"You drive me wild."

"This video drives me wild," Britney grinned, wiping a lock of black hair from her blue eyes. "Not only is she fucking delicious, but she also has an amazing name."

Ava snorted.

"So, you'll do it?" Britney pleaded, batting her long eyelashes coquettishly. She licked her lips seductively as a follow-up, swallowing down the sweet flavor of her strawberry lip-gloss.

Ava shook her blonde head and sighed. "I'm not attracted to this guy." There was a pause as she collected her thoughts and eyed the other girl curiously. "But I'd do anything to be beside you naked, sweat glistening on your gorgeous ass. So, sure, I guess I'll do it."

Britney jumped in her seat and clapped triumphantly. She hopped from her end of the sofa to her friend, grabbing the other girl into a tight embrace. "Thank you, thank you, thank you," she giggled.

Ava shook her head; her blonde curls falling randomly around her sculpted cheeks. "What do you see in this guy? I don't get it."

"You'll see," Britney giggled. "You'll see."

* * *

"Paulie, can I sing you a song?" she grinned as she crawled into her best friend's lap.

Paul scratched the back of his head, and chuckled as Britney straddled his lap. "What's with you today?" he laughed, grabbing her hips for support when she nearly toppled to the ground.

Britney grinned and shook her mass of black hair teasingly, wiggling her finger in his face.

"You're up to something," he grinned. "You're being a flirt!"

Britney nodded and began to sing. "With the taste of your lips I'm on a ride."

Paul shook his head and laughed, holding firmly to Britney's curvaceous hips as she gyrated in his lap.

"Don't you know that you're toxic, and I love what you do. Don't you know that you're toxic?" she continued to sing.

"Alright," Paul laughed as he lifted her off his lap and placed her onto the sofa. "Why are you so damn teasy today?"

"Teasy?" Britney batted her eyelashes.

"I invented a word," Paul shrugged.

"I'm having a party," Britney offered suddenly. She grinned at her best friend and tossed her hair playfully over the back of the sofa. "Tonight. Will you come?"

Paul shrugged. "Sure."

Britney clapped her hands victoriously, a move her friends had become accustomed to rather quickly.

"Can I bring Chris?" he asked quietly, referring to his best friend in the band.

Britney shrugged. "I guess."

Paul laughed at this and ran a hand through his mussed black hair. "Well, if it's a party, you want lots of people, right?"

Britney rolled her eyes and bit her lip. "It's more of a private party type deal, actually."

Paul nodded in understanding. "So no Chris?"

Britney laughed at this, tossing her hair around yet again. "Maybe next time."

"Right," Paul agreed. "Next time."

"Come on, Paulie," Britney grinned, straddling her friend yet again. "You're gonna LOVE what I have in store for you."

Paul blushed a brilliant cherry hue. "Oh?"

"Yep!" Britney smirked. "After all, who's your best friend?"

* * *

"BEST FRIEND!" Britney shrieked as Paul walked into the small hotel room.

Ava primped her soft curls and rolled her eyes.

As Britney stepped away from him, Paul eyed the small room and the blonde girl on the bed. Her dark green eyes seemed to seethe with envy as he peeled Britney's arms from around his neck. "Who are you?" he inquired hastily, immediately regretting the question and his snappy tone.

Britney grabbed Paul's hand and squeezed gently. "That's Ava."

Paul observed the blonde slowly, nodding. "And Ava would be?"

"The life of the fuckin party," the blonde quipped, lighting a Marlboro and exhaling a giant plume of smoke. "What the fuck are you looking at?"

"Ava!" Britney objected, sitting beside her friend and sighing. "Play nice!"

Ava snorted and exhaled another large cloud of smoke in Paul's direction. The male stood, then stepped forward with a soft grin tainting his lips. "Care to share?"

"I don't share my smokes," Ava scoffed. "Especially with..."

"I said be nice," Britney objected, slapping Ava's thigh playfully. "Give him a cigarette."

Ava rolled her eyes and reached into her purse, extracting a lengthy Marlboro and turning it hesitantly over to the large male. He grinned, taking the nicotine between his lips and smirking. "Light?"

Ava lit the cigarette for the male, and sighed. "So, when do we fuck?"

Paul raised an eyebrow and sat on the bed beside the two women. "So this is your idea of a private party?" he questioned, inhaling then exhaling a gray plume of smoke. He eyed Britney seductively, then casually exhaled another cloud of smoke.

"Actually," Britney winked. "It is."

"You're the guest of honor," Ava offered with a jealous lilt.

Paul licked his bottom lip and scrunched his nose. "Am I?"

Britney bowed her head and blushed.

"Just fuck her and get it over with," Ava growled, extinguishing her cigarette in the bedside ashtray and stepping away from the bed. Paul and Britney watched, eyes wide, as Ava stripped herself of all of her clothing in a slow, seductive dance. She stood before them, a delicate smirk painting across her feminine features. "Anyone else want to get naked?"

* * *

"You," Ava directed his hand away from her moist center, "Do not touch me."

Paul stared up into the young girl's stunning green eyes. "Why not?"

Ava continued to gyrate in his lap, straddling his waist, bending forward to brush her nipples suggestively close to his lips. "You don't touch me," Ava continued, squatting down and reaching a dainty hand down into Paul's shorts. "Because I said so."

Paul nodded, shutting his eyes and growling at her touch.

"We're here for Britney," Ava purred in his right ear, reaching her tongue out to flick at his tiny hoop earring. "You touch her, not me."

"Mmm," Paul groaned.

"Well," Ava grinned, stepping away from Paul and leaving him with a stunned expression. "You're easy to tame."

Britney appeared in the bathroom door, clad in only a tiny pair of pink silk boy shorts and a matching demi cup bra. She eyed her friends curiously. Ava was standing sternly in front of Paul, entirely naked and smoking another cigarette. For his part, Paul sat on the bed, leaning back onto his hands and staring up at Ava with lust tainting his gaze. Britney didn't have to strain to see the gigantic bulge in his shorts. "You started without me!" she frowned, exaggerating her expression into a childish mockery.

"Hardly," Ava sighed, exhaling loudly. "Stud boy simply gets excited at the site of nothing."

Paul ran his hands through his hair and shook his head slowly. "Are you going to insult me all night long?"

Ava's eyes beamed. "Most likely."

"Ava, please," Britney sighed as she walked slowly toward her two friends. Her bra, low cut and overly tight, showed off her ample amount of cleavage. Her natural breasts were no match for Ava's abundantly fake chest, but Britney was proud of what she had to offer. She reached out and ran her hand slowly down Ava's back, pulling the other girl into her. "Be nice to Paulie."

Ava grinned as Britney trailed kisses over her neck and down to her breasts. Without any hesitation, she took Ava's dark brown nipple between her lips, flicking her tongue teasingly. Ava cooed at the other girl's touch, arching her back and offering herself to Britney's silky tongue. "If you're nice," Britney smirked, kneeling down and trailing slowly South on Ava's body, "You'll be rewarded."

Ava purred.

"Fuck," Paul groaned, bringing Britney's attention to gaze at his sitting form. His shorts had fallen to the floor at his ankles, his right hand shoved crudely inside the waist of his black boxer shorts. His eyes were stuck in wonderment on the two females, his tongue darting out to lick his bottom lip in an effort at concentration.

"I told you he was worth it," Britney grinned, leaving Ava to perch alongside Paul.

He watched silently as Britney reached her long fingers out and into his lap, placing her hand atop his as he growled softly. His deep voice had lowered, become more husky, more primal to the girls' ears. Staring up into her grin, he smiled and extracted his hand, allowing Britney access to his fully erect penis. "Nice," she cooed in his ear, leaning her head on his shoulder as she tugging softly at his length.

"Not bad," Ava shrugged, sitting at Paul's other side, reaching her hand down to meet Britney's. "For a boy."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Britney frowned, running her thumb across the head of Paul's penis.

Ava shrugged again.

Paul grunted. "Whatever it means, fuck it, just fucking..."

Britney grinned as she continued to work at Paul's large erection. Ava stood, kneeled before the pair, and tossed Paul's shorts across the room. "Boxers," she demanded, motioning for Paul to lift his hips and allow her to tug the fabric down his long legs. Once removed, she tossed the boxers across the room and smirked. "I don't do this often, so you better appreciate it, fucker."

Paul tossed his head back and growled as Ava's lips enveloped his hardness.

Ava worked his length inside her, teasing her tongue across his sensitive glands. She grabbed his leg for support and blushed. "You have amazing legs."

"Thank you," he hissed, groaning when she returned him to her warmth.

"See," Britney purred, tugging his shirt over his raised arms. "I told you you two would get along."

Ava made a noise but continued to work passionately at Paul's length.

"Lay down," Britney instructed the male, moving aside as he lowered his back to the mattress. Ava pulled off long enough to allow Paul to get comfortable on the bed, then she quickly returned to her work. As Ava worked, Britney placed gentle kisses across Paul's face and neck. Working slowly to his broad chest, and swirling her tongue across his left nipple. "I want you inside me," she purred. "Soon."

Paul exhaled loudly and groaned, sitting up and pushing an errant curl off Ava's face. Ava's green eyes peered up into his large chocolate irises, and she stopped her movement. She nodded, and crawled onto the bed beside the couple. "Give it to her good," she offered as Britney straddled Paul's lap and began to lower herself. "Fuck her hard with your big cock."

"You're dirty," Paul grinned as he grabbed Britney's hips and felt her heat begin to slowly envelope him.

Ava smirked. "I'm a dirty girl, what can I say?"

Britney began to move slowly up and down, adjusting to Paul's impressive width. Her vocal releases began to match her movements, her loud screams of pleasure mixing with Paul's primal grunts and groans. Ava sat beside the pair, running her hands slowly across Paul's broad back and up into his hair, tugging lightly with each of Britney's loud moans.

"Fuck," he hissed as Britney slammed down into his lap and cooed. "Let me..." With that, he grabbed her hips and flipped her over, driving into her voraciously.

"Oh Jesus," Britney moaned, grabbing onto his shoulders for support. "Fuck me, Paulie, fuck me."

Paul took her words as encouragement, pounding into her lithe, tan body with vicious strokes. Ava scooted beneath the couple, stopping Paul at intervals to deep throat his cock. She tasted Britney on his length, the desire to place her face into Britney's most private spots growing inside her with each taunting taste. This choreography seemed to go on endlessly, Paul's and Britney's moves worthy of a Vivid Video.

"My turn!" Ava eventually called, climbing from beneath the couple and placing herself on all fours beside Britney. "I want some of that cock."

"Ava," Britney giggled, Paul pausing deep inside her to curiously observe the blonde. "You don't like boys."

"Can't handle me, can you?" Ava taunted, beckoning Paul away from her dark haired friend.

"The question is," he growled as he tugged Ava toward him, aligning the glistening head of his erection with her tight pink opening. "Can you handle me?"

Ava let out a low howl as Paul drove quickly inside her body, groaning at how tight she was, grabbing her hips and forcing his length deep inside her tiny body. Britney watched in awe and envy, leaning against the headboard and staring at the couple. "Fuck you two are beautiful," she purred, reaching a long finger down to twirl her clitoris as she watched.

"Come closer," Ava pleaded, reaching for Britney's lean left leg. "I want to taste you."

Britney nodded and scooted down the bed, placing herself within reach of Ava's probing tongue. With the touch of the other girl, she cooed, relishing in the feel of Ava's tongue ring embedded inside her wet, soft folds.

As Ava worked Britney toward the peak of release, Paul growled and pulled himself from inside her tight body. "I want you," he purred in Ava's ear. "I want to be inside you." He paused to place a finger at the entrance to Ava's backside. "I want to be inside"

Ava shook her head slowly, nuzzling her nose against Britney's moist lips. "No," she sighed.

"Ava?" Paul cooed in her ear, pushing softly at her entrance. "I won't hurt you."

Ava shook her head again. "Will hurt, no."

"I won't hurt you," Paul assured the tense female as he slowly entered a finger. "I'll go slow."

"Do me?" Britney pleaded, moaning as she began the slow decent toward orgasm.

Ava inserted a finger into the other girl and moaned. "No, don't. You'll hurt her."

Paul watched the two girls as he slowly worked a second finger inside Ava, bringing a soft groan from the girl. He began to slowly stroke himself as he worked inside her ass, bringing himself closer and closer to release. "Please?" he pleaded again.

Britney reached her orgasm with a load moan, biting her lips and pinching her right nipple as Ava lapped softly at her thighs. "Fuck," she hissed as her breath returned. "That was wonderful."

Ava nodded and kneeled up, pressing her body firmly against Paul. "You go slow, and if it hurts, you better stop as soon as I say to, fucker."

Paul nodded and extracted his fingers from inside the blonde. "I won't hurt you," he promised as he sat down on the edge of the bed. "I'll go slow."

Ava straddled his lap, turning her back and facing across the room. Britney kneeled before the pair, her face level with Ava's clitoris. "I'll make you relax," she promised, snaking her tongue inside Ava's folds.

"I need a fuckin cigarette," Ava hissed, pulling away from Britney's tongue and reaching for her discarded pack of Marlboros. She extracted the cigarette and lit it, taking a large breath and then exhaling loudly. "Alright, fucker," she sighed. "Do me."

"You have such a potty mouth," Britney giggled as she leaned forward to lick slowly up Paul's length. "And I'm so jealous of you right now."

Ava nodded and began to slowly lower herself toward Paul's waiting erection. He grabbed her hips, Britney grabbing his hardness and steadying him for entrance. Ava let out a soft hiss of breath as his head slowly pushed inside her, the pain overwhelming her and causing her muscles to immediately tense. "Hurts," she hissed. "Please, slow."

Paul nodded, pausing his movements entirely to allow the female to get used to the sensation. Once she seemed to relax around him, he slowly inched in further. Her breath was ragged as he worked inside, tears welling in her eyes. Britney watched her friend, and sighed. "Paul, stop. You're hurting her."

He ceased movement, moving his hands from Ava's hips to cup her breasts. He kneaded the flesh and groaned softly. "You okay?"

Ava sniffled and nodded. "I can't do this, you're too big."

* * *

Britney fell away from Paul and giggled. "That was divine!"

Paul smirked and ran a hand through his sweat-stained hair. "I have to shower," he offered as he rose and plodded toward the bathroom. "Anyone want to join me?"

"Me!" both the girls giggled in unison and chased him into the shower stall.

As the water warmed and began to rain down in a stream against their bodies, Britney grinned. "Can I sing a song for you guys?"

"NO!" Ava and Paul both objected, pinning Britney against the tile wall.

"Don't you dare!" Ava grinned. "Or we'll spank you!"

Paul's eyes danced with mirth.

"I'd like that," Britney grinned and began to sing.

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