tagRomanceTouching Down

Touching Down


Kelly boarded the plane nervously, oh my god, she was finally doing it. She was on the way to Australia to see the man who had stolen her heart.

She sat down in her seat and adjusted her dress. Red was his favorite color, so her short black number that had red roses on it was sure to please.

Kelly watched the other passengers, none of them could be as nervous or excited as Kelly was. It seemed forever before takeoff. She read the magazine on the back of the chair in front of her.

Finally, the captain greeted the passengers and let them know at what altitude they would be flying and how long they would be in the air. Overnight, over the deep blue ocean. Kelly was glad she would not be able to see the ocean. Her lack of swimming ability had her rather uncomfortable at the thought of it.

Two hours into the air, Kelly decided to relax. She slipped her chubby feet out of her black dress shoes and rubbed her soles on the sides of her shoes. The sensations made her relax much more. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, re-reading their last email.

Chris had wrote, "My Dearest Kell. I am sure by now you have received my letter and the appropriate funds to come over here to Australia. I hope you decide to do so soon, as I can't wait to have my arms around you and give you "our" first real kiss."

She smiled to herself, "wow. No one has ever loved me that much."

"That is a smile of love honey," a soft voice beside her said. It was a lady in her late 70's who had been studying Kelly's facial expressions, "Who is he?"

Kelly smiled, she was happy to tell her Romeo and Juliet love story to anyone who would listen! She told the nice lady, how Chris had met her online, he had chased HER. She was usually the one who had to do the chasing.

"I never got into computers that much," The older lady smiled.

Kelly nodded, "They can be addicting. It would take away your time to go outside and enjoy the air."

The lady introduced herself, "My name is Patricia."

Kelly smiled, "That is a beautiful name. I am Kelly."

Patricia smiled, "Thank you. Kelly is a nice name too. So, tell me more of this wonderful man who has put a look of love on your face."

Kelly went on to tell Pat, which she insisted Kelly call her. She told her that Chris was several years her senior. Pat nodded and smiled quietly, waiting for Kelly to go on. Kelly said, she didn't mind their age difference, to her age was just a number. She would be there for Chris forever. That is when Kelly showed Pat the deep blue turquoise ring. "

That is very pretty," Pat smiled genuinely.

Kelly nodded, "It is a promise ring." She looked out the dark window at the lights on the wing of the plane, "I bought this the day after my and Chris' first disagreement."

Kelly shook her head and looked at her feet, "Well, it wasn't a disagreement. It was my fault."

Pat touched Kelly's hand, "Honey, it looks like he forgave you."

Kelly smiled and laughed the tears out of her eyes, "I guess I'll know in the morning!"

"You love him, I could tell you were in love, but a nervous love. Darling, trust me, you haven't a thing to worry about. I am sure Chris is a nice man. And it sounds like he is the right man for you, from what you have told me so far," Pat reassured Kelly.

Kelly nodded, "Oh, he is! He wants a family, he already has a great family, a mum and dad and two sisters. I will have a built in family from the word go."

"You sound like family is important to you," Pat gathered from Kelly's words.

Kelly nodded, "it is the most important thing in this world to me. Next to Chris. I only hope his parents like me and accept me."

The older lady patted Kelly's hand and smiled at her quietly, "Well, young one. I am going to take a nap while we are over this big blue ocean so I have energy to walk around when we get to the airport."

Kelly smiled, "I sure do appreciate you taking time to talk to me. I am so nervous."

Pat smiled reassuringly, "Honey, you'll do fine."

Kelly nodded and closed her eyes again. Her right hand twirling the blue ring on her finger as she thought about the voicemail Chris had left her so early on the morning of their one month anniversary.

The hurt and anxiety and how he was out of breath in the voicemail. It tore Kelly apart and she tried calling him that morning, but her phone would not go through.

How could she have hurt him that much? She bit her bottom lip and wiped her eyes quickly before anyone noticed.

"He forgave you honey, or you wouldn't be here," Pat squeezed Kelly's hand.

Kelly looked over at her, "I hope so. I still don't feel that I deserve even a fraction of his love. He is so wonderful, Pat."

Pat just smiled and her eyes twinkled, "You'll just find out when you get there."

Kelly closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. The next thing she heard was, "Wake up Kelly. We are in Australia."

Kelly bolted up and grabbed her carry-on. She got Pat's purse out of the overhead compartments for her. Kelly followed Pat out of the walkway.

Pat turned to Kelly as they got inside the terminal, "Kelly. It is so nice to meet you. Good luck with Chris. I'm sure you two will be very happy."

Kelly smiled, "Thanks Pat."

A handsome man walked up to Kelly, "Kell?"

Kelly put her hand over her mouth, as she was flooded with emotion, "Chris?"

He nodded as tears were in his eyes. They hugged for the longest time, Kelly crying on his shoulder. Chris pulling K ever closer to his body.

"I love you so much," Chris whispered.

"I love you," Kelly kissed his ear.

When they pulled away, the old lady who rode over on the plane with Kelly was still there.

Kelly smiled and put her arm around Pat, "Hey. I want you to meet Chris."

Pat smiled, "I know who he is."

Kelly looked at her, "You do?"

Pat smiled and grabbed Kelly's hand and Chris' hand and put them together, "Kelly. Chris is my son."

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