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These stories are meant for people who are Adults. If you are not at least 18 years old, or are offended by erotic or sexual material, please do not read.

I post the entire story each time so that people do not ask me to send them the earlier parts each time. The story is a work in progress that sometimes changes in addition to being added to. If you like the story please let me know. Thanks, Lynne

This story unlike most of my others is pure fantasy started when a friend of mine told me she was thinking of doing these types of parties as a way to help make money.

* * * * *

Sometimes it is better to keep your fantasies to yourself.

This all started when a woman I worked with decided to start a little side business. Unlike me, who kept to myself when it came to my personal love life, or rather the extreme lack there of, Elaine was one of those people who once you got to know was not afraid to tell you anything. I was still in school and would be there for another year, my fifth, and had been working part time for Elaine's company for the last two years. We had become close friends since I often had to work with her after most of the other people in the company had gone home for the night. She took care of the computer network and even though I was in business school, trying to get a degree in marketing, she had gotten me interested in how computer network functioned and seemed to enjoy teaching me what she knew. She was quite a bit older, in her late thirties and as I had learned, unable to have children. At one time I thought she might have thought of me as the daughter she never had, but after a few nights working together I decided that is was more like the little sister, since she was also an only child.

Often when we were working alone she would just start talking about things I never would dream of telling other people. I knew just about everything about her, from her husband's penis was uncircumcised and very large to the fact that she had once had a bi-sexual experience in college. I knew that she and her husband were very open minded sexually and she once told me how embarrassing it was to have to go to seedy little bookstores in rather dangerous parts of town to find sex toys and other erotic adult paraphernalia. She said she wished there was an easier way.

When she heard about this company, Passionate Parties that was based on women having in home sex toy and lingerie parties she figured she had found the answer. She contacted them and soon became a salesperson figuring there were probably a lot of women like her that wanted to have access to sex toys without the hassles involved in shopping for them in adult book stores full of creepy people.

She had done about half a dozen parties and was trying to talk me into becoming a salesperson with her. I told her I figured I wouldn't be very good at it since I didn't have any experience with sex toys, or even sex in general. She laughed and said that was even more of a reason that I should at least come to one of the parties. She said that until I found a man, I might as well have some company. I blushed at such a remark, for more than one reason.

She told me how much fun the parties could be and the fact that she cleared nearly a $1000 for those six parties. The parties were usually just women, although sometimes she would have couples parties and she even did one party for a group of men whose wives had done a party and wanted their husbands to see what was available but were too embarrassed to have a couples party. She said that most parties were full of giggling and silly little remarks and a lot of blushing, but that once the women were introduced to the toys and got to see and touch them most bought at least a couple of things. Each woman was given a form that they could fill out privately and hand to Elaine before they left so no one knew who ordered what. She also said she was sometimes amazed that some of the most conservative women seemed to by the kinkiest toys. She gave me a conspirator's wink when she told me that.

Elaine had been trying to get me to at least go to one of her parties for months. She continued to tell me about the parties, including one she said that got pretty risqué. It turns out that it was a doe party and besides her and toys they had also brought in two male strippers. She said that a few of the women at the party had gotten a little too drunk and had ended up joining the strippers in taking their clothes off. She giggled and said that some day she might even tell me about what happened when the strippers left.

One happy hour after work she finally talked me into it. Maybe it was the fact that I, as usual, was depressed about the fact that I had no one in my life and the idea of being around a lot of women looking at and touching sex toys had me aroused, something I would never admit to Elaine. She had no idea that I was a very in the closet lesbian who would remain there at least until I was out of school, since if my sexual orientation were ever to become known it would mean I would probably be kicked out of school and would definitely be kicked our of my very conservative and religious parents home.

The party was to be Saturday evening, in a small town about 40 miles from the town we lived in. Elaine said would pick me up at my dorm and she said we wouldn't be back until late so I should let my roommates know. I told her that they had all gone home for the weekend so that didn't matter. Elaine smiled a rather wicked little smile and giggled.

"Well, then there is no reason you can't buy something at the party," she said as she wrote down the directions I had just given her to my dorm. "There will be no one home to bother you if you decide to try it out when you get home."

I blushed so red that I could feel my skin burning. Elaine laughed and told me to be ready at 5:00. We would stop for dinner on the way since the party didn't start until 8:00. She also told me to wear something sexy, since after all, I was coming to help her sell a fantasy and she herself would be dressed as sexy as she dared.

Elaine showed up at my door about 15 minutes early. I wasn't dressed yet and answered the door in my robe. I saw that she had indeed dressed very sexy, but tastefully so. She had on a short skirt that showed off her very long and athletic legs. Those legs were encased in a beautiful pair of hose, the old kind with seams up the back. On her feet she wore a beautiful pair of pumps that were higher than anything I had ever seen her wear to work. Her blouse was cut low in front and sleeveless. I could tell she was wearing a push up type bra because her breasts were definitely being helped out and her cleavage was a lot more evident than normal. She was wearing more makeup than I was used to, with her eyes and lips accentuated. I must have been staring because finally Elaine said, "Well, are you going to at least invite me in."

"Oh, of course," I motioned for her to come in. I offered her something to drink and asked her to sit down as I finished dressing.

When I came back out, wearing the outfit I had picked out, Elaine shook her head at me with a look or disappointment on her face. "I said for you to dress sexy, not frumpy."

I looked at what I had on and had to admit it was more like something I would wear to work. I really didn't have anything much sexier. "This is about all I have," I shrugged.

"Oh come on, let me see what you have. I bet I can find something sexy," Elaine took my hand and led me back the room I shared with my roommate.

She quickly started going through my closet. When she didn't find anything she liked she started looking in my roommate's closet.

"Hey, that's not my stuff," I started to pull he away when she came out with a dress I had never seen my roommate wear. It was a red halter dress that looked very sexy.

"Hmmm, let's try this on you. You said she is gone for the weekend, she will never know," she handed me the dress.

"I can't wear her stuff without asking," I said as I held the dress up against me. Now my roommate is a size smaller than I am and 4 inches shorter so when I held the dress against me it appeared that it would be impossibly short, much shorter than anything I would normally wear. And since my roommate was smaller I knew that the very low neckline would show much more cleavage than I had ever shown outside of a bikini.

"Oh come on, I was a college girl once myself, I know that closets are free game," Elaine laughed as she watched me check myself out in the mirror. "Come on, we really have to get going. Get changed will you."

Elaine was right, my roommate was always borrowing my clothes but I still never borrowed anything of hers, and definitely not something so provocative, that I had never even seen her in. I decided that I would at least try it on and was waiting for Elaine to leave the room. But she just stood there, waiting.

"Well, come on will you, I want to see it on you before we go," it was obvious Elaine was not going anywhere. I turned around and started to unbutton the blouse I was wearing. I slid it off and put it on a hanger and back into my closet. Then I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor.

"PANTYHOSE????????," Elaine almost screamed. "God girl, you have to stop wearing those things. Remind me that I am taking you shopping when we get a chance. You need to get some of these," she lifted her skirt up on her right thigh to show that her hose were held in place by a lacey garter belt. "For tonight, you are tanned enough to not worry about anything on your legs. But now, those panties, don't you have anything sexy, which dresser is yours anyway?"

I pointed to my dresser and Elaine immediately opened the top drawers, where my underwear, bras and pantyhose were stored. I stood there in my bra, pantyhose and panties, the halter dress lying on the bed as she rummaged through the drawer. Finally she found a pair of panties she decided would be good enough. "These aren't exactly sexy, but they are at least something my grandmother wouldn't wear." She tossed them on top of the dress.

I looked at them and Elaine sat down on my desk chair. It was obvious she wasn't leaving until I was dressed the way she wanted me to be. I was embarrassed and blushing as I removed my pantyhose. Wiggling out of them I also felt guilty. I started to pick up the dress and panties and head for the bathroom down the hall.

"Hey, where are you going?" Elaine said. "Don't tell me you are that modest? Come on, we are both women here. What, do you go and change in the stalls at the field house?"

I stopped walking and blushed even more. I walked back towards the bed and lay the dress back down. I turned away from Elaine and unhooked my bra in the front, letting it drop off my shoulders. I tossed it aside, careful not to turn so that my breasts would be exposed to Elaine. I then slid my panties down. When I stood up I realized I was standing right in front of the mirrored closet doors, and Elaine was watching me in them. Her eyes seemed to be roaming over my body as a small smile crept across her lips. I suddenly felt strangely excited. I wasn't sure if it just the fact that I was standing naked in front of a woman I had often thought about when I fantasized, sometimes masturbating in the same bed that was now between us, or if it was her smile. My nipples were rock hard and the excitement was causing the rest of my body to react. I suddenly realized that I had been just standing there for way too long and when I looked up Elaine's eyes were looking at my face. I quickly slid on my panties and grabbed the dress, sliding it over my head.

"Wow," Elaine said with a breathless voice.

As I looked in the mirror I almost had to say wow myself. I was also embarrassed because I had never worn something so outwardly sexy out in public before. The dress was very short, much shorter than I would normally wear. I would definitely have to be careful sitting or bending in it. And the neckline plunged down showing much more of my cleavage than I ever would think of showing. And the thin material of the dress and lack of a bra made my rock hard nipples clearly visible. I was amazed my roommate, the prim and proper girl that she was, even had something like this. But then again, on her it wouldn't be nearly as tight, short or uplifting as it was on me.

"Much, much better," Elaine smiled as she stood up and took my hand. "Time to go, before we never get out of here."

I wondered what she meant by that last statement as I grabbed my purse and we walked out the door.

The drive would normally take about an hour, but Elaine was what some might call an aggressive driver. Or totally nuts, whichever you prefer. She sped along the interstate at what had to be close to 80 mph, her little radar detector flashing on her dashboard. As she drove we chatted about a variety of topics from work to gossip to the latest controversy involving the rather interesting politics of Utah. We reached Salt Lake City she took an exit and started heading towards one of the more affluent neighborhoods.

"There it is," Elaine pulled into the parking lot of a restaurant I had only heard about before, but I knew it was exclusive and expensive. It was an Italian place called The Tuscany. I knew I couldn't afford to eat here.

"Elaine," I wasn't sure how exactly to broach the subject so I just decided to go be honest. "There is no way I can afford this place. I though when you said dinner that at most it would be Chili's or Macaroni Grill, not The Tuscany. I probably couldn't even afford and appetizer here."

"Oh, I didn't tell you, this is going to be a fun party," Elaine said as she did what might be called a glancing stop through a stop sign, rolling would have meant she actually slowed down. "The woman giving it is very, very rich and has invited a lot of her rich friends. So basically what I am saying is that I am probably going to make a lot of money on this party and besides that, this is my favorite restaurant in Utah so it is my treat. Not only that, but considering my husband decided to take a weekend in Vegas with his friends I figure I deserve to pamper myself a little."

Before I could respond and say that I couldn't let her do that she had driven up to the front door and a very finely dressed Valet opened my door. I had forgotten about how I was dressed until I caught him staring down at my legs and very short skirt which was ever shorter now that it had hiked itself up a little after the thrill ride from Provo. He took my hand and helped me out of the car. We walked in and Elaine gave her name to the maitre d'. He found her name and led us to a nice table. I could feel the eyes of many of the men in the restaurant on us as we walked through the tables.

The waiter was there a moment later handing us the menu and explaining the evening's specials, which I found it interesting that he didn't also give prices, just descriptions of what they were. He asked if we wished for something from the bar and Elaine told him we would be ordering a bottle of wine.

When I opened the menu I almost choked. I was right I couldn't even afford the salads, although I might actually be able to afford an appetizer.

"Put that down, I am ordering for both of us. That is if you don't mind. I know if I leave it up to you that you will order the least expensive thing on the menu," Elaine reached over and snatched the menu from my hands. "Let me see, if I remember you like seafood." She perused the menu, seemed to make her choices and put it down. She then picked up the wine list and after a couple of minutes had decided.

The waiter returned to our table.

"We will start with the Terra e Mare," which was an appetizer of calamari and shrimp with a wonderful sauce, "and then Lynne will have the oven roasted salmon and I will have the Veal a la Funghi. A bottle of 1997 Kistler Chardonnay should accompany these nicely."

The waiter took our menus and left for the kitchen.

"So how do you like my choice for dinner?" Elaine said as the wine steward brought the bottle of chardonnay to the table.

"It is wonderful," I waited for the steward to pour some wine into Elaine's glass. She tasted it and nodded to the steward who then filled both of our large wine glasses half way and then put the bottle in a beautiful wine chiller. When the steward left the table I continued, "But it is way to expensive for you to be treating me."

Elaine laughed, "Girl, one thing you need to learn is when someone says it is their treat, don't argue. Now have some wine, relax and enjoy. I know I am." Elaine held up her glass in a small toast. As held up mine she touched my glass. "To a girl's night out."

The wine was wonderful and I found that the waiter managed to make sure my glass never got anywhere near empty. The Terra e Mare came and it was delicious. The calamari was crispy and tender, the rock shrimp perfect and the red pepper aioli and fennel were perfect accompaniments. I savored every bite as Elaine and I chatted. I also kept feeling the eyes of many of the male diners on the two of us.

We eventually got around to talking about the party just after the entrée's and a second bottle of wine arrived.

"I am going to have to ask you to be very discreet and not tell anyone who you see at the party tonight. Most of these women would not like it known that they have a kinky side," Elaine giggled at the last comment. I was beginning to feel the effects of the wine and I joined her. "They wouldn't exactly want anyone to know that they were truly the dildo queens. One of these women came to another party I had and," she looked around to make sure no one was listening, "she bought this huge strap on. I really wonder who she used it on, her husband or another lover."

I had never heard the term strap on before and I was just tipsy enough to ask what it was. "A strap on? What in the world is a strap on?" I giggled, funny images of bizarre sexual devices running through my head.

"Oh, basically it is a dildo that a woman can wear and fuck someone with," Elaine said as the man behind her suddenly started choking on whatever he was drinking. Elaine looked guilty and whispered, "I guess I better quiet down. Wine always makes me loud, not that I am not loud anyway. My husband says I am a real screamer." We both started to giggle again. "I will show you one at the party. You can even play with it if you want."

"Oh I don't think so," I giggled. But I was looking forward to seeing one. I had heard that some lesbians used them and the idea had always excited me. The idea of a woman fucking me was suddenly added to my growing list of fantasies that up to that point had mainly included only tongues, fingers and vibrators. "I always thought that those kind of things were just something you heard about in porno movies."

"Oh no," Elaine leaned forward and whispered, "a lot of women use them, both on men and on other women. It is a control thing, gives you a feeling of power, like you are in control of the other person."

"You mean you have used them?" The look on my face must have been something because Elaine giggled at me.

"Of course, if I am going to sell them, well I figure I had better try them." She looked around, "Although I have never had one used on me, and I always wanted to try that. I have only used one on my husband and he really got turned on by it and to tell the truth so was I. But I have always wanted to try being on the receiving end of one."

"Well, wouldn't it be just like having your husband, you know," our whispered tones must have made us seem like we were some type of conspirators.

"Oh, well, yea, but different," Elaine was more serious suddenly. "I mean I love it when my husband fucks me, both in my pussy and in my ass, but to have another woman do it just seems like it would be so hot, and the fact I wouldn't have to worry about when she was going to cum, so she could just keep fucking me until I couldn't take any more. That is what I want to try. Haven't you ever thought about what it would be like not to have the guy cum, to be able to just keep going and going?"

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