tagLesbian SexTouching Amani

Touching Amani


Mistress gives a girl recovery time, so she went to the Hutch to share skin with rachel. Rachel's jewel was shining in her door and she was stretched out watching a vid when the door admitted a girl.

This girl flopped next to her honey-colored body and rachel turned to this girl, our arms twined, our legs locked, and we curled around each other like puppies. "Slave-sister, a girl is pleased to share your warmth. " the customary greeting slipped out almost without thought.

"Your life is this life, sister." rachel replies. "Mistress is elsewhere; I am free for a moment." She whispers in this ear.

"Look at this back; are there marks?" a girl breathes. Mistress gives a girl recovery time. She does not like a girl marked overmuch.

Rachel's warm palm drifts down this back, making this girl shiver. "Smooth, white and lovely dearest." She says, "You are white jade, milk glass, perfect. "

"Amani is gone! There is no trace of her!" When I say these words, the hole in my life expands. "You might as well say the sun does not radiate, that it does not pull us all sunward every minute! I love amani!"

Rachel's mouth finds mine and stops it with kisses. "Share your life with mine dear one." She whispers against this chest. Her hands creep to each side of this head and pull a girl into a long deep kiss. The feel of amani rises out of touching rachel. Amani is standing in her room, weight on one hip, hands holding the ends of her braids -- grinning, brown and bare.

Rachel releases my head and snuggles her head against my shoulder. Her hands seek these hips and pull me against her hip to hip. This girl rests her head on a shoulder and the room is silent, there is nothing to say.

For a nameless time we soak up each other's warmth, the simple pleasure of skin on skin, the physical presence of another like body. While this girl is lost in memories of amani, rachel stiffens and turns to me, "My Mistress calls me."

A moment later there is only the travel vid of some barren moon for company.

Meg's jewel is unlit. Around the corner, red's jewel has turned black and dull; there is no way to touch her. She is gone unless her master allows her to connect. A girl goes back to the room to lie down and await Mistress.


This girl is wrist-leashed and walking with Mistress in the market. "Where are we going Mistress?" The sun is high, it must be near noon, and small shadows puddle at everyone's feet.

"Good, you are back; I want to get something for you before we lift." She says, "Carla got her girl some wonderful local jewelry." The street is crowded with tourists and peasants, but they make a path for Mistress in her uniform with me in tow. It is the same mix of chrome and glass, squalor and hovels, sellers and sold, in markets everywhere.

Mistress took me with her while this girl was still in the Hutch! How can that be; how can this one be present and have no knowledge of it? She has heard of girls being punished for errors made while they were away. But she still goes, when Mistress gives her time.

"I was thinking of pendants, or a waist chain; I'm tired of those things you wear, something new, something different." Mistress says, mostly to herself. My appearance is her pleasure; She is pleased to have me wear rings, and chains on my ankles. Like many girls, my head is shaved and she is smooth and hairless elsewhere.

"I would like to see you in those new micro-graphics; I think you would look lovely in Fuji watercolors, but they are so fragile. I would have to use pain induction, and I do love the feel of a good cane or crop. "

A thing learned from amani, when she got into a grumpy mood, when the world felt like iron shackles around her ankles, when it was hard to even find her submission, amani would ask to be beaten. While she was strapped to the frame, as she was being flogged, she would open her mouth and scream and scream as hard as she could. Afterwards, it was like she had released a toxic load of something, and she felt light and free. After she was released, she felt reborn, new and loving -- child-like.

At first this girl was horrified that amani would be beaten for no reason, but when she explained, this girl understood. This girl has been beaten, for punishment, for entertainment, whatever Mistress is pleased to do, but she'd never thought of asking to be beaten.

This girl felt as amani described, when we left Haven. She was indifferent to her owner, always grumpy. Mistress sat me down to ask why this one was so unhappy. This girl couldn't really tell her, when she tried, she just ended up crying. Amani was out of touch; she couldn't share with her either.

When a girl was feeling sorry for herself, when she was thinking of amani and missing her, she could almost hear amani describe her feelings! This girl could hear amani asking to be beaten. So she went to Mistress, knelt, hugged her knees, and begged to be beaten. She started to say why, but couldn't talk for crying.

Mistress took me to the brig; they strapped me to the frame and Mistress flogged me. After the third or fourth stroke, a girl just screamed and screamed and screamed until she brought up this huge hunk of fear, frustration, anger, rage, and things she has no name for. After that, the flogging seemed more like a massage; this girl relaxed against the frame and took pleasure in the care She gave me. My back felt warm and the strokes were like hands on me.

At some point She stopped and the orderly began unbuckling me. As strange as it sounds, this girl wanted her to continue! All the grumpiness, all the unhappiness, all had disappeared! When Mistress carried me to a table, this girl felt reborn, like a child, as if she were so light she might float away.


Mistress is leading me into a small, busy shop. Some people look at her uniform enviously; some look away, but most just glance and go on with their shopping.

"Are you looking for something for yourself, or something for her?" A salesclerk smiles brightly at Mistress.

"Just looking really, mostly for her. If I found something for her lips, or nipples, -- or pendants maybe." she says as she browses the display cases.

"She's very beautiful! Have you had her long? If you'll step over here to the counter I can show you some things." The salesclerk motions deeper into the busy store.

Mistress leads me to the back of the store, to a counter with a couple of high stools. There are cases for all kinds of jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, chains, and others hanging on display. People are looking at rings, jewels, and pendants, in cases. The salesclerk wears jewelry everywhere, a walking display of the jeweler's art.

"Just sit on one of these stools. Put your feet on the rungs. Lean back on your elbows; the counter is sturdy. It can take it!" The salesclerk says, gesturing to a stool.

This girl sits, leans back against the counter on her elbows, and spread her legs wide as the salesclerk steps between them. She looks down at the floor while the salesclerk opens her legs a little more and says, "Well, she could certainly use a few more rings, something to hang a charm, or an owner's tag on! It will make her more submissive as well." As she says this, she slips a finger between my lips and pulls gently to indicate where a ring would go.

"Or perhaps a couple of rings to display her inner lips better -- pull them down and out a little." she suggests. "Her lips are closed right now; but with a little more stimulation they would open up and she would present her inner lips and clit more." Her fingers pull gently at my lips and she slips inside me briefly. A girl shivers, and the familiar lightning makes her hips move.

Mistress says, "I don't like too much hardware; I like her virginal look. I don't want her to look used."

The salesclerk slides her fingers up to my hood ring and fingers it. My hips twitch and this girl draws a quick breath. The salesclerk says, "She's wonderfully sensitive; you wouldn't want to change that! I love how soft and smooth she is."

"Yes she's a wonderful find. I love her innocence!" Mistress says with a hint of pride in her voice. "Do you have nipple shields?"

"I'm sure we do. Let me just show you something new, a tiny little bell for her hood ring." She steps away to open a case and this girl looks up to Mistress. She has that small, secret smile that means she is very pleased.

Mistress gives me an air kiss, "What would you like dearie?"

As a girl looks to her to speak, she notices we have a small circle of admirers, back out of the way. Several women and two or three men are looking at her frankly as she is spread open for Mistress and the salesclerk. "Anything to please you." she whispers and looks back down.

The salesclerk puts a black velvet square on the counter. Several rings, nipple shields, and three fine chains, in gold and silver, are displayed on the velvet. She picks up a tiny bell on a silver chain. The salesclerk opens the clasp with one hand, and pinches my lips around the hood ring with the other, and then slips the clasp around the ring. This girl shivers as lighting strikes her again. When she lets the tiny, bead-like bell drop, it chimes a high, pure note.

"They're called kajira bells and we can put them on rings, bracelets, collars -- wherever you'd like -- and your girl will always make music wherever she goes." she says with a professional smile. "Do you like it? Do you like the look? How about as pendants from her nipples?"

"Stand up sweetie." Mistress says. This girl closes her legs and comes up off the stool. "Come to me." The kajira bell bounces between my thighs and chimes it's pure note. "I might want a thread link so it can't pull out and damage her." She says to herself.

"What else? I'm tired of the cuffs I have on her ankles; I'm so tired of chain! What do you have in solid bracelets?" Mistress asks.

The salesclerk leads us over to a different display case, with rows of bracelets in silver and gold, some with jewels and some without. "Just put you right foot up here dear girl, so we can try a few things."

Mistress is browsing the cases while this girl stands on one foot and places the other on a stool. The salesclerk takes a row of bracelets out of the display case and sits next to the stool. "Do these come off? Is there a catch or key to them?" she says as she examines the chain cuff around my ankle.

"No, they are permanent; just cut them off. I'm tired of them anyway." Mistress says without looking up.

The salesclerk works a thermal shield under the chain and then presses a micro-torch against one link. The link glows and becomes plastic as she twists and breaks it. Once she unwraps the chain, she sets it aside and takes a massive silver bracelet with a hunting scene lasered into it, and slips it around my ankle.

"What do you think of this?" she asks Mistress, "This contrasts nicely with the delicate bone structure of her ankles. We could also hang a kijira bell from an ankle chain to emphasize that delicacy."

While Mistress and the salesclerk discuss anklets, a girl remembers the day she received the chains. We were at an officers' party. We had delivered the cargo, been re-supplied, and the officers were invited to an evening party.

"Kajiraamani, a girl is pleased to share your warmth. " this girl said, holding her arms out for an embrace.

"Your life is this life, sister." amani replied, coming into my embrace.

"This one likes your piercings, one barbell, one ring -- she likes it!" amani was pierced at nips, navel, and three in her labia, along with several tattoos. "Have you ever had a lime and ginger salt rub?" she asked, grinning. This one tried to be funny and said, " Is that made with tequila?"

Amani took my hand, led me down to the hot tub, and gestured for me to lie down on one of the benches. She seemed very young and happy and easy to like. She stretched me out on the padded bench and put my head on my hands. The sun was warm on my back. She started by putting something wet, in a line, across my lower back. "This is made with sea salt, lime peel, minced ginger, olive oil, and aloe vera; it makes your skin tingle and gives you a nice glow." As she massaged it into my back with long, slow strokes, this girl could feel a tingly heat and smell the fresh ginger and lime. Amani worked her way slowly up my back to my shoulders.

Once amani reached my shoulders, she began a circular stroke sort'a like rubbing the mixture in. My back could really feel the heat and a hard-to-describe tingle, not strong enough to burn, but like a distant echo of that. It felt really good! Her hands were very gentle, as she worked on me slowly and methodically, going down my back eventually reaching the backs of my thighs.

This girl was nearly hypnotized or asleep when amani said, "Let me help you turn over." We were in the sun and it glared in my eyes until she put a cloth over them. She started again just above my lips and slowly worked her way up towards my navel. "You should have a charm or something, on your barbell too." she said as she did slow circles around the top bead. This one could only moan; no words would come. Someone else began rubbing the mixture into my thighs, beginning at my lips and working outward. This girl shifted, opening her legs to make it easier.

Amani was taking out my jewelry; she said she'd put them back when she was finished. She began to slowly rub the mixture into my breasts in small circles, going very slowly and gently. This girl shivered, her hips arched, and someone began to play with her barbell. A long breath shuddered out of this one, and she reached for amani, who dodged and said, "almost done."

"She likes to be held down." Mistress said as she pinned my wrists above my shoulders. Amani began at my collarbones and slowly worked her way across my breasts until the rub made them so sensitive -- the breeze felt like cold water! Someone slipped fingers into me and began searching for the Right Spot. This girl didn't care about anything but hands on me, someone kissing me, someone biting my nipples. Amani held each nipple to replace the barbell, and kissed me long and slow, searching for something with the bead in her tongue. I jerked and shuddered and moaned, while Mistress held me tight. I reached that unthinking place where there is no me, only a body to be touched, and used, and caressed.

Mistress took the cloth off my face and said, "Time for the hot tub!" The sun had gone behind a plane tree and my face was in shade.

Amani helped me sit up; there were people standing all around the bench, looking at me and smiling. Amani hugged me and whispered in my ear, "You are so amazing!"

Mistress voice snapped me back to the now. "What do you think of these?" she asked. My ankle was wearing a wide silver anklet that curved and wound around like vines of ivy. The vines looked delicate, like lace and had small, jeweled flowers in the ivy.

"This girl is honored Mistress. Your pleasure is this one's desire."

The salesclerk gave me the old ankle chains to put away in my bag. The high tinkling note from the kajira bell followed us out of the shop, into the street.

"For all that they look delicate, those anklets are hardened titanium; your bones would break before they did." Mistress said as we walked.

"A girl is flattered by your attention Ma'am. You give her life. A girl kneels to you always." this girl says quietly, while admiring the new anklets in the noon sun.

Mistress picks up the pace and a girl does not have time to admire the anklets, she must avoid bumping into others as Mistress hurries through the crowds. "We should be getting back. Lift countdown starts soon and somehow they just can't seem to do it right without me!" Mistress says with a wry grin.

Mistress is the Executive Officer and oversees all the procedures to lift into orbit; she is usually engrossed in every detail and is on duty for days. This girl must make sure everything in our quarters is in order, and that Mistress is served without flaw while she is on duty.

"I want you to make sure my stores are full before we leave. Everything needs to be topped off, everything in order." Mistress says while looking at her slate. "I've sent you a list; it's to be done before we leave planetside."

"Yes Mistress. I submit."

When we reach the ship, the guards salute Mistress and she logs onto the terminal at the dock. This one kneels while she scans for a moment, catching up with preparations to leave. As she reads, a scowl slowly crawls across her face and even the guards can see she is not pleased. When Mistress directs that scowl at this girl, pain follows.

She reads and types, reads some more, and types some more. This girl kneels out of the way, silent, waiting.

"Well. I've done what I can from here; I need to get to the Operations Center." She says at last. "Pet, I want you to sleep; this could be a long watch and I want you fresh."

"Yes Mistress. I submit."

"I'll send someone for you when I need you. Look at the list I sent before you sleep." She says just before she heads off for the Operations Center.

As a girl make her way from the business to the residential quarters, she keeps her eyes down and hurries quickly to Mistress's quarters. The servant's entrance opens she is home. A girl's first duty when returning home is to shower.

After the shower, sometimes this girl is rubbed down with warm oil, but tonight there is no one else here. This girl checks for mail from Mistress, and notices a few others.

Her mail is a list of tasks, not a long list, or a hard list; these can all be done. Before signing off, this girl sends:

A slave girl's plea, a slave girl's dream,
she is Yours and she prays
You enjoy everything this girl has to offer,
Even to the very last breath she takes. ~

Kneeling beside the bed, the Pledge comes to these lips:

"We pledge Honor, Obedience and Service, given unconditionally
by reason of the Gift of Respect, Guidance and Protection.
By reason of this, we pledge ourselves eternally to those that hold us.
These six sacred rings we promise to protect with our very souls."

This girl crawls in bed to drift away alone. Just before sleep comes, a buzzy feeling, twitchiness, signaling a slow slide into something bad.


Amani is led past on a leash. A girl is kneeling, waiting for her Mistress. We are going to an exclusive party, at a beach on an Owners world.

Mistress has cropped me several times for decoration; a girl wears only silver rings, a collar, and a diamond-chain wrapped around her hips. She kneels just to the right of the front door, signifying everything is in order and she awaits Mistress's pleasure.

Mistress steps out of the door and clips a silver leash to my collar. She is wearing a full evening gown of ultra-blue, which vibrates down on the blue end of the spectrum. She glances at me, gives me an air kiss, and tugs the leash as she moves towards the cart taking us to the shuttle.

When we arrive, Mistress leads me to the Command Party Shuttle and we board. When Mistress is seated, this girl sees amani at the other end of the shuttle, but we may not speak. As it should be, her attention is on her Mistress.

The flight planetside was uneventful; there was the usual buffeting in reentry and the girls took seats. This one looked to Mistress, but she has hardened titanium bones; she never flinches. When the ports cleared, there was a green and gold atoll on a silver-struck sea. The deep green sea fades up to turquoise, and up to the white sand beaches around the small island. As the island approaches, the pilot lines up for a landing.

The party is held on a beach, at the back of a shallow bay; strings of lights on poles lit the sand. There were girls splashing and squealing in the surf. The officers and the Owner stood on a bamboo patio under the trees, talking and drinking. Mistress leashed me to a smaller platform with a thatched roof. A girl lay bare except for her jewelry and collar, stretched out, watching the strings of lights come on around the bay.

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