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My story begins 27 years after I married Sherry Shackleford, the love of my life. It was a typical college romance, followed by graduation, a big ass wedding, lots of mind blowing sex, and one child. Our daughter Randi was actually conceived on our honeymoon. It was a difficult pregnancy, and delivery, so we decided not to have any more kids. I got a vasectomy, and that was that.

My name is Jake Turner. I am 49 years old, as is my wife Sherry. Our daughter Randi is 26, married, no kids, and lives about an hour from our house.

I graduated with a degree in finance, and started working for a local bank. After about 7 years I moved to a much larger bank and worked my way up to a Vice President position. It was a great job that paid very well, plus I had a great boss, who was President of the bank. He took me under his wing which helped me move up.

Sherry got her degree in accounting and became a CPA. She recently became a minor partner in the firm. We live in a nice neighbor hood, in a nice house with a pool, and although we make good money, we also spend a lot. We were enjoying our spoils.

Sherry is quite the looker. Pretty face, great body, long blond hair, and long legs that wrap nicely around my back during sex. Did I mention she has a great pair of tits? Well, she does.

Now let me tell you I am no slouch. Tall, good looking, athletic, and a nice head of blond hair. I haven't lost any yet. Well, at least that describes me up until about 6 months ago, and thus the beginning of this tale.


Jake had called me from work to say something was wrong and could I take off and come home. He wouldn't tell me over the phone, so I took the afternoon off, and rushed home. When I got home Jake was sitting on the couch looking like the world was about to end.

The bank that Jake worked for had sold to one of the Mega Banks about two weeks earlier. Jake's boss, who he loved and adored had sold out and retired. Jake and his new boss didn't seem to be hitting it off very well, but Jake thought it would eventually work out. The banking industry was currently going through some hard times due to a recession and housing crunch.

Jake began to tremble as he said, "Sherry, I have been laid off. Mr. Henderson, the new boss, called me in this morning to tell me that changes were being made, and I was not part of the future of the bank. He gave me three months severance, and told me to be out as soon as I could pack my stuff."

"Oh Jake, honey I am so sorry. I know you loved working there. Don't worry though, we will be ok and you will find a new job soon. You have three months salary, and I am sure you will find another job long before that runs out."

"Sherry, we are still in a recession. It is going to be hard to find a position equal to what I had at that bank. It's like I am having to start all over. You know me, I need to work. I don't like sitting around. My job is my life. Except for you and Randi, it is what I live for."

"Jake, I have no doubt you will find a new job, maybe even a better one. You are talented, hard working, and you have always put your heart and soul into your job. It will work out. We will be fine financially. You have three months. That is plenty of time to get a new job."

"You think so Sherry? I can tell you it is going to be hard on me with you doing all the work and me not contributing."

"Baby you are contributing. Remember, you are being paid for awhile. By the way, should we move our money out of your old bank?"

"Hell yes we are moving it. That bastard Henderson will not be seeing any more of our business."

That night I fucked his brains out to boost his confidence. Jake was a stud deluxe. He did know how to please me in bed.

The next day Jake began his job search. Every where he went he kept getting the same tune. The banking crisis had gotten worse, so no one was willing to commit to new hiring. This went on for a couple of months and Jake was becoming more depressed by the day. It was hard to watch this great man being gradually beaten down. I could tell he was getting seriously depressed.

At the end of three months his severance ran out, and still no job. We were now living on my salary alone. We had to make significant cuts in our budget. Our mortgage payment was pretty big, and I feared that we might have to sell our house and downsize. To make matters worse, Jake was getting more and more depressed. He told me he felt like such a loser. He was no longer a man who could provide for his family.

Then it happened. I came home from work to find Jake drunk on the couch. It became a daily occurrence, but that was not all. He lost all interest in taking care of himself. His hair was shaggy, he rarely shaved, and sometimes went days without a shower or changing clothes. He also quit his job search. He drank, laid around, and ate junk food. He did nothing around the house. He was becoming pathetic and I finally had my fill of it. He looked and smelled like shit. I kicked him out of the bedroom. We haven't had sex in over a month.

The final straw came last night when I came home after a hard day at work. Jake was drunk on the couch as usual. I fixed myself something to eat then headed to my bedroom. I took a long hot shower, put on my nightgown, and started turning down the covers.

Jake staggers in looking like hell as usual. He stumbles over and puts his arms around me. "Come on baby, let's get it on tonight."

He tries to give me a sloppy kiss. I snapped and pushed him away.

"Look at you Jake. You think I want to make love to you in that condition. I bet you couldn't even get a boner. You are pathetic. You're not a man anymore. You're certainly not the man I married. In fact, pack your shit and get the fuck out of this house. I am making the payments, and anyway, you don't contribute a damn thing."

I could see from the look on his face that I had hurt him deeply. I had never seen that look from Jake before. It was all I could do to not go to him, but he needed this wake up call. I had to do something drastic.

Then he said, "Please Sherry, help me. I am so sorry I have become such a loser. I am so depressed. Please, I am begging you to help me."

I knew I couldn't cave now. He needed this tough love if he was going to pull himself out of this funk he was in.

"You heard me Jake. I said pack you bag and get the fuck out of this house. Go straighten yourself out, get sober, clean up, and I will let you back in. Then you can go find yourself a job, any job."

He was sobbing as he packed his bag. He walked out of the house with his tail between his legs. He looked back at me as he opened the door, but I held firm. I just pointed for him to get out. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do.


I left my house that night feeling I had hit an all time low. I checked into a cheap flea bag hotel with several bottles of cheap whiskey. I crawled inside those bottles and stayed there for a week. My phone rang periodically, but I didn't answer or even look to see who it was.

It was about a week after moving into the motel. I was laying on the bed drunk and barely coherent. It was at that point that I thought maybe the best thing to do was end it all. What did I have to live for? There was a glass vase with fake flowers on the nightstand. I slammed the vase on the coffee table breaking it. I picked up a nice sharp piece which would be perfect for cutting my wrist. I was just about to do it when there was a knock on the door.

Then I heard the voice of my daughter Randi yelling for me to open the door. Then the voice of her husband John yelling the same thing. I was sitting on the floor with the large piece of glass on my wrist when the door opened. The manager was with them. Randi had convinced him that I might be in danger.

Randi ran over and grabbed the piece of glass from my hand. She threw it across the room and then hugged me. We were both crying as she helped me up on the bed.

"Dad I had no idea things had gotten this bad. I have not talked to you in awhile so I didn't know until a couple of days ago what was going on. I knew you had lost your job, but I didn't know you had become so depressed and were drinking so much. Mom filled me in and said she had kicked you out. She did it to give you a wake up call, but I see now she underestimated the seriousness of it all."

John and Sherry paid my hotel bill, then took me to their house. John drove my car. I was told I would be staying with them until I get my life back together. I made her swear she would not tell Sherry anything until I was ready to go back home. She agreed but said she would inform mom that I was ok.

Over the next few weeks with Randi and John's help I got it together. I quit drinking, cleaned up, and started working out. They had a mini gym in their garage. If I wasn't working on finding a new job, I was working out. I began to look and feel better. If I could just find a good job, I could come home to Sherry in triumph, and she would be so proud of me.


Jake had been gone about a month now. All I knew was a call from Randi saying that he was working on his situation. I missed Jake terribly, but it was the old Jake I missed. No way was he coming home like he left. Oh well, I guess I would give him some more time. I didn't want a divorce, but I was beginning to wonder if I had a choice.

About two weeks after Jake left I was assigned to a new very handsome client. We had a couple of business lunches that went pretty well. It had been quite awhile since I had any sex, with Jake of course, and I was started to get some stirrings down there. I wanted Jake back, but had not heard from him since he left.

The clients name was Walter. He owned his own business and was using our firm for all his accounting. I was assigned to his business. I could tell at our second lunch that he was interested in more than just business. I have to admit that I too was becoming interested in more. However, I was still married to Jake, and I told him as much.

He was smooth, and knew what to say. He reminded about all the negative things I had told him about Jake. I guess I didn't realize I had been so hard on him. He was making a good argument about how it would be ok for us to go out. He even used the word separated. I was becoming more confused, and horny, the more he fed me his bullshit.

Walter was divorced, and probably a player. As time went on that didn't seem to matter to me. I was getting closer and closer to going out with him. He had invited me to dinner on a couple of occasions, but I thought of my old Jake, and said no.

It was now six months since Jake first lost his job, and about a month since I kicked him out. I didn't know what to do. Should I go ahead and file for divorce? I decided I would wait two more weeks, then I would see an attorney. I also had another invite for dinner from Walter. My social life had been non existent. I decided a harmless little dinner would not hurt anything. I just wanted to get out of the house and have some male company, so I accepted for the following Saturday night.


Randi and John were my saviors. Besides everything else they took me to see their doctor. She gave me some mild anti depressants that made me feel much better about myself. She said I had become clinically depressed.

I had been working on some job leads when I got this call from a Mr. Sanders at my old bank. Apparently he was the new manager. Mr. Henderson had been fired a couple of weeks before. Mr. Sanders said he had been reviewing some old personnel files and came across mine. He couldn't believe that Henderson had let me go. Bottom line, he wanted me to come in for an interview for a position with my old bank. We agreed to meet the next day.

I was ecstatic. I couldn't wait to tell Randi and John. As soon as they got home from work I busted out with the news. Randi decided I needed a new suit, plus we would go out to eat and celebrate. She bought me a very sharp three piece suit which I have to admit made me look like a million bucks.

I walked into that interview full of confidence. I was my old self. The workouts, diet, and medications had turned me into something even better than the old Jake. Mr. Sanders said he would call if he had anything for me.

That night as we were sitting down to supper I got a call from Mr. Sanders. Not only did he offer me a job, he wanted me to be the new manager. He was just there temporary until the position was filled. He liked what he saw in me, and wanted me right away. He offered a $10,000 bonus, and twice my salary as before. I was through the roof. I could finally go back to Sherry as a real man.

I relayed everything to Randi and John. We were all jumping up and down hugging and screaming.

"Dad, don't you think it is finally time to call mom and tell her everything. She knows nothing about what has been going on with you."

"No honey, I want to surprise her. I want to come home in triumph. I want her to see an improved version of the old Jake come through that door. Don't tell her anything yet. Tomorrow is Saturday. I have to go to the bank for some orientation of my new job, but tomorrow evening I will surprise your mother and sweep her off her feet like I used to."


I went shopping this morning in preparation for my dinner date this evening. I have to admit that even as I was shopping for a dress, I felt guilty. I have never even come close to cheating on Jake. Oh I may have flirted a time or two, but it was innocent. I know Jake would never cheat on me. I just kept telling myself it was an innocent dinner, besides Jake was not here, and may never come back.

Deep down I knew there was a good chance I might be having sex with Walter tonight. The thought of it did make me horny, but at the same time guilty. If we did come back to my house after dinner, which I knew we would, could I go through with it? The only man I have had sex with for 29 years has been Jake.

I bought a nice red sexy dress. It wasn't slutty or anything, but it did look great on me. I knew it would turn old Walter on. Was that what I wanted? I wasn't sure. Maybe.

Walter was picking me up at 7:00. Maybe I was going a little over the top, but it has been awhile since I have been out. The last time was over 6 months ago with Jake. I was starting to have my doubts about Jake ever coming back. I wonder how he was doing? Randi has been in contact with him, but won't tell me anything. She just says he is doing ok. God I miss my Jake so much.

I had my hair and nails done. I took a long hot bubble bath with a glass of wine, then tried on my dress. I have to admit I looked good. Maybe too good. It was now about 6:30. I went downstairs to have another glass of wine and wait for Walter.


I spent most of the day getting oriented with the bank personnel and systems. I met the regional VP, and we hit it off pretty well. Things were finally going to get back to normal for me. I contemplated calling Sherry, but I like surprises, so I decided to give her a big one.

At 4:00 I went shopping for a gift or Sherry. I wound up buying her a very nice diamond necklace. I used some of my bonus money to buy it. I swung by a flower shop and bought three dozen roses. It was about time for me to make my grand entry. It was about 6:15. I was 30 minutes from home. I headed home to my wife.

I pulled into the driveway around 6:45. Her car was here so she was home. I took a deep breath and got out of the car with the flowers and necklace. As I approached the front door, I decided to ring the doorbell. I know this was still my house, but I kind of felt strange about coming home. This was the moment I had been waiting for. I was finally going to have my wife, and my life back. I rang the doorbell.


I was sitting on the couch enjoying my glass of wine when the doorbell rang. You're early Walter. You must be anxious you naughty boy.

I opened the door and said, "Hello Walter, you're ear...ly. Jake, what are you doing here?"

"Well, I guess I just assumed we were still married, even though you did kick me out at the lowest point in my life. I believe this is still my house since my name is on the mortgage. Apparently you were expecting someone else. Who the fuck is Walter, your new boyfriend. Are you cheating on me Sherry?"

"Jake, no, I can explain."

I started to cry. I wasn't expecting this. It was the old Jake back. In fact, he looked better than the old Jake. He looked better than ever. He was wearing a three piece suit, and looked so handsome and confident. He was not the man that last walked out the front door. I had to go sit down. Jake just stood there staring at me.

He threw the flowers at me. Three dozen roses. I felt like I was going to faint.

Suddenly I thought of Walter. Oh shit, this is not going to be good.

Jake just stood there looking at me. If looks could kill I would be graveyard dead. A few minutes passed as he stood there.

The doorbell rang again.

Jake turned and opened the door.

"Well, you must be Walter, the piece of shit that is fucking another man's wife. Glad to meet you Walt."

Jake was a lot bigger than Walter, who looked like a man who wanted to get the fuck out of there real fast. Jake grabbed Walter by the collar and literally lifted him up as he walked him out the door.

Jake slammed Walter into his car and said, "Listen here you little scumbag, if I ever catch you anywhere near my wife again I am going to sew your ass to your face and make you shit down your throat. You got that Walt?"

Walter said, "yes sir" as he jumped in his car and sped away.

Jake walked back in and slammed the door. Then he went from anger to hurt all of a sudden. He went to his knees and cried. All the emotions and pain that he had gone through hit him like a ton of bricks, and most of it was my fault. First I turn my back on him in his hour of need, then I came close to cheating on him. I was the worst wife in the world.

I tried to help him up but he pulled away.

"How long have you been cheating on me Sherry? Have there been others? Am I just one big stupid cuckold to you?"

"Come sit down with me Jake and I will tell you everything, and it is the truth... First of all, I have not cheated on you, and I have never cheated on you. Walter is a client, but I will admit I let things go to far with him. I wasn't sure if you were ever coming back. I haven't heard from you, so I didn't know if you were still drinking or not."

"I have not had a drink since about a week after you kicked me out." He said.

"That's good honey. I know I did you wrong, but I was so frustrated with you. Anyway, Walter and I had several business meetings and I got to know him. He was a nice guy."

"Yea, a nice guy who just wanted to get in your panties."

"Maybe so, but he was nice to me and said all the right things. I was lonely without you Jake. You were gone a long time. I wanted to get out and do something. He asked me to dinner and I accepted."

"After dinner were you planning on coming back here?" Jake said.

"I don't know, maybe. The only thing we had talked about was dinner, but yes we might have come back here for a drink."

"Tell me something Sherry, and be honest. If he would have brought you back here, and tried to have sex with you, would you have gone through with it?"

"I won't lie Jake, the thought did cross my mind. I was lonely, and as I said, weren't sure if you would come back. But deep down, no I would not have crossed the line. When it is all said and done, I am still married to you, and I still love you with every fiber in my body."

"I want like hell to believe you Sherry, but I just gotta think that after a few drinks, your guard would go down and you would have fucked him."

"I thought of that honey, and had decided to limit my alcohol. You just have to believe that I would have remained faithful."

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