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Tour Stop


Kelli enjoyed the perks of being the wife of a professional golfer. His multi-million dollar annual earnings afforded her all the luxuries. What she disliked the most was the travel and time away from him. The normal tour stop was a boring five day cycle of get up, eat, kill time while he played golf, eat, spend time in the hotel room, sleep.

But this week was special. This week the tour stopped in the city where her older sister Erin lived; and, Erin lived on the golf course. It was the perfect scenario.

Kelli and Erin were separated in age by fifteen years. Despite the difference, twenty six year old Kelli remained close enough to her forty-something sister to comfortably spend nearly a week in Erin's home during the tournament.

They were as close to twins as sisters could get that many years apart in age. Both were petite blondes with stunningly good looks and hourglass figures that they fought desperately to maintain. Kelli, because of her constant travels to tournaments, was deeply tanned. The result was a vibrant, young woman who caused men of all ages to stare at her incessantly.

One of those men was Erin's eighteen year old son Justin. A lacrosse player with an athletic scholarship to a college he would be starting in the fall, Justin was feeling good about just graduating from high school and having a couple months of freedom. Besides, Aunt Kelli was coming to stay for a few days.

He couldn't count the number of times he'd masturbated to her Facebook photos, or after seeing her in person. He swore she dressed in her short shorts and tiny shirts with the plunging necklines just for him. He knew every feature on her face; how she did her makeup; how her wispy shoulder length hair acted in the wind.

Kelli wasn't totally innocent. She had watched Justin grow up and would admit, secretly, to having a special place in her heart for the good-looking kid. Only now he wasn't a kid, and it wasn't that long ago that Kelli was his age; with the same thoughts and desires he was now having. She wondered how their relationship would change with the passing of another year. She questioned her own self-control if they found themselves alone.

'Stop it, Kelli,' she scolded herself. 'It won't happen. So just quit thinking about it. And he's your fucking nephew, for God's sake.'

But the first time she saw him, when Kelli and her husband entered the luxurious house and she hugged her nephew, she could feel something change. She was holding a man. It would take every ounce of willpower to not cave in to her natural instincts.

Justin hovered over his diminutive aunt as they briefly embraced. He could smell her hair and feel her soft skin. He could feel her ample breasts against his chest. God, she was gorgeous.

Nobody else in the room sensed it, but Kelli and Justin knew. Perhaps the forbidden nature of their emotions heightened their stimulation. Or maybe it was just two adults deeply attracted to each other. Whatever the case, there was a palpable connection between them.

Erin's large, two-story home had four bedrooms. She never gave a second thought to putting Kelli and her husband in a room on the same floor as Justin. The consequences of that choice became clear on the morning of the next day, a couple hours after Kelli's husband had left the house to play in the pro-am tournament.

Kelli was wearing a short robe, standing in the hallway searching a closet for bath towels. Down the hall, Justin stood in his doorway watching. He saw his aunt reach for the top shelf, the bottom of her robe inching its way closer and closer to her ass. Standing on her tiptoes, Kelli managed to barely grasp the bottom towel from a tall stack. Almost immediately, the entire pile came tumbling down around her.

Justin looked on as Kelli got on her hands and knees to reassemble the stack. A fleeting glimpse of one ass cheek caused the cock inside his jogging shorts to twitch. Another glance at a breast attempting to escape the robe made him throb a little harder.

He walked towards her, nearly getting to her side before she looked up.

"Oh, Justin. I'm such a klutz," Kelli said in her distinctly feminine voice.

"I'll get them," he said, beginning to complete the pile.

Kelli sat on her knees, adjusting the robe between her legs the best she could, but making no effort to secure the robe as it fell farther open at the top. Justin forced himself not to look, at least directly. Soon enough, he was easily putting the towels back in the closet. Then he turned to face Kelli and offered her a single towel.

"Thank you," she replied, stepping closer. "Did you need the shower?"

Her eyes wandered down his body until locking onto his shorts without shame. Justin was peering at the substantial cleavage she still showed.

"No. That's OK," he said.

Kelli looked back up at him. "Did your parents go to the course yet?"


The gleam in her eyes was hypnotic. She allowed the towel to touch his leg.

"Then we could share the shower."

Even at eighteen, Justin knew the meaning of her words. He didn't answer. Kelli ran the back of her hand with the towel across his crotch. She could feel his hardness and see the tent in his shorts.

"Nobody will ever know, Justin," she said in a near whisper.

"I shouldn't..."

Kelli's other hand touched his cock, not quite holding it.

"This might be our only chance. I've waited so long for you, Justin. Please come with me."

She turned towards the bathroom, taking two steps before looking back over her shoulder. Justin followed her. They entered the bathroom and Kelli locked the door.

"Turn on the water, please," she said.

Justin's hands were shaking as he opened the glass door and adjusted the water to a reasonable temperature. He took an extra few seconds to collect himself. When he turned around, Kelli was naked with the robe lying in a heap at her feet.

Justin's initial shock gave way to concentrated scrutiny of the body he had dreamed about for so long. The breasts were even more magnificent than he imagined. The waist and hips more rounded and smooth. The pussy more exquisite. The thighs and legs more enticing.

Nothing was said. Their eyes finally met and Kelli stepped forward. Her hands took hold of his shorts and she pulled them down, crouching in front of him to take them off. Before standing back up, she stared at the semi-erect cock inches from her face. But she wouldn't take it...yet.

Kelli moved to Justin and let their bodies touch. She made sure her breasts were against his chest and his cock was touching her.

"Now, let's take a shower," she said softly.

Kelli led the way into the shower, suspecting she would have to do a lot of the leading if she wanted to achieve her ultimate goal. What she didn't know was that Justin was more than willing, and certainly able, to take charge. He followed her in and closed the door to the shower.

Kelli wasted no time in getting under the water and letting it flow over her hair and body. Using both hands to draw back her hair gave Justin a wonderful view of her full breasts pulled high on her chest. Water cascaded over her nipples and between her legs, falling to the floor in erotic streams.

Then she drew Justin towards her and Kelli started a long, deep, sensuous kiss. Years of hidden lust for each other poured out in the form of frantic groping and the exchange of tongues. Justin grew harder and harder as the seconds passed. His cock slid between them and rested near his aunt's navel as it reached total erection. While still kissing, she reached down and stroked it with water acting as lubricant.

Kelli waited as long as she could before squatting down and kissing the tip of Justin's thick cock. She licked it a couple times and grinned at the reaction she got. The cock jerked each time her tongue touched it, straining to add length despite being rock hard.

Slowly, she wrapped her lips around it and began to lower her head until the entire length was inside her mouth. Justin could feel the back of her throat for an instant before Kelli pulled back. The next time she gripped it harder with her lips. Then she speeded up with the same tight clench. He watched her head bob up and down for at least sixty seconds of frenzied action.

She knew when to stop. Justin was temporarily frustrated, until Kelli stood up and said, "I want you inside me, Justin. I want you to fuck me."

Every cell in his brain was screaming 'No!'. The rest of his body begged him to do it. It was no contest.

"How do you, I mean, do you want me to...," Justin stammered.

"Can you hold me? Can you hold me against the wall?"

Justin nodded. He had no doubt he could hold her all day if it meant getting a chance to fuck her. Kelli turned so her back was against the side wall and then she spread her legs. Justin moved in front of her and lowered himself until his cock was in place. Another small adjustment by both of them had his cock ready to enter her. With that, Justin put his hands under Kelli's ass, began to insert his cock, and pick her up at the same time.

Kelli wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.

"Oh God, Justin! Yes! Yes!" Kelli said as he entered her and she was firmly in his grasp. They settled against the wall and Justin began a steady, rhythmic pounding of Kelli's cunt.

If there had been any doubt in Kelli's mind about Justin being a man or a child, his massive cock eliminated any uncertainty. He filled her completely and held her up with the strength of three men. Her tight cunt was stretched to the limit and, as a result, Justin was getting the same pressure on his cock that her lips had applied earlier.

Neither of them would last long under the circumstances. Just the sensation of his aunt's little round ass in the palm of his hands was enough to make Justin want to cum. Seeing the water splash over her tits put him over the edge.

"I'm...I'm gonna cum soon," he warned her.

"It's OK, Justin," Kelli panted. "It's OK."

She listened to his fretful groans. She felt the intensity of his thrusts increasing. Her body slapped against the wall a little louder.

"Now! Now!" he cried out.

Kelli closed her eyes and waited. Justin grunted even louder and slammed into her with a force that she'd never felt before. A warm shot of cum hit the back of her cunt. Then another. And another. Justin exhaled with each plunge of his cock and each shot of his semen.

Only then did Kelli allow herself to cum. She tried to muffle her cries, but Justin knew. He desperately wanted to stay inside her until she was done, but one orgasm followed another and it seemed Kelli would never stop. Just as he was about to pull out, she was done.

"Hold me, Justin. Don't let me down."

The words alone made him hard enough to stay inside her as they came down from their highs. Justin moved them directly under the shower and Kelli giggled, watching the water flow between them.

"How long are you staying?" Justin asked, knowing the answer.

"Long enough to do this again," was her answer.


In the pitch blackness of night, Erin silently opened the door to her son's bedroom and entered like a ghost. She crept across the floor in her bare feet and stopped near the side of his bed. Justin was on his side, facing away from her. Only a sheet covered him.

Erin lifted up her nightshirt and pulled it off, dropping it to the floor without a sound. She felt the familiar tingle rush through her body as she stood naked, looking down on her handsome son. Erin climbed into the bed and pushed herself against Justin's back with the sheet between them. Her hand was almost between his legs when she felt him move.

"It's me, honey," she whispered.

He murmured his acknowledgement and began to turn onto his back. Erin lifted the sheet and tossed it to the end of the bed. She ran her fingers over his muscular chest, circling his nipples before sliding her hand down to the top of his boxer shorts. Erin put her lips on his at the same time the palm of her hand rubbed the shorts against his cock.

"I'm sorry I couldn't come in the last couple nights. With Sis here I didn't want to risk it," Erin said softly. "But I couldn't wait any longer."

"It's OK, Mom."

Justin felt his cock react quickly to his mother's soft touch. She knew exactly what he liked. Before long, he'd be rock hard and they could enjoy any number of things they had secretly experimented with for nearly a year.

Erin's hand slid inside the shorts and found the hard, warm shaft she desperately needed. She stroked it while Justin began a thorough inspection of his mother's naked body with his hands. Every inch of her was familiar—from the firm fullness of her tits to the gentle curves of her hips to the soft batch of short hair around her pussy.

Justin thought of Kelli as he molded Erin's tits in his hands. They were so much like Kelli's. His erection grew harder as images of his time in the shower came to mind. Erin was pulling off his boxers while Justin thought about thrusting himself into her sister, feeling her cunt squeeze him even tighter.

Erin had no clue of the 'competition' she was now in for Justin's attention. For her, this was just one more night with her favorite lover. If anything, the excitement was more intense because of the proximity down the hall of her sister and brother-in-law. She would fuck Justin just the same, but she'd be a little more subdued when she came.

They were both naked and Erin rolled on top of Justin in their customary prelude to sex. No words were spoken as they kissed. Then Erin moved up and Justin took her tits in his hands while she put one on his lips. He kissed and licked the nipple before eagerly sucking on the end of her tit. Erin closed her eyes and moaned in delight, rubbing her pussy against Justin's body to heighten the pleasure she was feeling.

Erin would let her son suck on her for only a moment before moving down the bed, between his legs. She caressed his cock and held his balls in her palm for a second. Then Erin leaned down and ran her tongue up the entire length a couple of times. Justin couldn't get any harder and he knew the next several minutes would be filled with incredible delight as his Mom worshiped his cock before putting it inside her.

He felt her lips around the head, first. She stabbed at it with her tongue before pushing her lips down the shaft. Erin was not as tentative as Kelli had been, but both treatments had their advantages. Erin was much quicker in aggressively sucking on the cock and seemingly attempting to pull the cum right out of his balls.

Justin played with his mother's tits, pulling on the nipples and hearing her moan with his cock deep in her mouth. He knew it wouldn't be long.

As always, Erin was anxious to feel Justin inside her cunt. She lifted her head off his cock and moved up so her pussy was in place. Using one hand, she put the head of his cock at her hole and looked down at the face on the pillow. Silently, she lowered herself onto him.

Justin always flashed back to the first time they did this; the incredible sensation of his throbbing cock being engulfed by the warm, wetness of his mother's body. He understood a lot of things and questioned his own actions. But the joy they brought each other outweighed everything else. Erin was loving. Justin tried to reward her the way she needed. He always succeeded.

Tonight Erin was restrained. They would fuck as quietly as possible, allowing their hands to grope each other and find all the spots they knew would heighten the pleasure. She rose and fell on Justin's cock in a steady rhythm sure to bring them both to the inevitable climax. But it would be done without the fervor they were known to exhibit on other nights.

Erin quickly felt her orgasm building, as did Justin. They would both attempt to extend the session as long as they could. They were all alone in their forbidden world.

Or so they thought. Kelli had risen from her bed and entered the hallway for a quick trip to the bathroom. A whispered word or two caught her ear from the direction of Justin's room. She walked as if on air the last few feet to the bedroom door that Erin left open a crack, out of habit. Kelli stood against the wall, and leaned her head around until she could peek in.

Kelli prevented the gasp from escaping her mouth. The silhouette against the window behind Justin's bed could only be one person—her sister. And she was clearly about to let Justin's cock enter her. As Erin settled onto her son's lap, Kelli put a hand over her mouth to assure continued silence.

She watched the couple have sex in the dark calm. There was nothing frantic about it. To Kelli, it looked as if they had been doing it forever and this was just one more meeting. She saw Justin reach up for Erin's tits, but still there wasn't a sound except for just one, faint squeak of the bed springs.

For nearly five minutes—which seemed like an eternity from the hallway—Kelli watched. Only a whimper from Erin and a thrashing of her head indicated the start of her orgasm. Likewise, a dim groan from Justin hinted at the fact he was cumming inside his mother. This lasted several, long seconds before Erin leaned down to passionately kiss Justin.

Kelli turned back towards her bedroom and walked as fast as she could, shaking like a leaf at what she just witnessed. It would be more than an hour before she fell back asleep.


"Are you going to miss having Justin around when he goes to college?" Kelli asked her sister at breakfast the next morning.

"Absolutely," Erin said. "He helps around here more than you would think."

"Like how?"

Erin shrugged. "Oh, you know, just picking up and doing yard work and stuff."

"Are you two very close?"

Erin looked at her sister with a bit of suspicion. "I'd say we're no different than any mother and son. Why?"

Kelli took a bite of fruit before answering. "Because I think you're closer than you care to admit."

"Well, I do love him, if that's what you mean."

"Love? Is that why you do it?" Kelli asked bluntly.

Erin's look was half fright, half confusion. "Do what?"

They were alone in the house and Kelli knew it. The men were at the golf course and she had this one opportunity to confront her sister.

"Do you fuck Justin because you love him?"

Kelli had never seen her sister's face look the way it did just then. If Erin tried to leave, she would pursue her. But it wasn't necessary.

"Kelli! How could you say that!"

"Because I saw you," Kelli said nonchalantly.

All efforts to refute it were gone. Resignation filled Erin's eyes.

"You saw us?"

"The door was open."

Erin's long exhale was audible.

"I DO love him," she said softly.

"But that doesn't make it right," Kelli told her.

Tears welled up in Erin's eyes. "I know it. I know it."

"Does Doug know?" Kelli asked, referring to Erin's husband.

Erin could only shake her head in denial.

"How long has it been?"

Erin sighed, "Almost a year."

Kelli paused for a long time, giving her sister time to collect herself and realize the predicament she was in. Erin looked at her in desperation and begged, "You can't tell anybody. Please, Kelli. You can't!"

"I think I can be convinced not to," Kelli replied.

"How? Just tell me. I'll do anything."

Kelli tried not to grin. She said, "Keeping this secret deserves a substantial payment, I would think. But I don't want your money, Erin. I want something better than that."

Erin waited for the axe to fall.

Kelli said, "I want equal time. I want Justin. But the first time, I want you there, too. I want you both, Erin."

Erin could not envision that half of what her sister was asking for—sex with her son—she'd already partaken in a couple days earlier. Erin considered it a fairly small payment to make. But, including Erin in the package was another story.

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