tagExhibitionist & VoyeurToying with Ashley Ch. 02

Toying with Ashley Ch. 02


As far as roommates go Isaac was not the greatest, here it was bright and early and he comes barging done the hall probably helped by one of his less drunken friends. Too wasted to do much I heard him fall on his bed on the other side of the room. Stupid Isaac had to go and wake me, I was having such a good dream too, Ashley had come over and one thing had lead to another. I could not help but get a hard-on just thinking about her, the dream had been so vivid. Her body so smooth and close, the scent of her hair so intoxicating. I could still feel her shaking and hear her moaning at my touches.

My pillows seemed so smooth today, and warm they must have been laying in the sun from my window. I couldn't help but to dry hump them it felt so good. Remembering my dream I though back to Ashley begging me to get off, and then striping before my eyes. Just as I was getting into the memory of the dream my brain decided to interrupt like usual. Today was Tuesday and statics was due by 1, I don't remember ever finishing it. The thought of having to do statics this morning was a real turn off and I felt like trying to fall back to sleep just to kill time until I had to do it.

"mmmh, don't stop that felt good."

Inhaling sharply at the sound of her voice the smell of her hair filled my consciousness. Still nuzzled against the back of her neck I felt her shiver at my sudden breath. All of the images of the previous night now had a new weight, most importantly that we now lay naked under the blanket and that the pillows I was holding were not made of feathers. Squeezing them partly to make sure they were real elicited a sharp inhale from Ashley this time. Moving my hands slowly across her tits I was reminded how soft and smooth they were, finding a rough spot I grabbed her nipple with my thumb and index finger.

As I squeezed her nipple and rolled it between my fingers I kissed up along the side of her neck. She arched her back as I did this pressed her toned ass against my now throbbing cock. I started to thrust slowly sliding up and down her crack and touching the small of her back as I intensified my fondling and squeezed her tit even harder. Her breath picked up and I had to roll over and kiss her beautiful face as the sun from the window was now shining on it. She reached back and pulled my head on to hers and depended the kiss. I pressed my tongue on her lips and she responded by sucking hard on it and pulling slightly away so our lips only softly touched.

I pulled hard on her nipple and gave a good thrust as I gripped her thigh with mine. She suppressed a moan as she twitched and even bit down on my tongue. Pulling my tongue back despite some resistance I started to kiss her again and moved to her chin and down her neck. Arching her back again I felt her move her hand down between her legs. Caught off guard by how hot this looked, as I could now see her entire body in the mirror on the wall. I almost let her continue but decided against it and grabbed her hand by the wrist. Pulling it up to my face and I looked into her started eyes as I put her wet fingers into my mouth and sucked the sweet juice off of them one at a time. Still staring at her I took her last finger out and said, "Ah ah ah that's for me to play with" and I put her finger in her mouth where she immediately began to suck and looked seductively back at me.

Rolling her back on her side I looked back to the mirror. Her body was that of a goddess. Lying in the sun, now streaming in through the window I could see how toned her entire body was, even her tits held to her body in simple perfect curves. Sliding my hand to her lower nipple I saw how red the top one had become from all my toying. The nipple looked so vulnerable, but I new how to make it better. I slid down her body and sucked her nipple and as much of her large breast as I could into my mouth. And felt her inhale and roll her head back as she continued to bit on the finger I gave her.

Turning as best I could back to the mirror I was able to see her twitch as I flicked my tongue on her already raw nipple. Bringing her second hand up she pressed my head into a very milky embrace. I was I heaven as I slid my hand across her body and felt her quick breathing. Still humping her rather softly I suddenly felt moisture on the inside of her legs and was reminded of the pussy that was in desperate need of attention.

Pulling away from her tit with one final pop I returned my mouth to the nape of her neck and started to slide my hands all over her body. I felt her quivering as I slid my hand along her thigh I knew she was aware of what was next. Slowly sliding my hand up and down her body moving just slightly closer to her pussy with each pass I felt her gasp when I brushed the outer lips the first time. Now I moved my hand in a slow circle around her pussy and I watched her in the mirror. She was holding her breath and her rib cage was fighting her stomach as it tired to pull in further. Her eyes were closed and her finger was white as she bit down on the tip.

Moving my hand so it now went along her slit I watched as she struggled to find where to put her hand. First gripping her tit, then hair, then down her neck and back to her tit she finally grabbed a fistful of the sheets. This was so hot it took all of my power to keep from slamming my cock into her and releasing us. But I was having way too much fun building her up so I held back. Her moans told me she would have no problem with my plan and I choose that moment to part her soft lips and rub the inside of her pussy.

I was worried I as going to make her pass out as she was trapped unable to get out the pleasure she was getting. Her head was now craned back as she continued to take quick sporadic breaths never seeming to exhale. I moved my other hand to her neck and kissed along the backside as I watched her tits jiggle with each intake of breath.

Her pussy was dripping wet at this point and my hand slid almost without resistance and was burning to my touch. There was no doubt she was enjoying this but she needed release soon. Quickly I moved my hand to her now exposed clit, which was now pushing out almost past her outer lips and flicked it back and forth. Ashley let out a stiffed shriek as she tried to muffle it in the bed. Isaac rolled in his sleep and she seemed suddenly to notice he was there.

Her eyes opened wide she stared at me trapped between her fear of exposure and the joy my touches were giving her. Rather than slow me down as she might have hoped this did nothing but turn me on even more. It made me grow even bolder and I sank my fingers deep into her pussy and stared back at her daring her to make a sound. From how white her lip was from biting down on it, it looked as though I was very, very close to making her do just that.

Sliding my fingers around her inside and keeping my thumb rubbing her clit, Ashley seemed unable to keep her hips from thrusting pushing my fingers deeper. My cock too was unable to resist this and slid between her legs running along the outside of her dripping pussy.

As I moved my fingers around the inside of her pussy I found a rough spot that felt different than the rest and pressing on it Ashley's response told me I'd hit gold. I continued to rub both this spot which I guessed to be her g-spot and her clit and now was able to make her moan through her teeth as she seemed unable to hold back much longer. Quickening my pace her hands again seemed to be unable to find a place of refuge as she was now bucking against my hand. Finally stopping with her hands firmly pulling on her nipple I watched her body in the mirror. This was almost too much for me and I was doing all I could to hold back.

"Oh, god, ahhhah, I'm so close ... don't stop ... don't you dare stop."

With stopping about as far from my mind as possible I quickened my pace even more. And watched in pure ecstasy as she turned her head into the pillow and screamed as her entire body convulsed. Her pussy squeezed my fingers like a vice as she kept thrashing and it was all I could do to hang on to her. She seemed to be trapped in an orgasm loop as her pussy spasmed every few seconds. Her hands were squeezing her tits and she rocked and unable to keep her head down she now had her mouth wide open with no sound coming out. Unable to hold on any longer I rolled her so she was one top of me I felt myself release my load all over her stomach and tits. I don't think I'd ever cum so much in my life and it was apparently too much for Ashley as she went limp in my arms. After some length of time just holding her and feeling her body as I watched her in the mirror I noticed myself getting hard again. Her pussy still spasming on my fingers she slowly opened her eyes rolled over to kiss me.

Surprising even myself rather and pull her into an embrace I suddenly had an idea and sat up instead. Ashley appeared shocked and possibly even a little hurt at my rejection. Smiling I took her by the hand and jumped down from the bed, "we need to get you in the shower." Confused she followed me as I grabbed a towel and looked to see if anyone was in the hall. It was between classes so everyone was either gone or still asleep. Pulling her along I noticed she held back slightly even after I told her no one was there.

My room was the closest to the bathroom and it was only about ten feet and we were inside. There were two showers in the bathroom but the left one was broken and was closed for repairs. Handing her the towel I told her to go first, and I'd wait for her.

After she walked back to the shower I quickly ran back to my room and grabbed my phone, which conveniently had a camera. Stilling on the bench outside the shower area I had a perfect view of the shower from the mirror over the sinks. Normally this was a rather inconvenient design as this was meant to be a male bathroom, but it afforded me an excellent view today. Looking in the mirror now, I think Ashley might have figured out my plan, as she had not gotten into the shower just yet. She gave no real evidence to confirm this but seemed to be blissfully unaware of the mirror I could see her so clearly in.

Standing there she looked so perfect, rubbing her neck she continued to stand there. Now she was the one taunting, no doubt she knew I was watching and she was getting back at me. Reaching up over her head she stretched her body out long and I found to my surprise I was taking a picture. My phone made what seemed to be the loudest shutter sound effect I think I've even heard and blanching I quickly shut off the sound. She must have heard the stupid camera but despite a possibly imagined hint of a smile she made no sign that she did and continued to stretch.

Reaching back and interlocking her fingers she opened her chest as she reached up, bouncing her arms to push the stretch her tits followed and bounced with them. Bring her arms back down she grabbed her leg and pulled it up to her chest, pressing her tits to the sides as she showed her pussy off to me, and my camera. It was so perfect almost entirely shaved except for a small tuft of hair neatly trimmed above her slit roughly tear drop shaped. Grabbing her other leg she repeated this jumping she regained her balance, but was now turned so her body was still in the light.

Sitting on the bench I was feeling what I assumed she wanted me to be feeling, trapped by so much pleasure unable to act on it yet. Now she sat in a butterfly on the floor and besides showing me an even more explicit view of herself, was showing how flexible she really was as she laid her head on the ground knees flat on the floor. Moving into a leg stretch she draped her tits over her leg and reached well past the end of her foot. My cock was no longer able to hide under the towel as it had pushed its way out undoing towel in the process. She evidently knew just how fine looked as she now slid her tits across her leg and over to the other. Standing up she now opened the shower door and turned it on, from the steam I guessed it must be almost all the way up.

She conveniently let the frosted glass door swing back open when it failed to close all the way, leaving me with her to ogle at. She took several moments to enjoy the hot water but after a minute she started to slide her hand up her body to her left tit. Still there was my cum now slowly sliding down toward her nipple. With her finger she caught this and then brought it up to her mouth. Sucking it in she moaned at the taste, this was good because it masked my groan. Bringing her other hand up she grabbed her other tit as she continued to suck on her finger. Crossing her legs it soon became apparent she was not wet only from the shower. Popping her finger out of her mouth she slid her hand down between her legs. Falling back against the wall she started to moan as she fingered herself. Bringing her other hand down she started to have her hand fly across her clit, moaning even more she started to slide down the wall. Then she pulled her worst taunt yet, as she slid down the wall she made sure her leg stated to close the door. I had to watch, as her body became a blur behind the glass while I listened to her moan. This was too far; if she wanted to hide behind that door she was in for a surprise.

Standing up I walked over and placed my phone so it pointed in the shower set it up so it started to record. Nice thing about my phone is I could send the movie to my hard drive as I recorded it and didn't need to worry about running out of memory. After I was satisfied with its location I turned to the shower and opened it. Ashley was still sitting there but when I stepped in she immediately jumped up and hopped into my arms holding me with both her arms and legs. Kissing me fiercely she tired to rub me but was rather unsuccessful. Finally pulling back from the kiss for air she was able to get out, "no playing with me this time, I want you to fuck me silly." I responded by kissing her back and slamming her against the wall. Moaning she held me even tighter willing me onward.

Leaning back so she was still against the wall and her legs forked around me right above me cock I watched the water stream down her body before plunging my head between her tits. Pulling my head in and pushing her tits in with her arms she covered my ears and for a moment the world went quiet. All I could hear was the water falling on my head and her rapid heartbeat. Pulling back out again I lifted her slightly higher and slid her back down and my cock into the warm embrace of her pussy. Resting it there for only a moment I suddenly bucked and slammed her pussy with my cock causing her to squeak and dig her nails into my back. Driven wild by her nails cutting in to me I slammed into her again and again. I even started to suck on and even bite at her neck. Her moans were punctuated by gasps each time I drove in especially hard.

After several minutes of pumping she managed to get out, "quick do me from behind." In between the showers was the pole on which both showerheads were mounted and I lower her to the ground after pulling out and I turned her to face the pole. Without warning this time I pushed her into the pole and immediately drove all the way into her pussy. Causing her to scream out she grabbed the pole with both her arms and legs and gave the pole the best love of its life. Meanwhile I grabbed her and drove her up and down both mine and the shower's poles. "O my god, harder, harder, your gonna make me cum!" Ashley almost screamed as I rammed her.

Now I had her where I wanted her, a devilish smile crossed my lips and rather than finish her I did the reverse. Pulling out I let her down and turned her to face the shower door.

"What are you doing?"

"What do you want me to do?"

"I wanted you to fuck me."

"And do you still want me to fuck you?" as I reached around and grabbed her tit and her pussy.

Stifling a moan she said, "Yes, yes I want you to fuck me" and tried to wiggle her ass against me cock.

"Well I feel a bit claustrophobic in here, maybe you should open the door" as I said this I tilted her head so she was looking right at the camera.

To my amazement at the sight of the camera, she moaned and grew much heavier in my arms as her legs seemed to give way. Squeezing her to me I spoke into her ear, "You naughty girl, you liked to be watched don't you."

She nodded and moaned louder as I slid my hand along her slit.

"And you really want me to fuck you, even with the camera there don't you."

Again she nodded, "mmhmm."

"Well the door isn't open and I might clam up, because it's to small in here for me."

She looked back at me pleadingly but I gave her no mercy and she pulled away to open the door, "there now fuck me before I lose my nerv..."

Pulling her by her beautiful wavy hair I yanked her back to me and into a tight embrace whispering into her ear, "now where is a naughty girl like you gonna want me to fuck you I wonder?"

Puling her around like this and the camera was clearly turning her on and she did not even hesitate and said, "naughty girls like me like to be fucked in the ass."

"Oh I see, well we're going to have to teach this naughty girl some manners."

"Please fuck me, please fuck my ass, please don't make me wait anymore," with this last one she seemed almost ready to cry from anticipation.

"This one?" as I positioned my cock on the outside of her ass and circled it slowly around.

"Yes oh my god yes, fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!"

Finally unable to hold my self back anymore I acquiesced to her demand and drove into her hard. I held her mouth as she screamed and drove my hand into her pussy at the same time. She was amazing, all wet from the shower and before I plowed her like never before. I watched in the mirror as she gripped walls of the shower and wrapped her legs back around me.

"YES, YES, faster make my tits bounce, I want to feel them slap me!"

Through my now labored breathing a I managed, "You love my cock, don't you, so deep in your ass. You love it so much you want someone to walk in. You want them to see how good I fucked you."

Ashley seemed unable to speak as she was now very loudly enjoying my cock, but then see blurted out, "YES, I want them to see me! I want them see you cum in me!"

I could not hold back any longer, her body was too perfect, the water too warm, and her words too erotic. I exploded into her biting into her shoulder to keep myself from yelling. My fingers deep inside her pussy I tired to keep them moving but when I shot my load into her it was in vain. Her pussy convulsed even harder than before, her ass too around my cock. Then my hand was in the way a torrent of cum shot out of her as she continued to cum around me. This was so hot I almost came again myself and had to make due with holding her through the aftershocks.

After a time I sat her down and the door slowly swung shut of its own accord and stroked her hair as the water continued to fall on us.

"That was amazing, I didn't know I could cum like that. We have to do that again. And you have to give me that video, pointing at the camera"

Smiling I stood up and turned off the shower and grabbed the towels. Handing her one I suggested we go have breakfast before we do any 'statics'.

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