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Elliot slowly read the letters and numbers off the bottom of the bottle cap, carefully entering them into the computer. Once he had them all entered, he click his mouse, but up popped a warning window. "Damn, these codes are so hard to read." He looked closer at the cap and one by one checked his entry against what was on the computer screen. "Y instead of V," he moaned, correcting his entry and clicking his mouse.

Immediately the computer began churning as the information bounced from web site to web site. Another window popped up and asked how old Elliot was. He typed in 27 and then clicked his mouse again. After a few minutes another window popped up with a warning that some images displayed on the item he won might be either of a sexually explicit or violent nature. He had to confirm he was not squeamish and that he could basically handle anything he could see.

He made the appropriate entries into the form and clicked the mouse once again. "This is a hell of a lot of trouble for an MP3 download," he grumbled. Suddenly another window popped up and announced: Congratulations, you have won the grand prize. Instead of getting a song download Elliot won a... a.... He squinted his eyes and read the strange font.

Sure enough, he had won the new super computer touch display monitor with "Real Feel" input and output, a special mounting bracket and a vial of lubricant. "Wow," Elliot thought, "I bet this is one hell of a monitor for watching porn."

Another form popped up and he entered his name, email address, home address, birthday and waist size. "Waist size," Elliot pondered, "Why on earth?"

He went ahead and entered the information and clicked the mouse, sending the information. A final window promised delivery in approximately six weeks. Elliot went back to the site and entered another code from the bottom of his bottle cap and then ordered a song download.

Right around six weeks later a large box arrived at Elliot's house. He carefully opened the box and took out the monitor he had won. While it was bigger than his old flat screen monitor, it didn't look a whole lot different except for some odd hooks along the top of the screen.

Elliot went through the quick start instructions and within about fifteen minutes he got it all completely connected to his computer. He then started up the computer and immediately went to the introductory web site. Once it opened he realize he no longer needed his keyboard or mouse, he could simply touch the screen and things would happen. Things would happen, but that was not all, when he touched a button, it actually felt like a button. He discovered when he touched an image of sandpaper the screen oddly felt like sandpaper.

He thought for a moment and then went out on the web, entering one of his favorite porn sites. The quality of the image was so much better than anything he saw before he spent a few moments just looking at the screen. When he finally got used to the graphic quality he waited until an attractive woman was onscreen and he reached out to touch the screen where her breast was. "Son of a bitch," he hollered as his hand gently cupped around the woman's breast and he felt the hard nipple pressing into his palm. The woman on screen seemed to sense his touch.

She leaned forward and licked his fingers. Felling the warm, wet sensation of her tongue, he immediately stood up, unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Even though it wasn't hard, he leaned it toward the screen and watched the woman open her mouth and draw his cock in. He felt the warm, wet softness of her mouth as well as the powerful suction her cheeks were supplying.

Watching her he could see the cheeks pull inward with each long suck and then as her tongue ran over him he cold feel the sensation as if she was in the room with him. He could even feel it as she reached up and gently tickled his balls. Well, in no time he felt his balls tighten and suddenly the pleasure shot up the length of his cock. He arched his back and spurted his cum into the woman's mouth in spurt after spurt.

When he finished he slowly pulled his cock away as she tried to sip the last fleeting droplets from his cock. Finally pulling away he sat down and watched one drop of cum run down the woman's chin and drip down onto his keyboard. Elliot immediately pulled out the user guide to the monitor and spent the evening reading it from cover to cover, trying to figure out everything he could do with his new device. He finished reading about midnight and then drifted off to sleep, his head full of more ideas for his new monitor.

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