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My wife remains as addicted to her magic wand as I do to her playing with my nipples while stroking my cock, so when I saw the ad in a discount chain's flyer, it sent a familiar chill to my middle, followed by a heightened sense of my cock beginning to swell. She was sitting at the table, eating breakfast while I was at the small sofa against the wall, the coffee table between us. She was wearing her typical summer thin and comfortable cotton shirt, crinkled nipples nicely visible, centered in the darker circles of her aerolas, the shape of her braless breasts obvious.

The announced sale started when I would be in another city (its own story), but Friday was still free, offering me a decent chance to buy one for her. It was much the same type as her other vibrator, but it came with a set of 7 attachments, including one with nobs, and not just the single rounded attachment my wife has loved to play with against her clit till now. I ended up going to three stores, and buying the last one in that third store. Either they hadn't ordered many at the low price they were being sold for, or the interest was greater than I had expected.

Taking the bag of attachments out, everything else still in the box, the nobbed attachment reminded me of my very first coil vibrator experiences, which came about when living with a married couple. I rented a room at their house, having a space in the garage for my motorcycle. We shared a number of the same interests, including smoking and watching porn afterwards. She liked listening with headphones on while the vibrator purred between her spread legs, and her taste was definitely for videos with double penetration, bi, and group sex.

Laura is also the one that introduced me to their coil vibrator's cup attachment, watching porn. It was perfectly suited to cover a cockhead, which is what I gasped when I first felt it, making me as addicted to its sensation as any woman. And opening my eyes when it came to the idea of sex toys, going beyond the straightforward into realms of intensely unstoppable pleasure.

I've shared such plugged in electric vibrators with several women since that first touch of one on my cockhead (and given away a couple to other female friends), discovering a reliable orgasm tool, that when added with good porn becomes irresistible. Though in at least one case, she wasn't interested - my bi-friend came using it, but maintained that no devices was one of her basic rules in sex. Something she still holds to, as just a few months ago, I offered her one of our no longer required (and somewhat underpowered) vibrators, and she refused. I understand her point, actually, without sharing it in the least.

The box with our new toy was under my side of the bed, still waiting to be unpacked - not every vibrator is to everyone's taste, and for magic wand style vibrators, that heavy motor can be noisy, becoming a reason to return it. I also left it packed due to not expecting to be using it so soon, having come back the day before from my trip to a northern city.

However, just telling her about it as we lazed in bed after waking up too early with the rising summer sun led to her almost immediately demanding to see what I'd bought, followed by spreading her naked thighs, blanket moved aside, nipples perky against thin cotton, her furry bush making a darker frame around her labia. Her tone made my uncovered cock move, a distraction while getting the vibrator unwrapped and then plugged in.

We arranged a couple of towels as she spread her legs wider, turning on the toy. I was sitting at the other end of the bed, with a view of her hairy cunt being turned on soon after, stroking my hot shaft. 'Is it good?' I asked while she began to pant, her expression turning sexy. 'Shhhh' was her response as I saw her cum for the first time, a foot curling against my thigh.

When she began to cum again, her expression turning intensely blank and purely animal, I bent down to let my finger slide against the soft hairs around her ass. After a few moments of such stroking, it becomes clear whether she is uninterested, or wants more - the more part being that she has moved her sexy asshole against my waiting finger, where I can feel the waves of pleasure coursing through her as my generally slippery finger slides around and past her pulsing anal ring.

My wife is somewhat coy about the entire subject, though when playing with her toy, all coyness evaporates when presented an opportunity to indulge herself in such dirty things. Like having her asshole played with as she plays with her own gloriously wet cunt, giving in to such primitive impulses. By the time of her second or third orgasm, my wife is no longer thinking how something she is getting off to is 'dirty,' not 'nice.' Of course, there may be other reasons she is not interested in anal play on any particular occasion.

At this point this morning, she wasn't interested, in part due to her attention being focussed on the details of new sensations, similar yet distinctly different. Helpfully, her being so quickly turned on made it simple to ignore the noise, as the new vibrator was definitely louder. The nobs were clearly getting her off, a nice confirmation of my intuition, just like they had Laura so many years ago. The nobs provide a broader area of vibration for her pussy to experience, something that she seemed to really appreciate in a very obvious way.

Watching her made me moan 'oh yeah .. fuck yeah .. hot pussy .. cock fucker' in response to her obvious arousal, the sensations from my pumped cock making the view incredibly sexy while watching her cum again, thigh twitching, pussy lips opening and contracting as her eyes closed, lost in orgasm. Making me almost follow her, my cock in my fist as she jammed the vibrator against herself, squirming as she panted, riding the waves as they spread and dominated her willing body.

I leaned forward, my left forefinger again lightly stroking her ass hair. It took very little time before she shifted position to ensure that her ass received the attention she rarely admits it enjoys so completely, adding a further level of pleasure that is irresistible. For both of us, actually, especially in this case. Feeling how she orgasms as my finger explores her asshole, knowing how the intensity of her contractions increase as my finger circles and teases her flexing and wanting hole - the vibrations from her toy adding to the pleasure of simple animal lust.

By now, we were both on the verge of cumming, her again, and me unstoppably. I truly envy the female ability to enjoy multiple orgasms, though as my first girlfriend explained, multiple orgasming is more like a stone being skipped, without ever plunging into the depths of a massive orgasm. However, with a suitable vibrator, something we never shared those decades ago, that might not have been an accurate observation - my wife cums as hard the last time as the first, and just as intensely, making it simple for me to suggest her continue after she says she can't cum again.

Especially since those later orgasms often last longer, particularly when being fingered, her body having reached a state of horniness that means she almost always cums repeatedly, and not stopping before at least a half hour has passed. She pays no attention to time, but it is easy for me to keep track, with clocks on both sides of the bed. This helps in later discussions, for example, concerning how long I fingered her willing ass before she wriggles away or asks me to stop. Something she always insists was just a second or two, at most, taking advantage of her very temporary helplessness.

This morning, in reality, my finger had been playing with her asshole during several orgasms over five minutes. Feeling her cum like that is an incredible turn-on for me, knowing that my fingering is getting her off as my cock passes the edge of orgasm, unable to stop, both of us sharing the intense pleasure her wand creates. The vibration is changeable, my finger being able to create different sensations, reflected through her own squeezing motions. Shared masturbation is easy and addictive, and gets better with practice.

Along with a certain sense of the new to complement the familiar. Afterwards, my wife asked to look at the bag of attachments, to see what else was available. I'd done the same briefly, but found nothing male oriented, which was not really a surprise. However, my wife is more clever than I, and noticed a flattened U shaped collar which she noted would fit perfectly against the shaft of my cock. That this toy would please her was not surprising - that it also offered something new to explore for me was unexpected.

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