I want to stay with you because you're kind and you helped me, I think I'll like living with you."

"How's your shoulder?" Sandy leaned over and felt his shoulder carefully in the dark.

"Its almost completely healed." William smiled down at her. "I thank you again for helping me."

"I'm just glad it healed." Sandy's fingers ran down from his shoulder to the expanse of his chest, just barely touching the skin.

"So am I." His breathe caught in his throat for a moment and he shivered. "Sandy... I think you might... might want to leave now."

"I don't think I want to leave." Sandy looked up in the dark, her face barely an inch from his.

"I... Sandy... please..." He gasped softly, feeling her half sitting in his lap her hands on his shoulders and her fingers slightly pressed into his skin. "Please, you don't know what this is doing to me."

Her lips just barely touched his, just enough for the heat of her breath to warm his lips and the moisture of her mouth to touch his. "Oh god." He hissed softly as his composure snapped and he pulled her into his arms, his mouth covering hers as his tongue gently swept across her lips. His hands slid down her sides and settled on her slim hips, gripping her tightly through the thin fabric of the Hello Kitty nightgown. He pulled her into his lap completely his arms cradling her form tight against his.

Sandy's mind reeled, what am I doing? She felt strange but she knew she didn't want it to stop. Her arms wrapped around his neck and she tangled her fingers into his hair as she opened her mouth to him, letting his tongue slide between her lips and explore her mouth. She could feel her small frame shaking and her breasts seemed to swell, her nipples becoming hard and her stomach taunt. She softly moaned and gasped as she pulled back panting from his mouth.

"Sandy, I'm not sure..." He gasped and looked down at her, he could see her form in the dark, he could see her hardened nipples through her nightgown and he found himself on the edge of control.

"Neither am I but I want..." She looked up at him her eyes a clear reflection of her need.

Her lips touched his again, and her tongue brushed his lips and slid between them, slowly exploring his mouth as he had hers. His hands slid up her form, the fabric of her night gown bunching beneath her breasts as he slowly moved his hands under her gown until he pulled it over her head and dropped it into the blankets. He moved his hands slowly over her breasts, small but perfectly formed, the nipples hard and very sensitive if how she moaned when he touched them was an indication. He lowered his mouth down and took one of the sensitive rosy numbs into his mouth, sucking it and gently nibbling and grazing the tip in his teeth. Sandy gasped hard and bit her lower lip, her hips lurching upward in William's grasp as his mouth teased her nipples. Her fingers ran over his chest and along the long hard lines of his body to his hips, caressing his skin, hesitant but fueled by lust. His mouth nibbled, bit and kissed down her neck, along her collar bone and chest as his hands worked her cotton panties off her hips. Cupping one of her breasts in his hand, he began sliding his other hand between her thighs, gently parting her lips and caressing the small nub between the swollen folds. He bent his head down, covering her mouth as she gasped, his tongue pressing back into her mouth. Sandy's fingernails bit into William's shoulder as her body rose in his arms her tongue caressing his as it moved in her mouth. His fingers slowly rubbed circles on the nub between her legs and began to dip down across the moist entrance to her body.

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