tagMind ControlToymaker Ch. 07

Toymaker Ch. 07


I knocked on the door, smiling. When Lisa opened it, she tried to slam it again, but I had my foot in the door already. She held it as closed as she could, leaning her body against it, emoting fear.

I gave her a sharp taste of much more intense fear, and she scrambled away. I went in and closed the door behind me, and tossed a package to her.

There were piles of books on the table, and I walked over to them.

"You read, I see." I thumbed through some of them. Demonology, mostly. "Mostly you read trash, but you read."

She looked at me, from a safe distance. I smiled. "Nothing, absolutely nothing, in any of these books, is going to give you the power to block me out, Lisa. I am telling you the honest truth here. It's pointless."

"There's always a way."

"Actually, not true. Warlocks have been selling that 'we can always control the forces' crap for ages, but the fact is, you don't begin to grasp what's necessary, and you won't get it from books. You will never be out of my reach." I nodded to the package. "Get changed."

"Get- what?" She looked inside the bag, and gasped.

"Yup. It's hellfire time. We're going clubbing."


I look about thirty five. Lisa looked maybe twenty seven at most. She wasn't too old to go clubbing, but I arguably was. That gave her one compelling reason to wish she wasn't heading to a club with me.

Another was the dress I'd made her wear. It was an open weave polyester mesh, the kind of fabric they use for making bags for washing lingerie in. It was about 80% open and 20% weave, so it hid absolutely nothing. It was skin tight, dark red, and she was naked underneath. The clinging mesh emphasized her large nipples very nicely. Even in this city, the outfit wasn't even remotely legal in public; but the club I'd bought access to was semiprivate and discreet.

As we pulled in, I gave her a short speech.

"You'll do as I say. You'll have intense pleasure as a result. But it's all going to be very public. And if you do anything to piss me off, and that's easy to do, you'll have other public experiences which I guarantee you will never forget, no matter how many years of therapy the courts assign you. So you will behave. You will be not just obedient, but subservient, to me and anyone I hand you to. I know that's not in your nature... that's so too bad for you. You need to be straightened out on what sex is for and what it is not for, in our special little world, so you'll endure whatever I wish. Now, one last thing." I handed her a vibrating egg. "Slip this in, and it stays in all night. The remote control is safe with me."

"Let me just say this once, for form's sake," she said, bitterly, squirming the egg in. "'Clubbing's not my scene.'"

"But tonight it's your obscene," I said. I tested the remote control, and she bit her lip. No matter how embarrassed and horrified an attractive woman is to be dressed like that in public, the end result is always arousal. Dress a woman for sex, put her where man can see and want her, and her body responds. After a few seconds, she cursed softly, her hands fisting and her toes curling. I smiled, and turned the egg off.


Lisa's emotional state was fascinating. On some level, she was afraid of me. On another, she hated me. On yet another, my control of her lusts made her hot for me. And above it all, she felt doubt, not believing I was an incubus but having no better theory. I fucked with her brain stem until her nipples were two rigid cones, and went through the door with her.

Once in the club, I broke off from her immediately -- she wasn't going to run off anywhere -- and got the lay of the land, walking around the club.

The club held about 100 people tonight. It was a hangout for twenty-somethings with money, and as clubs went, it ran hot.

It wasn't a BDSM place, and it wasn't a fuck palace. The management was firm on one rule -- cocks stayed in pants. However, they turned a blind eye to partial nakedness (or total female nakedness if the woman was hot enough), limited sexual acts that didn't interfere with anyone else, or high end drug use as long as no one got stupid. In two visits here I'd seen women mouth the front of a guy's pants, men fingering women (not usually to orgasm) and naked breasts being massaged, but those appeared to be the general limits.

Being able to read, made it pretty obvious who was using ecstasy - the emotional fingerprint is unmistakable. About a third of the women, but only a few guys, were using. This didn't surprise me; ecstasy can suppress orgasms in men and can actually decrease interest in penetration, but it can be a big fucking On switch for many women.

As I walked, I pushed on the women I passed. A quick push gets a woman hot, but what happens after that depends on the situation. If there's no other reason for arousal, a woman's emotional state will usually settle back down. If the environment is sexy, she might stay at the new level. If she's being subjected to direct and arousing stimuli, pushing just accelerates the rate of climb. Of course, for most women I can push hard enough to force masturbation in a few seconds, or orgasm without masturbation if I spin it a little differently. But that wasn't the goal at the moment.

What I had in mind for the evening required a lot of sexually responsive people, so I continued to push women up, as I walked. (Men don't need to be pushed -- put them next to an aroused woman in a tight dress and they had no trouble getting there without help.) Women dancing, kissing or on ecstasy would go soaring even on a light push.

I circled back around to Lisa, who was, unsurprisingly, talking to some guy. She was dressed as an easy score, and I had no doubt she'd be hit on all night.

This particular guy was handsome, as best as I could tell, and was dressed rich without being flamboyant. He'd do, for my purposes.

I eavesdropped. Lisa was lying shamelessly about her background -- she was, after all, pretty decent at conning people. She was playing it cold and haughty. Not, I thought, her best move -- cold and haughty, while dressed as a slut, triggered rape fantasies in many men. Either she didn't know this or she figured she was safe enough in a club.

I ramped her up, mercilessly but slowly. My goal was to keep here unaware that I was doing it, but she knew that, as an incubus, I could fuck with her desires, and quickly worked out that this had to be my doing. She turned, and gave me a look.

I smiled and turned the control in my pocket, ramping up the vibrator a little, while pushing her fast and hard. She turned away from me, but that left her facing a hot guy while she was battling with an extremely intense sensation. I moved off, stopping the mental push but leaving her vibrator on. I had more women to toy with.

A tap on my shoulder... I turned to face Lisa.

"Stop. Please stop. It's torture. You want me to come in public... let's do it, then. Force it out of me."

I laughed. "You think that's what I'm after? Making you come in public? That will happen to several women here tonight. It's commonplace. I have nothing commonplace in mind for you."

I took a small knife out of my pocket, and unfolded it. She stared at it. I ran my thumb along the edge.

"In fact, you will not come until I tell you do, no matter how badly you want to. Hold extremely still."

I pulled at the spider's web of mesh, and applied the knife. It cut easily, and I let it snap back into position. The mesh pulled back from the slit I'd made, exposing her left breast. Her nipple jutted forward. The break in the fabric would instantly draw every eye to that nipple.

"Men will want to touch your exposed breast. If they do it, you will let them. And each time you approach me uninvited, I will make another slit in your outfit."

"A-and if I disobey, and just leave?"

I pushed an image at her. I won't even describe it, but she went pale.

"I wouldn't try the restraining order idea, either," I told her. "You'll remember that intense fear I can make you feel, the irrational and uncontrollable terror. It wouldn't be a nice thing to make me do to an arresting officer. Especially if I had to keep it up for an hour or so, to make a permanent example out of him, just for you."

She stared at me. "I'm done," she said, suddenly, her rage flaring. "I'm done with covens, witchcraft, all of it. Fuck you and your idea of putting me on the right 'path'. You pegged me exactly right -- I was a sham, half in, half out, cashing in on the advantages of being scary and mysterious. Well, fuck it. I've seen what it's really about now -- what you're like, what evil is. I don't know if you're really an incubus, or have mental hypnotic powers, or what the fuck you are, but you're evil and vile and I renounce the whole fucking scene. Whatever you are, I want to be the opposite."

"Very well," I said, calmly and coldly. "I'm powerful, intelligent, rational, in control of myself, and enjoy my existence. So I will grant you your wish -- I will make you the opposite of all those things."

She eyes got huge, and her rage collapsed into terror. She stepped back, but I amplified her terror and smashed her with arousal, the same brutal mix that had turned Marla into a mindless sex toy. This wasn't what I'd planned for the evening, but my dislike of Lisa had just flowered into hatred and I was going to crumble her into tiny, tiny bits.

She collapsed to her knees, then her hands and knees. I slid one foot forward, and pushed into her mind the image of her kissing and licking my shoe. She acted out the image, whimpering.

People stopped and looked. This kind of abject humiliation got attention even in clubs that catered to domination and submission, and this club wasn't the home of that sort of crowd. These were all people who thought they were being all bad for feeling each other up and doing a little MDMA.

Different people react differently to scenes of utter domination. Many women claim to find it distasteful, but the reality is that most women find it warming and some find it uncontrollably arousing. A tall, busty blonde nearby was staring so avidly and emoting lust so intensely that I "heard" it even over my focus on Lisa. I fished the remote out of my pocket, gestured her over, and handed it to her.

"What is-" and then she stopped, dawning comprehension on her face.

"Play with her," I said. I remembered this girl from the previous sweep of the room -- she was doing ecstasy. People on ecstasy often feel invincible, like they could do anything... she wouldn't be able to resist.

She hesitated, but that dark ribbon of desire to control another human being, present in almost everyone alive, twisted around her emotions. She turned the knob, slowly.

Lisa sobbed, limbs trembling, licking faster.

Blondie looked at me. "This is... so damn hot."

I looked the blonde over, slowly and obviously. That sent hot little emotional ripples through her. She was at least 5' 10", unnaturally blonde hair, a very sultry face, with a 37DD rack, probably artificial and barely confined by a skimpy black halter. The bared 25" waist looked toned. The black pencil dress, slit to her hip, covered more of her long legs than I liked and didn't really work with the halter, but I could think of solutions to that. She was a woman who had gone far out of her way to look pleasing to men -- and who could be made to go further.

I dropped Lisa for a moment, and shoved slutty, needy sensations into the blond. She licked her lips and began swaying slightly, toying with the controls. "She's... very into you."

"Once you know what a woman wants, they become yours," I told her, looking her in the eyes. She went wild inside. Some women just cannot resist a bad man. I toyed with her a little more firmly. "What's your name?"


I switched back to controlling Lisa's emotions, before she recovered her self-control. "You're going to join our little game, Winsome. Sit in that chair. My little plaything is going to give you a bath, with her tongue. When she does a good job, you reward her with those controls." I forced a near orgasm out of Lisa, to show everyone how into the idea she was.

Winsome sat, licking her lips, her emotions a hot blur. I look Lisa by the hair and guided her mouth to Winsome's foot, mostly exposed by the strappy high heels she was in. "Clean her feet."

Another blast of fear and lust, and Lisa's will collapsed completely. She licked Winsome's feet, pushing her tongue between the exposed toes. Winsome giggled a little, nervous and aroused, and rewarded Lisa. I let Lisa get almost to orgasm, over and over.

"Is she doing a good job, Winsome?"

She blushed pink, and nodded.

"But she can do better, don't you think? She can do more."

She blushed bright red.

"Now my little plaything is going to lick your cute little belly button. You'd better be a little less generous with your rewards, though -- she's not used to such a nice master. Don't you want to see her... beg?"

I moved Lisa's face again, directing her by the hair. Lisa was broken and would go where I put her, so I switched my focus to Winsome.

As Lisa licked her belly, swirling her tongue at the belly button, I pushed an image of Lisa's tongue swirling a completely different hole. And then pushed Winsome slowly towards orgasm.

As far as I could tell, Winsome wasn't bi. But she was flying, in control of another pretty woman, and the center of attention of a growing cloud of people. It made her so hot she couldn't sit still. Her nipples were huge.

I laid my hand on Lisa's head, and did a stage rendition of reading her mind. "What's that? Oh, you do, do you? I suppose you've been a good girl all week...."

I looked at Winsome. "She'd like to lick your breasts clean. Reward her if that's ok."

Lisa shuddered. She liked women's breasts. Winsome hesitated again, but that was for show. She turned the control up, past halfway, settled a hand in Lisa's hair as she'd seen me do, and settled Lisa's mouth into the valley of her breasts, in the deep V of the halter. Lisa moaned, licking sensually and eagerly. I pushed Winsome, and she whimpered, softly, eyes drifting between me and Lisa. I had them both.

I got behind Winsome's chair. "If I may?" But it was not a question. I settled my hand on the knot at the back of Winsome's neck, and let my fingers caress the side of her throat, while pushing her nearly to orgasm. She nodded unsteadily, and I untied the knot... and slowly, slowly, millimeter by millimeter, parted the halter. I could feel Winsome's reaction to the cloth moving across her nipples, and her intense awareness of how everyone around her was fixed on the sight of her breasts becoming more and more revealed, and how very, very deeply she was turned on by having a strange man expose them.

The crowd reacted. Men ran their hands over the sides of their dates, and then over their breasts. Their dates allowed it, unwilling to let Winsome soak up all the male attention, or turned on by what they were seeing, or just too high to care what touched what as long as it made them feel shinier and hotter. One woman slid her hand over the cock of the man she was with, rubbing slowly through the suit pants. Then a few more did.

I revealed Winsome's nipples, a bit at a time. Lisa licked at them frantically, digging her tongue under the cloth to get more, and Winsome's whimpers turned hotter. I paused, reveling in the swirling torrent of animal sexuality forming all around me. Then Winsome moaned, half in shame for what she was doing and half from insane arousal, and turned the control to full. At the same time, I dropped the halter away and put my hand on Winsome's neck, arching her breasts forward more.

Lisa sucked helplessly on a nipple, then came, slow and hard. The overall visual effect was if Winsome was fucking Lisa's mouth with a hard nipple, and it caused Lisa to orgasm. The torrent of desire around me increased.

"She'll come again, if I tell her she can," I whispered in Winsome's ear. "But she'll have to lick up and down the length of your legs, to earn it... stand up and show everyone your legs."

Winsome nodded, moved Lisa aside, stood up and unzipped the pencil skirt. It slid down her legs, leaving her in pretty thong panties and high heels. "Legs, slut." I said. "Oh, and there's one more thing, Winsome. This."

I settled behind her and brought my hands along her sides, and then over her breasts. I caught and twisted her nipples with slow, cruel sensuality, as Lisa panted, licking the length of Winsome's long, toned legs, moaning softly when her tongue stopped at Winsome's thong, then sliding back down again.

Winsome was in flames. I nestled my cock in the valley of her ass and pushed images into her head until she suddenly whispered "Please... please make her lick me, please, lick my... Please I want to come. Make her make me come."

I pushed the appropriate image, and Lisa, moaning wantonly, licked the front of the thong, up and down, fast and hard. I switched the images to Winsome... fast, furious, degrading images of Winsome pleasing multiple men, of Lisa coming as Winsome spanked her, of Winsome kneeling at my feet and begging for my hands...

She came, long and slow and hard, and withut further help from me. I made her stand for the whole experience, and then dropped her into her chair, with Lisa shivering at her feet.

I pointed to a stunning little brunette, who reminded me a little of Keiko, standing in a clump of other girls. She looked young and innocent and I liked that. "You. Come to me."

She whimpered in something like embarrassment, but was about to step forward when one of her friends suddenly got between us. She whirled to face her brunette friend, so all I saw was a flash of reddish hair, billowing out.

"Janie... what is wrong with you? You don't know this guy. Snap out of it!"

Janie blinked, and turned deep red, suddenly realizing how badly caught up in the moment she'd been. Red-head turned around and looked at me. She was pleasantly pretty, tall, with striking grey eyes, but they were sparking with fury now.

"This isn't that kind of club," she said to me. "You don't belong here. Take that broken thing you call a date and go."

The mood was shattered, and I went blind with rage. No little bitch walked in on my play and fucked it up. I read her -- she was an easy read -- and I slammed into her with the shattering terror and hunger I'd learned to break women with. When I was done with her she'd be in for a lifetime of cowering in alleyways, hoping the next customer would be nicer to her.

She moved her hand in a dismissive gesture, and my ability slammed into a brick wall. I'd ran into a few people I couldn't read and write, but no one had ever been readable and then suddenly decided I wasn't allowed in. Whether she's done it consciously or unconsciously I had no idea. I pounded at her mind -- and got nothing. She'd turned her back to me and was telling her friends she was heading back to the dorms and they were welcome to come with her.

My little party broke up, and I choked down the urge to grab the red-head's neck and break it. But I had a mess to clean up here, first. After that... I'd find a way to track that bitch down. I'd make her talk, by purely physical means if necessary, and find out what the fuck she was, and then I'd make sure there was one less of them in the world.

But for now, there was this unfinished business. I bent down and entered Lisa's mind, and whispered in her ear.

"You're a whore I found and decided to spend some time with in a club. You had a nice evening but now you have to go back to whoring. You let anyone do anything with your body for ten dollars an hour, and you're not smart enough to get a decent pimp. You just got fired from your day job because the people there found out what you do at night, but that's ok because you need that time to sleep. Your fondest hope is to pull in fifty or sixty dollars a night. You know you aren't worth that much, deep down. Your friends abandoned you months ago and you'd never bother them with your troubles. Here's twenty dollars -- you can find your own way home. Keep the dress."

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