tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTour Planning Ch. 01

Tour Planning Ch. 01


Taylor Swift sat at her kitchen table looking over pages of information about her upcoming tour. She was excited. She'd convinced the record studios to have a national tour with her best friend, Selena Gomez. Her fingers began fidgeting with the pen in her hand, anxiously awaiting Selena's arrival so they could start discussing their tour, such as venues, wardrobe and the like.


Taylor jumped out of her seat and ran to open the front door. As she opened it, her best friend rushed in and gave her a hug.

"It's been forever!" Selena said smiling.

"I know. Both of our tours keep us apart." Taylor frowned.

"Yep, but now it's just us two on a tour and it'll be so much FUN!" Selena couldn't stop thinking about the tour even though she knew it was months away.

Just the thought of being on tour with her best friend excited her. She remembered wanting to do one with her once best friend, Demi Lovato, however a falling out had occurred between the two and their relationship was never the same.

"I know!" Taylor said, grabbing Selena by the arm and taking her to the table where she had papers upon papers of information.

"Wow, you're real excited about this, aren't you?" Selena asked, shuffling through the information on the pieces of paper.

"Yep!" Taylor said, making Selena sit and her sit next to her.

Hours passed as the two flipped conversations between the tour and their lives and boys and back to the tour. They'd figured out several cities for their tour as well as record stores for the meet and greets.

"Now, we have to discuss wardrobe. Let's go to my closet and see what I have." Taylor said as she grabbed Selena by the hand and lead her to her bedroom.

Selena sat down on the bed as Taylor ran into her walk-in closet and closed the door. Selena looked around the room. It changed from the last time she was here.

Different pictures of different boys were up and noticed one of Taylor with another celebrity teen, Taylor Lautner. The Taylor's were a couple at one point in time, but Selena was rumored to have been going out with Lautner as well. Selena heard the door open as Taylor stepped out and she brushed that taught aside.

The two girls spent a good thirty to forty-five minutes going through several of Taylor's clothes, trying to figure out what went well with what. They had a few outfits picked out, but nothing solid. Taylor stood in front of her full length mirror looking at herself and Selena in the background.

"I GOT IT!" Taylor exclaimed. "Give me one second."

Taylor ran into her closet and closed the door again. Selena sat there, wishing tonight would never end. She hadn't seen Taylor in what seemed like years. Heck it probably was. They ran into each other at the occasional award show, but to just hang out like they were doing now, seemed like an impossible feat to make happen lately.

"Okay, ready!" Taylor screamed as she opened the closet door as she walked out in a buttoned up trench coat and what appeared to be leather boots underneath. "Taadaa!"

Selena looked on, "Okay, now the rest of it."

Taylor laughed as she began to unbutton her trench coat and opened it revealing she was wearing nothing underneath except thigh high leather boots.

Selena put her hand over her mouth and gasped.

"What? You don't think people will like it? I'm sure if I wore just this every night, we'd get lots of people to come!" Taylor exclaimed giggling.

"Oh, that'll get people to come alright." Selena said, her mouth still covered while fighting off laughter.

Taylor walked over the the bed and plopped down on it, letting the trench coat fall around her, leaving her naked body in the open. Selena couldn't help but stare at her. She was extremely beautiful. Her legs that went on for miles. Her small breasts that fit her body perfectly. Her eyes that could kill a man. She truly had everything. Selena sighed as she laid down, her head next to Taylor's.

"Oh man. Today has been the best." Taylor said, looking over to Selena.

Selena looked over at Taylor, the two girls eyes locking. A wave of emotion flooded over her. She was falling in love with her best friend. She wasn't quite sure how to react. She didn't want to make a stupid mistake and it costing them their friendship. Selena also knew that if she missed this moment, and if things end up the way she wanted, she'd more than likely beat herself up for a long time. She knew she had to take this opportunity. Selena leaned in and placed her lips on Taylor's.

'Even her lips are perfect!' Selena thought to herself as Taylor was unsure what to do.

Selena broke off the kiss and smiled at Taylor. Taylor just looked at Selena with a wide expression on her face.

"Umm, Selena... What was that?" Taylor asked hesitantly as she shot straight up to where she was not sitting on the bed.

"That was a kiss. Duh!" Selena giggled as she sat up, too.

"I know that but..." Taylor said trying to figure out the words.

"Taylor, I love you. You've been there for me a lot lately. I honestly don't know what I'd do without you." Selena said, looking straight into Taylor's eyes.

"Well, I uhh..." Taylor said, getting interrupted by yet another one of Selena's kisses.

Taylor still wasn't sure what to do. She knew she had small feelings for her friend, but never thought she'd ever act upon them, but here she was, her best friend attacking her mouth.

"But, Selena. What about your ring." Taylor said, looking down at Selena's promise ring.

Selena laughed, "That's just for the boys." She said as she gave a wink while she took the ring off and tossed it on the other side of the bed.

Selena went in for the kiss again. Taylor thought to herself and decided she wasn't going to let this pass her up. Her gorgeous Latina best friend who was every boys fantasy and she'd be all hers. She reached up and placed her arms on Selena's shoulders, locking her hands behind her head.

Taylor could feel Selena's tongue wanting to come in and Taylor obliged opening her mouth. The two girls sat there, their tongues attacking each other mouths until Selena finally broke off the kiss and Taylor let out a whine.

"Don't worry, baby." Selena said as she gave Taylor a small quick peck on her lips.

Selena began kissing down the right side of Taylor's neck causing Taylor's head to roll back. Selena continued kissing down Taylor's body until she got to the Taylor's small breasts. She began kissing around the nipples of each one, switching every ten seconds ago until finally her mouth latched onto Taylor's left breast causing Taylor to let out a loud moan. Selena reached up with right hand and began messaging her Taylor's left breast, while she used her left hand to grope her own chest.

Taylor let out small yelps as Selena pinched and pulled and lightly bit down on her breasts.

"Oh, Sel." Was all the words Taylor could manage to get out.

Selena unlatched her mouth off of Taylor's breast. Selena reached down to the hem of her loose gray designer shirt and pulled it above her head. When the shirt was off, she reached behind her back, unhooking her bra and releasing her small B size breasts. Taylor looked on and couldn't help but think how they've certainly grown since the last time she actually saw them a couple years back when they were getting dressed and ready for a party.

Selena went back to Taylor's breasts, this time latching her mouth onto Taylor's right breast. She did the same procedure of pinching and biting, making sure not to hurt Taylor. While Selena's right hand was latched onto Taylor's breast, she moved her left hand and began rubbing the Taylor's inner thigh, each time getting closer to Taylor's pussy, until her hand ran across the already wet mound and Taylor let out a loud moan.

Selena took her mouth off of her breast and brought her left hand up to her mouth as she began to lick off Taylor's juices. Selena couldn't help but smile as she got up and pulled Taylor to the end of the bed, her legs hanging over the edge. Selena looked down at her new lover. The boots were definitely a turn on, without a doubt. Selena fell down to her knees and proceeded to crawl up to Taylor's legs, which were wide open, her pussy glistening from the mixture of the light in the room and the juices on her cunt.

Selena even noticed how perfect Taylor's pussy was. The folds of it were just right, along with her being clean shaven and smooth. Selena stuck out her tongue and began licking along the outside of her pussy, circling it. Taylor moaned at the feel of Selena's tongue on her. After Selena figured she'd teased her friend enough, she moved her hand up and opened Taylor's lips to reveal why just might be the pinkest pussy that could possibly exist.

Selena smiled to herself as she drove her tongue into Taylor's sex. Taylor's body convulsed as Selena's tongue invaded Taylor's body. Taylor looked down to see Selena's eyes just looking at hers, the rest of her face covered by her crotch.

"You're wonderful, Sel." Taylor said as she found herself playing with her breasts, rubbing and pinching them like Selena did. "Where did you... learn this?"

Selena unburied her face from the blonde's sex and poked her head up.

"Demi. We used to do stuff like this all the time, than our "falling out" happened." Selena said, her voice in a sad tone with the mention of her ex-best friend, Demi.

"Oh, okAYYYY!" Taylor yelled as she felt Selena's middle finger penetrate her vagina.

Selena began moving her finger in and out Taylor. She watched as Taylor got completely lost in the moment. Her head tossed back and moans coming out of her mouth. Selena bent down and started using her tongue and began flicking at Taylor's clit. The sensation of the girl's actions sent Taylor to the brink as she let out a giant moan scream.

Selena, her tongue still assaulting Taylor's pearl, inserted another into Taylor and began pumping faster and harder, occasionally curling her fingers and turning inside to stretch her insides. She could feel something inside of her building.

"Harder." Was the only word Taylor could let out, but barely.

Selena was happy to oblige and began sucking down on Taylor's clit while she entered a third finger and began pounding even harder, going knuckle deep in her. Each suck and vibration was bringing Taylor closer and closer to her brink until she finally exploded.

"Ahhhh!" The blonde screamed out as she began squirting her girl cum all over Selena's face and hand until it covered her face and hand.

"Ohmygod." Taylor said looking down at Selena who was now completly covered with her juices.

"Holy shit, you squirt more than Demi, and that girl is a fucking squirter." Selena sat there, licking Taylor's juices off of her fingers. "It's okay though, I love girls who squirt." Selena said giving her a wink.

The brunette stood up and took off her pants and thong. Taylor couldn't help but stare, like her, she was clean shaven, not a bump of hair anywhere on her. Her pussy glistened in the light. She slammed her head back onto the bed.

"Sel, I don't think I can get up." Taylor moaned.

Selena crawled on top of her, the two naked girls bodies rubbing each other.

"Don't worry, only thing I'll need you to move is that sexy mouth of yours." Selena said as she moved down and began kissing her.

A mess of blonde and brunette was all that one looking on the outside could see of the two girl's heads. Selena was shocked. This time it was Taylor's tongue attacking her mouth and oh what a tongue it was. Selena began to question in her mind if Taylor had done this before or if she was a natural, but she did know that she had to have this tongue lapping up her cunt asap.

Selena broke off the kiss and gave Taylor a wink. Selena than crawled her way up until her pussy was right above Taylor's mouth. Taylor inhaled the scent of Selena's aroma and it drove her crazy. She stared at the lips in front of her. They were fat and plump. Nothing like hers. She inhaled Selena's scent again. She had to have her.

Taylor grabbed Selena's thighs and lowered her to where Taylor could tongue her friend without her having to move her head. Taylor was a bit hesitant at first. She wasn't quite sure what to do at first, but decided to just let nature take over. She stuck her tongue out, gently licking away at the outer lips of Selena's pussy. Selena instantly hit the bed, her ass sticking up in the air. After getting the first taste on the outside of her, Taylor parted the tan lips to reveal a slightly lesser tan inside as the drips from her girl cum came dripping out into her mouth.

Taylor gave a lick along the entire length of Selena's pussy, making her let out a loud moan. Taylor continued steadily licking away as the inside of Selena, Selena grinding Taylor's face in rhythm to her tongue. Taylor noticed Selena's clit, sticking out, fully erect. She began to squeeze and rub it in between her thumb and index finger with her free hand. Not even Demi had made her feel this good and they'd done it dozens of times.

Taylor was a natural born cunt licker. Selena knew it. Hopefully, Taylor knew it as well. Taylor released her tongue as she began to insert her middle finger on her left hand, while her right was still playing with her friend's pearl.

As Taylor's long finger inserted itself inside Selena, Selena began moving her hips up and down on Taylor's finger in rhythm to her movements. Selena could feel her climax building and she knew she was going to blow soon. Taylor moved her head up until her mouth was latched onto the brunette's clit, still in movement and rhythm with Taylor's fingers. Taylor than inserted another finger into Selena's snatch and that was pretty much it for her.

After a few more pumps via Taylor's fingers and Taylor assaulting her clit with sucks, licks and tongue flicks, Selena let out a loud scream as she began to her girl juices onto the face of the beautiful blonde. Taylor opened her mouth to let the tangy sweetness flow in it. It was nearly no where near the amount that came from Taylor. Taylor gave a couple more laps around and in Selena's pussy, just to make sure that she had it all. Selena fell to the left of Taylor, the two girls breathing heavily.

"Oh, Wow Taylor." Selena said, reaching down on the bed and petting Taylor's head. "You're seriously amazing."

"Hmm, I honestly don't think today could get any better." Taylor said while looking up at Selena.

Selena bolted back up and looked at Taylor. "Actually, I think it might."

Selena reached over and almost threw Taylor out of her trench coat flung it on herself.

"I left something in the car. I'll be right back." Selena said, putting on the trench coat and running out the room.

Taylor looked over to noticed the picture of Taylor and her. She picked it up, smiled and then tossed it to the side of the room and waited for her best friend to return.

To Be Continued...

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