Toy Bunny


Tanya Deblonling stared out the window, she wasn't used to this going home deal, she wasn't used to the trees that were slashing past her at something like 150 miles an hour.

She wanted to be home, asleep, tucked in her bed, snuggled warm in her blanket with her puppy.

She still had the stuffed thing that she'd had since she was about six.

She'd kept it meticulously cleaned but now it was jammed inside of her bag. She had needed something to remind her of home. The College that she'd been accepted to had been a prestigious one, but one that was far away from home, she hadn't thought about it, just filled out applications in a vain attempt to try and get somewhere.

When the acceptance letter came in from Occidental, it was just a matter of time. Her parents had helped her get all paced up for the trip within two weeks, and she had started scouting out apartments on the internet a few weeks ago, deciding on, and finally sending in a deposit. She had also hooked up with a girl willing to share expenses with her. Tanya knew that she was Asian, and that she too had an extreme collection of stuffed animals. It was one of the things that had caused Tanya to stay with her roommate. The rent was a little hefty though.

Her parents were more than happy to help her out with the emergency money, but most of it was going to come from the odd jobs that she'd held during after high school. The trunk that was stowed in baggage held all of her clothes as well as her bed linens. The other box, she had packed thing like books and CD's.

She slept for most of the train ride there, and had only awakened when the train had pulled into station.

"Last stop, everyone out!" The conductor had called out.

Tanya was awoken from her revelry and headed out, aiming to collect her baggage, and then try to find her way to the apartment area.

The cabbie was very nice and had helped her carry her clothes to the cab, and then deposit it outside the apartment. "$23.50" He said with a smile, and he held out his hand for the money.

With a sigh, Tanya put a twenty and a five into the cabbies hand. Of which he handed her a dollar. "Hey!"

"Sorry." The cabbie said, "I don't carry loose change."

'Bastard.' Tanya thought to herself. She hoped what her mother said about mean and nasty people getting their comeuppance in heaven was at least partially true. She walked to the door and pressed the intercom button, hoping that there would be someone on the opposite end of the door, and that it just wasn't a colossal joke on her. "Hello?" My name is Tanya Deblonling, I called about the apartment a few days ago..."

Tanya waited a few moments, frightened out of her mind that the door wouldn't be opened.

The door however, was opened, and a very good-looking man came out dressed in a set of jeans and a tee shirt. "Hi there. My name is Steve. It was a pleasure to talk to you a few days ago, would you like to see your new place?"

"Sure. Tanya paid the cabbie and walked in with Steve to her new loft. The place was to say, spacious 4400 square feet. There were plenty of spaces for her to place her things, and Steve was more than willing to help her hoist her stuff into the room.

He helped move her bed into one corner of the room and helped her set the linens up. "You have a roommate is that all right with you?" There was an additional doorway into a bedroom that Tanya hadn't seen before.

"Sure, her name is Silver. We've talked before."

"She arrived late last night, and as far as I know is still sleeping in the other room."

However, she wasn't sleeping. Silver Masuran stared at the alarm clock. There was no rush for her getting up, it was the weekend and she loved it... No work, plenty of time for herself, perfect. She threw off the sheets that had ensconced her during the night. Boxes and bags still lined the room that she had yet to unpack. There would be time for that before her roommate arrived, or so she thought.

Silver had heard from the E-mails when they had chatted, that her name was Tanya.

She rubbed her eyes and got up, her sleep shirt riding up as she walked, exposing her naked buttocks. Silver looked at the half that contained easily a hundred stuffed animals. This was her yen, her fetish, as it were. Silver had a thing for stuffed animals.

She guessed that she could probably trace it back to the time that she was a little girl. Her hand gently caressed the animals as she walked passed the rows and rows of them. Her bare feet tickled her slightly as she walked through the carpet.

"Hey guys." She talked to the animals as if they had been her friends; they were in a way, because each had a personal memory attached; a birthday, Christmas, Easter, past lover, or just a treat that she had given to herself.

Her hand stopped over a particular toy; a blue stuffed bunny that she'd received when she was eight on that particular Easter year. Upon receiving it, Silver had fallen in love with it, and slept with it almost constantly. By the time that she was 18 most of the fuzz upon the body had disintegrated, while the face and ears still had some remnant.

Silver pressed her face into the animal and inhaled. She'd had it for so long, that she could easily smell her scent on it.

She remembered what it had felt like, the first time that she'd masturbated with it. The door to her room was closed, and her parents were all the way at the opposite end of the house. She slid off her pajama bottoms and underwear, letting them fall to the floor.

"Hey Mr. Fluffy, what're you doing? Are you hopping down the bunny trail?" She guided the rabbit's plush body down her legs and back up again, settling upon her abdomen.

Almost immediately, she started to feel wet, and ground her hips into the plush toy. All in all, she was quite amazed. Her clit was just aching to be touched, and she worked the bunny's hard, plastic nose into her sweet spot.

This was even better than the times that she'd imagined doing it. Her shirt had started to tighten around her, and she flung the bunny aside, ravenous to get her shirt off.

She sat up and tore at the shirt unceremoniously, getting it off of herself in a matter of moments. She searched again for the dropped plush bunny.

Finding it, she grasped the head area tightly in hand, and ground its nose into her vagina.

The organ opened up, and the tip of the bunny's nose touched her clit. In moments she could feel the clenching and unclenching of her toes that more often than not heralded her orgasm.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god!"

Meanwhile, Tanya could hear as Silver enjoyed herself and wondered slightly what was going on. Unbeknownst to Silver, Tanya started to walk to the door.

Silver hurriedly pressed the plastic rabbit onto her, her orgasm moments away. She shut her eyes and pressed her abdomen even further into the rabbit's head. Her eyes shut and she was lost in the moment.

The door swung open and she heard a...

"Hello, I'm your new roommate Tanya. You must be Silv... oh my..."

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