Touching Mom


Megan’s hand that was idly caressing her son’s body soon came across his hardening cock. “Oh my gosh” she said, do you want your momma again?” She wasn’t disappointed by her son’s response. She kissed his cock to stiff attention and said, “I’m so happy baby…aren’t you? Making love with you is so good. Baby…is there anything I’m not doing that would make you happy?

William hesitated for a fraction of a second said, “Uh…no mom, everything is great.”

His momentary hesitation told her instincts that he wasn’t telling her something. “Just tell me baby…tell me…I’ll do it for you…whatever it is…I’ll do it for you.” He had trouble saying the words and so he reached behind her as she sat on her haunches and laid his hand under her waist and slid it down over the fleshy globe. “Oh Billy…sweetheart…you want me there…is that it…you want to put your cock in mommy’s ass?”

“Yes mom…that’s what I want...I’ve never done it that way…and I want it…to be you.”

Megan’s surprised look turned to a smile and she began breathing hard. She said, “I also want it to be me.” She was pleased that her son wanted her to be the first woman he ever took that way and she was more pleased that he would be her first. She took some of the lubricant she used when she inserted her toys and put it on her son’s fingers. “You put it on me honey.” His fingers trembled as his mother turned her ass to him and opened her knees. He pulled one of the meaty globes aside as he massaged the jelly across her puckered hole. With two fingers he pushed some of it in. “Ooh that feels so nice and cool baby…now put some of it on you.” He obediently rubbed the remaining goo onto his straining dick and waited. Even though she had never been penetrated anally, Megan closed her eyes and bravely opened her legs wider in expectation of his entry.

Her heart was beating in her ears and throat and for a long moment she thought about what it would feel like. She didn’t know whether to expect creamy pleasure or searing pain but she would go through it for her son, no matter which. Somewhere in her distracted musings she sensed his hesitation for her sake. “It’s okay honey,” she told him. “I want you to…put it in me…put your cock in mommy’s ass.”

He put the thick knob against his mother’s asshole and pushed. In a mixed gasp and intake of air she cried out as half his cock went into her. He stopped in alarm and then she gathered herself. “I’m okay baby…just do it more slowly to start with. He eased more of his cock into her as she began her litany. “Yes…that’s good sweetheart…nice and slow…in mommy’s ass…oh yes…that’s it…it’s good baby…like that…yes…in and out…deeper and deeper…until my Billy’s…whole…cock…is in…in…mommy’s… ass…”

Billy stroked slowly…pulling out to the tip and them pushing in to the hilt. With each insertion his mother’s sounds became more musical…longer and longer decrescendos “Ahhh…Ahhhh…Ahhhhhh…” His hot, hard, shaft felt wonderful in her ass. He pulled out completely and watched his mother’s hole slowly close before he would open it again with the shiny helmet of his cock…stretching her rosette…stretching her small channel to accept the fullness of her son’s cock.

Megan’s moans and sighs became almost indistinguishable from her words. “Mmmm this what you want isn’t it…Ohhh…to fuck your mommy…fuck her everyplace…Mmmm…in every hole…yes baby…baby…baby… just like I imagined with my fingers in me…yeah…yeah…do it to me everywhere…all the time…fuck me…”

He accelerated with her and said, “Yes mom this is where I want to be…inside you…inside your ass…fucking you like I’ve dreamed of fucking you for so long…watching my cock pushing in and out of your asshole…Oh mom, I knew I would do this one day...I knew…did you know mom…did you know we would do this?”

“Yes love…I knew it…after I tasted you in my mouth I knew I had to have you…in me…in my pussy…even in my ass…it’s so big in there baby…I didn’t know if…oh Billy your cock is so hot in there…nobody ever did this to me…you’re so deep in my ass…and it’s so good…my baby in my ass…so good…baby…baby…baby…”

Each of his mother’s words now brought a thrust of his cock into her forbidden hole and each thrust brought a sweet moan out of her mouth. He heard the increase in her tempo with each entry of the long cock through her tight ring and recognized it as the pattern she used when she masturbated herself to orgasm. Each moan got louder as his stiff cock found its way deeper into her. He stopped watching and sank his cock as far as it would go into his mother’s ass. His throbbing cock went deeper, faster, and but this time she didn’t cry out…she moaned and kept talking to him and taking him in as the excitement and heat built. She reached down and massaged her pussy and clit the way she had done every day before he had started taking care of her but the new feelings of her son’s cock riding in and out along the walls of the tight channel in her ass elicited fresh lustful panting. She was at another level and the intensity couldn’t last. Neither could he.

In the end there were very few words from either of them. The young man was so deep in his mother’s ass it surprised both of them. When she felt his leathery sack slap against her flesh all she could do was moan and with his final exertion all he could do was groan. Finally the cacophony of noises was broken as Billy felt the inevitability of his release into the depths between the globes that his cock was filling.

Billy opened his eyes to look once more at his cock as it disappeared between the beautiful creamy mounds of his mother’s ass before he started yelling, “Mom…mom…mom…I’m coming…I can’t…oh mom…mom…maaa….” As shots of her son’s hot cum filled her ass, Megan started her climax. When she masturbated, she could come softly and quietly but as her son fucked her that way, restraint wasn’t possible.

Megan cried out uncontrollably as her orgasm hit and then again as the surprising second one overtook her. As Billy released, she could feel the love in his satisfaction. He filled his mother’s ass with cum and the soothing warmth was a balm for her: for the ache from his big cock, and the ache of wanting to be filled that way. When their passions were spent, they held each other and fell asleep among gentle kisses.

In the morning, Megan was up before Billy. He was still sleeping and she watched him for a while. When he turned onto his side, she saw the morning hard-on and was stirred by it. She did what she would later do on many mornings. She took her son into her mouth and gently let her tongue roam over the warm flesh. He stirred with a little stretching of his body and she felt his cock spring in her mouth. His reality entered his dream as his mother sucked him toward satisfaction. He was almost there when he opened his eyes and saw his mother’s hands and mouth on his stiffness. He smiled at her and stroked her hair as she began bobbing up and down on the long rod. He sounded a drawn out “Ohhh…” as his body now stretched completely with the first explosive spurt of his orgasm. The flow of cum into her mouth was more than she expected that first time but she experienced his pleasure with him and so she attempted to keep sucking on him as long as he came. When he caught his breath after coming for the first time in his mother’s mouth, he told her, “Mom…you are amazing… that was amazing…”

If practice makes perfect then they practically achieved perfection in that first week. No sooner did he have her than he wanted her again. For the first two days he wouldn’t let her go to work and they never left the house. He learned her body and he learned her heart and he took her until she was ecstatically sore. Megan was overwhelmed by the ferocity of her ‘quiet’ son’s desire.

They say, “Joy that is shared is joy that is multiplied.” The only one that Megan would dare share her joy with was Rhonda. In her first conversation with Rhonda, Megan danced around what she had done and with whom but Rhonda was tuned to what Megan didn’t say. “Is he any good Meg?”

“Who…Rhonda I never said I…oh damn…yes…he is so good for me…Rhonda…I didn’t tell Billy but not even…well nobody made me feel like this…I don’t know what it is…he fills me and…he fits me…I just keep coming and coming…I want him all the time and I’m doing things I never dreamed…Oh God listen to me I’m going on like I’m a new bride…but that’s how I feel Rhonda…like everything is new… because of how Billy…loves me.”

Megan did feel like a Bride to her Billy. It was as if she had she had wiped her memory of any life before the one she now shared with her son. She felt as if she were his bride because she had given him her anal virginity. She felt as if she were his bride because she would carry his child if he asked her to and she felt as if she were was bride because she wanted him…all the time. Each night she opened her mouth and her legs and her ass to her son waiting for the rippling pleasures of her orgasms as he came in her.

Rhonda enjoyed Megan’s descriptions almost as much as Megan did. “I remember what it was like with my Tommy…that first flush and then all that fucking for months…I miss it Meg, I really do.”

Megan said, “What happened Rhonda…I mean…if you don’t want to talk about it it’s okay.”

“Oh honey…you know… he started with other women…I was there when he wanted me and you know what happens…maybe I was too easy…finally he met Karen…she’s a sweetheart and I don’t think she knows what she’s in for…can you believe he came to me two days before he got married and tried to get a “final fling” as he called it? I told him ‘No way’ and tried to get him to understand what he was doing but I don’t know…men…I sure as hell don’t understand them.”

Megan’s conversations with Rhonda left her excited but wary. She couldn’t help wondering if her affair with Billy would mirror Rhonda’s with her son. As time went on and the flush of the first few weeks turned into months, she worried more. And yet she couldn’t detect anything from Billy but love and desire. They were both voracious; they fucked every chance they got. Megan felt like a kid again and was ready every time her Billy wanted her. There were nights the inflamed membranes of her small opening turned pink and raw with the number of times her son wanted her but she always welcomed any expressions of his desire for her.

At times her unreasonable fears mounted and she would ‘test’ him. Getting up late one morning she knew he would have to rush to get to work. She put on her nylons and heels and nothing else. She then sat before the mirror putting on her makeup hoping to provoke him. He only laughed and said, “Mom, are you trying to get me crazy?” He brought his cock to her mouth and within minutes he spewed his creamy seed down her throat. If she tried to ‘let him off’ when he came home late by telling him it was okay if he was too tired to make love, he took her until she was sore.

Finally Megan talked to her son about her fears. As she sat naked in bed, waiting for him to join her, Megan said; “Billy honey…when we first started I thought to myself, ‘how can I be doing this with my son?’ But I knew even then that it was exactly what I wanted…to be yours…to please you… to give you what you need even if it meant letting you do what I never thought of any man doing to me…because it was what I needed too Billy…to have you in me…here...” She covered her pussy with her hand and rubbed. “…And to have you in me everywhere. I knew it would be terrible for me if you would want someone else but I thought that it was inevitable …you’re so young…” She smiled sadly at him, “How long could an old lady keep you happy? But now baby…Oh God… I couldn’t stand it.” She reached out and took his cock, wrapping it into her fist. “Please tell me this is for me…only for me…I don’t want you to want anybody else…I don’t want you to…fuck anybody else.” Her eyes were wide and sparkling.

Billy put a caring hand on his mother’s burning cheeks. “Mom…it’s only for you…I don’t want anybody else…you have to know that…this is what I want.” He strongly grasped her two breasts and then let them go. This is what I want. He reached between his mother’s legs and firmly held her pussy. “And this mom…this is what I want.” He slid his hand under her ass and managed to put his finger into her. She closed her eyes and responded immediately as his probing finger moved inside her small channel.

“Yes Billy they’re for you and I promise you…I’ll never refuse you… anything…anytime…just tell me…just tell me…just tell me.” He tasted a salty tear as he kissed her mouth and prepared to enter her. As her took her he felt her complete surrender. “I belong to you Billy don’t I…momma belongs to you…don’t I baby?”

“Yes mom you’re mine…all of you belongs to me.” He held his mother’s legs opened as wide as he could and quickly entered the wet opening. She felt every inch of her son’s cock penetrating her. She loved her vulnerability to him. She knew he would soon take her mouth or her ass as he often did and she loved being subject to his sexual whim. He went to her mouth after a while and filled it with the throbbing flesh that was sticky with the taste of her.

Megan cupped him and sucked him almost manically in her excitement. She knew he wouldn’t come in her mouth yet because he wasn’t through with her. He pulled the cock that was shiny with saliva out of his mother’s mouth and went back to her pussy. He sank the long sword into her up to the hilt. He fucked her at various paces and she almost came a few times but he knew his mother. He knew how to keep her at the edge, at the precipice of the satisfaction she knew would come only after building to the point where she could almost scream to him to let her finish.

Finally Billy lifted his mother to a seated position on him and she had a measure of control. As she gyrated her hips on the stiff rod that filled her pussy, he grasped his mother’s ass in both hands and drew her fully onto the length of his cock. She felt a liquid release and cried out as he contacted the depths of her. “Oh God…yes…yes…oh Billy…Billy…Billy…” Her arms wrapped him in a crushing grip as their cum mingled.

The gratified mother told her son told her that he was all she could ever want and he called her his “sweet lover…sweet mother…sweet bride.” Their lives had taken an unalterable new path. They had gone past lovemaking, fucking, and even incest…they were joined.

They were happy…for a minute. At least that was the way it seemed to Megan. She had given herself to her son in a way few women do with their husbands or lovers and at first he had enveloped her in love; he had lavished her with caring, affection and sex.

With her accessibility to him, Billy assumed that Megan would always be there - no matter what he did, said, or didn’t say. Within a year his caring had shifted focus from his mother to himself. The affection he showed her only manifested itself sometimes during sex. He still liked fucking her but he now saw her as too demanding. To him she was always bothering him to tell her how much he loved her and needed her. To her, what she had feared from the beginning had come to pass; she was just a fuck to him.

Megan started to get back at him by withholding anal sex. She told him it hurt too much. He knew it didn’t. She thought that it might get him to change. It didn’t. He started looking elsewhere. He was aware that Rhonda knew about them and he’d always found her attractive. He figured he would visit her on the pretense of talking about his ‘problem’ with his mother but more to see what might happen.

Megan had told Rhonda too much…too much about what a good lover he was…what he made her do…what he made her feel. Months of confidences had whetted Rhonda’s appetites and memories of sex with her own son were re-kindled.

The extra years wore well on Rhonda and she looked no older than Billy’s mom. Her body was inviting and she didn’t try to hide it. He didn’t fail to notice. It wasn’t an hour before the length of her thigh and leg was against his on the sofa…her nylons making that sound against one another…her perfume in the air…her heat palpable to him.

She was so understanding, so sweet and so close. The foreplay was almost non-existent. Within minutes he was fucking his mother’s best friend and she was telling him that he made her feel like Tommy did when he did this…and that…in the kitchen…and in the car. He wasn’t interested in Tommy. All he wanted to do was fuck Tommy’s mom…and not in the kitchen but in the ass.

Billy let her sit on him and ride for a while as he pressed and pulled at her heavy tits. It didn’t feel as good as good as when his mother was on him and he wanted to banish thoughts of her so he turned Rhonda over and attempted to enter her from behind. His cock wasn’t wet enough from her pussy but he wasn’t too concerned.

Rhonda screamed at the top of her lungs. She had expected him to penetrate her pussy doggy-style and the shocking entry into her ass was excruciating. He pulled out and soothed her. She was practically crying from the pain when he asked her if she had any lubricant. She was hardly focused when she told him where to find it. He returned slathered up and put a soothing finger into Rhonda’s ass. She was saying something like, “I don’t know if…?” when he approached her again. She girded herself remembering how Megan had described coming time and again as her son had buried his cock deep into her small channel.

With only a third of his big cock in her Rhonda screamed again. “No more…no more damn you…no more.” She pulled away and after composing herself, she told Billy, “This was a mistake…please don’t tell your mom…and please go.” Billy left after an off-handed apology and went home.

He never told his mother about Rhonda and he didn’t have too. They were out of sync and the bond had been damaged. Megan wondered how things could get so bad, so quickly. They began living separate lives and Billy moved out. Megan called lots more than he did but most of their conversations were strained.

During the first two months they spent apart, Billy went to bed with seven different women. It was the best thing that ever happened to him because he found all the affairs empty and unsatisfying. He began talking to Megan more often until they spoke every day. Their estrangement ended simply.

Billy said, “I want you back.”

Megan said, “Why?”

Billy said, “Because all of me knows that we love each other.”

He went home the same night and the song fit; love was better the second time around. Billy knew that he was where he had to be, with his mother. It would be different this time because it was about love. He was hers now.

He kissed his mother and ran his hands over the body he would come to cherish. Just touching her breasts and ass over her dress felt better than anything he’d touched in the time they were apart. The sweet taste of her tongue in his mouth made him hard. Her smell made him hard. Her touch made him harder.

He stripped her slowly and tasted the fragrant skin of each part of her as he exposed it. He made love to her breasts with touches and licks and sucks. His mother was ready for him before he touched her moistened pussy but he was tortuously slow and teasing with the slick folds and hood that covered her swelling clit. He quickly undressed himself and as they stood; he held her naked body against his inserting a finger in her ass as she opened her legs for the son she loved.

He sat her on the edge of the bed and his turgid helmet approached her mouth. She took a halting breath as she accepted the head between her lips. She saw her son looking at her as she began sucking in his long rod. She had a moment of disquiet and said, “You would never be ashamed of me would you baby?”

What he was thinking as his mother was sucking him was that it was the most beautiful sight he could imagine. He smiled at her and said, “Never mom, never.”

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