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Touching Mom


A thought crossed William’s mind; “she probably masturbates more than I do.” He’d had his suspicions before they moved into the small apartment; the common wall their bedrooms shared confirmed it. In fact, Megan did masturbate more than her son did-lots more.

Megan’s self-pleasuring began after she ‘gave up’ men. A series of unfortunate choices, and a serious lover who turned out to have ‘other commitments’ when he found out she was pregnant, left her to fend for herself.

She worried about her son Billy, but Megan did the best she could to fill the void left by the absence of a father. She was athletic and taught him soccer and baseball. She enrolled him at the Yoga school she attended. At least the inheritance from her mother left them enough so that she only had to work two days a week; she had time to spend with her son.

Billy was a quiet, withdrawn boy who never called attention to himself except by his good looks. His sexual awakening came at the yoga school. His class ended twenty minutes before his mother’s and he often sat at the back of the room…watching…twelve women, mostly between thirty and forty, stretching their bodies into advanced positions…holding…extending…spreading. He had his first orgasm at eleven, looking at his mother’s yoga book and thinking about Betty, a forty-year-old busty classmate of his mother.

By the time he was sixteen it was hard for Megan to get anything more than a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer from him. He was shy but even more so around his mother. ‘Embarrassed’ is probably more the word because although he had fastened his fantasies on different women over the years, at sixteen he came to the one he never expected to get to.

Billy was idly watching his mother doing some stretches at home and she wore a new leotard that was lower cut than most. She was in the ‘Cobra’ position and he looked at her breasts sticking out as if it was the first time he had seen them. He watched her do the ‘Bridge’ with her pelvis beckoning to him. ‘Cat-Cow-Cat-Cow’…on her hands and knees…arching her back up and down…slowly…as if…as if…

He went to his room and his young cock was raging. In his mind she no longer wore the leotard…she moved, but no longer alone…he touched her…she touched him…and he came and came.

After that night only one woman filled his cum-soaked fantasies. For two years it wouldn’t let up on him because in their new apartment he began hearing her noises through the walls: noises of her little squeals, her humming toys, her muffled moans. He waited to hear them every night…every morning…and he always did.

Megan tried to get Billy to be more communicative and open with her but despite her efforts he remained isolated. Just before his eighteenth birthday, Megan went back to her old neighborhood for a visit with her old friend Rhonda. After both told each other how much they were missed, Megan mentioned her concerns about Billy. Megan always loved Rhonda’s outspoken, outrageous ways but even she wasn’t ready for what came next. “Honey,” Rhonda said, “the only way to control any man is with sex, and sweetie, you’ve got the body to do it with…where did you get those genes from? The two of you are better looking than…”

Megan pulled her head back and said, “What ARE you talking about?”

“Listen Meg, I’ve told a lot of people a lot of things but I never told anyone what I’m about to tell you. I’ve got a few years on you and I learned…listen, do you remember the problems I had with my Tommy when he was about eighteen?”

“Sure I remember, he was arrested with that group that broke into Sadler’s…but he never got in trouble after that.”

“That’s right, he never got in trouble because I made sure of it…he was getting something at home he didn’t want to lose…look honey…let’s just leave it at that.”

“Rhonda, are you crazy? You tell me you…did that and then expect me…”

“All I’m saying is that if you want to stay in control…”

“But it’s not the same…anyway I wouldn’t manipulate Billy…”

“Hey sweetie…it wasn’t like that…we both had fun…and anyway where have you been getting yours from?”

“Let’s not go there…I’ve gone out with too many losers and guys that want to go to bed before dinner on the first date…and I don’t know…you could get killed…between the weirdos and the diseases…I’ve just about given up.”

“Well I hope you haven’t given up “Buzz” and “Big ‘D’ also.”

Megan laughed. “No, I’ve got army of those guys in my drawer.”

The conversation was disturbing and left its mark, not because Megan could ever consider ‘using’ sex on her son but because the thought of having sex with her son surprisingly didn’t put her off. It was quite the opposite; it turned the thirty-eight year old mother on. Over time, Billy became a leading character in her fantasies.

She was thinking about him when he saw her do it. Of course he didn’t know what she was thinking, he only knew what he saw. He thought that she didn’t know he was home…and later he thought she did. He was in his darkened bedroom almost asleep and could see her through the center of the French doors that were opened two or three inches. She sat in the chair reading. He recognized the noises as they began but at first he was surprised. He knew she was only reading a biography she had borrowed from the library. Her thoughts were obviously no longer connected to the book. Her dress was pulled up and her hand was over her panties. Her legs were opened and her eyes were closed. Billie moved as close as he dared to the opening and watched as Megan put her hand under the filmy powder blue material and writhed to the stimulation of her own fingering. She came with three or four high-pitched whimpers and her son had enough grist for months at his mill.

Ironically it was she who inadvertently caught him. She walked into the room…and saw him lying fully dressed on the bed…with his fingers circling his exposed thickened cock. “Oh Billy I’m so sorry…I didn’t know…” He covered himself and turned away. She thought he was embarrassed and tried to put him at ease. “Honey…there’s nothing wrong with doing that…it’s normal…everybody…” When he didn’t respond, she went on. “…Even your momma does it sometimes.” He knew better…even his momma did it all the time. Megan was so stimulated by the sight of her son’s thick cock that she kept saying more than she expected to in an effort to get him to open up to her.

“Baby I know that it feels so good and you can think about anything and anyone because it’s only a fantasy…I do…I think about things… and sometimes I think about…you…” She stopped when she realized how far she’d gone. He looked up in surprise at his mother and was encouraged to tell her the truth.

“Mom…do you know something…I think about you…all the time…I think about touching you and…you know…?”

“Yes…I know honey…I know. You don’t have to be ashamed…I understand baby…you can tell me…please tell me…I want to know.” As he described his fantasies about her, she closed her eyes, his soft voice was hypnotic and her hand crept toward her pussy.

“I think about your beautiful legs and what it would be like to run my hand up to your thighs and up to…between your legs. I…I think about your tits and what it would be like to hold them…and suck on your nipples…” Megan cupped her breast and ran a finger back and forth over the tip, as she pressed harder over her pussy. Billy hesitated as he watched his mother’s hands on her body.

He could hardly hear her whisper, “Tell me what else you do Billy…tell me.”

There was anxiety in his voice when he said, “Mom I…have sex with you…I mean I make love to you.”

“It’s okay Billy…it’s only a fantasy…I have them too…and in mine…you’re the one I’m with…and you…do it…” His cock strained and he couldn’t help touching it.

“Oh Billy…it feels good to say it…” She saw him rubbing himself and said, “I like watching you do that.”

He looked at her and said, “I like looking at you too mom.”

“Then take off your clothes baby.” As Billy unbuckled his jeans she began unbuttoning her blouse. He gazed open-mouthed as his mother slowly stripped before him. His hands almost went involuntarily to her breasts as her bra came off but he stopped himself. Despite being closer to forty than to thirty, her breasts still had enough jut off her chest to look surprisingly larger than they did in her clothes. His eyes stayed glued to the silver dollar nipples that graced the ends of his mother’s tits. She smiled at his stare and said, “Come baby and sit half-lotus with me.” He thought he would come as his briefs slid across his cock when he took them off…looking at his mother’s pussy…so close for the first time.

On the bed they sat facing each other. “Now touch yourself,” Megan said as her hand reached between her own legs. She became a bit embarrassed and lowered her eyes from her son’s but she was content to watch his young cock grow even longer and thicker as he stroked it while his gaze shifted from her breasts to between her legs.

Sitting that close and hearing the pace of their breathing increase Billy said, “Mom, if I sit like this…I’ll come on you.”

“I know Billy,” she said, it’s okay…I want you to.”

He watched the slippery folds between her fingers and the appearance of her swollen clit…he watched the movement of her tits as she rubbed herself below…he looked at the body he longed to possess and when could no longer wait to come, he furiously jerked himself until the first volley of hot cum shot across to his mother’s belly. He closed his eyes and threw his head back from the intensity but it didn’t stop him from hearing his mother’s orgasmic staccato of “OH-OH-OH…oh…oh…oh…oh...”

The excitement of their mutual experience found them in almost identical positions only a few hours later. All Billy had to say was, “Mom…can we…?” She let him touch her. In one hand he fondled her creamy breast and with the other he rubbed himself slowly as she watched and touched herself. Her tit overflowed through his hand and the nipple stretched with the pressure of his touch. His mother’s tit was in his hand and his cock raged at the thought. He loved the weight of it and the creamy color and the fine veins that were barely visible. He leaned over and let his tongue slowly slide around the slight bumps around her nipple. He then drew in as much of his mother’s soft tit as he could and sucked on it for a long time.

The sensations of her son’s mouth drawing on her nipple took her back and she closed her eyes and stoked his hair as his mouth and tongue did their work. Her pussy ached and she attended to it. Even after they both came, the word ‘incest’ still hadn’t crossed her mind…after all…they were only masturbating.

Billy and Megan fell in love. For Billy, the dam had burst. He made up for all the quiet years by telling her everything that made him who he was and she let know her desires and her heart. She had always loved her son and he had always loved his mother but over the next six months the intimacy they shared brought them as close as any lovers without actually making love. What they had done was spend every moment together holding, touching, sharing, and kissing, lots of kissing.

After spending hours in long embraces, days making out and months of mutual masturbation, the specter of complete fulfillment loomed over them. Billy pushed for it but Megan resisted. He told his mother how much he wanted her but she responded time and again with, “I don’t think we’re ready Billy…it’s incest…let’s just love each other this way.”

For a while Billy was content to kiss her whenever he wanted to; she let him stroke her over her clothes when they kissed. Once, when she wore a short skirt, he slipped his hand down her back and after lifting the skirt managed to get his hand under her panties. He had never felt anything so smooth as he gently stroked over the mounds of his mother’s ass. She acquiesced with soft moans into his mouth. With each new sensation he wanted more…more than his mother was willing to give.

There was one exception…the night he went to bed without holding her…or touching her…or kissing her. Megan knew he was upset because she wouldn’t accede to his wishes…wishes that burned as desires for her too. She went into the dark room when it was late and wordlessly bent over her drowsy son. She took his cock into her mouth and began sucking on it. His eyes remained closed as his mother took as much as she could to the back of her throat before drawing back and forth on the hardened meat. She cupped him in her hand and massaged as her tongue and lips did their work. She sampled a droplet of his juice for the first time as some of his pre-cum oozed from his tip onto her tongue. The taste was pleasing to her; everything about having her son’s cock in her mouth was pleasing to her.

Megan felt her son reach into her loose nightgown across her hanging breast. With two fingers he delicately rubbed and pulled on the soft puffy nipple until the tip firmed and then became rigid. As lines of electricity went through her belly to the pussy that ached for her son’s cock, she became alarmed at what she was doing.

She wanted it too much…she wanted his cock in her mouth too much for it to be wrong…she wanted it because she could feel how much pleasure she was giving to him. She searched her reason. She told herself it would be okay if she didn’t let him come in her mouth. She didn’t. So Megan sucked on her son’s pulsing cock until she heard the unmistakable sounds of him about to come. She took the glistening rod in her hand and stroked it the way she’d seen him do, slipping her fist up and down and over the top of the head. He moaned and involuntarily pressed his fingers together over her nipple. The powerful ejaculation may not have ended up in her mouth but it did land everywhere else. She kissed his forehead and left.

An hour later as Megan was about to shut the lamp by her bed when Billy came in without knocking. He was agitated. “Mom I can’t do this anymore…I need you…not just any woman…you…I need to have you mom…do you understand? I need to be in you and love you and I need you to want me to… … how could you do this…I thought we…why don’t you understand?” He calmed and finally he said, “Mom…it hurts me that you don’t want me…that you don’t want me in you…don’t you love me?”

“Oh Billy, that’s just it…I do love you and of course I want you…when I tell you all those things…I do want them…I want to feel you inside me…more than anything…but…I’m afraid. Even though I love what we do together, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and think…how could a mother want her son like that? And another thing is…I’m afraid if we do have sex you’ll stop loving me…I don’t even know why…maybe I’m afraid you couldn’t love a woman who would sleep with her own son…maybe I think that for men it becomes just sex…and then I’ll just be someone you…fuck…oh Billy, I couldn’t stand that.”

“Mom…mom…” he shook his head and took her into his arms, “I love you so much…and I’m never going to stop for any reason…mom, I’m not just another guy…I’m your son and this is going to be just another way to love you…for a long, long, time.”

Her concerns slowly evaporated in his embrace. It wasn’t what he said as much as hearing the words and getting it out in the open. “Yes Billy…make love to me…we do know what we’re doing…don’t we love? We know what it is…it’s love…I don’t care anymore what anybody thinks or calls it… it’s what we both need…don’t we love?”

The look on Billy’s face gave her the answer and when he pulled his briefs down she saw the noticeable bulge transformed into an erect mass that she knew would soon be inside her. The excited mother could hardly take her eyes from her son’s hard cock.

On the bed, Megan opened her legs for her Billy to enter her…she expected him to quickly penetrate her and was surprised when he didn’t. He had waited so long, and yet somehow, he wanted to stretch the moment. He kissed his mother long and hard; he talked lovingly to her telling her that it was only her that he wanted. He told her until she thought she would burst and he touched her until she thought she would come. Finally her legs were on her son’s shoulders and his cock was poised in front of her pussy. The swollen knob was inches from her humid center and as he pressed forward she could feel the stretch and feel herself opening to let her son finally fuck her.

Billy couldn’t believe that after all the years of fantasy that his mother’s legs were opened for him. He couldn’t believe that her pussy was opened for him. He couldn’t believe he was about to fuck his mother. As the first penetration slid past the wet lips and his cock moved into satin of his mother’s center, her voice sang, “Yes Billy…yes…love me…take me…” and he became a believer.

As he moved slowly into her, he felt her around every inch of his long shaft. Her sheath caressed his cock in the warm wet confines. His cock found it’s way deep in his mother’s belly seeking to be completely enveloped. She pulled him down on her and kissed him deeply. It was transforming to have her son’s cock filling the pussy that had been waiting for him. She sighed in relief as his cock filled her and she responded with movements that didn’t seem to be of her own volition. Her hips gyrated and her body meshed with his.

They kissed deeply and longingly; they ate each other’s mouth. His tongue was his cock to her and her pussy was so much better than his hand to him…better than her hand…better than anything. She could feel by the way his cock moved in her that it was more than sex that he wanted…he wanted her…he devoured her. And then it didn’t matter anymore what anyone thought…it didn’t matter what anyone called it…they were mother and son…they were making love…and they took comfort in the acceptance of each other.

Billy’s first slow, even, entries into his mother’s receptive pussy soon became insistent. Megan’s languid gyrations became bucking and high arching. Mother and son’s tender lovemaking became ferocious fucking. Her son’s cock felt so good…she wanted it inside her forever…until she approached orgasm. Then she wanted to come…hard and quick all over the big cock that filled her. Her nails went into him almost as hard and deep as he was into her. As he split and invaded his mother’s taboo opening with relentless thrusts, they both began to come. Billy felt as if his mother was milking his cock with her pussy.

He cupped a breast and sucked hungrily as he continued fucking the woman who had given him life and now gave life again. She took her son’s cock into herself as if it were her completing part. He told her over and over that she was everything to him. She was overwhelmed with emotion…he loved her and he was bringing her so much pleasure. She stroked his ass and her orgasm approach. At that moment she loved him more than she thought she could stand and she wanted nothing more than for her son to come with her and in her.

Megan let out a long moan as she crested and said, “Ohhhhh love…I’m coming…I’m coming…come baby…come in me …come in me…come in momma’s pussy…” The first jolt brought a big smile to her face. “Yes baby…yes…yes…yes…” Each discharge of hot cum increased their efforts until they were both thrusting with chaotic abandon. When he finally slowed, Megan wrapped her legs around him and locking her ankles, drew the still hard cock to a place that set off her final spasm of pleasure. She put her arms around her son’s neck and kissed him in between exhausted, satisfying exhales.

The quiet pleasure of the moment they spent in each other’s arms after coming was pure white. Soon Billy’s conscious attention returned and he felt his mother’s moist skin all over his own. He felt the swell of her breasts, the shape of her legs, and the smell of her wet sex. He felt her touching him and it told him that she wasn’t sorry about what she had let him do.

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