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Tough Nuts to Crack


It all started on what seemed like an ordinary Friday night. I had been hanging out with my friends Ralph and Dave over at Dave's house. We had been drinking some beers, just relaxing. Ralph is a good friend of mine. I have known him for years and he has always been a great guy and a reliable friend. Dave, I did not know as well. He always struck me as a pretty arrogant guy, to the point where I sometimes found him to be annoying.

Ralph had just left after getting a call from his girlfriend. I was about ready to head out myself but I still had a half full can of beer so I decided to stay and finish it. I was sitting on a sofa and Dave was sitting on an armchair next to it. Dave was flipping back and forth between websites on a tablet computer he was holding. I was watching some reruns on the television, only half paying attention because of my buzz from the beer.

"Hey Mel, you didn't tell me you went to San Diego last week," Dave chirped up, his thick fingers quickly swiping back and forth across the touch screen of the tablet. David was larger, taller, and a little bit older than myself. You could tell by looking at him that he worked out but he wasn't an enormous bodybuilder or anything like that.

"Yeah, Nicole and I both had some vacation time left over so we went to the beach," I replied with a hint of confusion in my voice as I took a sip from my beer. I knew I wasn't friends with Dave on facebook. I wondered to myself if Dave had added Nicole as a friend which would be odd given the fact that he only met her once and only for a few minutes at my apartment.

"Wow bro, I can't stop looking at these pics of Nicole in that yellow bikini," Dave said, making no effort to conceal his excitement. "Ohh man, she's got the most perfect set of funbags," Dave stated as he patted his lap a few times as if he were trying to calm himself down.

"Well, she's got the body to pull it off, and I certainly enjoyed the view when I was there," I explained while taking another sip of beer. Nicole was definitely hot and she did have a great set of hooters. Dave was not the first guy to have said this to me. In fact, I noticed all sorts of men checking her out the weekend we were at the beach.

"If that were my girlfriend, oh man, I would just stick my dick in-between those things and titty fuck her all day long on that beach," Dave went on. "I would dump so much goo on her, she wouldn't have to buy sunscreen for the next decade." Dave patted his lap again, this time more aggressively. "You're lucky man, you must titty fuck her all the time."

I placed my beer can on the table in-between myself and the television. "No," I began and paused, "That's not really her thing, if we are going to do something like that, she would go down on me," I explained awkwardly. "She gives great head."

"Oh, I bet," Dave said, still rapidly thumbing through photographs on the tablet. "Yeah, you can tell from those lips, those are dick sucking lips," Dave continued. "With those big fat tits and those juicy wet lips, well, Nicole is built like a freaking blow job machine. Did she blow you at all when you were at the beach?"

"Yeah, she did actually," I stated. Looking at Dave, I could see him staring intently at me, leading me to believe he wanted more details. "One of the nights we were there, everyone had left and the sun was setting. It was just her and I. So yeah, it just sort of happened. She pulled down my shorts and that was it."

"Well," Dave said, his voice deep with anticipation. "Come on, so, did you jizz on her or what? What was the climax like?"

I thought that was a weird question to be asked but I took the conversation further. "Yeah, well, she said it tasted salty when she was sucking on it," I began. "I guess because I had been in the ocean. She was taking turns sucking it and rubbing it with her hand and I guess, one of the time she popped it out of her mouth and after a few rubs, it exploded and, yeah, I guess the jizz hit her in the chin and a lot went on to her boobs."

"Oh man," Dave said excitedly. "That is such a hot story man. How was she sucking you? I want to know exactly."

I hesitated but I could tell Dave was really into the story. "Well, she would usually start by licking my slit and then would suck on the head of it a little bit," I explained. "And she would then put her lips around the ridges just below that, those ones feel the best, and she would tongue it inside her mouth."

"Hold on, I will be right back," Dave said quickly as he darted into the kitchen. Dave returned with a hot dog, some mustard, and another beer. We had been eating hot dogs earlier and there had been left overs in the kitchen. Dave handed me the beer and then tried to hand me the hot dog as well.

"Thanks for the beer, Dave, but I am still full from earlier, I don't want the hot dog," I stated as I took the beer can from him and shook my other hand to motion that I didn't want the hot dog.

"No, here, take it," Dave said. "I didn't bring this out here for you to eat, although if you're hungry, you can have it. I want you to show me how Nicole sucked your dick that night. Just use the hot dog like it was your wiener." Dave shoved the hotdog into my hand.

I looked at the hot dog he had hanged to me. It was a foot long beef frank and was inside a bun that was meant for a smaller piece of meat. I looked back up at Dave and spoke, "Come on man," I stated, "I gave you all the details. This is weird, I am not gonna suck on a hotdog for you."

"Come on man," Dave said, his voice showing signs of frustration. "I know you told me about it but I am visual type of guy. Just show me, I don't have a hot girlfriend who has cheerful big tits like you, I have to live vicariously."

"Fine, but I am leaving after this beer," I stated as I opened the new can of beer and set it down next to the old one on the table. I lifted the hot dog he handed me by the bun. The ends on both sides dangled as I lifted it up. Awkwardly, I dangled the dog over my face. The end closest to me brushed against my face a few times. I licked the scrunched up end as my girlfriend had licked my slit that day on the beach. I then put my mouth around part of the hot dog and sucked on it before moving further down, all the way to the bun. I moved my tongue around very deliberately so Dave could tell that was what I was doing. After doing this for a short time, I pulled my mouth off of it and then moved my hand back and forth across the bun, causing the weiner to dangle once again infront of my face. "There," I said, "Like that."

"Hold on, let me get a closer look," Dave said as he stood up from the armchair. Dave moved the table that was infront of me and took a step close, "Show me again."

I repeated what I had just done, this time moving more slowly. When I got to the part where I was first sucking the hot dog, I noticed that Dave had moved even closer to me, to the point where his crotch was up against the other end of the hotdog. I could feel him used his crotch to push it a little further forward in to my mouth. I looked up at him and continued sucking. Finally I pulled back. My gaze shifted from Dave to the scrunched up end of the hotdog. I again moved my hand back and forth across the bun as if I were jerking it off. Suddenly I felt myself get sprayed with something. I felt it hit my chin and drip down. My nose quickly detected that it had been the mustard I was hit with. "What the fuck?" I yelled.

"Oops," Dave said. "Sorry I just got in the moment and I squeezed the mustard bottle." Dave grabbed a napkin that was on the table he had just moved and started wiping the mustard off of my chin. "Here, let me help you."

"What the fuck man, you've got problems," I stated, putting the hot dog down on the table in disgust. I grabbed the napkin from Dave and shoved him away. I used it to wipe the remaining mustard off of me. "I am drinking this beer and getting out of here," I said as I threw the dirty napkin on to the table and exchanged it with the beer.

"That story was seriously hot bro," Dave said. "I am sorry about the mustard. I feel like I am carrying a brick in my pants, that is how rock hard I am. But I am not done, you showed me it but I want to really feel it," Dave continued.

"I told you I was leaving after this beer," I said, as I quickly tried to sip it down. "And I don't know what else you expect me to do. I demonstrated it on a freaking hot dog for you. I don't know what else I could show you short of straight up sucking your dick."

"That's it," Dave explained. "I'll drop my pants and you just do what you did on that hotdog on me. That makes perfect sense, let's do it."

"No!" I said adamantly. "There is no way I am putting your filthy dick in my mouth. I am straight and up until now I thought you were the same way. I don't blow dudes."

"Bro, this has nothing to do with straight or gay," Dave stated, his voice shifting into a sales pitch. "We're both just thinking about Nicole, her very big, very female boobs. I would be imagining her dick sucking lips on my fat cock. That part isn't much of a stretch, because, honestly Mel, you also got those plump dick sucking lips yourself."

"Ok," I began, "That explains what you're thinking but look at it from my perspective. No amount of fantasizing about Nicole is going to change the fact that I have a dick in my mouth. I can't imagine you are her because she doesn't have a dick, she's a girl."

"Don't be so selfish," Dave said. "You get amazing blowjobs all the time. Now you come to MY house, get ME all hot and horny bragging about your hot, sloppy blowjobs with your girlfriend with huge tits. So maybe sucking my dick isn't going to be much of a turn on, it's just two minutes of easy labor and you will be helping me relax bigtime. You already did it with the hotdog. I promise, I won't even bust a nut, the mustard; that was an accident."

"No way," I stated. "Look, get a girlfriend. I am not sucking your dick; that is gross man." I finished the last of my beer and stood up from the sofa.

"You are making a mistake man," Dave said. "I am telling you, if you do this, it will be like you are reliving that moment with Nicole, possibly even better."

"Sorry Dave, I am leaving," I stated. I quickly walked from the living room to the front door and let myself out. As I left I could hear Dave repeatedly ask me to come back but I ignored him.

That night I felt angry that Dave made me feel so uncomfortable. As the week went on, I started to feel a little bit bad for him. The embarrassment must have been mutual; after all, it was him who brought up the whole dick sucking thing. I hadn't told anyone about what had happened but I wondered if he was worried that I was telling our other friends. He was right that I had gotten him pretty hot and horny that night and me giving him a blowjob probably would have felt great. I had no regrets about not sucking it, I am not gay, but I did feel bad for him.

The next weekend I got a call from Ralph. He told me that Dave was at a bar nearby my house. Ralph had been planning to meet him there but couldn't because of a last minute call from his boss. I figured this would be a good opportunity to talk to Dave and set things right.

I arrived at the bar and immediately spotted Dave sitting in a booth in the corner, beer in hand. I had been to this bar before. There was no table service; all drinks are ordered from the bar. So before talking to Dave, I got myself a stout of my own and then walked over and took a seat across from him. "Hey Dave, Ralph told me you were here, I just wanted to apologize for last week getting awkward," I explained.

"Hello Mel," Dave stated pleasantly. "I was hoping you would come around. I accept your apology. Now, you live around here, right? Let's go to your place and we can get this over with."

"Get what over with?" I asked. "Wait, I am just apologizing if I embarrassed you, I am not saying I am ready to blow you or anything."

"Why would I be embarrassed?" Dave asked. "You're making this into a big deal when it's nothing. Let's go over to your place, look I won't have you commit to anything. You can just show me some pictures you have there of Nicole, maybe you got some secret naughty ones over there. We can beat off a little bit together and we can just see where things go from there. "

"I don't think that is a good idea Dave," I responded. "You're just going to try to get me to suck you off again which I would never do."

"Never say never," Dave went on. "Will you at least give me a chance to show you it before you just reject the idea altogether? All I am asking is for you to take a look at it; that is all."

"A look at what?" I asked. "Your cock? No way, I don't want to look at that. Come on, why don't you just give up on this."

"It's not that bad, Mel," Dave explained putting on his sales pitch voice once again. "It is clean, I showered before coming here, I've got it shaved so it is smooth and ready to go. You'll like what you see, trust me. If you can look at my third eye with your two eyes and say no, I promise I will leave you alone."

"Not doing it," I said. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. What a great excuse to end this conversation, I thought. "Hold on," I told Dave. I flipped open my phone and to my surprise, a photo of a penis popped up on my phone. Dave had sent me a photo text message of his dick. He must have done so under the table while talking to me. I had to give him some credit, I did enjoy seeing the picture. His cock was big and attractive. It was the sort of cock I would love to see get sucked (by a girl) in a porn movie. I could see why he wanted me to look at it before saying no. Still, I liked the photo but I wasn't about to suck Dave's dick. "Sorry Dave, the answer is no."

"Mel," Dave began. "I could tell you liked what you saw but that wasn't what I was talking about. That is just a picture. Before you say no, I want you to look at the real deal, in person. If you do that, I promise, I will leave you alone. The bathrooms here have only one toilet, we can go in there and lock the door. You already saw the picture so it is no big deal to look at it in the bathroom."

Mel thought about it and he had to admit, Dave had a point. He had seen a picture of it already, seeing it in person really wouldn't change anything. "Ok Dave, but I will expect you to follow through with your promise after I look at it," Mel stated. "We can't both go in there the same time, I will go into the bathroom and you wait a minute and then come in and lock the door."

I walked over to the bathroom and sure enough there was only one toilet. I turned on the light. I could feel my heart racing a little bit. I kept looking at my phone with the picture of Dave's big dick on it. I realized I was getting a boner looking at it. I still felt resolute about not sucking it though. I ran my eyes across the length of it in the picture. It was big and looked thick and hard, a real man's cock. When I looked up, I saw Dave in the doorway. I hoped he hadn't noticed I was staring at the pic when he came in.

Dave closed the bathroom door and locked it. "I am glad you like the picture Mel but you will like the real thing even better," Dave explained. Dave undid his belt and lowered the zipper on his jeans. He reached down and yanked them off. Underneath his jeans was a baggy pair of boxer shorts with a very noticeable bulge. "When I take these off, I really want you to look over the goods and really think about it," Dave explained. "I also want you to think about that day at the beach. Only instead of thinking about your dick getting sucked, think about Nicole and imagine her sucking my big, thick cock instead."

Dave slowly pulled down his boxers. Eventually the top of his thick, girthy, yet still flaccid cock popped out from the top. As the boxers lowered, Dave's two masculine, large set of testicles also took center stage. Even flaccid, his cock looked very large and certainly bigger than Mel's. "Let me get it hard for you," Dave said. His thick fingers wrapped around the shaft and pumped it repeatedly until the cock grew and became bigger and harder. When it finally reached maximum size, Dave began swinging it back and forth. The motions conveyed how hard the dick was, it moved like a steel rod.

I stood there mesmerized by Dave's cock. It looked even more impressive than in the photo. Following Dave's instructions, I imagined Nicole sucking on it. The vision in my mind was amazing. I could just see her lips wrapped around that dick, her boobs jiggling with each big slurp. With the size of his balls, I could imagine he could shower her with cum. I even went further than Dave asked, imagining Nicole taking the ride of her life on Dave's big cock.

"Like what you see?" Dave asked, taking a step closer. He continued to swing his dick around, noticing that my eyes were following each swing and sway. "It's ok Mel, it is not a big deal," Dave explained. "Why don't you touch it? Just imagine it is Nicole's hand wrapping around it. I mean, if she were here, you would want to see her touch it, wouldn't you?" Dave asked as he continued to move forward.

As Dave moved forward, I began to step back. I felt my body shake a little bit and as I moved back, I slipped and fell on to my butt. This put my eye level to Dave's bulging, swinging cock. I watched it swing back and forth getting closer and closer to me.

"I like where this is going," Dave chuckled as he continued to step forward. Eventually he stopped with his cock hanging inches from my face. Dave stopped swinging and let his big dick come to a resting moment. He looked down at me and could see that I was staring intently at his cock. "You two better get acquainted because I think you and my cock are going to be spending some quality time together," Dave joked. A little bit of precum oozed from the head of the cock. "Perfect," Dave said, "Go ahead Mel, lick that up. I promise you'll enjoy your first taste."

I felt like my heart was beating a thousand times a minute. My cock was rock hard. When I saw the precum ooze out the tip, I instinctively began to reach out my tongue, and suddenly my cock exploded. I had never had such an intense orgasm before, my jeans were soaked with jizz. In a state of shock, I jumped off the ground. I ran to the door, unlocked it, and ran as fast as I could out of the bar. Everyone must have looked at me like I was crazy, especially with my cum stained pants.

That night I spent a long time pumping my dick staring at the picture of Dave's cock. After a while, I got a text message from Dave. The message asked me why I had left. I texted back something along the lines of "I cannot suck your dick. I appreciate you showing me it. I imagined Nicole sucking it on the beach that day and it was a very hot image. But I am in a relationship with Nicole, and sucking your dick would be cheating, which is wrong." I eagerly awaited a response from Dave, hoping maybe he would be cool with it and might be willing to send some more dick pics but I got nothing back from him.

The next time I saw Dave, I was coming home from work. I opened the door to my apartment to find Dave and Nicole sitting across from each other. Nicole was supposed to be there but seeing Dave surprised me. When I walked in I noticed both of them quickly stare at me intently. "What's going on?" I asked.

"Honey," Nicole said. "Dave has just been telling me you have been having bisexual fantasies about him and I. He told me some very private details about some of the times that you and I had made love. He also showed me some of the role playing messages you sent to him."

"That's not true," I tried to interrupt. "He has been trying to get me to suck his dick, its gross."

"Mel," Nicole said. "It's nothing to be ashamed of. If you want to give Dave blowjobs, that is fine. I mean, I don't like sucking your dick but I do it all the time. It might be a little gross but it's nothing to be ashamed of and its worth it when I do it because I get to see you happy."

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