tagIllustratedTower Crane Ch. 02 (Redux)

Tower Crane Ch. 02 (Redux)


Tower Crane, Chapter 2: Getting Off (After) Work

I looked out my operator's cab, or 'house', down the long horizontal working arm carrying my latest load. I almost couldn’t concentrate as I basked in the glint of the bright morning sun and reminisced of a very recent event. I sat there still feeling as if I was catching my breath and tried to cool off in this phone-booth-sized, seven by eight foot metal and glass enclosure.

Normally I don't get many 'houseguests' up here, but this morning I had had a very special guest. Her name is Sam Wyatt.

Sam was called down just before lunch to fill out some new hire paperwork. I got wrapped up in the activity of the job after she went back down my tower as we had a couple of deliveries arrive early. I hauled up pallets of wood and a few girders and worked myself right through lunch.

Now, after Sam had ascended my tower again I wasn’t sure how the rest of the afternoon would proceed.

"Hello again." I said and stood up, reaching for her hand to help her back into my cab.

"Hello, Mr. Murphy." The comely young woman returned my greeting.

"Thank you, Sam." I gripped her hand as I looked back into those extraordinarily sexy green eyes. "But you know you are supposed to call me Jim."

"I know, Jim." She smiled demurely and winked. "But I wasn't sure if that is what got us into trouble in the first place this morning."

"Trouble?" I said, mockingly, looking in that young, lively face. The face framed by a generous mane of blonde hair, now pulled back into a thick ponytail.

"It could have been big trouble if the site foreman had caught us doing what we were doing earlier." She smiled more broadly as she leaned back against the glass of our small enclosure.

"I guess it may have been a problem if George had caught me doing what I was doing with my new trainee. A couple hours or so ago I didn't really have that on my mind though." I produced an almost mischievous grin with that comment.

For indeed if my site boss had happened to make a trip up to check on me or rather us this morning he would have been greeted to quite an eyeful. Suffice it to say, one man and one woman, squeezed into a small space like this made for more than cozy crane operator training. Sam and I had gotten to know one another very quickly and very intimately. It had happened almost without warning, without thought, but also with what I had perceived as mutually satisfying climaxes. Of course, only one of us had dropped pants to accommodate the situation. I had had my jeans around my ankles and Sam had ridden me with her backside still fully in hers. Well, until nature called for her that is, for which my ‘emergency jar’ came in handy. However, to say we both weren't extremely satisfied would have missed the mark. In fact, I'm sure if Sam were to turn around right now I'd see the remnants of my pleasure and hers still darkening the seat and crotch of her jeans.

"I guess we ought to get on to actually training me to be a full fledged operator. What do you think? That simulator training the last couple of weeks was great, but I know your hands-on will be of much more use." She stood there with her hands on her hips.

"Uh, sure Sam." I replied looking up at her.

"I know I can learn a lot from you. I know how to use the computer controls. I want you to teach me the touch and feel of handling this big rig."

"Yea, as I said this morning, I have done without that silly computer. Still haven't used it much since they installed it months ago. But let's start with what you know. Since you know the keystrokes so well, have a seat and show me some of those high-tech tricks."

"If that is what you want, sure." Sam switched places with me, me standing and her taking a seat in the operator's chair.

She leaned up and turned the computer on. I watched as her nimble fingers made a few a few strokes of the keypad. "Shall I show you how to do the pouring concrete thing?"

"Yea, that'll work." I realized I was watching her lovely fingers a bit too intently work over that dusty black keypad.

"Well, as I started to show you this morning before we got so distracted," Sam looked up at me with a sheepish, but so very tantalizing grin. "You get these great visuals on the screen here to see where everything is all through the procedure. I can spot the truck by setting the bucket on the first drop, measure and set the spot again."

"And like I said to you this morning, what good is that to me? I just use ticks on the joysticks and eyeball the range on the jib. All a matter of touch, girl."

"Touch is good, as we both know, huh?" Sam looked up at me and smiled.

The look warmed more than my face.

We both let the moment pass as Sam went back to tapping on the keypad.

* * * * *

We didn’t get into any more shenanigans in my tower the rest of the afternoon, not that it didn’t cross my mind a hundred times. We kept it all business and Sam eagerly soaked up all there was I could teach her on the crane.

By the end of the day Sam had gotten very comfortable in the operator's seat. I even let her hoist three loads herself late in the afternoon. I hated to say it but she was a whiz with that computer and almost a natural when it came to using the joysticks. She would have put me to shame back on my first day or maybe even my first six months month of operating a rig.

The site whistle blew. It was 5:00 p.m. straight up.

"Thar' she blows again! Time to head down for the day young lady."

"This was a true experience today, Jim. Thanks." Sam opened the cab door and stepped out onto the grating.

I couldn't help myself as she walked out; I lowered my gaze to her jean-clad bottom. I smiled when I saw the not so obvious but still somewhat visible sign of my morning's pleasure. The whitish stain on that wonderfully curved behind.

The afternoon sunlight was less bright than this morning's, but it still reflected well off the tall metal structure. We began the descent down the many flights of the tower to the base of the crane. I had sighed as I looked up at those twenty stories this morning, just as I had five mornings a week for most of the fifteen years I had been working towers. This afternoon, it was a much easier trek, not just because it was downward, but because I had a beautiful image descending just ahead of me.

About twenty-five minutes later I looked and saw Sam had made it down to the base. I was still a couple flights behind. I saw her standing there, her hard hat off and the scrunchie out of her hair. The ponytail was gone now and her blonde mane flowed in the warm summer afternoon breeze. With her back to me I watched her running her fingers through that long hair as I took the last couple steps. Then, for the third time that day, I watched Sam yank down on her shirt to tuck it back into her jeans. As I had both those times before, I couldn't help but have lustful thoughts as I watched her hand slip under the waistband of her jeans.

I did know Sam was a bit younger than me, but even so as I closed the distance between us all I could see was how attractive she was. Still I knew I shouldn't be feeling this way about a younger woman, especially a co-worker.

We stopped by the site foreman's office.

“Hey boss!" I yelled over to George sitting behind his desk.

George looked up over his plans and other paperwork. "So, how was everything, Sam? Jim do alright by you today?" He asked, settling his attention on my trainee and obviously ignoring me.

"Oh yes, sir, everything was just wonderful. Why do you ask?" Sam said. I could tell she had become a bit nervous all of a sudden.

"Its just Jim here doesn't take a lot of bullshit off people, so I wasn't sure dropping you on him at the last minute this morning would have set you up for getting on his bad side." George said, standing and coming out from around his desk.

"Oh yes, Jim is really a wonderful guy," now Sam was beginning to stumble over her words. "Uh, he is a really great trainer, and he works real hard, too."

I tried to step in to help. "Uh, yea George, Sam here seems pretty happy about her first day. I'd say she has quite the skills to keep an old codger like me busy," I smiled sheepishly over at Sam, as I bumbled my own speech, "uh, and she started getting me in shape on that new fangled computer equipment. Yep, she has quite the skills."

Sam looked me directly in the eye and with a tease of a grin added, "Yeah, and Jim here asked me if there was anything he could do to persuade me to stay off his tower. I told him very respectfully there wasn't a damn thing he could do to keep me off his tall tower. In fact, I was going to swear to straighten him out on the computer until he was comfortable enough to stop playing with his old joystick, uh, sticks."

I looked at Sam and raised my eyebrow at her obvious double entendre. She had gotten past her case of nerves mighty quick and gotten even bolder with her comments. I caught the fact that although we had not really talked about our early morning sexual tryst atop my tower she was still thinking about it, too.

George walked back around his desk. "Well, little lady, anything you can teach to this old dog I'll consider fringe benefits of having you train under Jim here."

I nearly choked with a laugh at that last reference. Who had been under whom this morning? I had to hide it with a fake cough.

Sam kept adding to the fire. "Yes, sir, after six years of working down below, I really mean it when I say I'm ready to climb aboard that big one again." She actually bit her lip as we made eye contact.

"Okay you two, good days work today. Get out of here and get some rest this weekend. Be back bright and early and ready to go at six Monday. Gonna be a busy one." George said.

"Will do boss. Oh yea, and say hi to Ellen for me." I retorted.

"I'll do that Jim. Little wife and I are going to visit the kids this weekend."

Sam and I went out and clocked out before we left the main yard.

"Jim, I really do want to thank you for showing me the ropes today. I know it wasn't fair to have shown up unannounced like that." Sam said looking up at me as we stopped in the parking lot.

"Sam, it was my pleasure, uh, in more ways than one." I blushed at that moment like I had not blushed in some time. I indeed had been made to feel years younger.

"You know you're cute when you blush like that." Sam commented as she looked up at me with her hands to her eyes since the sun was in her face now.

"Thanks, I guess. I mean I guess its okay to have a girl call a nearly forty year old guy 'cute', especially on a construction site, where any of his fellow male, beer-drinking, tobacco spitting coworkers could hear." I looked around to see if any of my buddies were close by. Pretty much everyone was gone already or back cleaning up.

Sam turned to go, but over her shoulder called to me. "First, you need to stop calling yourself an old man. From where I stand you look pretty darn good." I saw her well enough to see her bite her lip again as soon as she said that. "And second, I'm looking forward to Monday, but I do have to run. Only have a couple minutes to get down the block to catch my bus or I wait another half hour."

"Uh, sure." Was all I could say as I took in her comments and watched her trot across the gravel lot. Then I got a burst of courage I had not had with a woman in years. “Hey Sam!" I yelled and then picked up a trot toward the young woman.

Sam spun around as I came up to her.

I looked down at her, saw that beautiful face up close and suddenly got stage fright.

"Yea, Jim. What is it? I really do need to get going."

"Uh, well, that's just it. I mean, why be in a rush." I kicked a couple gravel stones with my work boot. "How about I give you a ride?"

"Oh Jim, I couldn't make you go out of your way." Sam replied.

"You said you live on the west side, right?"

"Sure, but you live in town."

"Yes, but on the west side of town, northwest, but still west."

"I couldn't do that to you, not during rush hour."

"Sam, if I didn't mean it, I wouldn't have offered. I actually hate to think of you riding a bus on such a gorgeous evening like this and wasting so much valuable time."

"Well, I do have to make a transfer at the station on Market Street. That can sometimes take an extra 15-20 minutes on a Friday evening."

"See, let me save you that hassle. Please, I insist." Now I was the one seemingly getting bolder by the minute.

"If you must insist, then I must agree."

"Great then, come on. My truck is just over here."

I led her over to my old '99 Dodge. I stepped past her and reached out for the passenger door handle on the cab of my truck. I tried it, and then tried it again. At first I was at a loss why it was locked. Then I realized just as I had this morning before we entered my 'house' atop the crane, I forgot to unlock the thing. I must have been totally distracted by this woman again.

Damn! What was this woman doing to me?

Just as this morning, the keys were still in my pocket. I reached in my jeans and fished for the key ring. As surprising as morning, I realized something else, as I felt for the keys my fingers grabbed around 'Little Jim' who was still taking his notice. My manhood was reacting under my jeans once again with Sam standing so close.

I finally unlocked and opened the truck door though, then stowed my lunch box back behind the crew seat and stepped back to wave her in. "Welcome to your limousine, madam."

"Why thank you very much, sir." Sam stepped up into the passenger seat, swiveled her legs around and I closed the door.

I literally ran around the back of the truck and climbed up into the driver's seat. I started the engine and put it into gear. By the time I had reached the first stop light, taking one hand off the steering wheel I pulled down on each leg of my jeans, trying to adjust for the needed room to accommodate a growing problem in my underwear.

"Could use another hand there, big boy?" I heard Sam's sweet whispery voice.

And before I could look over toward her to reply, I felt her warm soft hand through my jeans. I did look over and found a broad smile across her lips.

I took off from the light, her left hand still firmly on my thigh. I glanced over and saw Sam’s long hair had been pulled to the side. I had the most perfect view of her chest pushed out under her shirt. The seatbelt pulled tautly in between her curvy breasts.

My eyes kept wandering from the road ahead over to her body. The strong feel of her hand on my crotch definitely told me that she wanted me again. My reaction in her hand even more definitely told her that I wanted her.

Her hand slid up still higher, until she had me almost held at the root of my manhood. The tightness in my crotch was getting uncomfortable. I shifted my hands up on the wheel and lifted my hips.

‘I shouldn't be having these thoughts or feelings about this young woman’, my conscience told telling me. But the beating in my chest and the pulsing of my manhood under her fingers told me I couldn't help it.

By 14th St Sam had reached over and unbuttoned my jeans.

By 15th St, she had pulled my jeans open and out of the way.

By 16th, her small hands had freed my manhood through the fly of my boxers.

"Stop!" I snapped as she proceeded to give me a good squeeze. "I'm gonna drive off the side of the road any minute with you playing with like this."

“Then you better hurry up and pull over," she purred and squeezed me even harder.

As I turned into the parking lot of the K-Mart, I could see lots of open spaces on the far side of the lot. I nearly screeched my tires taking a couple of the turns making it across that lot and finally pulled my truck up in the furthest corner. In front of us was a tall hedge row of bushes blocking the view of from the highway.

I turned the engine off and looked in the rear-view mirror to fully realized this was not the most secluded spot. However, as I turned to look at Sam in the passenger seat, she was already unbuckling her seatbelt and pulling her shirt out of her jeans.

This situation I was in was totally new, I wasn't sure just how to handle being somewhat out in public like this. I knew I didn't want draw any attention. The problem was the sexual pitch in that truck right then between us was more powerful than anything I had felt before.

I just knew the situation was against us though. We couldn't do anything beyond just a quick make-out session. Man, did that sound stupid...an almost forty year old 'making out'!

Only Sam had still another idea.

There parked in the K-Mart lot, I watched her hands unsnap then unzip her jeans. Before I could take another breath she had slipped them down her hips. My erotic desires began to quickly exceed any reservations I had of worrying about being in a public place and having to make this quick.

With that said, before I could take another breath, she lifted her hips up off of the leather seat and grasped the waist of her jeans. She tugged them down around her knees. She reached to her side and pulled the seat recline lever and settled back lower in the passenger seat. With her legs spread open, she reached down with one hand and began massaging herself through her underwear.

Sam moaned so slow and low.

I sighed as I knew full well that if she had done this while I had still been driving I would have indeed driven off the road.

The sounds outside my truck of the cars racing along the highway or the buggy guy slamming shopping carts together a few aisles away were exceeded now by the moans of our mutual desire. I ran my hand along Sam's bare thigh and could feel her warm skin under my fingers as I caressed her.

I wanted her so badly.

Sam abruptly stopped and grabbed her shirt tail and pulled it up over her pink bra, the one I had seen only in an inadvertent peek down her shirt as she climbed into my crane operator's cab this morning. Now here it was on full display beside me.

The sight was so beautiful.

Sam looked into my eyes and smiled as she pulled her bra down off her breasts, fully exposing herself just below the level of the passenger-side window. Trying to look her in the eyes but failing, I leaned over and began tenderly kissing the nearest nipple. As my lips slid back and forth across the nipple, I could feel it grow and harden.

I began to suck it between my lips.

Then I felt her warm soft fingers wrap around my manhood again. I exhaled sharply, almost expunging the hard extension of her nipple from between my lips. But I held on.

So did she.

I had been feeling and watching Sam so close to me all day. Even after such an exquisite episode this morning and maybe even inspired by that special time, I had rebuilt so much more desire for her all over again.

Now Sam held me in her hand. She stroked me smoothly and firmly.

Being outside, in my truck, in a K-Mart parking going on 6:00 in the evening, was only making things more intense. At the top of my crane I knew we couldn't realistically be disturbed. Here, we could be caught any moment by a shopper, that cart guy, maybe even a security guard if they had one.

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