tagBDSMTough Love Ch. 03

Tough Love Ch. 03


Geneva smiled, looking at Kearney, who was snuffling in the corner. She knew how much he hated standing in the corner. Recently, she'd taken him to a BDSM party at the Scourge Society...

Kearney had actually been involved with the Scourge Society even before Geneva, and was so excited about seeing his friends, and watching the gorgeous young girls get whipped!

But when they got there, Kearney realized that it was a "clothes on" party--except that Geneva ordered Kearney to strip and kneel in the corner.

"But...but no one else is undressing yet--and I want to talk to my friends!" Kearney had protested, and then Geneva had twisted his nipple violently through his shirt until poor Kearney had burst into tears.

"Get your clothes off now, you little sissy bitch." Geneva had said through her teeth as she'd twisted the nipple again and again.

Kearney had been humiliated as his so-called "friends" in the BDSM community had just stood around, laughing, while he stripped off his new English clothes.

Geneva had chained Kearney's testicles to a radiator, and put a zipping hood over his head. Then, everyone socialized and just watched the humiliated idiot in the corner...

Later, as people had gotten naked and whipped and fucked each other, Kearney had missed all of it, except for a few times when his zip had come down and a cock or two (or five or six) had been shoved in his mouth!) What a party that had been...not much fun for Kearney!

No, things had not gone as according to poor Kearney's plans at the Scourge Society, Geneva thought.

Kearney had hoped there would be lots of slave-swapping with gorgeous Mistresses, and apparently before Kearney had married Geneva, he'd had quite a good time as the slave-stud there.

But when Geneva had gotten involved, Kearney had not been exposed to many more Mistresses, though Geneva had picked up a slave or two! Her favorite had been a fairly wealthy young playboy, Sherborne Underhill...

Sherb had been dropping in and out of colleges when he met Geneva, and she had immediately put him in a chastity device, and begun reviewing his attendance reports and term papers, as well as all quizzes.

She'd switched Sherb's major from Sociology to Economics, and had begun giving the poor boy vicious hairbrush whippings for all grades under a B.She'd whip poor Sherb, sometimes using a frying pan on his ass, and then have him lick her to countless orgasms, while his poor cock was confined in its tube. Sherb's tube was much roomier than Kearney's, who of course couldn't even get an erection without considerable pain.

When Sherb had gotten a B or better, Geneva would tie him down, and masturbate him with her long nails while he begged to cum.

Generally, Kearney was at work when this sort of thing was going on, but once every 30 days, when Sherb was maintaining his Dean's List status, Geneva would, after teasing and tickling Sherb to near distraction, allow him to cum in Kearney's mouth.

Sherb was always amazed at Geneva's husband, who would kneel sulkily before him. Kearney's penis of course was trapped in the evil little basket-chastity cage.

"That's so tough on him, Mistress Geneva" Sherb said once, after Kearney had taken an unusually large load. "Does he ever get to cum?"

Geneva, who really enjoyed having Kearney submit to another slave, just patted Sherb's cheek. "Honey, every now and then, but certainly not every thirty days like you do...you are just SPOILED."

Poor Kearney! On that day, he had spent hours oiling and massaging Geneva's beautiful long legs, with the hope that she would be teasing and tormenting him with her long silver nails, but he didn't even get the cage off...and there was another slaveboy who was getting all the good treatment...

Geneva always enjoyed watching Kearney weep bitterly, his cock getting harder and harder in the tiny, painful cage as she said all these sweet things to Sherb...sometimes she'd let Sherb kiss her breasts, though never the nipples. They were Lons, and Lons alone!

Now Geneva looked over at her husband, who was absolutely ridiculous in his peach colored garter belt and thigh high stockings His size fourteen wide feet, crushed in tranny size high heels were tapping abstractedly.

"Kearney darling?" Geneva's tone startled her husband,who turned around abstractedly.

Geneva put her knitting down and stroked her full 34 DD breasts, firm in the tight black sweater. "I was just wondering if you thought 'the girls' were looking good tonight."

Geneva jiggled "the girls" at Kearney, whose cock began bursting against his chastity belt.

Kearney gaped at Geneva's breasts, and blushed, and Geneva smiled coquettishly. She pulled the bottom of her sweater in, jutting the tight material around the large curving breasts just a little bit more.

"Y-you look wonderful, Miss Geneva." Kearney said in a sort of begging tone. "You-you have wonderful tits--I mean breasts."

Geneva drummed her fingers lightly on her full mammaries, smiling at Kearney. "I just wanted to know...because Lon likes them so much. He wants to suck on them."

Kearney bit his lip and turned back into the corner, and Geneva laughed to herself. She knew how much Kearney loved her breasts!

When Geneva had first learned about Kearney's little kinks, she realized that whenever Kearney had been about to make love to her, he'd always asked if he could kiss her boobs...like he was a servant.

So when she finally began playing the games with him, she immediately put her boobs in attractive little brassieres and snug corset tops and began denying them to Kearney, or making him "earn" kissing and sucking time.

Scrubbing floors, mowing grass, polishing the silver...and she'd parade around in whatever little outfit she'd picked out to make him crazy.

At one point, Geneva dipped her bra in a bucket of urine, put it on and told Kearney the only way he would be able to kiss her breasts was to suck the urine out of the bra! This had been quite disgusting, but he'd sucked the thing clean, and quite happily.

Now, Geneva rubbed her breasts gently, talking loudly to herself. "Yes, Lon will enjoy sucking my honeys. It'll really give him pleasure. Since, of course my breasts are for real men...not whiny little crybabies in the corner."

Kearney began sobbing audibly, like a child who is pulled away from her coloring book to practice piano.

Geneva sighed huskily, and got up, stepping over to Kearney. "What's wrong, baby...you don't like it that I won't let you suck my honeys?"

She turned Kearney around, and chortled inwardly, watching him sob in that ridiculous underwear.

Gen went into her purse and took out some police handcuffs and a set of keys. "Hands behind your head, baby."

Kearney put his hands behind his neck, and Geneva locked his wrists together in the cuffs, and then used the keys to unlock Kearney's chastity belt.

After she pulled the plastic cover off Kearney's cock, Geneva tickled the head, and immediately it sprang to life, swelling to rock hardness.

Geneva stepped back and pulled her black sweater off, exposing her full breasts in a sheer black bra.

Gen rubbed the bra against Kearney's burly chest, encased as it was in the frilly peach bodice.

"I know you want to play with my big boobies, don't you baby?" Genni asked, leaning over to kiss Kearney's neck.

She rubbed his hard cock with her manicured fingertips, and was rewarded with his haggard breath in her ear.

Geneva pulled and toyed with Kearney's stiff cock as she spoke into his ear in a little-girl voice.

"I know you want to fuck me, right, baby? You make Geneva all mad so she has to invite Master Lon over to help correct you...

but it's all 'cause baby's frustrated that he can't fuck Momma, right?" By now Geneva was undressed completely, except for her bra.

She rubbed her pubic mound against Kearney's sex-starved, six month un-orgasmed shaft.

Suddenly, Gen removed her bra, and shook her blue-black hair, bouncing it against her ivory-white back, and jiggled her breasts at Kearney, who was sweating with denied desire.

Geneva grabbed her left breast and pointed the pink nipple into Kearney's face. "You want to suck this nipple,baby? You like this nipple?"

Kearney's head nodded wildly. Geneva laughed lightly and spun around, rubbing the full, satiny cheeks of her buttocks against his denied cock.

First one cheek rubbed Kearney's cock, then the other. Right. Left. Right. Left.

And then Geneva poked her crack right into the tip of Kearney's bulging, bulbous organ, and he gasped.

Nimbly, Geneva skipped away to where she'd left her knitting, and pulled one of the long, steel needles out, before dancing back to Kearney.

Geneva jiggled her bare breasts in Kearney's face. "Want 'em?"

But as Kearney lunged at Geneva's full pink mammaries, his wife took the needle and plunged it into the base of his cock, and Kearney screamed like a castrated lamb, and hit his knees, weeping bitterly.

"Such a whiner." Geneva said, smiling. Suddenly the doorbell rang, and then Lon's key turned in the lock.

Lon's sunburned face looked in, grinning, and Geneva waved at him. "I'm so glad you're here, Master Lon. This bad boy has been trying to assault me...can you believe it?"

Lon threw his jacket on the couch and began unbuckling his belt as Kearney cowered on the floor. "You worthless little bastard, takin' advantage of an innocent woman."

Lon winked at Geneva as the first lash hit Kearney's exposed thigh. The second thwack of the belt, buckle first this time, slammed against his penis, making Kearney scream.

"Shut up, bitch, or I'll give you something to cry about!" Lon screamed as the belt fell again and again.

Geneva, for her part began kicking Kearney, as he wriggled about, his hands still manacled, trying to avoid the swinging of the belt.

"Did Bitch-boy tell you what happened today?" Lon said as he whipped Kearney's ass some more.

"We were driving to the site on Cruggswell Avenue, just the two of us in the pickup, and I told Kearney he had to unzip my pants and suck my dick 'til I came..and if he didn't make me cum by the time we got to the site, I was going to whip his ass...20 minutes should've done it, right?"

Geneva laughed loudly, and Kearney blushed in shame as he struggled with his bound wrists, and ducked to avoid the slashing strap.

"But he just couldn't do it. I didn't cum til we got there, so right before, I made him stop in a vacant lot and took his jeans down and whipped his sorry ass with my belt...so this will be the second time today I gave him a good ass-whipping!" Lon laughed, and swung the evil leather once again.

By the end of the evening, Kearney had gotten Lon hard several times so he could give Geneva a good pounding...She was quite happy with her men, Geneva was...she felt well taken care of!

Suddenly, there was a hammering on the door just before midnight, and Lon opened it...there was Slimy Fortescue, Gramercy Ibbetson Tonks Vogel and Waylon Jerrigan, the guys who worked under Kearney at the job site.

"Come on in, fellas, and let Kearney here give you some service, too!" Lon screamed.

The boys were quite amused to see their supervisor in makeup and tranny underclothes...and they all took turns skull-fucking Kearney before mounting Geneva....it was quite an evening!

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This is biggest pile of crap I've ever read

How can a persons imagination come up with such a hateful story. This is torture plain and simple. He should throw his wife out on her ass and let her suffer with her disease. Fire his "buddy" and tellmore...

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ASAP hubby needs to shove a stick of dynamite up Geneva's cunt and light the fuse! What a piece of shit twat she is! ( There once was a girl named Alice ,who used a dynamite stick as a phallus , they foundmore...

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