tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTour Planning Ch. 03

Tour Planning Ch. 03


"Tour Planning 3" with Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, and Demi Lovato

Selena Gomez laid next to Taylor Swift as she stared at the person in the doorway.

"Demi!" Selena said, seeing her once best friend Demi Lovato standing in the door way.

Selena was a bit shocked of course but it wasn't so much that Demi was here, but that Demi was here and she was already naked. Selena looked over the body of Demi. She certainly had matured since the last time the two actually saw each other. Her breasts had grown out more than hers and the perfectly dark brown tan with no tan lines mixed with the dark brown hair with light brown highlights added to it. Of course, she was perfectly shaved and completely smooth where it mattered.

"How did? What? But?" Selena kept stuttering trying to figure out exactly how Demi got there.

Two long arms reached around Selena's neck as she looked over to see Taylor Swift leaning into her ear. "I called her when you went outside. I knew she was in town for a couple days on business and I figured I'd get you two close again."

Selena took a couple seconds to process what was going on and then she let out a huge smile and looked over at Taylor.

"Thank you." Selena said to the blond as she gave her a quick kiss on the mouth and then got up and walked over to Demi. She looked Demi in the eyes as Demi looked back. "I missed you so much."

"I missed you, too" Demi said as the two went in for a kiss.

The two girls mouths locked and their tongues fought to enter the other girl's mouth. Demi tasted better than she remembered. Demi moved her hands along Selena's body and put her left hand on Selena's right breast and began to maul at it, flicking and pulling at the nipple. The vibrations of moans from Selena moved through Demi's mouth and body. Selena broke off the kiss and began kissing down the center of Demi's body and in between her breasts until she deviated from her straight path and latched her mouth onto Demi's left nipple. Demi moaned at the sensation of the vacuum the mouth was creating as well as the tongue flicking over the nipple. Selena detached her mouth, scraping at the nipple a little with her teeth and moved onto the other doing the same thing.

Demi looked over at Taylor, who was staring intently at the two girls, her fingers deep in her cunt with her thumb rubbing her cunt and smiled at her. She could see now why Selena was attracted to her. The whole 'innocence' thing was a huge turn on for pretty much anyone, although the whole innocent thing was now gone, thanks to Selena.

Selena's mouth removed itself from Demi's nipple and then began to proceed kissing down the middle of Demi's stomach until it reached about an inch above her clit and stopped. Selena spread Demi's legs slightly and stared at the treasure in front of her. She'd forgotten how beautiful Demi's pussy really was. So tight and small, the way she liked it. Selena ran her middle finger back and forth in between the lips as Demi let out a moan. Selena pulled her finger back to see her finger was dripping with Demi's juices. She brought it up to her mouth and began to lick it off. She couldn't tell if it was better than Taylor's, but she'd figure that one out later. Right now it was all about Demi and her. Selena went back moving her finger along Demi's pussy until she slipped it into her. Demi let out a load yell at the intrusion as Selena's finger began moving itself in and out of Demi's cunt.

"Fuck, Sel. I forgot how good you were." She said looking down at Selena as Selena looked up at her.

Selena just smiled and continued back to the task at hand. Moving her finger in and out of Demi, occasionally curling and twisting her finger inside. Selena leaned forward and latched her mouth at Demi's clit, sucking it hard and hitting it with her tongue as her fingers darted in and out of Demi's pussy. Demi could barely stand up much longer as she grabbed the wall and leaned against it. With Selena's free hand, she grabbed at the trench coat she had previously dropped near the area and shuffled through one of the many pockts she'd filled with sex toys and pulled out a small black vibrator and flicked it on. She started matching the rhythm of her finger with the vibrator. Demi's pussy was being attacked by both Selena's finger and the small vibrator.

"Faster." Demi let out as Selena picked up the pace.

Demi could feel herself build up. Even on tour with all the "Disney Stars" she'd been with, Selena was the only one who truly knew how to please her and today was no different. She looked down as the older girl continued to suck on her clit as she entered another finger into Demi, pushing harder and faster into her.

"Sel.." Demi said as she felt her self begin to drip. "Gonna cum so hard."

Selena dropped the vibrator as she entered a third finger, going faster and harder as she felt Demi's juices flow down her hand. Selena smiled as she positioned her face underneath Demi's pussy in anticipation of Demi's climax.

"FUCK!" Demi let out as she began to squirt all over Selena's hand.

Selena was quick to pull her fingers out as she opened her mouth to try and catch every bit of Demi that she could. Demi exploded all over Selena's face and chest, filling her mouth and drenching her face and body. Demi continued for what seemed like a minute of just pasting Selena with her cum until she fell back against the wall and slid down to the floor. Selena sat there on her knees, her body practically soaked from Demi's orgasm.

"Still like to take it in the face?" Demi said, half panting and half giggling.

"Still squirt like a fire hose?" Selena said, mocking Demi. "I honestly don't know who squirts more she said looking over at Taylor than back to Demi. "We'll have to find out later."

Selena crawled her self over to Demi and kissed her on the lips as she stood up and walked over to the bed where her country blond princess was waiting for her. She crawled on the bed as she removed the fingers out from Taylor to reveal her glistening pussy and began to run her tongue across it. Taylor laid there, her legs stretched out as far as she could with her hands still attack her breast while Selena lapped away at her cunt. Selena's ass was high in the air, clearly an open invitation for Demi, one which of course she couldn't refuse.

Demi made her way across the room and began to rub her hands on Selena's ass, give each one a small slap, causing her to send out a small yelp which went through Taylor's pussy. Demi moved her hand along the slit of Selena's pussy, wet with anticipation for Demi. Demi moved down and licked her tongue along the slit, causing Selena to let out another moan. Demi spread apart Selena's lips to reveal her light pink pussy, shimmering and glimmering from the light hitting her wetness. Demi began licking the inside, tasting the older girl. She tasted better than what she remembered. Hell, she even tasted better than any of the other girls she's fooled around with. Demi latched her mouth onto the open pussy and began slurping up Selena's sex, using her tongue to dart in and out of her hole. Once a majority of her was cleaned out, Demi let go and began to insert her right middle finger into her cunt and began moving it back and forth.

Selena was loving every minute of this. Her mind was racing as she realized that she was in between the legs of one of her best friends, licking and sucking away at her cunt and clit while her other best friend was using her finger to fuck her cunt. Her life at this moment in time was perfect and she didn't want to change a thing. She looked up at the blond who was still lost in her own world, grabbing at her breasts and rubbing her hands in Selena's hair. Suddenly, Selena's eyes widened in shock as she felt 3 more fingers insert her at the same time and let out a large yell that vibrated through Taylor's body which sent chills through her.

Demi smiled as she attacked Selena's cunt with her four fingers, going knuckle deep into her. She was already stretched out for the most part but Demi felt some more resistance and began curling her fingers inside of her and began to stretch her out even more and eventually was able to stick her thumb into Selena's cunt and slid her hand wrist deep into her sex and began punching in and out of her. Selena couldn't stay focused on what she was doing as she stopped pleasing the blond girl and just laid there screaming.

"Fuck Demi, punch my cunt!" Selena yelled as Demi continued to piston her fist in and out of Selena.

Selena could feel herself about to explode as she continued to yell at Demi to go harder and faster. with each push, Demi found her wrist going deeper and deeper into Selena. She felt herself reach her limit as she started to cover Demi's arm with her cum and let out a loud scream. Selena fell face first into the bed, her body no longer having the strength to support her, forcing Demi's fist out of Selena's cunt.

Selena laid there, panting heavily.

"Where did you learn that?" Selena asked, surprised at Demi's new sexual techniques. She remembered when they first had sex that Demi was too shy and timid to do anything like that.

"C'mon. You didn't think that going on tour with girls as hot as Meghan (Jette Martin) and Anna (Marie Perez de Tagle), that I could just not do anything with them?" Demi laughed and then looked up at Taylor, who was still rapidly thrusting her finger in and out of her pussy. Demi saw the look on her face and knew it all to well.

Taylor let out a loud yell as she began to squirt everywhere over the bed, drenching a good portion of it with her girl cum as some got on Selena. Demi stood there in shock.

"Damn girl." Demi said looking at the puddle in front of her. "You may squirt more than I do, but for now." Demi trailed off as she went outside the door and grabbed a blue 11 inch strap-on and put it on.

Selena had now recovered from her last orgasm as she was again on all fours on the bed, waiting for Demi and her strap-on. She looked back at the younger brunette and gave a sexy, seductive smile that just drove Demi crazy. She stopped and stared as Selena's ass waved in front of her and she gave an evil smirk. Demi moved her hands around Selena's ass and gave each cheek a little slap as she bent down and began to lick Selena's asshole. Selena shivered and yelped in surprise, but quickily turned to moans of pleasure.

Demi's tongue circled around the outer rim of Selena's anus as her right hand moved along and inside Selena's cunt. Taylor crawled up in front of Selena and started to kiss her. Selena's tongue worked her way inside of Taylor's mouth as Demi's tongue did the same to Selena's asshole.

"Your ass is so sweet and tight, Sel." Demi said, taking her tongue out of Selena's ass.

Demi stuck her middle finger in her mouth as she began to lube it up with her saliva and took it out. She ran her finger on the outside of Selena's puckered hole and than inserted it. Selena's eyes widened at the intrusion but continued kissing the blond songstress. Taylor's mouth broke off of Selena's and immediately had Selena latch onto her right breast, sucking and biting at her nipple. Demi moved her finger in and out of Selena's ass, preparing it for the even bigger intruder to come later. Demi added a second finger and eventually a third finger, moving them inside Selena's tight ass. Selena detached her mouth off of Taylor's tit and looked back at Demi.

"Fuck my ass hard." Selena said looking at Demi with a look of pure uncontrollable lust.

Demi just smiled as she placed the head of the dildo at the entrance of her rectum and began to gently but forcefully push it through the tight barrier. Selena let out a scream as the dildo stretched her ass apart. The screams of pain from Selena quickly turned to screams of pleasure as her ass go used to the dildo in it. Demi thrusted into Selena in an almost violent manner, causing the bed to shake and bang against the wall.As Demi continued to anally assault Selena, Taylor moved in behind Demi and reached her hands around and grabbed on to Demi's tits and squeeze and massage them. Demi turned her head to meet Taylor's as the two girls mouths locked together. Taylor added to the force of the dildo entering Selena's ass, thrusting it in even harder causing louder screams to come from Selena.

"Both of you, turn around." Taylor said after she broke off of Demi's mouth.

Demi grabbed Selena's hips and lifted her up off the bed, dildo still in her ass as she turned Selena face to face with Taylor. Taylor gave Selena a quick peck on the lips as she pushed Demi and Selena down onto the bed, leaving Demi on her back with Selena sitting straight up with Demi's dildo still in her ass. Taylor laid Selena back a little bit as she pressed the head of the dildo against Selena's folds and began moving it up and down, teasing her clit and pussy.

"Dammit, Tay. Fuck me already." Selena yelled, tired of all the foreplay the blond songstress was doing.

Taylor smirked as she held either side of Selena's hips as she shoved the fake cock in her pussy. Selena screamed out as Taylor held nothing back and rammed the "cock" into Selena's pussy, pushing it all the way into Selena's tight cunt. Taylor started to rapidly move the pseudo-penis in and out of Selena's cunt, causing Selena to bounce up and down on the other one that was in her ass and attached to Demi. Selena's mind was far beyond 'Cloud Nine'. Her two best friends where fucking her at the same time. The two members rubbed against the her inside walls as Selena screamed and moaned.

Taylor moved down and began kissing Selena on the lips while Demi started kissing the back of her neck as the two girls kept their rhythm fucking Selena. Selena could feel herself building and honestly, she was surprised she hadn't come yet. Taylor broke off the kiss and looked at Demi. Demi smiled back as she knew what the country star was thinking. Without warning, the two girls flipped themselves over with Selena still attached to them leaving Taylor now on the bottom and Demi once again behind her. Demi smiled as now she knew she could go to work.

Demi began forcefully ramming the rubber in Selena's ass as Taylor bounced her up and down on her cock. Selena knew she couldn't hold back any longer as she let out a violent and near ear-piercing scream as her juices started coming out of her cunt and down Taylor's strap-on and onto her legs. Selena fell flat onto Taylor and panting. Demi pulled the dildo out of Selena's now gaping hole and bent down to give the hole a last lick around it than slid her tongue down and began licking Selena's girl cum off of Taylor's strap on and straight out of Selena's pussy.

Demi looked at Taylor and Taylor stared back at Demi.

"Now, about that contest." Demi mentioned to Taylor.

"What contest?" the blond responded back.

"The one about who can squirt the most. You in?" Demi replied with a face of hope on her.

"Of course I am." Taylor said as she gently pushed Selena off of her. "Of course, we'll need a fair and unbiased judge."

"I think I can handle that." Selena said as she looked at the two.

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