tagMind ControlToymaker Ch. 04

Toymaker Ch. 04


It was time to get out of town. I left Majorie a note, explaining my research had been classified by the government, and I was going to work at a secret lab across country. I filled it with touching comments about how I'd miss her. Given how easily she'd accepted all my other stories, I was certain she'd buy this one. I'd been quietly moving my stuff into storage for a few days, so the final moving out went quickly and unnoticed.


It's not that hard to find women who are up for one nighters, in bars. It becomes very easy when you can set their lust to overload. But the kind of women you find that way... it's just never been my thing, either before or after the ability.

What I found amusing, these days, were late night subways in college towns. I'd get on one, wearing a high end suit and tie, and find a train cab that had a pretty young woman in it, alone, reading. I'd sit twenty feet away and open a book, never looking at her. (This irritates women, by the way. They want to be at least glanced at.)

Women tend to read romances, and it wasn't too uncommon that my chosen victim was enjoying a little tingle from her book. I'd amplify it, lightly, and then more and more. Going slowly and steadily, in two or three minutes I can get most women to the point where they are very ready to masturbate, but of course no woman is going to do that in sight of a strange man on a subway. I enjoy a woman in this state -- looking at nothing, shifting a little, pretending to turn pages, sometimes blushing, checking the time. And finally, glancing at me to see if I'd noticed anything.

That's when I'd hammer them, full force. They'd start clenching their legs, biting their lips, and trying like hell to pretend nothing strange was going on. I'd wait until they were on the edge of an involuntary orgasm, and then look over and say... "Come, hard."

It turns out most women can come without giving much sign of it, but afterwards there would be this horrendous blush, and they'd flee the train at the next stop, without saying a word to me.

Sure, it was childish. And bizarrely innocent, given what I was capable of. I was starting to realize, I think, that I might have been a little be out of control; this was my way of getting cheap thrills without doing anyone any damage. Harmless fun, all the way around.

Until Keiko. She was this small, gorgeous Asian woman, barely 5' 2", with a tight, slim waist and a very nice rack. She hadn't been reading, but she'd been having a hot daydream, and when I hammered her, she shivered visibly and lowered her head to hide her arousal. I slammed her to the edge of orgasm, over and over, fast, until she moaned aloud, looked over at me and hissed "You!"

"I?" I smiled at her innocently, and pushed her to the edge and held her there. To my surprise she got up and walked, unsteadily, towards me, and then sat one seat away, staring at me. "How?"

"How what?" I said, allowing my smile to turn wicked. She'd never be able to prove anything, after all.

She shook her hair back over her shoulders, and arched. Her nipples were very large and hard, under the blouse. "You're fucking with my head," she whispered. "I know what you are."

"Do you." I backed off, and pushed again. She moaned, eyes darkening, eyes drifting to the bulge in my pants.

"Incubus," she whispered. "I know what this is. You'll torment me like this until I fuck you. I wondered if I'd ever meet one of you. Fuck... just... just let me come."

"You know I won't," I said. She had a crazy fantasy life, but she was hot enough that I didn't care. "You'll give me everything I want... and then you'll come so long and hard and fast that you'll weep."

"They warned me if I messed with the powers that this could happen," she said, panting. "Is it true that you're invisible to everyone else?"

"No. That part is mythology," I told her. "We just choose to approach when a woman is alone. Now cross your wrists in your lap, palms up."

She hesitated, raising her eyes to mine, swallowing. I smiled, warmly.


She obeyed, and I tapped the inside of her wrist, whispering "servitutem sua." I doubted she knew much Latin, but it sounded impressive, and I had to suddenly pull her from sliding over the edge into orgasm when I did it. "Now cup your breasts to me, and whisper your name, followed by 'praedam omnes corporis'."

"Keiko, praedam omnes c-corporis... " she dropped her hands to her thighs, her eyes wandering to the floor. "What did I just do," she whispered. "I know omnes means everything."

"I think you know what you did," I said, smiling darkly, eyeing her body. She looked down at her shivering body, and then looked up at me. "Everything?"

"Only until sunrise," I said. "Don't you know the rules?"

"I'm very new at this," she whimpered. "I... had no idea things like this could happen so fast."

"You will do everything, give me everything of your body I ask for," I told her. "You'll come helplessly and uncontrollably, drinking my seed. I will exhaust you, leave you weak and shaking. If you please me I will return each night. If you try to fight the pleasure I give you, I will make you cry out in an agony of need and hunger you can't imagine. Do you understand all this?"

"Oh fuck... fuck... yes..."

I should have thought of this angle weeks ago. New agey and witchy covens are in the damn phone listings; girls like this wouldn't be very hard to find.

"You get a choice. Your place, or mine?"

"I have roommates-"

I chuckled, slowly.

"No! Please no. Adrienne is a virgin! Shit, I shouldn't have said that-"

"And would it make you hot, to watch her crawl helplessly across the floor to my feet, and then kiss and lick her way up my bare leg-"

"Please no," she whimpered. Her terror and lust -- she found the idea unbearably hot -- beat at me.

"Very well. She is not my concern. My place, then. Oh, you're frightened? It's only a hotel room. We are getting off at the next stop, my pretty little plaything."

"If- if I run away?"

"Then I will find you again... and I can be very... merciless, when my victims disappoint."

The train slowed. I made her burn, then writhe. When the doors opened, I got up and walked out, and she followed, helplessly in my wake.

Two blocks, and we entered the high end hotel in the middle of the city. Once in the express elevator, I pushed for the top floor, smiling, and told her she had fifteen floors to get out of the blouse and bra.

"When we get out..." she whispered.

"There are only four rooms on the top floor, and the... beings... who have rented them have seen enslaved women before. You have twelve floors left."

I could not believe she was falling for this. She got out of the blue blouse and pretty bra, and then I spread my hands over her breasts and made her look me in the eyes, while I filled her head with images. She moaned wetly, rubbing herself against my hands. "There's... some things I've never done," she whispered.

I just chuckled, enjoying her fear.

The doors opened, and I led the way. Luckily, no one else was in the short hallway. When I opened the door to my room, she bolted inside. I locked us in.

I could afford to rent the best room in the city, but I hadn't had this ploy in mind when I did it. It worked perfectly, though. It was probably in her head that the forces of darkness had unlimited funds at their disposal.

"Kiss me," I snapped. She did, shaking, as I traced my hands along her bare sides. When I got to her jeans, I traced my fingers lightly across her stomach, along the waistband, and then grabbed the front of the jeans and jerked upward, slamming the seam of the jeans against her clit. She gasped against my lips. "Naked," I snapped.

"Is it... is it going to hurt-"

I slammed her with hunger. "Only disobedience hurts."

She obeyed, stepping out of the pretty shoes, then peeled down the tight jeans and sodden panties. I wadded the panties and pushed them into her mouth, and then lead her over to the bed. "Palms on the bed. No other part of you touches the bed. Feet a foot apart. You do not bend your knees. You do not open your eyes."

She was gorgeous in that small, cute Asian way. A pert little ass, perfect breasts, and nice legs. I loved the shining, black hair that flowed down her back, inviting hands to grab it and bend her. She was a perfect little toy. She bent over the bed, shivering.

I fingered her for fifteen minutes, edging her as ruthlessly as I knew how. When she was literally screaming for mercy though her panties, I snapped "Come!" and pushed her brutally over the edge.

She tried to collapse on the bed, but with one hand in her beautiful long hair, and two fingers of my other hand hooked up inside her, I didn't let her. I kept her coming in that position for ten minutes, then pushed her onto the bed and rolled her to her back, and took the gag out of her mouth.

"fuck... oh fuck... fuck I'm dizzy..."

Violent, long orgasms, I was learning, really broke a woman's self-control down. Something I'd always suspected (and was now sure of), was that a woman's orgasm had less to do with a man's technique, and more to do with how the woman thought about the man. In turn, a woman's orgasm changes how she thinks about the man. Many women are wired to yield themselves to a man who gets them off, hard, and the harder they come, the more they yield. The unnaturally long and uncontrollably deep orgasms I could inflict made women very... pliable.

I fetched a black suit tie, and blindfolded her. Then I got beside her and sucked her rounded, pretty breasts, while stroking her belly and thighs. She shivered as she got hot again, and it amused me that I wasn't pushing on her. She'd bought into this fantasy and was doing it to herself.

I brought her mouth to my cock, and she licked it, over and over. "Serve my cock," I growled. "Adore it. Need it. Please it... and it will give you back a thousandfold." I chuckled softly as her licking turned frantic, and I stroked her breasts and thighs and belly as she worshipped at my pillar. Her breasts were wonderful, with cones for nipples that invited fingers. As I toyed with them, I pushed again, and built her need back up until she was shaking so hard she had to stop licking.

"You'll come only when told," I whispered in her ear, suddenly, and she cried out. I toyed with her clit next, and she went insane.

"Please... please... burning... never like this... please... can I... please, please...."

I bent her legs upwards and apart, and positioned her ass at the edge of the bed. As she quivered, blindfolded and waiting for what was coming, I pulled on a condom and entered her, very slowly -- forcing her to come, suddenly and sharply, every time I slid in a little more. She wrapped her legs around me to pull me in deeper, but I gripped her hips hard and forced her to take it at my pace. "Say 'omnia'" I snarled, and she cried it out, coming harder, writhing and arching. I pounded her tight, aching body until I was on the edge of coming, and then, snarling in need myself, I stopped. This was fucking wonderful and I wanted to make it last.

"Please," she whispered weakly. "Can't breathe... can't think... too intense..."

But an incubus would not be merciful, and I smiled as I grabbed her hair and forced her to her unsteady feet. I marched her to the large window at the end of the room, looking out over the city. I pushed her up against the window, looking out, nipples against the cold glass.

"Look out over the city," I said. "All those women, and I came to you. Many of them would be jealous... let's show them all what they are missing .Let's show them all how hard you come when you're toyed with."

I pressed against her from behind, pushing my cock down so it was in the valley of her ass. "Say please", I growled in her ear, and she moaned the word.

I took her breasts in my hands, forcing the nipples against the glass, and bit her ear as I forced another orgasm out of her. She sagged, legs useless, and only being trapped between me and the window kept her up, as she shuddered and sobbed and begged for mercy.

"Mercy? From an incubus? Let me show you what that means."

I half carried her back to the bed -- and put her on it, face down, legs spilling to the floor. I stripped off the condom and grabbed a handful of lubricant, and rubbed my cock and her ass with it, and she began whimpering again. "I've never- please, no-"

I pressed in to her ass, very slowly, and I didn't push on her emotions because I didn't plan on having her come for this part. She was weltering in a dark, fearful eroticism which wasn't pleasure, but was somewhere between lust, terrified servitude and awe. She lay there, as inch by inch, I worked inward, and then I rocked myself inside her, wondering how long I could hold off my orgasm. Moaning, she tried to crawl away form me, but I grabbed that beautiful hair and pulled back, and the sight of her aching back, helpless under my hands, made it inevitable. I poured out into her, reveling in her intense, conflicted reactions. And then, panting, whispered "Now... you find out... what the cum of my kind does."

I pulled out, rolled her to her back, sat on the bed a few feet away from her -- I didn't dare lay down - and pushed her through an hour of orgasm after orgasm, without touching her. The way her body arched, as she masturbated helplessly, was beautiful. When I let her go, she sobbed, and instantly fell asleep.

I glanced at the clock. Almost midnight. I set the alarm for 3am and ordered room service; toast and tea for myself, hunks of dark chocolate for her. I shook my head at the forty dollar tab when it arrived -- I could play the part of a force of darkness well enough, but I'd never be in the league of a major hotel chain for pure evil.

I finished the tea while looking at my conquest. Some girls didn't look so good after the male orgasm. Her looks held up well -- she was a shapely little thing with an adorable face. It hadn't been very nice of me to cash in on whatever witchy or new age or whatever beliefs she was into, but I decided I didn't care. Ignorance, I judged, carried risks, and that wasn't my problem.

I wondered if I could risk sleeping as well, and decided I'd better not - I was pretty sure that forces of darkness didn't sleep, and if she woke up first I'd end up spinning some other crazy lie to cover my snoring. I washed up a little, and put the TV on a porn channel, with the sound off, so if she woke up early she'd believe I had an insatiable interest in human females.

Watching her sleeping suddenly made me wonder about reading and writing people as they slept.

I read her, focusing in hard. Nothing, except faint, strange echoes of... no, I couldn't get it. It was exactly like trying to listen to a conversation that's too far off -- you think maybe you're catching some of the words, but you can't quite tell how many you got right.

Then I tried writing, very gently. That was hard; even though I knew "how her controls were laid out", when she slept they were oddly morphed, strangely shaped... there's no good analogy. It was different in there, but still vaguely familiar. I decided to try her desire again, since that's what I knew best.

She shifted, uneasily, and then, lightly, began breathing faster. Oh, that was hot... I began to experiment with pushing images. Maybe I could make her dream.

First, an image of my cock, stiff... she licked her lips, but what echoed deep inside her was fear. So could give her an erotic nightmare; that just figured. I pushed an image of her body in chains, and that cock sliding into her... she began panting, and shifted again... and then whispered something that sounded like "no" and "please".

Hm. What about women? The next image was of a pretty blond woman, tall, toying with her chains. She shifted again, still panting. Was she bi?

So the next image was the blonde opening her blouse and bending Keiko's head towards her breasts. Keiko licked her lips again in her sleep, and I caught an echo of something... shame.

So. She was at least somewhat bi, and not proud of it. The next image had the blond's hands on Keiko's breasts... Keiko shifted again, and I could see she was getting wet.

In the next image, the blond had Keiko's wrists trapped in her hands, and in the shadowy background, my figure appeared... Keiko moaned.

I smiled and let her finish the nightmare as she liked. She had a very naughty fantasy life.

How far could I take this with her? I was certain I could have her back here in a day or two, and I liked that idea. But if she believed in incubi, there was some chance she knew other girls who did too. And if they were also hot...

I smiled, darkly. She believed she'd somehow come under my spell and had to do things I wanted her to - but that was a long way from getting her to convince a friend to come here. But if I could pull it off...

Of course, there was my biggest limitation -- I couldn't control more than one person at a time. And switching back and forth wouldn't work well, not for this.

I'd have to convince Keiko to take part in my plan without actually influencing her as she did it. I gave that some thought...

The alarm went off. Smiling, I watched Keiko waking up.

It took her about five seconds to get to "wait, where am I?" and maybe three more to get to "oh fuck, oh fuck, an incubi!" She sat up suddenly, and then cried out because she was already stiff and sore.

Still smiling, I went over to the bed and turned off the alarm. "Welcome back, my little fucktoy. Come sit with me."

I retreated to the chair facing the screen, and settled myself.

"I thought... this was a dream," she whispered.

I didn't look back at her. "Do you often have dreams like this?" And then, "Look at this fucking amateur, on the screen. She has no clue. You can always tell the humans from the succubi..." I turned my head, then. "I told you to come over here."

She was shaking. "I'm scared... please. I can't believe this is happening -- I only barely believed-"


Shuddering, she got out of bed, limping a little as she moved towards me. She stood next to my chair, panting in fear.

"Close your eyes, and stand there. You'll answer my questions."

I ran my hand over her belly, then her hip. I read, without writing. She was all fear, no arousal, but I could fix that... and would, but not yet. My hand moved up her side, and over her breasts, slowly.

"Do you know why I came to you?"

"No. No! Please let me... sit down, please-"

"I think you do know. Tell me."

"I don't! I- was it- did I do a ritual wrong?"

"Don't be a child, Keiko. You know what I am. It would be something sexual... ring any bells?"

"That- that evening, with Lisa... but that was a month ago..."


I caught her nipple, and twisted it, slowly. Helpless arousal flooded her, and I didn't put in there.

"Tell me, what happened... and what you did."

"It was her idea... I mean, I never came on to her... we were reading, and she started talking about tantric stuff. That's not really my path... but she was saying that we needed to break down our preconceptions and understand that everything was good... she talked me into doing stuff like yoga, strange positions, while she steadied me with her hands... she started petting me, kind of. And she's so pretty, it was kind of like a compliment to be pet by her, and she kept talking about having to break free... suddenly she said we both had to masturbate, with the other watching. She took off her clothes, and... I did too. We sat in chairs facing each other, and... I mean fuck, I had no idea how hot that would be, I had no idea about ... liking that. After a bit she got up and kissed me, and then went down on me. And then... I went down on her. She'd been with girls before, and she knew what to do... she got me to cum really hard. Afterwards she said I needed to do more with sex magic... I didn't want to, so I've kind of been avoiding her..."

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